Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)

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Selena Gomez and Jimmy go head-to-head eating spicy wings that get progressively hotter as Hot Ones host Sean Evans grills them with questions.
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Selena Gomez and Jimmy Cry While Eating Spicy Wings (Hot Ones)
Varaktighet: 8:30


Sawako Kuronuma
Sawako Kuronuma - 12 timmar sedan
The real challenge starts in the restroom
muzikman183 - 13 timmar sedan
James Corden? anyone? anyone?
R 7
R 7 - 15 timmar sedan
Jimmy is overreacting
Gor Sargsyan
Gor Sargsyan - 15 timmar sedan
2:07 maybe UnderSTOOD?
M Joseph
M Joseph - Dag sedan
Poor Selena, you can tell she’s just really not with it. I hope she’s doing good. I love her because she doesn’t care about this kind of stuff, tv shows, social media, etc.
EnvyChels Vlogs
EnvyChels Vlogs - Dag sedan
Dope to see Sean made it to JF!
Angelo Caputo
Angelo Caputo - 2 dagar sedan
I have no idea what ti call this, a show crossover, inception show, a show in a show
Haze Lando
Haze Lando - 2 dagar sedan
Every time they are like “I can do this not to bad” then they hit da bomb and literally die
julisa romero
julisa romero - 2 dagar sedan
Omg my mouth is literally watering watching this 😭
Celine Ramnarine
Celine Ramnarine - 2 dagar sedan
Ayeee Trini here 😂🌴🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
Ginette Sanchez
Ginette Sanchez - 2 dagar sedan
Guys remember that Selena comes from mexican family, they like spice
ProjectBiscuits - Dag sedan
Wich wing does she bring to the bone?? Pay attention
Shreya S
Shreya S - 2 dagar sedan
Sean can just take my heart already 😂
I love him so much dude 😂
Diego Alejandro Delgado Agosto
RedSkittles - 3 dagar sedan
Sean dont make much eye contact tho
Cuddly Cabello
Cuddly Cabello - 3 dagar sedan
“Why do you do this to PEOPLE!” Dude that part had me dyinggggg
Tanya Rules
Tanya Rules - 3 dagar sedan
such a waste of milk..
Yasmin Aisyah
Yasmin Aisyah - 3 dagar sedan
7:48 when he did that I was like.. are you trying to do Adam Sandler or the hot sauce is killing you..😆
lovely priya
lovely priya - 3 dagar sedan
Most easiest job for Indians 🤣
A - 3 dagar sedan
henny hefner
henny hefner - 3 dagar sedan
Sean Evans looks like drakes producer “Noah shebib”
cj18 - 3 dagar sedan
i can't stand her tweety face and fakeness
H R - 3 dagar sedan
So.. does selena really have lupus? Coz she doesn’t look like one. She is an alcoholic too. I wonder if she lied about her illness lol
TThrashGaming - 3 dagar sedan
Did he actually put milk in the actual Stanley cup that’s disrespectful.
Maarten Boschman
Maarten Boschman - 4 dagar sedan
Can you do ‘Hot Ones’ with Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump?
Megan Perez
Megan Perez - 4 dagar sedan
selena from texas , hot sauce doesn’t phase us
Naelzy - 4 dagar sedan
Selena liked Sean Evans so she played it cool
sebastian ojeda
sebastian ojeda - 4 dagar sedan
Sean the Greatest handled it like a BOWSSS!
Souriddha Sen
Souriddha Sen - 4 dagar sedan
This video made me realise I'm very hungry.
Rickey Boyer
Rickey Boyer - Dag sedan
Yeah... me, too... hungry for some Selena Gomez! She's looking extra plump and juicy here! MMMM!!!
Kriti Verma
Kriti Verma - 4 dagar sedan
I wanna eat it aalll coz am a chilli lover😚😋
Sandra Brooke
Sandra Brooke - 4 dagar sedan
i love how she called out her dad lol
noitherful - 5 dagar sedan
Selena 🤩
Gavin Pomeroy
Gavin Pomeroy - 5 dagar sedan
he should copyright claim
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf - 5 dagar sedan
I didn't realise they were allowed mayonnaise? Selena is constantly dipping hers in to a white creamy sauce that looks like mayo!! Surely that's cheating?
