Every Avengers: Endgame Easter Egg

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What was your favorite moment of Endgame?
Tibo melis NL
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@Ibrahim F07 yep 😂😂
Alex Kars
Alex Kars - Månad sedan
On your left and then everyone comes
Thouba Wang
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When cap lifts mjolnir..!!
Ainslee Sanders
Ainslee Sanders - Månad sedan
“I went for the head.” 💀
AnythingButBanjo - Månad sedan
When it was finally over and I could take a piss
Greedvious - Timme sedan
I love how every major news outlet has to cater to Brie Larson. Let’s be honest she’s a terrible actor and a terrible person
TinyPrince vlogs/gaming
TinyPrince vlogs/gaming - 7 timmar sedan
Some of these easter eggs i caught by accident and understood right away
Ultra Instinct Goku
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The time travel is also a copy of the DBZ rules
Alexander Cordova
Alexander Cordova - 11 timmar sedan
You're dumb. She ment Vision and it never states she has a connection to all the stones ever
Carolane Villegas
Carolane Villegas - Dag sedan
Iron Man
Patrick Dean
Patrick Dean - 2 dagar sedan
Dr strange is OP
anonymous oh yeah yeah commander
What about when he groot says I am groot? Pretty sure that's referencing GOTG where he does the exact same thing.
B. - 2 dagar sedan
you know, its one thing to make a movie about characters that a lot of people love. but its another to actually take the time to get it right and to add the smallest of details in every scene. kudos
Jake Frost
Jake Frost - 2 dagar sedan
This video is copied almost word for word from another channel
Alex Fogarty
Alex Fogarty - 2 dagar sedan
Scarlet Witch is the most powerful.
gamenews persian
gamenews persian - 2 dagar sedan
AJW - 2 dagar sedan
You did not talk about how the Mets stadium was shown
crab kebab
crab kebab - 2 dagar sedan
could this movie be refering to cern and the mandela effect. they are changing history wonder how much time we have left. we need jesus people.
Ben Close
Ben Close - 3 dagar sedan
I assumed that when they said thy both know they were referring to vision not gamora
Corrin kid Miscellaneous
Corrin kid Miscellaneous - 3 dagar sedan
When Wanda says “they both know” I thought she meant quicksilver and nat
Kyros Ng
Kyros Ng - 4 dagar sedan
I think the ice cream flavour was the hulk flavour
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
All marvel avengers superhero’s that has three movies the names are
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Thor 1
Thor 2
Thor 3
Captain America 1
Captain America 2
Captain America 3
Iron man 1
Iron man 2
Iron man 3
Hulk 1
Hulk 2
Hulk 3
Spider-Man 1
Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 3
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Captain Marvel
Pepper Pots
Iron spider-man
Clint Barton
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Captain America
Iron man
Doctor Strange
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Carol Danvers
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Aaron Davis
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Goose the cat
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Nick Fury
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Winter soldier
War machine
Guardians of the galaxy
Scarlet witch
Black widow
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Rocket raccoon
The Groot
Venom Venom
Venom Venom - 4 dagar sedan
Hot Dog Filter
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Thanos was holding back because he didn’t need any extra help, yes his henchmen died but HE didn’t need any extra help when he has the stones.
Andson Rebello
Andson Rebello - 5 dagar sedan
You forgot one:
Nebula says Gamora choices for love interests were either Quill or Groot, implying Drax was invisible to them, ie, a clever inside joke.
I'm not sure tho, just my guess.
Lamonte Johnson
Lamonte Johnson - 5 dagar sedan
U have a very loose definition of an Easter egg. This was reaching alot on all of these. 👎
Jason Beard
Jason Beard - 5 dagar sedan
Captain Marvel is not even close to the strongest Avenger, no matter how much Brie Larson wants to pretend that it's true. She nails the character, but has become otherwise insufferable in interviews.
Jen Sale
Jen Sale - 5 dagar sedan
Gold goldinfinity gauntlet
Summer Jaye
Summer Jaye - 5 dagar sedan
Do you remember when Nat’s hair was red, then she bleached it? In Endgame when she has red roots this is a reference to her original hair colour, like DUDE get some interesting references that aren’t completely obvious.
