Try to Complete In One Second Challenge (Fastest Workers)

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REACT - Månad sedan
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Truly Greg
Truly Greg - 8 dagar sedan
Jack dull
Jack dull - 18 dagar sedan
I'd ship Tyler and Kacey!
Villas Christensen
Villas Christensen - 24 dagar sedan
Kyle Harindah
Kyle Harindah - 24 dagar sedan
Can you guys do adult's try vodka watermelon?
Mm Bears
Mm Bears - 25 dagar sedan
They know that dominos pizza boxes have there sides to fold instantly
anime lover forever
anime lover forever - 22 minuter sedan
Goth pizza girl
Blake Moy
Blake Moy - 25 minuter sedan
Why were blowing up water balloons
•MedinaHaji •
•MedinaHaji • - 31 minut sedan
The two children with the money lmao
Fake Chat Stories
Fake Chat Stories - Timme sedan
On the money you would have to have a lot of money to count fast or be a cashier at a busy place
Safi Games
Safi Games - Timme sedan
First world problems lololololollololollloollp
siar - Timme sedan
Yeah. Don't need the skill because I got no money.... I'm broke! I'm still young tho. Me counting: 20... 40... 60... I got 60 euros!
Random Songs
Random Songs - 10 timmar sedan
Brittany is so beautiful😍
The Loser
The Loser - 11 timmar sedan
Crazy asian people skill
David Alv
David Alv - 13 timmar sedan
so many newbies i miss beca
HYPER MAN - 14 timmar sedan
Ary has been on channel for a long time and she always wears same outfit and i love it
Jianne Chelsea Ofracio
Jianne Chelsea Ofracio - 17 timmar sedan
Ok but who's gonna drink all that cola tho???
Frl Rfal
Frl Rfal - 17 timmar sedan
Subscribe Reacts on 1 second if u can bois
Alfa E
Alfa E - 19 timmar sedan
When they are jealous they can not do something so they try and convince themself that it does not matter xD
Silvia Aguilar
Silvia Aguilar - 19 timmar sedan
I love these videos. They make me laugh
_Lasha Kharbedia_
_Lasha Kharbedia_ - 20 timmar sedan
12:17 bruh he was grinding the watermelon
Purple - 21 timme sedan
Brittany left no survivors
idk ramble
idk ramble - Dag sedan
Kacey: *doesnt drink soda*
Also Kacey And Tyler: *get more opened than most of the older people*
chuumin gum
chuumin gum - Dag sedan
nctzen represent; nct's mark would LOVE to eat the whole watermelon
elissa ertwine
elissa ertwine - Dag sedan
incase you were wondering the sun is also a star
Adrian Kocik
Adrian Kocik - Dag sedan
12:10 when you play too much minecraft
Ben ॐ
Ben ॐ - Dag sedan
I hope they didn't wasted the Cokes and if they did, please invite me next time. I'll drink them all.
monica diamond
monica diamond - Dag sedan
1:32 bruh wtf is that the person behind the camera says in 3 2 1 and she just starts screaming!😂
Janet Davidovich
Janet Davidovich - Dag sedan
help at 0:03 theres was a tornado siren then it stopped like actually
Purple - 22 timmar sedan
Janet Davidovich what?
Gamer Lee
Gamer Lee - Dag sedan
Kacey and Tyler are awesome, I remember them from kids react
Bebe Z
Bebe Z - Dag sedan
LOVE them! They were the youngest in this, made me laugh. Great job kids!!!
Cathy Moore
Cathy Moore - Dag sedan
Me too! Love Kacey <3
Gamer Lee
Gamer Lee - Dag sedan
Best video ever! I keep watching it and it makes me laugh each time!
Haze Here
Haze Here - Dag sedan
Chris is so cute 😭
ITS REDINK - Dag sedan
Jessica lodge
Jessica lodge - Dag sedan
With the money thing - my mother-in-law was a teller for yyyeeeaaarrrrs. Her party trick is she can tell how much money is in a stack just buy holding it (if they are all the same bills). In all differing amounts. I have never seen her wrong. Crazy.
