HIGHWAY 3 (Part 5) The Audi RS4 is back!! Police chase [HD]

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The Audi RS4 is back! The police wants revenge on Skurken after the last video. Police officers have even sent private messages to our instagram accounts requesting a rematch. Here it is
Driver: Skurken Co-Driver: Critical
Varaktighet: 10:13


Critical - 3 dagar sedan
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Arturo - Dag sedan
Seems like ''midnight'' club
GLOCK GOONXx - Timme sedan
Wayne Jako
Wayne Jako - Timme sedan
If this was Mother Russia: you'd be gay to have a RS4
Montassar Chtioui
Montassar Chtioui - 4 timmar sedan
Where is this place??
Wolfgang Fruehauf
Wolfgang Fruehauf - 5 timmar sedan
Tracksuit adds 100whp
40thStangGT - 9 timmar sedan
Eating a sandwich doing 155 👏👏
Beaner Boi
Beaner Boi - 11 timmar sedan
My mans really escapes by going into a park, what a legend
TSR.zeko. ,
TSR.zeko. , - 14 timmar sedan
My man living in gta
Vasile 09
Vasile 09 - 17 timmar sedan
This guy drives better in real life than me in Forza Horizon
Mikolaj Nalewaj
Mikolaj Nalewaj - 17 timmar sedan
Seen these guys in Stockholm. Amazing drivers😂😍
tulle1511 - 17 timmar sedan
Denmark 🙌🏽❤️
Subject - 18 timmar sedan
Nigga you need to tell me where you got that NotGoingToJailSerum from
Hgftt Gghkii
Hgftt Gghkii - 18 timmar sedan
This is GTA V?
Thatguy54 - 20 timmar sedan
So lit lol I hope those doesn’t end
Jakub Pałczyński
Jakub Pałczyński - 20 timmar sedan
What country is that germany?
Szkot Mak
Szkot Mak - 21 timme sedan
Too much need for speed, mom said good that playing Games is dangerouse
Timothy Maurice
Timothy Maurice - 21 timme sedan
Where is this ?
c k R
c k R - Dag sedan
You're pillocks but your car looks BEAST!
ZSTRODE. - Dag sedan
Need for speed heat IRL
NKLifts - Dag sedan
Gopnik getaway
Chris FPS
Chris FPS - Dag sedan
Police to Dispatcher: "Yea, I'm in pursuit with a... with a tiny black dot..."
Nunechka - Dag sedan
Abibas Gang
yaboigarri b
yaboigarri b - Dag sedan
Fast boi
Hungry boi
Adam Hewitson
Adam Hewitson - Dag sedan
So are these like the ghost 👻 rider of cars?
Btw these videos are fucking crazy lol
Bjarne Glimm
Bjarne Glimm - Dag sedan
Absolut fahrlässig so zu fahren. Finde ich nicht gut, Daumen runter.
KipacWF - Dag sedan
Ey man, how do u make sure u dont get a ticket? Do you do something with your licence plate? Do u even have a drivers licence, and if not u just dont give a fuck lol??
The ultimate DIY machine
No speed bumps over there?
alex gerling
alex gerling - Dag sedan
Is the passenger eating a massive sandwiche haha
goldridder - Dag sedan
0:30 yawn
1:00 yawn
1:30 yawn
2:00 yawn
3:00 ffs yawwwwnnnnnnnn
4:30 :O you have my attention :D :D
Bro Modz
Bro Modz - Dag sedan
Who ordered the large Swedish meatballs ?
OG 16k
OG 16k - Dag sedan
Look out for you neighbors cat😂😋 hella fun to watchh
Ulrich Schindler
Ulrich Schindler - Dag sedan
Better than Fast and Furious. Respect.
Ben S
Ben S - Dag sedan
Alister B
Alister B - Dag sedan
Would love to see the police footage of this: 0:00-0:03"Yes we're in pursuit of the RS4....... "Yeah we lost him"
Ariguzaa - Dag sedan
We need live speedo and live map please!
designn choice
designn choice - Dag sedan
Turning off the lights was smart
t c
t c - Dag sedan
This rs4's monster
Śląski Kaznodzieja
Śląski Kaznodzieja - Dag sedan
You are great HEROES until nobody dies.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - Dag sedan
Just a piece of shit with powerful car and low driving skills. Next!
Junior VisionZ
Junior VisionZ - Dag sedan
Tried this and Um didn’t go well..