Children Whittacre
Children Whittacre - 6 dagar sedan
the flavor is hazelnut
King Crazy
King Crazy - 6 dagar sedan
If you told me 11 years ago that we would have iron spider holding the infinity gauntlet with all the stones webbed and flying through the air with mjnolir that captain America through while fighting a thanos from the past along side all the avengers from comics, and a fat Thor.......I would've beat you silly
Steph Corcilles
Steph Corcilles - 6 dagar sedan
the greendale seven eventually moved on to become extras in the marvel universe. love that
Mario Morin
Mario Morin - 6 dagar sedan
Cermet the frog is the strongest avenger 🐸🐸🐸
Brad Magyor
Brad Magyor - 6 dagar sedan
Thor you jackass. Lol
Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver - 6 dagar sedan
So, not actually a list of Easter eggs so much as some dumb douche bag just running through the events of Endgame. And some of the facts are incorrect. There's a reason I don't watch screenrant stuff that often: this dude is a Muppet!! Watch New Rockstar stuff instead: more factual, more entertaining...
Saje Williams
Saje Williams - 6 dagar sedan
Mr. Fantasy = Stan. A hidden tribute.
Elizabeth Parker
Elizabeth Parker - 6 dagar sedan
Stark Raving Hazel Nuts
Rony Rojas
Rony Rojas - 6 dagar sedan
The battle at the end. GET IT END ENDGAME XD I don't get it
Aeternalis Armentarius
Aeternalis Armentarius - 6 dagar sedan
Jesus this guy is such a pandering leftard. Unsubbed and will do my best to make sure anybody I know does not listen to his garbage. The Strongest Avenger is THOR. Stan Lee the man himself said so... So piss off with your WAHMEN are stronger than men B.S. I would cool with it if you fools kept it in fantasy land, but yall have been brain washing young lads they are worthless for the last 10 years and that girls are perfect, never lie, you have to believe them, and that some how in a single generation they leaped frogged millions of years of evolution to become stronger than men. You also claim you can change your sex/gender at will.... So if what you all claim is true why are "Trans"( mentally ill men in my opinion ) are dominating female sports BWHAHAHAAH and you same people will mock those who believe in God. Pathetic.
Yeetious - 6 dagar sedan
Titles the video avengers end game Easter eggs but always uses obvious references and references that aren’t even close to what it means. The least they could do is research. Also don’t know if anyone knows this but caps shield is an easteregg to his shield in the other movies
Tallis Keeton
Tallis Keeton - 7 dagar sedan
One funny thing I just noticed - Freya's breastplate had engravings from the relics typical for celtic culture not for norse culture :D its in 12.52
Adam Bohbot
Adam Bohbot - 7 dagar sedan
8:55 Robert Downey Jr actually says this to his kids in real life. It wasn't even in the script in the beginning. He just said it!
Raijin - 7 dagar sedan
When T'Challa takes the gauntlet from Hawkeye he calls him Clint. This is referencing the first time they met at the airport where Hawkeye introduces himself as Clint while T'Challa says he doesn't care.
Eric Gaiser
Eric Gaiser - 7 dagar sedan
I freaked out at that Ratchet & Clank reference I screamed it in the theater I am a life long R&C fan!!!
Battle Royale Parodys
Battle Royale Parodys - 7 dagar sedan
Thor is the strongest avenger
IDC what the Russo's say... The Russo's are wrong as far as I'm concerned
Vihang Desai
Vihang Desai - 7 dagar sedan
Stark raving hazelnut
Lady Aurora
Lady Aurora - 7 dagar sedan
Stark Raving Hazelnuts was the ice cream. Hulk's was Hunka-Hulka Burnin' Fudge.
Brain Lock
Brain Lock - 7 dagar sedan
wow. so much fail in this. Research better next time. I'm not even halfway through and I'm done with this misinformation.
