Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts

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The Crew is joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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Ian Scott
Ian Scott - 14 timmar sedan
You should check out some of the fight scenes in Haywire.
ActionTurnip - 16 timmar sedan
I never liked this scene from the last Jedi, but if you’re going to draw a comparison to the prequels as a COUNTER example, at least acknowledge the astronomical amount of unecessary 360s the Jedi do in those movies, plus there’s loads of times when they’re waiting to swing in those old 2 on 1 fights. 2ndly my issue with the “force powers” in the prequels is that they end up with fights where the actors are only onscreen for like 70% of it and the rest is CG...
The slowed down choreography of the new movies doesn’t bother me as much as the prequels tendency to take a great actor like Christopher Lee and mold him out of CGI for every fight scene.
Pooyan 1920
Pooyan 1920 - Dag sedan
Last jedi is a great movie!!!!!
陳煒中 - Dag sedan
12:47 the upper right corner breaks when the whole glass breaks
Chloe Ellis
Chloe Ellis - Dag sedan
3:22 a pocket appears on his chest too... you have to go frame by frame though
Mchersc - Dag sedan
They need to do Into the Badlands
that random dude that's so random
7:16 thats not buster keaton, thats harold Lloyd
Robbie W. P.
Robbie W. P. - 2 dagar sedan
React to Fantastic Four (2005) please!!
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz - 2 dagar sedan
I think if you don't slow the scene like 100% or whatever, you don't notice anything at all in TLJ one, no one it's gonna slow it down judge how bad it is and when you're watching it, it's pretty dope and still think it is..same for the movie, I love it *shrugs*
JanPospisil42 - 3 dagar sedan
Have a stuntman reacts to the swordfight vs multiple opponents in the Last Samurai.
No More BS Please
No More BS Please - 3 dagar sedan
8:05 No, there's zero chance that stick could derail that train. That's absurd.
Alex Beuchat
Alex Beuchat - Dag sedan
it could if it was an actual wooden log that size, but my guess is they used some much lighter material, you can tell by the ease with which Keaton handles it, no way he could move around something that size that's actually wooden
josh theboss
josh theboss - 5 dagar sedan
You guys should react to kings man stunts or react to best practical effects like makeup or puppets
Matthew Curran
Matthew Curran - 6 dagar sedan
Star wars sucks... Last Jedi sucks mega balls. Still enjoy the video.
Jody Highroller
Jody Highroller - 6 dagar sedan
Lol fuck all yall, that last jedi sequence is amazing
Nilam Zygmunt
Nilam Zygmunt - 6 dagar sedan
Throne room fight is amazing tho
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis - 7 dagar sedan
5:02 here is something that will piss you off to the end of time....
That lightsaber is bent
Tuleshwar Kumar
Tuleshwar Kumar - 8 dagar sedan
VFX react on Endgame VFX
Mochiman Official
Mochiman Official - 8 dagar sedan
A good scene to react to is the one in the godfather where sunny beats up the guy at New York.
Snow_White_MR2 - 9 dagar sedan
Stuntman reacts to "The Man From Nowhere" please!!
Revoltingsheeple - 9 dagar sedan
I really fucking love being able to listen to masters of any art or craft talk about it.
Christie Joesbury
Christie Joesbury - 10 dagar sedan
Look at the stunts in the TV show Bosch. Season 2 parking lot shootout, season 2 house shootout, season 5 Plane fight.
VictoryFilms - 11 dagar sedan
I watch clint from rocketjump
Royale With Cheese
Royale With Cheese - 13 dagar sedan
Last jedi fight scene is awesome cmon😂 please stop hating on the movie
Anthony Johns
Anthony Johns - 13 dagar sedan
I’ve been looking everywhere on how they did the prison oil scene in Watchmen. Please someone tell me how they did it.
Fun Session
Fun Session - 13 dagar sedan
React to Jackass 3D
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie - 14 dagar sedan
Stunt scene filmed by stunt men are amazing
CJ Tinline
CJ Tinline - 14 dagar sedan
“The King” on Netflix
Victor Jose Espiritu
Victor Jose Espiritu - 14 dagar sedan
You should react to some of the fight scenes from titans they're reaaaallllyy freaking good
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner - 15 dagar sedan
Clint: I haven't seen this movie
Everyone: 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Miki Syska
Miki Syska - 15 dagar sedan
This shit spoilt Game of Thrones ending for me thanks!
