Every Avengers: Endgame Easter Egg

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Looking for #AvengersEndgame Easter eggs? We have HUNDREDS of #AvengersEasterEggs in this video! (SPOILERS)
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Written, narrated, and edited by Ryan Arey. (twitter.com/ryanarey/)
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ScreenCrush - 4 månader sedan
What was your favorite moment of Endgame?
Anthony Watkins
Anthony Watkins - Månad sedan
when that guy said that thing that made the other one do THAT ohhh that was ….wait, did he say it or do it? but when he did it WOW! wait, was that a him or her? but when it happened IT WAS AWESOME!!!
Raven the Collie
Raven the Collie - Månad sedan
The final battle
Tibo melis NL
Tibo melis NL - 4 månader sedan
@Ibrahim F07 yep 😂😂
Alex Kars
Alex Kars - 4 månader sedan
On your left and then everyone comes
m omvv
m omvv - 4 månader sedan
When cap lifts mjolnir..!!
Roblox’s Psycho Monster
Roblox’s Psycho Monster - 23 timmar sedan
My favorite moment AND my least favorite moment in Endgame is the end. It’s my least because then, I realize the original Avengers died, Tony, Nat, is dead, Steve is old, or probably dead, Hulk is injured and he can no longer fight like he always did anymore, Clint retire, and Thor went to a adventure with Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s my favorite because now ‘we have room’ for the “new” and strong Avengers, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Bucky, War Machine, Black Panther, and many more. Which will be very exciting because there will be many more movies and characters with good plots and moments. Maybe this is a....Easter egg or lesson in this movie...? About letting go of the past and enjoy the present and be unexpected to the future.

Ok guys, imma go cries now, byee.
Gengonglike Arbukle
Gengonglike Arbukle - Dag sedan
WTF, thanos is an abusive father, replacing daughter's body parts with cybernetics.
Louis Pascuzzi
Louis Pascuzzi - 2 dagar sedan
HE FORGOT HOWARD THE DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIGHT - 4 dagar sedan
You forgot about the part when Steve Rogers told himself that Bucky was alive and that's how Captain America alternate reality in that parallel universe with quantum technology also Loki espace with the tesseract and that's like opening up the pocket dimension in science terms
Ro_Ta 13
Ro_Ta 13 - 4 dagar sedan
I don't know if its really a detailed make up or made for style but... hair colour of Natasha changed to red from blond with white ends saying that hairs has grown in 5 years. And she has not bothored to have colour those again to blond.
No Sanctuary
No Sanctuary - 4 dagar sedan
Stark Raving Hazelnuts?
Don't see the importance of that
JDP Creations
JDP Creations - 8 dagar sedan
I think someone needs to explain to ScreenCrush what an easter egg is.
Jaime Sutherland
Jaime Sutherland - 8 dagar sedan
23:33 why tf would she be referring to Gamora, she doesn’t even know that gamora was killed. She’s referring to vision idiot
Nightwing 63
Nightwing 63 - 9 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure Hawkeye was said another time in the mcu
Thomson - 11 dagar sedan
You forgot Howard The Duck in the final battle
HaSTe_oNe - 11 dagar sedan
Quiz: reference the line where they hinted xmen
Jake Moretti
Jake Moretti - 14 dagar sedan
Captain Marvel’s entrance in the final battle was also epic af. She’s the best.
Jake Moretti
Jake Moretti - 14 dagar sedan
One of my favourites is when Sam says “on your left” to Cap at the final battle, the same way Cap said to Sam when they were running around the Reflecting Pool in Winter Soldier.
Leonardo Casali
Leonardo Casali - 15 dagar sedan
23:30 WTF?? Noo, she’s referring obviously to vision
Nathan Apollo
Nathan Apollo - 15 dagar sedan
some of these easter eggs are a bit of a stretch
MrPabgon - 16 dagar sedan
21:59 that isn't a callback. It was improvised by Robert Downey Jr.
Jay Adam
Jay Adam - 16 dagar sedan
Does anyone here expect this was a list?
William Meisburger-Iwata
William Meisburger-Iwata - 16 dagar sedan
I watched the whole thing and thought it was a stretch lol
Tiffany Stewart
Tiffany Stewart - 16 dagar sedan
Thanks I missed some parts
Dr. Malodorous
Dr. Malodorous - 17 dagar sedan
No. Scarlet Witch refers not to Gamora but Vision.
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo - 17 dagar sedan
This video is such a piece of shit
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo - 17 dagar sedan
WRONG!!! Nat calls Quinn Hawkeye in the first Avengers film
Pew DiePie
Pew DiePie - 17 dagar sedan
No the reason they lost is cus Thor didn’t go for the head
William Collis
William Collis - 18 dagar sedan
Um Black Widow referred to Hawkeye as Hawkeye in the original Avengers. Only a minute in and you don't even know what your talking about.
Mister Dunkan
Mister Dunkan - 18 dagar sedan
I don't understand this:
In infinity war, when Thanos meets Stark for the first time, Tony was suprised that Thanos knew who he was.
In Endgame, when Nebula has a minor glitch issue and it's revealed that The Avengers are plotting against Thanos in the future. At this moment, which takes place before Infinity war, Thanos doesn't seem to know who The Avengers are.