46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68
I could've won the money one for sure lol
Houston Fornication
Houston Fornication - Dag sedan
Rocket Leaves
Rocket Leaves - 2 dagar sedan
For the soda cap u can use the edge of a counter and it will pop it off
Randell Jan Evaristo
Randell Jan Evaristo - 2 dagar sedan
Counting money, fold it in half then count not putting it down
Qualin Hunter
Qualin Hunter - 2 dagar sedan
Daniel is FLAWLESS
Captain_ Emerald
Captain_ Emerald - 2 dagar sedan
This is how many people from this video did asmr
Althaea Brylle Serato
Althaea Brylle Serato - 2 dagar sedan
Brittany is so talented
CodeAro - 2 dagar sedan
How i taping box "im just gonna put tape everywhere"
Grace Animallover7
Grace Animallover7 - 2 dagar sedan
You gave them water balloons to inflate
hi hi
hi hi - 2 dagar sedan
Amann - 2 dagar sedan
That was a waste of watermelon not even joking at this point. That was a damn waist ffs
KDA (G) IDLE - 2 dagar sedan
I could fold about 20 pizza boxes in 30 seconds
*• Ralsei •*
*• Ralsei •* - 2 dagar sedan
so about 1.5 per second? :o impressive.
Game hunter
Game hunter - 3 dagar sedan
I'm guessing he counts +1 everytime one of his fingers touches a bill.
Licras - 2 dagar sedan
+Game hunter Ah, that's a fair point.
Game hunter
Game hunter - 2 dagar sedan
+Licras Of course not but I'm sure it's easier to count 20 and then multiply by the worth of the bill. Ex: 20 x 1000 Rather than keeping tabs of the actual number.
Licras - 2 dagar sedan
They're not 1 dollar bills tho. The banker was counting every single form of yuan bills that exist.
thebrokenforest - 3 dagar sedan
9:42 i think the word you're searching for is *SERO*
Łäžÿ _łłãmá
Łäžÿ _łłãmá - 3 dagar sedan
thebrokenforest bahahahahahahaah I cant stop laughing😂😂😂 help mehhhhh
Jelly Doughnut
Jelly Doughnut - 3 dagar sedan
Jennifer Huang
Jennifer Huang - 3 dagar sedan
It's kinda like ASMR
J LJ - 3 dagar sedan
I didn’t knew that the “ 1 sec” challenge is 30 sec🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - 3 dagar sedan
Pizza guy wasn't fast 😒
Dalia Al-Saji
Dalia Al-Saji - 2 dagar sedan
Jose Gonzalez dont act like you could do that i bet you would get stuck at 1
Sea Falcons
Sea Falcons - 3 dagar sedan
And you too
YouTube for days Lol
YouTube for days Lol - 3 dagar sedan
Jose Gonzalez like u could do better
Quad Launcher_YT
Quad Launcher_YT - 3 dagar sedan
I Made my own commentary for the watermelon guy
Cpt Fapal0t
Cpt Fapal0t - 4 dagar sedan
"This is the one second challenge" Proceeds to do stuff in 30 seconds
Louie Ralph
Louie Ralph - 4 dagar sedan
Is it weird that I enjoyed that watermelon munching sound? Hahahah
rdr2 pro
rdr2 pro - 4 dagar sedan
12:55 ur like so excited for this
Cause i love watermelon
Yea cause she is black
Jennifer Kargel
Jennifer Kargel - 2 dagar sedan
+Vague Jose whoops
Vague Jose
Vague Jose - 2 dagar sedan
+Jennifer Kargel that's not the correct way of using that sentence
Jennifer Kargel
Jennifer Kargel - 2 dagar sedan
Ur so racially stereotyped
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - 4 dagar sedan
I would inhale that melon
Panda Power
Panda Power - 4 dagar sedan
Kacey was in a lele pons vid
NINJA OF comments q
NINJA OF comments q - 4 dagar sedan
10:49 that's So cute 😍😍❤️❤️
I ship those two
Cute :3
Rhyme Time
Rhyme Time - 4 dagar sedan
" It's not inflating" Well! That's what she said.😉
Brady’s Fun Videos
Brady’s Fun Videos - 4 dagar sedan
My favorite part 12:10
aishu Loves Taejin
aishu Loves Taejin - 5 dagar sedan
The red top girl who couldn't tape the box properly looked very dumb to me sorry😂😂😂
Cathy Moore
Cathy Moore - Dag sedan
+Gamer Lee agree!