Ananda Newbill
Ananda Newbill - 5 dagar sedan
it’s probably ranch not mayo.. lol
Mad Jim Jaspers
Mad Jim Jaspers - 5 dagar sedan
HE SERIOUSLY HIT JIMMY AND SELENA W/ DA BOMB! SAUCE! HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!! Theron literally threw it, flipped it off, and said it is battery acid W/ no flavor. D-A-M-N
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 5 dagar sedan
See I've been through far too many things to worry about awkwardness that's silly plus at this point there's nothing to be ashamed of or feel weird about ! Just nervousness ! Selena has been through far too much to feel awkward after twenty min there not going to be anymore uneasiness especially if we are alone that's heaven my guardian angel that's the only way to explain our situation ! God puts people in your life for specific reasons it's up to that person to sort it out and make the best possible decision ! With Selena there's no decision it's the way it's supposed to be that's the fairytale it's a blessing and a miracle so no reason to feel anything other that joy and pure happiness !!! Relieved that's what I need to feel reassurance I just don't want to ever have to worry about not being together that's why I want to go to the courthouse so your stuck with me forever no take backs or excuses till the end of time no matter what ! We stay together ! Teamwork unlike 99% of marriages today we would be together for the right reasons and devoted unconditional yes baby I have your back no matter what happens I'll take care of you always my sweetheart - so come save your boyfriend ! I'm a mess and need to hold your hand that would make everything perfect forever so easy for Selena tho only cause I love her so much - idk how to get a response or answer I've tried so many times give me a sign my love please ?? And take me to the courthouse ! Can't wait anymore I love you Selena !
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 5 dagar sedan
Selena Marie your an hour away and we aren't holding hands that's unacceptable ! I need you ! All of you ! Marry me and take me far away from here ! I love you so much ! Your my soulmate ! Yes baby without question ! It's indisputable ! So if you got a problem with it talk to God and complain to him good luck with that ! You make everything so simple it's automatically easy every decision just clear and easy nothing can ever be wrong or mad or sad Nathan always happy and positive face anything whatever happens just is not hard to go through anything overcome whatever that's a joke together there's nothing more perfect take those suggestions and stick me up Donny's ass nothing is awkward ! For what ! No surprises or nothing to learn or to find out unexpected
laura-lee baldeo
laura-lee baldeo - 6 dagar sedan
Im from Trinidad and im impressed that she took scorpion hot sauce so well
Jorge Luis Sicay
Jorge Luis Sicay - 6 dagar sedan
My like it's for Sean.
Kacper Misiurek
Kacper Misiurek - 6 dagar sedan
She became fat as fuk,
Lyssa Diamond
Lyssa Diamond - 6 dagar sedan
Is Sean Evans stomach ok?
Guncha - 7 dagar sedan
If justin timberlake was bald = Sean evans
Guncha - 7 dagar sedan
The video title should be Sean evans ft. Selena gomez and jimmy fallen
lana - 4 dagar sedan
Ikarjahu Golzmann fallen
Ikarjahu Golzmann
Ikarjahu Golzmann - 5 dagar sedan
Fallon *
ROHANZADE - 7 dagar sedan
I really missed the "on this camera.. on this camera.. and on this camera..."
Garry Ward
Garry Ward - 7 dagar sedan
Hot Ones has a great concept, watching celebrities losing it when they get to Da Bomb is great entertainment!
skgsusvsyjsgfsjjsg jhffhbcxjkvc
All this stuff happening and im still woried if there's eough bamboo for pandas out there
Thanos - 8 dagar sedan
Sean acting as if the sauces somewhat affect him
Leesha Bee
Leesha Bee - 8 dagar sedan
This is making me Hungry 🙄😭😫😂
空白 - 8 dagar sedan
Is it just me or the host's voice sounds kinda raspy?
Gavin Pomeroy
Gavin Pomeroy - 9 dagar sedan
You should give him all credit because you kind of Stole his content
salmon penis
salmon penis - 9 dagar sedan
Btw fuck Jimmy Fallon
James Kirk
James Kirk - 9 dagar sedan
😂 lol
Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson - 9 dagar sedan
whys selena look fat here
NAT - 9 dagar sedan
melissa kelly
melissa kelly - 10 dagar sedan
Selena is cheating she has mayonnaise it is going to cool down the spice
Murshid Alam
Murshid Alam - 10 dagar sedan
Mere Gao ki mirchi de do.. gand phat jayegi 😂😂😂
PARVEEN BANO - 10 dagar sedan
Singh Jass
Singh Jass - 10 dagar sedan
Seems Selena faking it👏👏
Toonyman Base Studios
Toonyman Base Studios - 10 dagar sedan
i want to try dam bomb on one of my wings and see where that takes me!
Lamest BABY
Lamest BABY - 10 dagar sedan
I just read through the resent comments and I am in awe because of the body shamming u all are horrible
Marie Ong
Marie Ong - 10 dagar sedan
I absolutely love Sean Evans