Conan Learns Australian Slang

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Marvin W
Marvin W - 6 minuter sedan
In german we call a special Type of beer stubbi. Didnt know we had something in Common.
kuyaJ - 2 timmar sedan
Just do more Remotes please
will ben oni
will ben oni - 3 timmar sedan
Australians are scammers too? Dammit
Kev Stone
Kev Stone - 4 timmar sedan
wanker !!
Steven Reed
Steven Reed - 5 timmar sedan
Actually we call Burger King Hungry Jacks
Joy To The World
Joy To The World - 5 timmar sedan
She’s pulling your leg mate, you’re a shocker at our accent, leave it alone or some one will punch your lights out
E-MAN - 5 timmar sedan
This is the first time I’ve seen Jackman age
knj20091 - 6 timmar sedan
Came for her legs. Fell for her eyes
Sophieee - 8 timmar sedan
Kyle ShoeBoi
Kyle ShoeBoi - 8 timmar sedan
It's really difficult..
gryg777 - 9 timmar sedan
So.. You need to speak like a Terminator, right?
Dwayne Wizade
Dwayne Wizade - 9 timmar sedan
Congrats to Conan bet he went in raw
Javaid Iqbal Shah
Javaid Iqbal Shah - 10 timmar sedan
wow!!!! she is beautiful
k P
k P - 12 timmar sedan
She knows exactly what shes doing lol
David - 14 timmar sedan
Would you like some fruit? Yeeeah, naaahhhh, yeeeahhh, naaahhh
Timmy Limmola
Timmy Limmola - Dag sedan
Gabrielle was the star here.
Timmy Limmola
Timmy Limmola - Dag sedan
Nice legs.
Tor Arne Svingen
Tor Arne Svingen - Dag sedan
Omg when the roleplaying scenario started my mind went to pornhub! 😆
Vince Del Negro
Vince Del Negro - Dag sedan
8:13 😂😂
MUK - Dag sedan
dem legs
StreamingEagle - Dag sedan
I'm on another Conan binge watch run
E Grffin
E Grffin - Dag sedan
This is so much funnier with the subtitles on. I love his attempt at the accent, and he's doing pretty good too.

In Australia for those that want to know, our Burger King is called Hungry Jacks.
randomjester - Dag sedan
Whose mom is she? 😍
ben rofe
ben rofe - Dag sedan
i'm Australian and i'm still learning stuff.
D - Dag sedan
Fosters Lager hates this clip.😁
Ashley Sutherland
Ashley Sutherland - 3 timmar sedan
@Alexander Graves it's made all over the world under license, CUB is the brewery now owned by sabmiller
Alexander Graves
Alexander Graves - Dag sedan
Fosters is actually brewed and canned in Texas. It's no longer owned by Australia.
Illuminati - Dag sedan
Americans never get Aussie accents right. The only ones that ever got it right were Meryl Streep and Robert Downey Jr.
J Chis
J Chis - Dag sedan
I had to stop at 3:45. It was like listening to fingernails on a chalk board.
Alondor - Dag sedan
Well. Conan is intentionally over the top. 🤣
MrCasquenoir - Dag sedan
I'm glad that my first reaction to this clip has been confirmed by the top 6 comments.
Pedro Coimbra
Pedro Coimbra - Dag sedan
F**k me dead, those are wonderful thighs!
M Smith
M Smith - Dag sedan
Burger King = Hungry Jacks
Jazz Witherspoon
Jazz Witherspoon - Dag sedan
Conan should have Hugh Jackman on his podcast. He would be a great guest.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams - Dag sedan
We NEVER put a bloody shrimp on the bloody barbie!
Shaw Takao
Shaw Takao - 2 dagar sedan
Conan, you've been to almost anywhere in the world, except China!!!!!!
ninuxy - 2 dagar sedan
Those legs...
Goran Hrastovik
Goran Hrastovik - 2 dagar sedan
she knew how to dress..naughty..naughty
jason nex
jason nex - 2 dagar sedan
he said what do you call burger king, she said buger king, it's actually hungry jacks
shahaf hermann
shahaf hermann - 31 minut sedan
I think hungry jacks is actually an aussie company by burger king, but not actually the same
jason nex
jason nex - 5 timmar sedan
@Madizm1264 no,eveyrwhere in australia it's called hungry jacks, i don't know how she could mess that up.
Madizm1264 - 8 timmar sedan
Only in SA though right?!?
Flying Elephant
Flying Elephant - Dag sedan
Yes, you're right, mate!
Freedom TruthHonor
Freedom TruthHonor - 2 dagar sedan
Conan for president 2020
Please Conan pleaaaaase do it for me ,I love you bro .
Chris Arias
Chris Arias - 2 dagar sedan
She's got great legs yeah.
Karungthar Marem
Karungthar Marem - 2 dagar sedan
they banged
Sniffing Porcupines
Sniffing Porcupines - 3 dagar sedan
Hungry Jacks
Eli S. Ramirez
Eli S. Ramirez - 3 dagar sedan
Conan is the best!!!
Vinny Booboo
Vinny Booboo - 3 dagar sedan
Came for the milf; "came" because of the milf. 😊 Also, I wanna eat her 🐱
ki n
ki n - 4 dagar sedan
When you are coming to india
Melanie Love
Melanie Love - 4 dagar sedan
I can totally relate to Conan. I had to learn to understand Australian slang and accent for work years ago. It was challenging but a lot of fun!
MOONLIGHT SHADOW - 4 dagar sedan
Fifty something year old trying to look 40 in those shorts. 😨
Todd Howard
Todd Howard - 4 dagar sedan
this vid came out on me birthday and I think I stared at gabbie's thighs more than I did me gf's lol

thicc mamy milf
G C - 4 dagar sedan
Conan's a cringeworthy car crash. He needs a good roo kicking.
Ryanna Alysha
Ryanna Alysha - 4 dagar sedan
I hate most of these comments lmaoooo why y’all so thirsty? Damn
outlawrickenbacker - 4 dagar sedan
This woman is right on with our slang and language. This is how we speak.
harli13 - 4 dagar sedan
burger king is called hungry jacks in australia.