Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!

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Puz _Zle
Puz _Zle - 11 timmar sedan
6:01 I'm also from Texas!! And I hardly see rain and I love rain so this video makes me happy
Chris Bratten
Chris Bratten - 12 timmar sedan
Cool j Fred good gay you mt wins 🎧🎧 🎧 🦂🦂 🦂 🎃🎃 🎃 🌩🌩 🌩⭐⭐ ⭐ 🦄🦄 🦄 🕰🕰🕰🔥🔥🔥
Connstar13 - 13 timmar sedan
It said “Meet darth daver”
Charles Fisher
Charles Fisher - Dag sedan
They should do this again.
Nuggitz - 2 dagar sedan
Joey won by basically eating
Neko Chan
Neko Chan - 3 dagar sedan
Joey: going big to score bigger points. Difficult but worthy (I say he's the smartest one in racking up points)
Bobby: doing small challenges. Slowly but surely increasing points.
CHAOSDC MEMBER Eduarte - 4 dagar sedan
is that jaket is glow in the dark
JustGamingForLife - 5 dagar sedan
Even though this was a while ago before this video came out, I could have sworn I saw Amanda and Bryan’s wife (sorry I suck at spelling)
Mackenzie Barnes
Mackenzie Barnes - 6 dagar sedan
Can we get more hunts plz
Abegail Blake
Abegail Blake - 8 dagar sedan
At 12:27 VSCO boy
Abegail Blake
Abegail Blake - 8 dagar sedan
At 2:27 VSCO boy
MLBMixes - 8 dagar sedan
Neelam Singh
Neelam Singh - 9 dagar sedan
video on Haunted House
Christopher Arias
Christopher Arias - 9 dagar sedan
16:04 meet Darth daver
Lorraine Stockman
Lorraine Stockman - 10 dagar sedan
They should do a part two with the challenges they didn’t do. Or go to universal studios and do a scavenger hunt!
Samuel playz Lara
Samuel playz Lara - 10 dagar sedan
Me when I past a test 12:26
Acelybbn Goehring
Acelybbn Goehring - 10 dagar sedan
I saw some one with a team edge shirt
Skycraft 5
Skycraft 5 - 10 dagar sedan
You should do the same but at universal studios
Seth Joseph man
Seth Joseph man - 11 dagar sedan
YOU GOOD god disney
John Luick
John Luick - 12 dagar sedan
What is a cashier cat
Lauren Martin
Lauren Martin - 12 dagar sedan
I knew J-Fred would win! He is a DISNEY BEAST!
Kartika Atara Ridwan
Kartika Atara Ridwan - 13 dagar sedan
This vid reminds me of going to hong kong with my parents and little bro thats so memorable..I LOVE THIS VID
Lee35 - 13 dagar sedan
Does someone notice darth daver
Kenneth Lopex 7 clash of clans
Like win bayan
Jasmine Playz
Jasmine Playz - 14 dagar sedan
Whitney and j-fred would be cute together
Mr. Thunder
Mr. Thunder - 15 dagar sedan
I love how when Bobby met Darth Vader it said “+10 Meet Darth Daver” lol
Jared Flores
Jared Flores - 16 dagar sedan
Bryan I live in El Paso, Texas
NatAndSash LGNS
NatAndSash LGNS - 17 dagar sedan
Jealous of Bryan. Jungle Cruise is the best!
Charles Fisher
Charles Fisher - 17 dagar sedan
16:05 Meet Darth Daver
amalia moumneh
amalia moumneh - 17 dagar sedan
I loved it👍👍👍
Owen Kirby
Owen Kirby - 17 dagar sedan
12:20 girl straight up put a plastic bag on here head
Destroyer AEA
Destroyer AEA - 18 dagar sedan
This video makes me jealous with all those people taking selfies with my favorite channel... I want in on that too!
Aimee Kintzele
Aimee Kintzele - 19 dagar sedan
now thats what i call a meat lover 5:45
Madeleine Carlaw
Madeleine Carlaw - 19 dagar sedan
No one:

Literally no one:

Joey: Goes straight to the food
im a lamma
im a lamma - 20 dagar sedan
I'm 7 years old and I'm watching yooooooooour video AAAAAAAAHHH
crazy fire
crazy fire - 18 dagar sedan
dinoman and icey
dinoman and icey - 21 dag sedan
Amazing dance dude
Ikea Robinson
Ikea Robinson - 23 dagar sedan
how is j-fred not full by eating so much meat?
Sandra vestol
Sandra vestol - 24 dagar sedan
Can you post the list of things and the points? I would love to do this with my friends ❤️
Fernando Cota
Fernando Cota - 27 dagar sedan
Can you do universal estudios scavenger hunt
Ella_PJ_ 36
Ella_PJ_ 36 - 28 dagar sedan
Bobby "Picture with a team edge fan, You"
Also bobby " did you recognize me?"
Random person "Ya"
Again bobby "can you take a picture with me?"
This is how many people recognized bobby
Andrew Westerman
Andrew Westerman - 29 dagar sedan
When we went we broke Pooh and buzz
GAMING WITH JT - Månad sedan
I remember when I watched this the day it came out aka summer but it is now school 😭
isaacbatman844 batman
isaacbatman844 batman - Månad sedan
What kind of backpack does joey have
Jenna Brown
Jenna Brown - Månad sedan
It’s barely raining...
Bobby it’s pouring down we’re gonna did
People in Georgia thunder storms no big deal
Jos Cheung
Jos Cheung - Månad sedan
They should do it in groups of 2 or more next time
Sshostern - Månad sedan
I want to meet Bobby
Joey Curiel
Joey Curiel - Månad sedan
7:19 We’re on our way to the haunted mansion, oh I can’t breathe 🤣🤣🤣
Joey Curiel
Joey Curiel - Månad sedan
0:10 today were at, Best Buy?
Dex TheUnicorn
Dex TheUnicorn - Månad sedan
4:25 bobby stop getting kids wet
Evan Senfleben
Evan Senfleben - Månad sedan
Do more of these videos
Gustavo Gutierrez
Gustavo Gutierrez - Månad sedan
Sarah C.
Sarah C. - Månad sedan
Lol, in all of Bryan's video its pouring, but in J-Fred's its barely sprinkling and the suns out. ; |)
Giphri SutCanKill
Giphri SutCanKill - Månad sedan
Sarah C. Nice catch
Connor Bracken
Connor Bracken - Månad sedan
I'm from huston Texas
CarsonPlayz517 - Månad sedan
Kid: dO yOu kNoW wHo tHiS iS!?

Other Kid: nO?…
Giphri SutCanKill
Giphri SutCanKill - Månad sedan
CarsonPlayz517 😎
Caleb Tyler-Combs
Caleb Tyler-Combs - Månad sedan
This video is awesome.
R.E.A.L Studios
R.E.A.L Studios - Månad sedan
I’m watching this again and man J-Fred smoked them
Memelord YT
Memelord YT - Månad sedan
Why is there a fortnite map in the thumbnail?
Imelda Noval
Imelda Noval - Månad sedan
It's a goddamn fortnite map
Imelda Noval
Imelda Noval - Månad sedan
Yeah it's a fortnite goddamn knife
Jt_Pokefan - Månad sedan
Wish they left a link to download the document for the scavenger hunt list in the description
Hernandez Mateo
Hernandez Mateo - Månad sedan
Sander Hockey
Sander Hockey - Månad sedan
The weather you had today was not as bad as I had it in Aqualand in france and it rained so bad that everyone got sent home and the thunder could be heard from miles away and so manu lightning strikes