Reacting to the FUNNIEST Animations !

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Imaawesomepotatowolf22 Emanuel
Imaawesomepotatowolf22 Emanuel - 14 timmar sedan
Any 2019?
Imaawesomepotatowolf22 Emanuel
Imaawesomepotatowolf22 Emanuel - 14 timmar sedan
This is how many times the little kid was bit by the mosquito
luna moon
luna moon - 17 timmar sedan
I'm terrified of the dentist
Ellie Pringle
Ellie Pringle - 21 timme sedan
And the beach animation trying to attack the mosquito. thaes Why there was marked on the little kid face
mickie ryan
mickie ryan - 21 timme sedan
Love your vids
HOOPZ - 21 timme sedan
It's a mascito
Christopher brookbank
Christopher brookbank - 22 timmar sedan
I never went to the dentist
Eagle b
Eagle b - 22 timmar sedan
I was like 9 or 10 I had to get drills 4 my teeth
XoXo {wolf light} oXoX HH
XoXo {wolf light} oXoX HH - 22 timmar sedan
I love go to teeth doctor bc my bro is teeth doctor
JMH Rock
JMH Rock - Dag sedan
I like the dentist but not the doctor
AGNES LEE - Dag sedan
4:27 i had it on high volume so the "bruh" scared me
itz tantan
itz tantan - Dag sedan
Hahahah funny
Alyssa King
Alyssa King - Dag sedan
Marilyn Monroe Sings
Marilyn Monroe Sings - Dag sedan
Tou should react to the penatonix they are a group of people who sing without music or instruments
Lindsay Kron
Lindsay Kron - Dag sedan
I love you
Anisa Arra
Anisa Arra - Dag sedan
Your videos are so fast I don’t even know if they’re the same video or different
Anisa Arra
Anisa Arra - Dag sedan
OK now I’m gonna throw garlic at the iPad right now because of vampires in the
Anisa Arra
Anisa Arra - Dag sedan
Little dude why are you looking at A vampire like you know he’s gonna do that you deserve that
Anisa Arra
Anisa Arra - Dag sedan
I feel so bad for the cat he just wants to go to cat restroom #LOLSoFunny
Megan Stella
Megan Stella - Dag sedan
It’s not a fly not a bee it’s a mosquito and ew when he landed In the yogurt
Ajay Barker
Ajay Barker - 2 dagar sedan
I have never been to the dentist 😮😮
sharon burchell
sharon burchell - 2 dagar sedan
andrew hurt
andrew hurt - 2 dagar sedan
Me I'm scared
Julia - 2 dagar sedan
I hate that girl in the first one for pulling the cats tail like that :(
Rose Hull
Rose Hull - 2 dagar sedan
I find the dentist fine and I’m 14 so yeah I feel like the dentist is pretty good I love dentist my dentist is amazing if you live in Winnipeg and you go to Robert H Smith School and you know one girl named Isabell then yeah but yeah the dentist and Winnipeg
Calum Thomson
Calum Thomson - 2 dagar sedan
Though you might like this

Suzanne Crest
Suzanne Crest - 2 dagar sedan
this is weired
Elizabeth Prentice
Elizabeth Prentice - 2 dagar sedan
It took me till the end to realize you are in a hotel room
Gabriella Ashley
Gabriella Ashley - 3 dagar sedan
Some times I get scared of the deantest
Tyhiera Tinson
Tyhiera Tinson - 3 dagar sedan
I went to the dentist 2 days ago and I had a good one and I’m being serious. She was good
Taygan Winn
Taygan Winn - 3 dagar sedan
I think the dentist is scary and I’ a kid
Tifany Pedersen
Tifany Pedersen - 3 dagar sedan
I thought they were sad
Chanelle Miles
Chanelle Miles - 3 dagar sedan
Candy your at the dentist haha haha
Deborah Clark
Deborah Clark - 3 dagar sedan
Deborah Clark
Deborah Clark - 3 dagar sedan
🔍 for the 😘
Deborah Clark
Deborah Clark - 3 dagar sedan
I have a game for you to play
Mael Mendoza
Mael Mendoza - 3 dagar sedan
I bo
Niyah Piyah
Niyah Piyah - 3 dagar sedan
Watch guava jus area 51
jamiah fletcher
jamiah fletcher - 3 dagar sedan
this was so funny hahahaha
Kristen Anderson
Kristen Anderson - 3 dagar sedan
U go girl
Kristen Anderson
Kristen Anderson - 3 dagar sedan
She was so mean to her cat
CocoFox_Playz - 3 dagar sedan
I like mah dentist, but I'm kinda scard of getting braces because I read that they really hurt >///< ;-;
Trang Murray
Trang Murray - 3 dagar sedan
This is how many people noticed that the man who was pulling the baby lost the baby when pulling
Terrance Harding
Terrance Harding - 3 dagar sedan
IL ove you
Uyanga Sukhbaatar
Uyanga Sukhbaatar - 3 dagar sedan
Tomorrow I am going to my dentist
Hazelwolf Galaxy
Hazelwolf Galaxy - 4 dagar sedan
Me? scared? Of the dentist?
