Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!

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ahay 705
ahay 705 - 4 timmar sedan
16:05 "Meet Darth Daver'' 😂
Original Kid 2.0
Original Kid 2.0 - 13 timmar sedan
Zoowe mmaaammmaaa
Broken Bats
Broken Bats - Dag sedan
My sister thinks “ you guys are too old to play at Disney land” I’m like beach no they are not to old brah
Brady Santos
Brady Santos - Dag sedan
That kid who said he doesn’t who they are probably spends his days watching mukbang videos
Asian Boii
Asian Boii - Dag sedan
Jfred can eat alot
Red and Blue
Red and Blue - Dag sedan
Texas is awesome!
KadentimeFoxy Time
KadentimeFoxy Time - Dag sedan
Bryan forgot fourth churro
Disney Penguin
Disney Penguin - Dag sedan
if i could do this at disney world with them
i would beat them ;D
[mostly joey, and yes i would. try me team edge]
Isabelle Cusson
Isabelle Cusson - Dag sedan
12:26 god on earth right here
NioH ClAn
NioH ClAn - Dag sedan
I'm from texas
Todd Buri
Todd Buri - Dag sedan
+10 Meet Darth Daver
R AZA - 2 dagar sedan
LOL Boddy alright we're seeing Vader
Hannah Dott
Hannah Dott - 2 dagar sedan
My anxiety: *comes threw the doorway like Darth Vader*
Me: Oh, hi. 🤣😂
classic guitar player
classic guitar player - 2 dagar sedan
When I was in Disneyland I used to exact same shot gun
I Am Aidan Smith
I Am Aidan Smith - 2 dagar sedan
You should do a thrill ride version
Carlos Almeida
Carlos Almeida - 2 dagar sedan
Love your videos
Jason Snowder
Jason Snowder - 2 dagar sedan
Any one notice how many times bobby says "you kids better like this video " even when he is in disney land.
CENKISABI 1 - 2 dagar sedan
Bryan is clearly the most popular
JG3lit BOI
JG3lit BOI - 2 dagar sedan
Brooooo I was there for a week I got there the 16 of June 5 days away from them( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kelsey Wardell
Kelsey Wardell - 2 dagar sedan
You need to do this again!!!!
Mia Fenollar
Mia Fenollar - 3 dagar sedan
If I was super rich I would do that
Nathan Quino
Nathan Quino - 3 dagar sedan
Do more Disney related things!
Unknown-AbsoluteGaming - 3 dagar sedan
I’ve been to it to what was your favourite ride
Emma Love
Emma Love - 3 dagar sedan
Bobby: Cashere cat?
Me, personally offended: Can you read? Cheshire cat, excuse you. Do you even know what Alice in Wonderland or Disney, for that matter, is? UGH
STEPHEN DUNSON - 3 dagar sedan
Bryan's first fan was a mini brayan
captainsauce Jr
captainsauce Jr - 3 dagar sedan
Me and my friend call Peter pan heapy ham
casey - 4 dagar sedan
How th does thunder upsetyour stonaxy
Nats Vlog
Nats Vlog - 4 dagar sedan
1:33 Bobby be flexing
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez - 4 dagar sedan
6:21 Usually the fan asks to take a photo :0
Fynn 13245
Fynn 13245 - 4 dagar sedan
Let me be a hero 17:04 and 17:28 welcome
detective jelly
detective jelly - 4 dagar sedan
Me: meeting Team Edge is on my bucket list and I will meet them.
Also me: realizes that I live in Florida and Team Edge dosen't
Me: :) then :\ then :| then :( then :c then :'( then x'( then X'( the X'O
Ari V
Ari V - 4 dagar sedan
16:05 : Meet Darth Daver
Fangirl4life 74
Fangirl4life 74 - 4 dagar sedan
I want to meet darth daver
Amber Foggin
Amber Foggin - 4 dagar sedan
bryan is so precious.
