Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!

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Apple has announced their new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones for 2019- as well as the Apple Watch Series 5 and a new 7th Gen iPad!
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Doesnt Matter
Doesnt Matter - Dag sedan
Vastly improved camera and battery and didn't increase the price, thanks China
team admin
team admin - Dag sedan
.....THIS IS WHY I WILL NEVER BUY IPHONE !!! SOME stupid CEO from usa WILL NOT TELL ME WHAT SHOULD I HAVE INSTALLED ON MY OWN F...PHONE !!! NEVER . I go for Samsung Note 10. Considering the removal of by Apple CEO I strongly recommend to not to buy anything from APPLE ! I support freedom and self defence when the law is against people and humanity. Apple is not what it used to be. And its very stupid to be limited by any CEO telling you what you can have on your own phone...or NOT. Any people with NEW APPLE products I will consider since now as empty, brainwashed dehumanised beings with IQ below 80. More info here:
Bruno Vass
Bruno Vass - 2 dagar sedan
Your desk is having an earthquake
ナデコ BOT
ナデコ BOT - 4 dagar sedan
if i pay $1099 for a phone that shit better do photosynthesis
ugo dubois
ugo dubois - 5 dagar sedan
First few secs and im already dead laughing 😁
alanblowers - 5 dagar sedan
Really looking forward to LTT iPhone 11 Pro review. I'll keep checking... 😊
alanblowers - 5 dagar sedan
+ I have seems tests showing the battery life claims to be false. + The 9 image thing doesn't seem to be ready/working. + Curious of camera quality hype. Really a big leap or not really noticable.
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee - 5 dagar sedan
I'm watching this on an iPhone 11 Pro.
Josiah - 4 dagar sedan
Alexander Lee I am too but nobody gives a shit
Ser Humano
Ser Humano - 5 dagar sedan
1080p max resolution on YouTube on iPhones 📱
TheHope12322 - 6 dagar sedan
Waiting for iPhone SE 2
R B - 6 dagar sedan
Only idiots buy iPhone 😂😂😂😂
ConnectedR - 3 dagar sedan
Why? The iPhone 11 Pro has the fastest processor, the best battery life and (currently, but not for long) the best camera.
Mikayel Միքայել
Mikayel Միքայել - 7 dagar sedan
0:58 if that is a reference to Galaxy Watch then remember that Samsung watches had AOD before anyone on the market
Verne Arase
Verne Arase - 7 dagar sedan
3:02 - "On top of a lot of other things like (air quotes) next gen HDR, semantic rendering, and multi-scale tone mapping. The bottom line is that the pro photos they show off in the keynote always look amazing, so you're going to have to rely on people like us to actually put the iPhone 11 through its paces next to other 2019 flagships to see how its going to perform in the real world. Make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss it."
Other deprecating things about the notch, the display, and the thick bezels. A later video begrudgingly mentions the camera system, but states unless you're a content creator you might want to give the 11 line a pass.
After a month of waiting, I guess that's what passes at LTT for "putting it through it's paces" and comparing it to other flagships.
LTT has always misunderstood many of the features of the iPhone's Face ID system and why it's there. They credit others for having faster face unlock, but the purpose of Face ID isn't speed and never has been (thought it *is* fast).
Millions of people put their actual money and credit cards behind this passive biometric authentication system and trust this system to protect their money if the device is lost or stolen. It's not just speed, it's positive biometric authentication (one in a million false positives) - that *you're* actually *you*.
LTT also doesn't rate smartphones like they do other hardware - probably because they're so in to shiny lights and the thing of the moment. They wouldn't ultimately rate a game system on how many RGB lights it sported (well mostly), but rather its performance and capabilities. Apple mobile CPUs outperform their competitors, and regularly exceed single core speeds of Intel desktops.
This of course is what gives iPhone 11 the compute power to do real-time image analysis and preview things like depth of field simulation in portrait mode at the time of the shutter snap, whereas competitors have had to make do in post. In fact, on competing phones pretty much all the image magic takes place in post due to lack of computational power.
While LTT ignores these things, Google does not. Witness their attempt to add Face ID, and associated hardware elements such as a neural engine and secure enclave this year in the Pixel 4. The image pipeline - remember when you said Deep Fusion takes 8 pictures before the shutter press? Did you think Apple used a time machine to do this? - was introduced with the iPhone 10, and has been refined and tweaked since then, the latest iteration sporting semantic rendering and multi-scale tone mapping (no air quotes).
Competing systems initiate image processing at the shutter press, and begin computationally intense image processing once the exposure is initiated, completing the processing in post. iPhone's image pipeline begins when the cameras are activated, and begins an image pipeline where exposures are taken and analyzed for exposure, white balance, focus, noise, tone (and now AI image region detection), and highlight details in a constant pipeline like a long assembly line in a Ford plant. When you press the shutter button, a long and a short pictures are taken and the neural process fuses a number of pipeline images together with the new images, while the neural processor takes all the image regions representing skin, fur, foliage, metal, and other detected image elements and uses the multi-scale tone map to adjust the image preserving highlights and shadow detail practically instantaneously because most of the work has already been done prior to the trigger being pulled. The SoC applies about a trillion operations to a captured image.
