Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts

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Guage12187 x
Guage12187 x - 4 minuter sedan
Thailand has some open liability clauses. I remember in Born to Fight guy gets kicked off a moving Semi. Into sand.
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Guage12187 x - 14 minuter sedan
5:42 personally I hate this science on 3 legs.
1. Teres Cata (I think) was the Chi Martial Art of shrouding your body in energy so that you were far less predicted. (Anti force sense) So now you are a elite body guard who should have faced Jacen Solo just to get your job with Saber resistant Armor. Let that sink in.
2. Cuts that glace through still cut. Armor is Massively inconsistent.
3. Weapon and Kata are all different. And 9/10 are light sabers in the books. (Vibro Blades in is anyone knows the difference.) But WHY?
4. All that build up and No Saber Pike for Rey.
Robert Colley
Robert Colley - Timme sedan
I’m surprised they didn’t talk about the scene where they grabbed ray and edited out the weapon the guard was holding!
Douchy69 - Timme sedan
guy on the left is super annoying. stop over reacting to 20 year old scenes that you've seen before.
Beyond The Trees
Beyond The Trees - 2 timmar sedan
ReAct to Jackie Chan STUNTS!! Haha that would be sick!
zynbw - 2 timmar sedan
I have no interest in becoming a filmaker or doing anything with movies or editing, but for some reason I absolutely love this channel 💕
James Kangethe
James Kangethe - 2 timmar sedan
wouldve love to see more protector break down. That movie was awesome
Henrique Tavares
Henrique Tavares - 3 timmar sedan
I have to say I'm actually afraid Tom Cruise is really going to die someday while shooting another Mission Impossible.
kenjilee92 - 4 timmar sedan
As an aspiring stuntman, this really is insightful. Thank you guys so much!
Baie Rogers
Baie Rogers - 6 timmar sedan
Honestly, watching y'all roast The Last Jedi fight scene is kind of great
"What's so bad about this scene?" "Well, ehm, go to the beginning..." xD
Willian Nobre
Willian Nobre - 8 timmar sedan
Tony Jaa is the one guy that gives me a little hope for that Monster Hunter movie to be at least a little bit good
sethcril - 9 timmar sedan
Maybe upgrade from a loveseat to an actual couch.
ali r
ali r - 9 timmar sedan
fuck!!1 spoil alert noobs
Relyks Netoow
Relyks Netoow - 9 timmar sedan
Get a bigger couch
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor - 10 timmar sedan
I’m a bit conflicted about this channel. These guys really know their stuff. The information is great. Unfortunately it’s packaged in the typical reaction-click bait trope which is so prevalent on YouTube. Picking The Last Jedi as a movie to zero in was by design. It’s a very divisive movie that’s guaranteed to get emotional reactions. Kudos for the business acumen but it just scrapping the bottom of the barrel for angry fan reaction.
Julen Garcia
Julen Garcia - 11 timmar sedan
Iko Uwai's The Raid, the fight scenes are awesome
bklyncrook - 12 timmar sedan
That knife move, I saw it before Both SW and GOT. Flashpoint w Donnie Yen and Wu Jing.
GimR's Lab
GimR's Lab - 12 timmar sedan
feel bad for any Game of Thrones virgins. That spoiler was ultra unexpected lol
Charles Yeo
Charles Yeo - 12 timmar sedan
I remember when Captain America Winter Soldier came out everyone was like the action and fights scenes were good. Apparently they haven't seen "The Protector"
James Black
James Black - 13 timmar sedan
No john wick ?
That's disappointing
Wu Me
Wu Me - 14 timmar sedan
XXX Bridge Scene. The Stunt Actor died. I would like Eric's take on what went wrong, IF the Stuntmen Association/SAG-AFTRA says it's OK. Even better would be to celebrate the work the actor did before his untimely death. It might be morbid, but people do put there life on the line to make movies, And it would be good if people recognised the risks, however minimised, that Eric and his colleagues are taking. Oh and Eric you guys did an amazing job on West World!