Lawliet for Lifue
Lawliet for Lifue - 4 dagar sedan
I love how Bobby is doing all the nice funny challenges like he bought a little kid a toy and awww and then Bryan doing all the food challenges xD and Joey just aiming for the points
SabotagE Lol
SabotagE Lol - 5 dagar sedan
12:15 “you recorded over two hours, thx” I wanna watch two hours of team edge ☹️
SabotagE Lol
SabotagE Lol - 5 dagar sedan
Does anyone alive know where this list is? I’ll die and come back to life if I need to ask a dead person
The Moist Muffled Muffin Man
Darth Daver
Onion34 - 5 dagar sedan
I just love the fact that Bobby made like 11 people floss and only got points for 1 person 😆
Melissa Thomas
Melissa Thomas - 5 dagar sedan
As I was watching this it was thundering
Rigel Wilson
Rigel Wilson - 5 dagar sedan
Make people face their fears
Braden Battle
Braden Battle - 5 dagar sedan
15:57 Meet Darth Daver
Ava’s Life
Ava’s Life - 5 dagar sedan
Part 2 please!!!!!!!
Gaban C
Gaban C - 5 dagar sedan
Joey looks like a man who hasnt eaten meat in ages, as he devours the burger and fries and turkey leg.
halodude 116
halodude 116 - 5 dagar sedan
You should have gone on Indiana Jones
Scream ItsBeautiful
Scream ItsBeautiful - 5 dagar sedan
I wanna do this!!!
Sheena Johnson
Sheena Johnson - 5 dagar sedan
Joey cheats as usual lol
John Strausser
John Strausser - 5 dagar sedan
You go there a month after I did :( lol
Jenna Pearson
Jenna Pearson - 5 dagar sedan
Darth Daver
Jenna Pearson
Jenna Pearson - 5 dagar sedan
Do you know who this is!
Can I get a signaatuuuurrrrrreeeee!
Pretty_chocolate 820
Pretty_chocolate 820 - 5 dagar sedan
Jenna Pearson
Jenna Pearson - 5 dagar sedan
The Buzz Lightgear (sorry don't know how to spell it) broke down when I went on it
PinkTaco OfDoom
PinkTaco OfDoom - 5 dagar sedan
I thought they were ripping out Toontown to build Galaxy's Edge... Where the hell did they put that then? I miss having a passport and living near there.
Nice hunt guys!!!👍⛈🍗🍔🌭
Jack Guadagbo
Jack Guadagbo - 5 dagar sedan
I didn’t really think they where in Disney land
Gandhi the Terrible
Gandhi the Terrible - 5 dagar sedan
"Darth Daver"
OnyxFox09 - 5 dagar sedan
16:06 I love Darth Daver
Dan Coulter
Dan Coulter - 5 dagar sedan
16:05 meet darth daver
Morty vids
Morty vids - 5 dagar sedan
Read the bottom right at 16:05. Meet Darth Daver
Elena Renteria
Elena Renteria - 5 dagar sedan
13:43 the cámara man looks like jesus
Jordan Moldenhauer
Jordan Moldenhauer - 6 dagar sedan
My and my aunt laugh at your videos you are my favorite yourtuder
AlphaArctic Clash of Clans
AlphaArctic Clash of Clans - 6 dagar sedan
“You can’t go wrong with buzz lightyear.”
I’m legit seeing Toy Story 4 tomorrow
Pine apple
Pine apple - 6 dagar sedan
Is that in Anaheim?
D.J ELMO - 6 dagar sedan
Al Can
Al Can - 6 dagar sedan
I actually think we went to Florida at the same time I did because all that happend when I went
Obi wan kenobi Vide
Obi wan kenobi Vide - 6 dagar sedan
16:05 time to meet darth daver????
Samuel Nelson
Samuel Nelson - 6 dagar sedan
Bryan’s eyes are really wrinkly
Katniss Attack
Katniss Attack - 6 dagar sedan
I would totally sweat like Joey did.
