Fortnite X Avengers: Endgame Trailer

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mayakovski - 27 minuter sedan
LOL, so desperate for attention.
ElGatoVerde v: El gato
ElGatoVerde v: El gato - 27 minuter sedan
like si amas a tu mamá ❤️😉
Anti-Vaxxer - 28 minuter sedan
ok cool but why?
John Hendrix
John Hendrix - 28 minuter sedan
I thought hold my beer memes were dead?
Hold my beer : Hold my beer
Breannia Roe
Breannia Roe - 28 minuter sedan
972gabby - 28 minuter sedan
Put the snap emote in the item shop
DEXTROY FILMS - 28 minuter sedan
I’m so disappointed that a Fortnite video is on trending 🤦‍♂️
AsyamKun - 29 minuter sedan
Ok, what? A frreaking 27 second video is no.1 trending in CA? Really?
schade 22
schade 22 - 29 minuter sedan
Ironman ,black widow and thanos dies
FastBladeXB - 29 minuter sedan
Xtra Spice Mikey
Xtra Spice Mikey - 29 minuter sedan
this is what's wrong with the UK in 2019 in 1 video
Angel Lira
Angel Lira - 30 minuter sedan
Just wait for minecraft.....
LazyTurtle - 30 minuter sedan
Why does fortnite have to ruin everything 😔😔
Blue Water
Blue Water - 30 minuter sedan
Any person that plays fortnite: Why does fortnite have to make a crappy version of every avengers movie!!!???
EPIC GAMES/MARVEL: we want more people to give us money buy buying marvel skins that you already bought, simple.
paige - 31 minut sedan
i hope thanos snaps again so he can shutdown fortnite altogether.
Solomon Ko
Solomon Ko - 31 minut sedan
Fear the fish
Leo vs Jungle
Leo vs Jungle - 31 minut sedan
Bet y’all thought they were gonna play the actual avengers theme
GamerBroNico - 31 minut sedan
The purple grape is BACK
Mitch Cool
Mitch Cool - 31 minut sedan
Make them one has powers and swing and
Eli Smoothie
Eli Smoothie - 31 minut sedan
Heroes are way to o.p can be all 4 hero’s at once , mean while thanos has no health regeneration per kill the minions are way to under powered this game mode is unbalanced thanos does not approve
ItsSoSimple - 31 minut sedan
If there is no Stan lee skin we riot
Klay Depner
Klay Depner - 31 minut sedan
every day, we stray further from God
Mitch Cool
Mitch Cool - 31 minut sedan
Make Spiderman
Rblx Salih
Rblx Salih - 32 minuter sedan
Umm OK guess they got inspired by roblox egg hunt 2019 X Avengers endgame
R0bbo the robot
R0bbo the robot - 32 minuter sedan
Fortnite endgame oh wait so fortnite is ending ok no it obviously wouldn't they make millions
Small Chungus
Small Chungus - 32 minuter sedan
Cancer and autism had a baby and this is it
Miriam - 32 minuter sedan
0:14 Ceeday hasn't been uploading since he's been an Avenger.
MasterAaravRAW - 32 minuter sedan
juliaPKgames - 33 minuter sedan
Oh, I was sure that fortnite already has died! Dammit, why the hell it still alive?
Charliz - 33 minuter sedan
Oh hell no
Carlos Infinite
Carlos Infinite - 33 minuter sedan
This is one of the most cringing things I’ve ever seen.
Aquiles Gamer
Aquiles Gamer - 33 minuter sedan
Tá ferrado o Thanos kskskskssksksk
По Щелчку
По Щелчку - 34 minuter sedan
Hell yeah ;)
Nicholas Lilley
Nicholas Lilley - 34 minuter sedan
Mark Zuckerberg wants to know your location
Turk and Azer Brothers for ever
Turk and Azer Brothers for ever - 34 minuter sedan
Im just waiting for "Save the world"
1000 000
1000 000 - 34 minuter sedan
MOBILE COBRA - 34 minuter sedan
This is bob
Bob is a middle finger (fu**)
1 like makes bob live another year
JJR Prods
JJR Prods - 34 minuter sedan
rebel can
rebel can - 35 minuter sedan
what a meme
Med Altair
Med Altair - 35 minuter sedan
play free now.........

