Trump Labels The Trade War A 'Little Squabble'

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green ghost hunter
green ghost hunter - 2 dagar sedan
I know a group of people that didn't watch television in November of 2016 the homeless
James Scaggs
James Scaggs - 6 dagar sedan
Not funny...stupid.
Silvia G.
Silvia G. - 7 dagar sedan
That Orange Manatee needs a pill to shut up his filthy mouth.
R.N V.H - 7 dagar sedan
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 8 dagar sedan
Just text me it’s easier ! Less drama and in English ! I tried Instagram the other day and got sick to my stomach ! Couldn’t sleep so there’s no Need to keep torturing myself ! Unless it’s in English then I’ll never bother ! Enough crypto and hidden messages that shit is old ! No time left anyway !
Cisco Navarro
Cisco Navarro - 11 dagar sedan
Hily shit i didnt even notice that transition at 1:26. I was listening to this and thought Trump was still talking haha
WeedWhacker2010 - 12 dagar sedan
Am I wrong? Jon Batiste is a fabulously handsome man....I don't know if he's Gay?? but....(call me)…..
George Krouses
George Krouses - 12 dagar sedan
How can the president say that windmills kill birds how stupid can he be how stupid stupid stupid idiot of a president would that we have
Lou De Leon
Lou De Leon - 13 dagar sedan
Trump does not know jackshit about anything. Just opens his mouth, then pats himself on the back for creating sound.
Jaime Tripps
Jaime Tripps - 13 dagar sedan
As much as I HATE Trump .... it would be nice to see more world leaders encouraging buisnesses to create their products domestically for the people purchasing them to help create jobs and lower their 3000% profit margins because they exploit cheep slave labour in china and other countries. Just saying .. I always figured if you wanna sell here, you gotta build here ! But again ... if nothing else, it makes me angry AF that pumpkin coloured idiot is pushing that agenda.
Howard B Bailey
Howard B Bailey - 14 dagar sedan
The most Unfunky Sidekick ...EVER!!!!!
KD - 14 dagar sedan
Everybody tuned in on election night Nov 2016 because everyone wants to see a tire fire 🔥 just like all the rubber neckers at an accident on the highway.
Marguerite Galimitakis
Marguerite Galimitakis - 16 dagar sedan
Take a hike cotton.
gaetan legrand
gaetan legrand - 16 dagar sedan
again soooooooo,,,,,,,smart and funny
Leo from Freo
Leo from Freo - 17 dagar sedan
I hate Trump.
HannuKaleviElo - 19 dagar sedan
Start the investigation against this criminal Network and Syndicate! Read below...
GhANeC - 19 dagar sedan
"Enjoy" ?? good lords this abysmal moron
E - 20 dagar sedan
Almost everything I own & my Children mind you & buy is made in China. Wtf😐
Dennis Jasperse
Dennis Jasperse - 20 dagar sedan
I. Can't wait. For the most rated show. When. Trump. Bows down and. Sucks. Putin. Dick.
George Bennett
George Bennett - 21 dag sedan
Vote 45 out of office
Freddy C
Freddy C - 21 dag sedan
Trump is a racist and a liar and a bigot and a womanizer who bullies others to get his way.
His supporters follow him blindly regardless of his actions or words.
Chump isn't qualified to effect anything on his own, but he refuses to listen to his advisers. What a genius.
Only racists defend racism, anyone but trump 2020
Shays my Name
Shays my Name - 21 dag sedan
Didn't he say a couple of weeks ago for us to stop buying things in America?
Shays my Name
Shays my Name - 21 dag sedan
I didn't watch lol i didn't even know
EC Marquez
EC Marquez - 21 dag sedan
Vote Blue 2020 remove trump corruption and stupidity
Kate Gallagher
Kate Gallagher - 21 dag sedan
I did not watch television that night because my stomach was already upset from hearing about his “win”.
Art6pineda - 23 dagar sedan
The shoe It’s actually light gray and light turquoise.
Brett S.
Brett S. - 24 dagar sedan
Turns out that all the oil company's workers that turned out for that speech of his were being paid OVERTIME to watch it.
Laverne Ferguson
Laverne Ferguson - 24 dagar sedan
I turned my TV off!
Haunani Pao
Haunani Pao - 25 dagar sedan
I thought this was a recent show, but judging from the date, looks like we went thru this in May. So, it's groundhog day. When is enough, enough?
William Leadbeater
William Leadbeater - 25 dagar sedan
The more the Socialists take the Mick out of their President the more support he appears to generate.
Laura Drake
Laura Drake - 25 dagar sedan
Stephen, i'm disappointed! There is a big difference in killing a bird to eat it, & a blade turning in the wind, killing for absolutely NO reason. Shame on you. Birds being killiled by those blades is a tragedy. (Aren't they killing hawks snd eagles too?)
Mr.t Whitie
Mr.t Whitie - 26 dagar sedan
Marilyn Newman
Marilyn Newman - 26 dagar sedan
I've seen windmills. Thousands in the desert. Each one has two seagulls on it. They start at the top and is it goes down it keeps their heads level with the ground. And they fly to the top to start the slow journey back down.