This is enabled by the A13 SoC which contains a CPU which now processes about a trillion instructions/second, a new ISP, GPU, and neural processor all about 20% faster than the A12 elements, and up to 40% more power efficient. The 3 core neural processor in the iPhone 8/10's A11 was capable of about 600 billion ops/sec, the 10 Xs's A12 octacore neural processor about 5 trillion ops/sec, and the 11's A13 is now up to about 6 trillion ops/sec.
BTW, those thick obscene bezels which looked so dated in 2017? Rather than new and flashy to-the-edge touch displays, this allows the phone to actually be *held* by a human with real fingers without triggering spurious side touches inadvertently activating unintended actions.
And no ... the iPhone 11 line is not just for content creators. We all use our cameras, and arguably the smartphone camera is the camera the average consumer uses the most. Remember that scene with the three primary colored cars zooming across the salt flats (I presume they were salt flats) - that was shot handheld by the iPhone 11 (though *I* wouldn't have enjoyed being on that mobile shooting platform, harness or no :-). These cameras now have digital image stabilization as well as OIS, and allow consumers to capture their videos in 4K 60fps high dynamic range stabilized video due to the A13s computational prowess, though really most people will probably want to cut back to 24 or 30 fps HEVC to capture future-proofed precious memories. (I wish I had an iPhone 11 to capture my daughter's first steps and precious moments through the years.)
And yes, due to larger battery sizes in the Pros (losing 3D touch), improved efficiency of the SoC, improved efficiency of the OLED panels in the Pros (whose eXtended Dynamic Range DCI-P3 panels have gotten Displaymate's best mobile panel rating), the 11 has an hour more of battery life, and the Pro and Pro Max 4 and 5 hours more respectively. Tests I've seen place that Max at better battery life than any of its competitor.
So ... these boring phones that you strive to deprecate and ignore are some of the best flagships out there (although pretty expensive at the high range). Apple has always aggressively maintained the same look and feel of functional designs - look at how long the 17" Powerbooks, then MacBook Pros maintained the same appearance, or iPhone 7 through 8 transition even though it went from a metal to glass back. They don't just change cosmetic appearance annually just to keep ADHD tech pundits happy.
Anyway, just some thoughts on your coverage and attitude, and the bumpy and uneven coverage you give to different devices. You regularly give your nod of approval to $4000 gaming laptops, but pooh-pooh a smartphone (which you probably use much more) that tops out around $1500 and arguably will last much longer.
DA HUNTER21111 - 8 dagar sedan
Just get the ROG phone ll ....
MobR - 8 dagar sedan
LCD display. Liquid Crystal Display display?
Skrixzy - 9 dagar sedan
what the fuck the screen is literally the same as the X
Charlie - 10 dagar sedan
I decided to finally upgrade my battered iPhone SE and get the Pro, the camera is out of this world.
JohnPaulie - 10 dagar sedan
F your clickbait thumbnails with stupid faces
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion - 10 dagar sedan
I seriously doubt any welding takes place in the construction process😂 so what's with the robot that's spot welding
mrtvicovek - 10 dagar sedan
Wait .. people are still buying this garbage product ?
Adventure guy
Adventure guy - 10 dagar sedan
Adam - 10 dagar sedan
Lol. Wired electric RGB chair. What a piece of (rainbow) shit.
Madava Mahesh
Madava Mahesh - 11 dagar sedan
Huge words
heard by fancy stupid crazy ladies
on the line to have first iPhone
like a stupid vergin
Kuba Drogosz
Kuba Drogosz - 11 dagar sedan
Apple is bad
Tomas Banys
Tomas Banys - 11 dagar sedan
Name of that smartwatch please 6:24
atomiclemon77 - 12 dagar sedan
Legit lolled when I saw the sponsor spot. That chair. Lmao.
Karsten T
Karsten T - 13 dagar sedan
Davi Fernandes de Freitas
Davi Fernandes de Freitas - 13 dagar sedan
Linus you must review this
Mariano Starosiliz
Mariano Starosiliz - 14 dagar sedan
No downsides? What a biased review man!
ConnectedR - 3 dagar sedan
If someone doesn't agree with me, they're biased.
Siddharth Nilawar
Siddharth Nilawar - 11 dagar sedan
@Mariano Starosiliz By "to not like", I didn't mean that he hates apple...
Mariano Starosiliz
Mariano Starosiliz - 11 dagar sedan
@Siddharth Nilawar that's why I don't follow him or any of his buds anymore. They are not objective..
Siddharth Nilawar
Siddharth Nilawar - 11 dagar sedan
That's the first time that I felt it from LTT... I was quite surprised because he doesn't actually like Apple...
Mariano Starosiliz
Mariano Starosiliz - 14 dagar sedan
Thick edges, 64gb and no USB-C connector on a super expensive smartphone... No thanks, rather go with the upcoming Pixel 4 or even the Xiaomi Redmi 7... Don't be fanboys and buy smart.
