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Mingkay Ming
Mingkay Ming - 4 timmar sedan
When I get lost in the weird and abhorrent parts of YT, I just search you up. I just feel like your voice brings me back to civilization, the normal world.
Dayton Kinas
Dayton Kinas - 15 timmar sedan
trump is such a cool guy.
Maddie T
Maddie T - 17 timmar sedan
I like cringe Tuesday Felix
Hana Farah Nadhifah
Hana Farah Nadhifah - 2 dagar sedan
Jimin.. is that u?
Antonio Pellicano
Antonio Pellicano - 2 dagar sedan
This was posted on my birthday
John Sizemore
John Sizemore - 2 dagar sedan
Wendy gave Pewds some real cringe and he couldn't watch
jordnajelA ozaR
jordnajelA ozaR - 2 dagar sedan
*Youre inside the 11 year old person*
*Bill cosby* _Perhaps_
That Guy From that bad anime
You’re jacksfilms now because you Made a weekly show and dont do it weekly
jadeitepyro - 3 dagar sedan
waiting for his next minecraft vid
Swiss Chesse
Swiss Chesse - 3 dagar sedan
3:27 look at Pewds face cam
Scotty Whitis
Scotty Whitis - 4 dagar sedan
4:59 kelly without the annoying voice
Andrés - 4 dagar sedan
Ride women not bicycle
chinese man
chinese man - 5 dagar sedan
More bich
Waled Jaber
Waled Jaber - 6 dagar sedan
سلام عليكم
Thommas - 6 dagar sedan
Wemen can’t bycicle
gabriel adams
gabriel adams - 6 dagar sedan
Connor Wilburn
Connor Wilburn - 6 dagar sedan
0:54 I laughed so hard
Caroline Nations
Caroline Nations - 7 dagar sedan
The republican debate was the funniest one. That was hilarious
Waterlemonea - 7 dagar sedan
“ShuT teh fehck up” 🤣
giels animations
giels animations - 7 dagar sedan
@ 4:12 the language was dutch
Shin To
Shin To - 7 dagar sedan
Can someone explain the llama joke.
BenJOH - 8 dagar sedan
3:28 he's literally there
Hayden Roberts
Hayden Roberts - 8 dagar sedan
I must apologize for karl
Samuel Young
Samuel Young - 8 dagar sedan
7:53 scares me
OmNomNorii Has Ligma
OmNomNorii Has Ligma - 8 dagar sedan
prezent dinnel tremp
Shark.titties [Colorized]
Shark.titties [Colorized] - 8 dagar sedan
4:07 Thats Dutch🇳🇱🤡
Kitteh Simmie
Kitteh Simmie - 9 dagar sedan
as im watching this, the video has 5, 555, 555 views, no joke
lee gentges
lee gentges - 9 dagar sedan
I lost it at 0:56.😂😂
Aidan Delgado
Aidan Delgado - 9 dagar sedan
4:35 Mindy Kaling “Kelly Kapore” from “The Office”
Penguin Tube
Penguin Tube - 10 dagar sedan
Lickle Pickle
Lickle Pickle - 10 dagar sedan
4:09 its dutch
Wout Nikkelen
Wout Nikkelen - 11 dagar sedan
4:10 its dutch
Dark wolf
Dark wolf - 11 dagar sedan
Im a Blue like button da ba dee daba daa
Austin Charboneau
Austin Charboneau - 12 dagar sedan
3:30 I didn't know pewdiepie was on the new!!
Adam Goss
Adam Goss - 12 dagar sedan
Ewan was here
Dunya Jovanovic
Dunya Jovanovic - 15 dagar sedan
04:07 dutch
Your welcome
Gaming Tekkers
Gaming Tekkers - 15 dagar sedan
Hey pews my subtitles don't under stand u
sorrowiscool - 15 dagar sedan
im dead ;o
BrickHero LEGOS AND MORE - 4 dagar sedan
it’s actually RIC flair so yup!
Kristen Zianourry
Kristen Zianourry - 15 dagar sedan
2014 pewds is wendy william
Kristen Zianourry
Kristen Zianourry - 15 dagar sedan
Just for politeness i “laugh” at these videos CAN WE HIT 420 LIKES BROS BRO FIST #RIPJORGEN
The metal head Brit
The metal head Brit - 15 dagar sedan
I agree with felix, women can not drive
Camila Dalla Vecchia
Camila Dalla Vecchia - 16 dagar sedan
i liked the dalai lama joke
ShishKebab - 17 dagar sedan
Got a pewdiepie ad in a pewdiepie video lmao
DM 45
DM 45 - 17 dagar sedan
Mr wonderful
Jesse Sturtevant
Jesse Sturtevant - 18 dagar sedan
0:53 this definitely got me
Green Dragon
Green Dragon - 18 dagar sedan
You faked Marko Žerjal
madlin sophy
madlin sophy - 18 dagar sedan
0:58 its like if someone fucking him by the balls in his butt ewww
sam. - 19 dagar sedan
Take a shot every time Wendy says "allegedly"
Kssou imaginaire
Kssou imaginaire - 19 dagar sedan
WhAtS cRiNgE pLeAsE ? I'm french I never hear this word in french and in english ;-;
Penny Kogia
Penny Kogia - 20 dagar sedan
I am just waiting to see when you wont have any more ideas for vudeos ..... But i love you still !!!