M Devorah
M Devorah - 26 dagar sedan
I didn't watch that on election day... I watched the stock markets globally go down that day and not one news show even mentioned that stocks globally were going down as the election was happening !!!!
Lorna Nunez
Lorna Nunez - 26 dagar sedan
Why all the old men. Ask where the money is coming from for health for all. But trump spending dont need that question.
FranzmusAusus Puffgrinker
FranzmusAusus Puffgrinker - 26 dagar sedan
*The Logical Dimension and the Physic of Positivity in Emotional Expressions*
What does one expect in an empire whose creative force created in only the logical dimensions of language? The music and scripts read like legal documents or a scientific treatise. The scripts and music lack positivity and emotional quality. It's as though there is a dance party full of exposed wire run by Benjamin Franklin. Whether these are Vogons, Vulcans, or Stormtroopers is beyond me. Maybe, studying rhetoric more for the psychological dimension, or some emotional quality would help? Maybe, an overall change in tone from diction and abstraction to a richer connotation of words without becoming pedantic or product propagandists would be more desirable? While science and history are necessary elements in the elementary world I believe they present a conundrum in the world of emotional expression. The human experience is more than rote work, warfare and calculus. This catharsis needs more hortation not my personal annotations.
* See, The Trivium, "The Logical and Psychological Dimensions of Language "
**Note, This is a claim of policy and value on their motif and diction, not necessarily their enjabments.
Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire - 26 dagar sedan
Tarriffs on all those red ballcaps.
jaylecia davila
jaylecia davila - 26 dagar sedan
I’m what??? That sneaker was definitely pink.......
Volker Siegel
Volker Siegel - 27 dagar sedan
Trump can be so embarrassing on a stage that to be seen clapping behind him can in itself be embarrassing.
Faith Rada
Faith Rada - 27 dagar sedan
SING IT JON! Love this guy!
Mizu Astrum
Mizu Astrum - 27 dagar sedan
A Pawn ascends to Rook on a B-castled King: and the Tactical Knight guards Rook's Flank. Just need a Bishop that can move to a8.
GOP Arkansas junior Senator just put his name in the Hat for 2024. Just keep Conway, Move Carson to Surgeon General, and get Ivanka elected as a House Representative for either Florida or New York and: his Administration will ensure prosperity in the Geosociopolitical isolationistic manner that can only be called, the Twenties.
Rex Splode
Rex Splode - 28 dagar sedan
I'm totally stealing that argument next time i get yelled at for not sorting the recyclables correctly.
Evelyn Bertresse
Evelyn Bertresse - 28 dagar sedan
How does ANYBODY with a sane mind and an iota of intelligence listens to tRump!!!!😓🙄
Eva Jeduthun
Eva Jeduthun - 28 dagar sedan
TheHikingnut - 29 dagar sedan
Instead of trying to buy Greenland tRump should go with Vietnam, That way his claims of jobs leaving China to come back to USA would then actually be true.
Devil Doll
Devil Doll - 29 dagar sedan
Do you want to see a brain cell cemetery? Watch 45 for 30 seconds.
Bord750 - 29 dagar sedan
Love that he threw a quick bit of 'if I only had a brain' on the piano.
Trisha A.
Trisha A. - Månad sedan
Lord Please Help Us !!!!
We have a Ding Dong in the White House !!!!!
Timothy Michael
Timothy Michael - Månad sedan
Why do they always project the image of Trump on top of a virtual audience that isn't really there? It's so obvious by the white outline on his body that the video is computer generated.
Marcella Logwood
Marcella Logwood - Månad sedan
Small brain, small hands enough said.
liberty Ann
liberty Ann - Månad sedan
Everyone watched who needed to stay on their diets. Lost their appetites.
Forte cloud
Forte cloud - Månad sedan
was that game of thrones jab? lol yas
CAMera Productions
CAMera Productions - Månad sedan
I bet eventually trump will start confirming everything we already knew about him.
CAMera Productions
CAMera Productions - Månad sedan
He will then be the most truthful and honest person in the world. The masses will wonder at his false purity. And then they will say, "who can come after the trump" "who can defeat him"
Amanda A
Amanda A - Månad sedan
Mad King Trump
Brian Grussing
Brian Grussing - Månad sedan
Look at what the tariffs have done to farmers now...I'm a Minnesotan and I personally know over a dozen soybean farmers who are literally allowing their crops to rot because China specifically refuses to purchase soy from US. These are people who are going to lose everything, some 3 or 4 generation farms. Trump continually rides the wave of past administrations implementations & now his effects are becoming quite transparent. Short term gains for a long term loss...pretty crappy 'business' model...
Damian Vierdag
Damian Vierdag - Månad sedan
America is so overboard it’s stupid wtf
The government
raven beast
raven beast - Månad sedan
Forget about substance. All his speeches sound like a stand up comedian's act!!! It's all meant to be entertaining for his sycophantic audience...
Mario Araujo
Mario Araujo - Månad sedan
Are you kidding?
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - Månad sedan
Trump thinks that windmills cause cancer; which of course is not true.
lisa sterrett
lisa sterrett - Månad sedan
Trump has dementia he is to old. when people pass 65 they should never be president.
The young people will have no growth. They have lived their life. Look at the WH. They have not
changed anything in 50 yrs.