Hayato Tanaka
Hayato Tanaka - 15 timmar sedan
How about a react on digitally created space, stars, and planets in movies and tv shows with Neil deGrasse Tyson?????
Mads D
Mads D - 16 timmar sedan
Henry Cavill with that beard, he's so sexy!
Prakash D Jr
Prakash D Jr - 17 timmar sedan
I bet you can't explain Tollywood super stunts
Do not try this at YouTube....
Prakash D Jr
Prakash D Jr - 17 timmar sedan
I bet you can't explain Tollywood super stunts
Do not try this at YouTube...
Marcin Niedzielski
Marcin Niedzielski - 17 timmar sedan
Thank you for calling out the throne room fight in TLJ because there's still way too many idiots defending that scene.
Damn Dirty Ape
Damn Dirty Ape - Timme sedan
Marcin “anyone who likes this scene is an idiot” Niedzielski
Richard Servello
Richard Servello - 17 timmar sedan
Thailand doesn't have the same protections...that's why Protector is so legit.
Callum Waterston
Callum Waterston - 18 timmar sedan
there is a huge spoiler for game of thrones in this with no warning :(
enryuxzero - 18 timmar sedan
What nothing from district 13 or d13 ultimatam
Director Pete
Director Pete - 21 timme sedan
You guys, I LOVE these. Keep them coming.
Itsatarp1337 - 22 timmar sedan
Next time react to the Raid please
JB Gimena
JB Gimena - 22 timmar sedan
Do Raid Redemption.
Gale Christensen
Gale Christensen - 22 timmar sedan
Guys, guys guys! Pretty please do some more about Buster Keaton! I wasn't familiar with him until this video, but I've been recommended several videos with him, and I'm just speechless with some of the things he did! Even if it's just a short video, he deserves to be recognized and appreciated by people like me who weren't familiar with his work and how it influenced film making and stunt work.
TheDanielStephens - 23 timmar sedan
The way Eric describes punches being done at different depths seems like it wouldn't work in 3D movies. Is the amount of depth humans can derive not enough for it to cause issue or has the industry had to improve or find other techniques to compensate?
Great video, thanks!
sameer ahmed
sameer ahmed - 23 timmar sedan
They reacted to Jackie chan all are in pain
Melwyn Saldanha
Melwyn Saldanha - 23 timmar sedan
I can never see movies the same way again
Livid _
Livid _ - Dag sedan
He looks like Sebastian Stan
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner - Dag sedan
God! That's gruesome even for me
andy rocksteady
andy rocksteady - Dag sedan
Coolest jobs ever.
Marcus Johns
Marcus Johns - Dag sedan
I'm surprised you guys didn't notice one of the weapons disappearing in the star wars scene lol
Susan Heart
Susan Heart - Dag sedan
I’ve never left a thirsty comment in my life but Eric is really testing my resolve.
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Morgan - Dag sedan
RIP to the stuntman pouring out his love for Star Wars and Niko's literally trying to catch a fly
Aigey - Dag sedan
watching the video and the bass boosted song is killing me.
cOOkie m o n s t e r
cOOkie m o n s t e r - Dag sedan
And nothere question on the first part of the video is that when the guy who was pointing the gun at Tom Cruise and when the guy holding the gun got pulled back his head inflated and then deflated
sami saieb
sami saieb - Dag sedan
So i should watch The punisher.
cOOkie m o n s t e r
cOOkie m o n s t e r - Dag sedan
When Calvin what ever his name his reloads his biceps it was kinda scary cuz just imagine Calvin coming strait at you and he reloads his biceps like is that just not scary
Kunal Vinay
Kunal Vinay - Dag sedan
No. Do another one with Jackie Chan stunts
NeerayOfficial - Dag sedan
Raid and Raid 2, Hands down!
random person
random person - Dag sedan
I greatly enjoy watching you guys cover these Hollywood stunts.
Pineapple Pen
Pineapple Pen - Dag sedan
React to triple threat. Some cool fight seems in there.