Can someone explain? Because I'm sensing that Nebulas glitch issue must've happened more than once.
John Games
John Games - 18 dagar sedan
mo gad
mo gad - 18 dagar sedan
Dr strange
Zero Video
Zero Video - 21 dag sedan
Don cheadle was done with the MCU the moment brie fucking lerson showed up
Zero Video
Zero Video - 21 dag sedan
It wasn't made for fans it was made to make more money for Disney nothing more
If they did make this for fans they would've have a problem with Sony not give them money
Eric Riley
Eric Riley - 21 dag sedan
I think thor an caption America should have a baby that would be the strongest avenger or caption America an caption marvel
Shaun Eddy
Shaun Eddy - 22 dagar sedan
i feel like we lost the meaning of easter egg somewhere in the first minute?????????
tonysaure - 22 dagar sedan
Isn't it obvious... Thanos held back in IW because he was collecting the stones, they were going to do the work for him at the end.
Sailor Man
Sailor Man - 23 dagar sedan
Stark Raving Hazlenuts
Bradley Poole
Bradley Poole - 23 dagar sedan
I like the video and have subscribed because of it. Perception is reality. My perception is that when Wanda says "she knows... they both do" she was referring to Vision, her lover.
Ahmad Tanim
Ahmad Tanim - 24 dagar sedan
Love from France 🇫🇷
Lucky•TV Central
Lucky•TV Central - 24 dagar sedan
In Endgame I thought when Clint was running in those tunnels with the complete gauntlet, he’d go mad with power and put on the gauntlet after his family died
Lucky•TV Central
Lucky•TV Central - 24 dagar sedan
That is America’s assssssss
Lucky•TV Central
Lucky•TV Central - 24 dagar sedan
Mmm M’Baku thicccccc
Two Seven
Two Seven - 24 dagar sedan
Stark raisen hazelnut
Tyler Ryan
Tyler Ryan - 24 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice the water soilder instead of the winter soilder
Bailey Behn
Bailey Behn - 25 dagar sedan
Dont think Wanda was talking about Gamora. How would she have known Thanos sacrificed her? I think she was either talking about Tony or Pietro
Hasan Khasimuddin
Hasan Khasimuddin - 25 dagar sedan
fav part is cap v thanos mijolnair
Hasan Khasimuddin
Hasan Khasimuddin - 25 dagar sedan
the flavour is stark raving hazlenuts
cloud101787 - 25 dagar sedan
Pretty sure Wanda was reference Vision, not Gamora.
William von Pertz
William von Pertz - 25 dagar sedan
Just saw Age of Ultron...Clints wife calls him Hawkeye..boom! Roasted!
Squilliam Fancy Son
Squilliam Fancy Son - 25 dagar sedan
Definitely thor or dr strange
Micah Abshear
Micah Abshear - 26 dagar sedan
You forgot the Iron Patriot reference at the war scene of End Game being ridden by Rocket
Zeksta - 26 dagar sedan
Tony saying "I am Iron Man" was a reference to Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming where Tony Stark is in fact Iron Man.
Oskar Adamczyk
Oskar Adamczyk - 26 dagar sedan
Who's watching after spider man far from home
Cekahras - 26 dagar sedan
Roughly a minute into the video he says that Clint calling his daughter Hawkeye was the first time the name was mentioned but it was also mentioned in the avengers 2012 movie by Natasha during the New York fight when shes on the flying chariot like thing. I know this because i just finished watching the movie 10 mins ago.
Chickenlittle69 - 26 dagar sedan
Did anybody notice doctor strange ripped off bleach
Rubikscubez123 4
Rubikscubez123 4 - 27 dagar sedan
Oh you forgot that Easter egg referring to avengers when captain America said avengers
Todd Steven Burroughs
Todd Steven Burroughs - 27 dagar sedan
Um, Black Widow calls Clint Hawkeye in the first Avengers film.
japascho - 27 dagar sedan
At the beginning Tony is struggling if it's day 21 or 22.
If the 22 is about the movies is the 21
A hint to the hulk movie that everyone is trying to forget?
Michael Albert
Michael Albert - 27 dagar sedan
I don’t know.......maybe the scene where Thor was angry and threatened the the kid while playing fortnight.
Firecar 4444
Firecar 4444 - 28 dagar sedan
Hawkeye was mentioned in Avengers: Age of Ultron by Laura Barton
Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming
Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming - 28 dagar sedan
Anyone wondering where Quicksilver was in all this?
Alan Daly
Alan Daly - 29 dagar sedan
black widow calls clint hawkeye during the battle of new york in the first avengers film
Taiya Semper
Taiya Semper - 29 dagar sedan
Wanda was talking about Nat and Vision. She and Clint were mourning the loss of someone close to them.