Gamer Lee
Gamer Lee - Dag sedan
You are dumb for judging little kids
Xennit -
Xennit - - 4 dagar sedan
aishu Loves Taejin K
Clem - 5 dagar sedan
Ive never seen such a bottle opener before
Deiron Abellera
Deiron Abellera - 5 dagar sedan
My daughter eat watermelon in one second
John Kendall
John Kendall - 5 dagar sedan
Pretty sure the guy removing bottle caps has a specialized tool for doing it the way he's doing it. The speed is still nice, but it's not even close to the same as what you're giving the reacters.
John Kendall
John Kendall - 5 dagar sedan
Who the heck got them water balloons?
Fajar Nurcahyo
Fajar Nurcahyo - 5 dagar sedan
thats called specialists
Quenten Zboyovsky
Quenten Zboyovsky - 5 dagar sedan
You said the soda bottles was the last challenge, anyone notice that?
Danny Burke
Danny Burke - 2 dagar sedan
Yeah, the watermelon was a bonus challenge
VGutierrez. - 5 dagar sedan
13:18 pause the vid
dessin denfer
dessin denfer - 4 dagar sedan
Clinton McElyea
Clinton McElyea - 4 dagar sedan
Hotsaucepup2000 - 4 dagar sedan
?¿ what ¿?
Nexuss - 5 dagar sedan
Hell nah
nobody important
nobody important - 5 dagar sedan
What about the woman?
Agostina f
Agostina f - 5 dagar sedan
I have a crush with Alberto
Princess DAJA Gonzalez
Princess DAJA Gonzalez - 5 dagar sedan
Underrated Retard
Underrated Retard - 5 dagar sedan
How are people so stupid wtf? Like I'm 15 and I would done all these things 10x better..
Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Martin - 4 dagar sedan
Judging by your name you already work in the box factory, so you’re at a disadvantage.
Underrated Retard
Underrated Retard - 4 dagar sedan
+R S i know how to explain that but in my language
R S - 4 dagar sedan
how does that make them stupid lmao these things have nothing to do with intelligence
Hotsaucepup2000 - 4 dagar sedan
Jeez...u don’t have to be so rude. Not everyone’s like you
Panu Klasila
Panu Klasila - 5 dagar sedan
Search Jesse Pynnonen from youtube you will find big hot bald finnish guy eating fast and alot af
Zaick - 6 dagar sedan
That were water balloons
Pratham Kaushik
Pratham Kaushik - 6 dagar sedan
*Brittany's such a pro*
mari'npieces - 6 dagar sedan
3:18 oh god i laugh so hard to Alberto hahahahahaha
Mighty Bones
Mighty Bones - 6 dagar sedan
Hey react im a huge fan but the pizza box doesn't count cause the dominoes one is easy to fold.
kevin nguyen
kevin nguyen - 6 dagar sedan
Look at Chris Blow🤤🤤
I Cant Read
I Cant Read - 6 dagar sedan
13:18 thank me later
Zombalaya Q
Zombalaya Q - 6 dagar sedan
shawn andrews
shawn andrews - 6 dagar sedan
7:21 You said it perfectly Brittany😏
ELITE WaNaBe - 6 dagar sedan
Lol 😏
Stuart 2 30
Stuart 2 30 - 6 dagar sedan
Alia Elbaz
Alia Elbaz - 6 dagar sedan
OMG the way she said help got me laughing for hours 😂😂 😂😂 😂😁 😁😁😁😁😁 😁😁😁 😁😁 😁😁 😁
AVERAGE 1 - 6 dagar sedan
Alberto reminds me of my second cousin
PilotNibba - 6 dagar sedan
AVERAGE 1 Alberto reminds me of my second cousin
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 6 dagar sedan
12:24 me when I eating watermelon in Minecraft
Gold Vizions
Gold Vizions - 5 dagar sedan
Patrick Star ⭐️
wiggle jiggle
wiggle jiggle - 7 dagar sedan
The watermrlon one he didnt even eat it he just bit some
izza - 7 dagar sedan
brittany really looks cute
Michael Harms
Michael Harms - 7 dagar sedan
It turn into 'try not to look away challenge' as I watched those reactors taping up those boxes.