and pay for micro transactions later
Masked Feelings
Masked Feelings - 35 minuter sedan
Naughty Josh
Naughty Josh - 35 minuter sedan
Justin Why?
Justin Why? - 36 minuter sedan
Epic is getting a little desperate
Kaitlin Kal Lee
Kaitlin Kal Lee - 36 minuter sedan
Took me forever to get it to download to IOS today, anyone else? 😂
Echo - 36 minuter sedan
Stan Lee would be disappointed :(
Got You
Got You - 37 minuter sedan
Iron man captain America black widow and vision die in endgame
Yo Bama
Yo Bama - 37 minuter sedan
Absolutely No One:
Not A Single Marvel Fan:
Exactly Zero Souls In The Entire Universe:
Marvel:Has anyone heard about *fortnite*
Ash - 27 minuter sedan
Yo Bama this isn’t the first time they do this lol
Ryan Kilpatrick
Ryan Kilpatrick - 37 minuter sedan
And Epic Games Is Asking Why Ninja is the only adult playing fortnite 😐
PixelatedFear - 37 minuter sedan
Okay, that's cool, but what is Save the World getting?
Halo Nerd
Halo Nerd - 37 minuter sedan
Optimus prime dies in endgame
helena ceja
helena ceja - 38 minuter sedan
Esto tenía que ponerse o si no me moria
Rodrigo Souza
Rodrigo Souza - 38 minuter sedan
° Quem tá vendo esse video antes das 21:00 horas ai da like !
Videos Of Thicc Teens
Videos Of Thicc Teens - 38 minuter sedan
Omg they made a Movie of the Fortnite character Thanos
Ben Majask
Ben Majask - 38 minuter sedan
Wow now this. This really makes me want to die
nata dc
nata dc - 38 minuter sedan
Los rateros próximamente en el nido de wylirex :v
Shaneya Peka
Shaneya Peka - 38 minuter sedan
It needs a skin this sucks
Emerald Hero
Emerald Hero - 39 minuter sedan
Oh, this is stupid.
ya boi Brandon
ya boi Brandon - 39 minuter sedan
"Fortnite is soooooo 2018" 💁🏼‍♀️
Antø - 39 minuter sedan
How to make a lot of money when everybody is living your game, epic games : congratulations ! 😚
I'm not important
I'm not important - 39 minuter sedan
Oh, this again.
waasey mansoor
waasey mansoor - 39 minuter sedan
The4thsLegacy - 39 minuter sedan
When people hyped for this game mode but when you actually play it it sucks so bad lol concept is fun but trying to get all the stones is cancer
CablinX - 40 minuter sedan
I hate this
ADNTAKW _tk - 40 minuter sedan
Don’t read the comments if u don’t won’t people spoiling endgame for u
Lazy Quackerz
Lazy Quackerz - 40 minuter sedan
thanks i hate it
Norrad - 41 minut sedan
So Epic still ain’t gonna give us a gears of war skin?
Nicolas Quiroga
Nicolas Quiroga - 41 minut sedan
A Agustín51 le gusta esto
Sonic Sez Traps are Gay
Sonic Sez Traps are Gay - 41 minut sedan
Fortnite bout to get *game ended* amirite
walid - 41 minut sedan
Team français🇨🇵🇨🇵
Liam Hargreaves
Liam Hargreaves - 41 minut sedan
Asssasasasasaasgtvfbe by my neg hi e
Paper Please
Paper Please - 41 minut sedan
Too bad Iron man and captain america dies in endgame
Alenti M
Alenti M - 41 minut sedan
Fortnite is big garbage
John Myers
John Myers - 37 minuter sedan
Alenti M yes
Daisy Romero
Daisy Romero - 41 minut sedan
Justin Lafontaine
Justin Lafontaine - 42 minuter sedan
Depression Human
Depression Human - 42 minuter sedan
Isn’t this game dead?
John Myers
John Myers - 37 minuter sedan
Depression Human it is
Rare Luna
Rare Luna - 42 minuter sedan
*when you collab with Avengers but you don't even have the real Avengers' theme song*
Tomy Style
Tomy Style - 42 minuter sedan
D'où la partie du film ou on voit fortnite je comprend mieux maintenant
JCCR KIDDs - 42 minuter sedan
Why is there so many events when my computer doesnt let me play
Jimmyjam4000 - 42 minuter sedan
Cool idea wrong game
dome - 42 minuter sedan
Iron Man dies in endgame
MRL 5564
MRL 5564 - 38 minuter sedan
Y u do this
Jax - 42 minuter sedan
DANK GAMER - 43 minuter sedan
The endgame mode was okay. My wife still left me anyway.
gacha tv 123
gacha tv 123 - 44 minuter sedan
Omg they do this whne i have no xbox live
The SaltyCreeper
The SaltyCreeper - 44 minuter sedan
Your Crush will K¡ss you soon

Líke and $ùb§ribe to make this work
꧁Micks asmr ꧂
꧁Micks asmr ꧂ - 44 minuter sedan
Who here can’t stand fortnite but was curious of the trend
The SaltyCreeper
The SaltyCreeper - 44 minuter sedan
Your Crush will K¡ss you soon

Líke and $ùb§ribe to make this work
Elluz Acosta
Elluz Acosta - 44 minuter sedan
Good one epic
DeadMemesSuck - 45 minuter sedan
Finally a reason to play this game
clock - 45 minuter sedan
Fishstick: Was I a joke to you?
Ca Lo
Ca Lo - 46 minuter sedan
Add Spider-Man web slingers
yoongi smile
yoongi smile - 46 minuter sedan
Max Kemmerer
Max Kemmerer - 46 minuter sedan
Traurig das Marvel mit Fortnite zusammen arbeitet.
Mir hat die eine Szene schon echt den Film versaut
Stegowego - 46 minuter sedan
0/10 not enough ant man
Darryl Murray
Darryl Murray - 46 minuter sedan
The real loss of endgame was fortnite. :(
Ca Lo
Ca Lo - 46 minuter sedan
Add Spider-Man
Slick Nasty
Slick Nasty - 47 minuter sedan
God I hope fortnite is in the endgame of its popularity
O9Gamer 6
O9Gamer 6 - 47 minuter sedan
XD Fishstick is Thor nice
Miguel E.
Miguel E. - 47 minuter sedan
"This is the most ambiguous crossover" they said...
yhabz - 47 minuter sedan
Iron Man dies
Aquatic Scenes
Aquatic Scenes - 48 minuter sedan
Cant wait any more, its deadass LIT!