Games For Cykits
Games For Cykits - 15 dagar sedan
Jesus ou guys know everyone
Jean Marchell
Jean Marchell - 15 dagar sedan
I agree with y'all about the star wars,there were like 10% using the Jedi forces to push the enemies and 90% using the Lightsaber to fight the enemies,that's hilarious
Anakin Sepherd
Anakin Sepherd - 16 dagar sedan
we need donnie yen stunts reaction too! and jason Statham
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 16 dagar sedan
the guards armor can block lightsabers thats why they can block it with it and touch the weapons with it and pull rey close
Nujesus NOCRY
Nujesus NOCRY - 16 dagar sedan
Here try Ongbak
Stickman stories !
Stickman stories ! - 18 dagar sedan
it wasnt a tie fighter it was kilo rens modified tie intercepter
Daniel DeFour
Daniel DeFour - 19 dagar sedan
I'm just now realizing with that fight scene in The Last Jedi, had it actually treated itself like a real fight, it would've been over in a minute and would've saved the studio quite possibly several thousand dollars.
skateass - 20 dagar sedan
the guy hanging from the clock was Harry Lloyd (another old pioneering stuntman) not Buster Keaton
Jules Mpc
Jules Mpc - 20 dagar sedan
Jawline - 20 dagar sedan
He called Rey, Daisy. Why
Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed - 21 dag sedan
they should’ve added .50 cal shells ejecting to Cavil’s Biceps in the MI scene
Sophia Kornitsky
Sophia Kornitsky - 21 dag sedan
Jackie Chan is citing HAROLD LLYOD not Buster Keaton on shot you reference !!
Helen Baginski
Helen Baginski - 21 dag sedan
I feel like you could argue about Rey's lightsaber fighting technique that she is not a true Jedi yet, which would lead to her unclean fighting. Honestly, I like the throne room scene, but I totally get the part about the hesitation of the stuntmen and wished they would have maybe done something about that.
Andrew Ciha
Andrew Ciha - 21 dag sedan
Eric “Stunt Commander” Linden.
Tim Page
Tim Page - 21 dag sedan
That clock scene is Harold Lloyd from Safety Last.
Also Buster Keaton was a madman who broke so man bones making his films. 😂
Venture Forth
Venture Forth - 21 dag sedan
Hollywood, look at Tony Jaa, suck his dick throw him a dumpster of money and bring him to a $100 million movie. It will be worth it
UltimateAgent25 - 22 dagar sedan
5:09 - 7:05 TLJ throne room fight analysis
RedRecordings - 22 dagar sedan
Invest in a sofa! That tight love seat...
GuynYourWindow - 22 dagar sedan
didn't mention one of the praetorian guards lost one of their blades in the middle of the fight
PERT DOHERTY - 24 dagar sedan
try raid redemption
pat theman
pat theman - 25 dagar sedan
First and foremost Daisy Riddley and Kylo MOST DEFINITELY should have one through extensive lightsaber training as did Ewan and Haden. I mean I doubt that Either actor had more than basic week of rudimentary training. Haden & Ewan had Months of training even Before principal shooting began, AND they continued with their lightsaber training in between films to get better and more fluid movements. It SHOWS that Kylo is NOT a Sith lord; that he's only a runaway Padawan who was influenced by a Darkside Force user.
Quentin Fable
Quentin Fable - 25 dagar sedan
When Torgue is the special effect guy preparing the tempered glass for you...
Luas Hah
Luas Hah - 27 dagar sedan
Fuck the CCP
Ethan K. Wong
Ethan K. Wong - 27 dagar sedan
Please react to Ip Man fight scenes
Lana - 27 dagar sedan
The glass broke from each bottom corner.
Laurance Yu
Laurance Yu - 28 dagar sedan
not sure if u guys did a stuntman react to IP man? If not please do it!!
M.A. __ C.
M.A. __ C. - 29 dagar sedan
I see people shiting on the lst jedi, I press like
Dura Necessita
Dura Necessita - Månad sedan
The scene with the motor and the guy with helmet is a real deal. If you look closer you can seen that the biker is with protective collar over neck :)
merickful - Månad sedan
It's nice to see an industry professional that can see the new Star Wars trilogy and the bad film making and all around bad production qualities for what the are... failures. It's mind-blowing to realize that Episodes I-III have a far better story and production quality though the acting was sub par.
Jason Andrews
Jason Andrews - Månad sedan
The biceps reloading is such an iconic moment