Galaxy Crossed paws
Galaxy Crossed paws - 7 dagar sedan
Galaxy Crossed paws
Galaxy Crossed paws - 5 dagar sedan
Damashie PlayZ Oof
Damashie PlayZ
Damashie PlayZ - 7 dagar sedan
Weebs go away
Teo Cahoreau
Teo Cahoreau - 7 dagar sedan
Yes, I'm sure it's gonna look cool. (I am a bit sarcastic, as you guys know). 9:16
Joe Demmon
Joe Demmon - 5 dagar sedan
She is the most incompetent human being I think I have ever seen.
Lari Luuskanen
Lari Luuskanen - 7 dagar sedan
9:14 foot lettuce girl version
Emma Gerety
Emma Gerety - 7 dagar sedan
This is probably my fav video
Michaela Pulford
Michaela Pulford - 7 dagar sedan
Dimo - 7 dagar sedan
"barely touching the coke bottles" yeah girl that's deffenitly coke
Cookie Mew
Cookie Mew - 7 dagar sedan
If the watermelon was sweet it would be gone in a second for me
Abyssighh Cat
Abyssighh Cat - 7 dagar sedan
Bùi Trần Mai Thy
Bùi Trần Mai Thy - 7 dagar sedan
After reading comments, i realized that a lot of people are watching this video with me at the same time 😂
FTFgamer - 7 dagar sedan
2:07 He got it man..
angel morales
angel morales - 7 dagar sedan
I hate kacey and Tyler
angel morales
angel morales - Dag sedan
+Gamer Lee says the keyboard warrior
Gamer Lee
Gamer Lee - Dag sedan
That's sad, you got no life
Melisenda Wagbe
Melisenda Wagbe - 7 dagar sedan
Why are all these comments so recent? This video was posted 3 weeks ago!😂
I don’t know my Username
I don’t know my Username - 6 dagar sedan
Bruh ur even more recent then most of them... idiots these days
Fiorella Bacci LLinas
Fiorella Bacci LLinas - 7 dagar sedan
are alberto and ary related?
Melisenda Wagbe
Melisenda Wagbe - 7 dagar sedan
I was thinking Kacey and Tyler are related.
Herobrine Skull
Herobrine Skull - 7 dagar sedan
I can watch you tube videos quicker than u
•D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤ D̤̈ö̤ẗ̤•
The guy eating the watermelon sounds like a Minecraft character eating something
PilotNibba - 8 dagar sedan
The white girl with the red jacket is the most useless human ever lol
aishu Loves Taejin
aishu Loves Taejin - 5 dagar sedan
seriously 😂😂i was kinda offended by her
Emma Sanford
Emma Sanford - 7 dagar sedan
PilotNibba that’s what I was thinking
will smith
will smith - 7 dagar sedan
豬血糕(pighp) - 8 dagar sedan
YTComps HD
YTComps HD - 8 dagar sedan
OMG Brittany's skin looks so well taken care off ❤️😘
Stanley Paul
Stanley Paul - 7 dagar sedan
React out here putting on the beauty mode filter
Alec Oram
Alec Oram - 8 dagar sedan
Having worked at dominoes: those boxes are easily folded in half a second. It only takes one fluid motion.
Sabby NY
Sabby NY - 8 dagar sedan
Why people watch this fast workers and say crazy talent its not talent is just practice you see they do this for living and they are the best at it...XP=Skills.
knaap - 8 dagar sedan
My fav 1 sec challenges are the ones that are 30 secs
IEatGlue - 8 dagar sedan
That's impressive that was a good stratetie