The dentist is scared of me.
Diana Matthews
Diana Matthews - 4 dagar sedan
My cat has a insthegram
TheDramaticDolly - 4 dagar sedan
0:03 The date on the iPad thingy was my sisters birthday!
Krystofe Davidd
Krystofe Davidd - 4 dagar sedan
Why didn’t she just waited for the cat it will be more shorter towait than arguing with the cat it would be longer.
Janet Cecil
Janet Cecil - 4 dagar sedan
this is so freaking funny
Lere Basupang
Lere Basupang - 4 dagar sedan
Not scary
Molly Cole
Molly Cole - 4 dagar sedan
So funny
Ziah Mitchel
Ziah Mitchel - 4 dagar sedan
My name is Azzy Mitchel
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn - 4 dagar sedan
Anniston Freeman
Anniston Freeman - 5 dagar sedan
Yes I’m scared of the dentist
Yarixan Rodriguez
Yarixan Rodriguez - 5 dagar sedan
joseph anderson
joseph anderson - 5 dagar sedan
Love you 😘 ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kira Hodrien
Kira Hodrien - 5 dagar sedan
Hey go search kiki83171 to see my YouTube account!
Kira Hodrien
Kira Hodrien - 5 dagar sedan
That isn't a fly that's a mosquito that's why they dont like it and it has a point like a nose
Noob is here
Noob is here - 5 dagar sedan
Noob is here
Noob is here - 5 dagar sedan
(^ . ^)🦜 I Love animals
U—U 🐈🐩
Gemma Walters
Gemma Walters - 5 dagar sedan
am i the only one who’s volume was weird?
Coralyn Calder
Coralyn Calder - 5 dagar sedan
I hate the dentist
faded cup
faded cup - 5 dagar sedan
Who else noticed that vampire had a shadow lol
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith - 5 dagar sedan
Cosycubs Gacha
Cosycubs Gacha - 6 dagar sedan
When you get bored just watch animaisions
Lynn Mote
Lynn Mote - 6 dagar sedan
Aw so cute o
Dahliah syamirah
Dahliah syamirah - 6 dagar sedan
A.z.z.y. you. Are so sweet
Jack Wyatt
Jack Wyatt - 6 dagar sedan
I hate the dentist I am scared of cavities*shudder*
Izzyytweirdo E
Izzyytweirdo E - 6 dagar sedan
I love ur yt
richard dillworth
richard dillworth - 6 dagar sedan
hey azzyland my name is logan dillworth please give me a shot out.I love your vidieos
Awiboo s
Awiboo s - 6 dagar sedan
Every comment I read I subscribe to the person :/
Edit: Not all though.
Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson - 7 dagar sedan
Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson - 7 dagar sedan
That's rude!😈😈👹👺
Marshall Hayes
Marshall Hayes - 7 dagar sedan
Can you do a best friend slime video Clotilde
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson - 7 dagar sedan
Spot the difference
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson - 7 dagar sedan
MidnightPotato - 6 dagar sedan
beo wulf
beo wulf - 7 dagar sedan
Julia Amor
Julia Amor - 7 dagar sedan
Up yhhj
Autumn Fonseca
Autumn Fonseca - 7 dagar sedan