ConnectedR - 3 dagar sedan
Enjoy your 2800mAh battery
Packerman120203 - 14 dagar sedan
1:14 damn dude I gotta charge my chair now wtf
Madona Donadio
Madona Donadio - 14 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed it. I love my iPhone. :D
Clay[Almighty] - 14 dagar sedan
Not impressed with this line up at all
CarnorJast1138 - 14 dagar sedan
My Casio PRG-270 ABC Watch has Always On Display. It's also Solar Rechargeable. Oh, and it tells the time.
a4400815 - 15 dagar sedan
KGB RGB electric chair
Clement Siby
Clement Siby - 15 dagar sedan
This video feels more like a promotional video...
Steve Kastner
Steve Kastner - 15 dagar sedan
Trying to decide if I want to eat or buy the iPhone 11 Pro just after I bought an iPhone 7 Plus six months ago.
Steve Kastner
Steve Kastner - 15 dagar sedan
I have an iPhone 7 Plus and when they did the new iOS update they gave me the Slomo bullshit feature on my iPhone 7 Plus so what’s the fucking difference
Gaming With Kaif
Gaming With Kaif - 15 dagar sedan
Stil POCO IS beAst
llAnime Tracks
llAnime Tracks - 15 dagar sedan

You might wanna check it out
Its at half of the price.
Florian Behncke
Florian Behncke - 16 dagar sedan
iphone 11pro max display is darker than that from iphone 10 - store changed for a replacement - same issue !!!!! same with the led wich seems darker and greenish with the new iphone! anyone same experience? thx
monsuar lous
monsuar lous - 16 dagar sedan
I wouldn't buy this shit this technology is bad for humans
playlist V
playlist V - 16 dagar sedan
Huawei phone just keep improving and new function on Mate 30 than iPhone11.
Mihailo Adžemović
Mihailo Adžemović - 16 dagar sedan
Shot on iPhone 11
📱 🔫
omar oyt
omar oyt - 16 dagar sedan
Galaxy note 9 is still better I'm not gonna stretch it but I can still say the note 8 is better but I don't want to destroy someone's dreams .•°(ಥ▽ಥ)ノシ°•.
GoblinGentleman - 16 dagar sedan
do you scream all the time? because (almost) every single videos titles are like this: - (BUILDING A 65 000€ PC BECAUSE I AM WASTING MY MONEY ON BUILDING MORE AND MORE COMPUTERS WHICH I DO NOT NEED BUT.. I STILL DO IT BECAUSE THEN I GET MORE MONEY!!! OMG REACTION!!! *REAL* *FAIL* *BROKEN* *DEAD* *BURNING HOUSE COOL! *) so stop that
Bear Nunnemaker
Bear Nunnemaker - 16 dagar sedan
Found you guys through Thunderf00ts channel. 😁. You are actually pretty cool. Plus the guy with the beard sitting next to you is REALLY REALLY SEXY!!!!
Eldar K
Eldar K - 16 dagar sedan
The notch makes it a no-buy. Nice battery improvements tho.
John Cooper
John Cooper - 13 dagar sedan
no one give a fuck if you are going to buy it
Ramon Sierra
Ramon Sierra - 16 dagar sedan
Iphone 11 but these youtube vids still won’t be to fill my screen
Born Gamer
Born Gamer - 17 dagar sedan
Watch Life is Strange Walk through on Samsung note 10 plus
liquidalloy - 17 dagar sedan
Key note part 2. This was just an abbreviated version
Diego Mattos
Diego Mattos - 17 dagar sedan
I’ll buy another smartphone when they stop to think only about the cameras and go back to smartphones. I’m not a photographer.
labros labrou
labros labrou - 17 dagar sedan
3 ads for 7min?
Two Three
Two Three - 17 dagar sedan
because 1 camera lens was not good enough for governments to spy on you with.
Hypofely - 17 dagar sedan
Spongebob14 - 17 dagar sedan
I can really see that Linus is a Iphone guy
Spongebob14 - 16 dagar sedan
@Bear NunnemakerNunnemaker ok let's be honest it really doesn't matter what phone you have it just matters if it works.
Bear Nunnemaker
Bear Nunnemaker - 16 dagar sedan
Umm because iPhones are the best out there!!
Abdullah Abbadi
Abdullah Abbadi - 18 dagar sedan
Try to put your hand in your mouth and talk at the same time.
That's the sound of linus while sucking apples off.
Bear Nunnemaker
Bear Nunnemaker - 16 dagar sedan
Jealous much!!
Dream - 18 dagar sedan
A new game came out REACTION!!!! AAHHHHHH
usuallydead - 18 dagar sedan
If it's not the Garfenafuten Tuten-Juten Exiobalexis I don't want to hear about it.
BeyerT1 - 18 dagar sedan
Reading through this comment section proves, once again, that Apple haters are literally the most retarded, ignorant, uneducated, clueless, irrational and hypocritical group of tech-nerd wanna-be's and spergs in existence. It's pathetic.
Bear Nunnemaker
Bear Nunnemaker - 16 dagar sedan
HERE HERE! I very much agree! iPhones beat all others. Especially crappy Android phones!
DenisK - 18 dagar sedan
What watch was that at the end with the wrap around screen?