KROWNED11 - 7 dagar sedan
The map is the same one In fortnite
Chel Hann
Chel Hann - 7 dagar sedan
“Do you know who this is?”
“Can I get...signature”
Reilyn - 7 dagar sedan
It said Dark Dader lol
Shimmer Wolf Arts
Shimmer Wolf Arts - 7 dagar sedan
anyone notice the selfie with the duck music was the beginning of the music from "City of Love" from Phineas and Ferb?? XDDD
Reshma Sabunani R
Reshma Sabunani R - 7 dagar sedan
This is the best video you guys have ever done in my opinion
Jj Black
Jj Black - 7 dagar sedan
A. D advances hjjkjjj
Sydney Niese
Sydney Niese - 7 dagar sedan
Bryan how dare you not finish that last Cheerio
Sarah Watts
Sarah Watts - 7 dagar sedan
Joey's just skulking around in those ears eating amounts of meat previously thought impossible.
The Ninja Cat
The Ninja Cat - 7 dagar sedan
16:05 meet daver 😂
Nur Suhailah Abdul Rashid
Nur Suhailah Abdul Rashid - 7 dagar sedan
This sucks
Balah Bhakd
Balah Bhakd - 7 dagar sedan
Is Bobby a Star Wars fan?
A V - 8 dagar sedan
Loved this video.
deoo iopg
deoo iopg - 8 dagar sedan
HoHow was the tripHow was the tripw was the trip
joeh tom
joeh tom - 8 dagar sedan
When Bobby said “you’re all wet too” I felt that
Gwaddokwe x
Gwaddokwe x - 8 dagar sedan
I want da challenge list they used.. seems fun to compete against friends or family. 🙃🤣
TORNADEDO PUBG - 8 dagar sedan
ARMY IGOT7 - 8 dagar sedan
Then us Floridians who are used to it raining at theme parks
WolfPack Gaming
WolfPack Gaming - 8 dagar sedan
12:33 be like this mans
Brandy Pringle
Brandy Pringle - 8 dagar sedan
It says Darth Daver
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 8 dagar sedan
GoGo to Universal Studios HollywoodGo to Universal Studios Hollywood to Universal Studios Hollywood
Quickscoper - 8 dagar sedan
go to universal
AnthonyJessica Guerrero
AnthonyJessica Guerrero - 8 dagar sedan
This was awesome! Do another park!
Aiden Awesomeness
Aiden Awesomeness - 8 dagar sedan
Darth Daver lmao! 16:04
mean machine crazyboy
mean machine crazyboy - 8 dagar sedan
Waiting for hours
Joey:we only have 45 minutes left
Grand Autismo
Grand Autismo - 8 dagar sedan
Role reverse
Asks for photo instead of being asked for one

Fame 100
Levi DeFriece
Levi DeFriece - 8 dagar sedan
you spelled darth vader rong daver
Jack Westenkirchner
Jack Westenkirchner - 8 dagar sedan
Thanks for being yourself you are my favorite youtubers Team Edge I hope you see this keep it up🙃🙃🙃🙃😎
Victoria Dicken
Victoria Dicken - 8 dagar sedan
yeet and oof
yeet and oof - 8 dagar sedan
I am kind of cringing because I know lots of things just from videos
Help Me
Help Me - 8 dagar sedan
Kid: do you know who this is!?!?
Other kid: no
Kid: What the hell dude
Cody Evans
Cody Evans - 8 dagar sedan
bryan is hungry
Eduardo Reyes
Eduardo Reyes - 8 dagar sedan
I can’t stop laughing 18:02
Elijah Nelson
Elijah Nelson - 8 dagar sedan
You guys should play board games like Monopoly and also card games like the game spicy uno or dirtball
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu - 8 dagar sedan
HoHow was the tripHow was the tripw was the trip
La'Quisha Bubbles
La'Quisha Bubbles - 8 dagar sedan
When Bobby said “you’re all wet too” I felt that