Andson Rebello
Andson Rebello - 5 dagar sedan
Calling something dumb without explaining how or why. A sign of stupidity
Kevin Wagner
Kevin Wagner - 7 dagar sedan
In the beginning, that's a picture of a wing, not a spoiler
Lucarizo 47
Lucarizo 47 - 7 dagar sedan
You forgot that part where Tony Stark is known as Iron Man, which is a reference to the movies Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Marvel's Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Spider Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War, where Tony Stark is also Iron Man.
Joshua Hughes
Joshua Hughes - 8 dagar sedan
No yo idiot wants was refuring to vision
Rob Irvine
Rob Irvine - 8 dagar sedan
Yeah, something that is like something else that happens in one of 22 movies and is more likely than not a meaningless coincidence is NOT an "easter egg"
William Winder
William Winder - 8 dagar sedan
23:31 She has no idea who Gamora is. She's referring to Vision.
Superb Squid
Superb Squid - 8 dagar sedan
Wouldn't Wanda refer to vision since that was her love
Tyler Caulfield
Tyler Caulfield - 8 dagar sedan
Wanda wasn’t referring to Gamora ?? She was referring to Vision
Shannon Xu
Shannon Xu - 8 dagar sedan
um i think yall legitimately got one of them wrong, which is the hands together one calling back to tony's arc reactor
Travis Schiffer
Travis Schiffer - 8 dagar sedan
Strongest there is the hulk but Disney kill him
A.M.F. Gaming
A.M.F. Gaming - 8 dagar sedan
God what a snooze fest!
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson - 8 dagar sedan
Most of these are references not Easter eggs but good video either way
Tech Freak
Tech Freak - 9 dagar sedan
He's a gay😂😂😂😂 he takes dick in his ass😂must be painful😂oh fuck he's a fucking gay what a disgrace, he'll be thirsty for dick he'll probably show his ass to me😂😂😂
CatsAndDrums1971 - 9 dagar sedan
You know you missed many more references to other movies in that last battle, right? "I’m Peter Parker" referring when he met Strange, with a different response from Carol, etc...
sabin97 - 9 dagar sedan
also if you think endgame is good, you should read the infinity war story....it's orders of magnitude better.
with a far superior thanos.....
martin Ramos
martin Ramos - 9 dagar sedan
Dev The Legend
Dev The Legend - 10 dagar sedan
23:28 theres a mistake, When she says both she refers to Natasha and Tony
seth kroeker
seth kroeker - 10 dagar sedan
23:26 she may have meant quicksilver, more likely
mc kid
mc kid - 10 dagar sedan
"Stark Raving Hazelnuts" is the ice cream flavour Ben and Jerry's names after Iron Man and I would definately like to try it! Lol
Kolt Radojits
Kolt Radojits - 10 dagar sedan
Kraglin was also in the final battle revealed with a photo by The Russos
DarkRainbow News
DarkRainbow News - 10 dagar sedan
Movie: has a score
You tubers: that is a reference to when the previous movies also had a score
Martin Williams
Martin Williams - 10 dagar sedan
Totally missed that the Marvel logo at the beginning of Endgame shows up in other movies. Re-do the video please
Jose Michles
Jose Michles - 10 dagar sedan
Actually at the funeral Wanda is talking about vision
LFC Fanatic
LFC Fanatic - 10 dagar sedan
@maxyboy 3113
He killed half the universe
Trajanus LaRocque
Trajanus LaRocque - 10 dagar sedan
People act like this is so deep. This isn’t Game Of Thrones or some shit you guys
J L - 11 dagar sedan
Stark Raving Hazelnuts (ben and jerrys)
J P H - 11 dagar sedan
Shit video
Jolteon trainer _
Jolteon trainer _ - 11 dagar sedan
The I am iron Man is a dad joke like hi inevitable I'm iron man
Andrew Dennison
Andrew Dennison - 11 dagar sedan
Strange is stronger, nobody wanted captain marvel😂
David Kowal
David Kowal - 11 dagar sedan
Wait what is he talking about when he said the Ancient One was fighting Chitauri in the Battle of New York? From what I remember she was just watering plants when Hulk got there, no wizard fighting
Sean Tran
Sean Tran - 11 dagar sedan
19:23 you said thanos tried to push storm breaker into Thor’s chest 😂
Brandontroll1011 Gaming
Brandontroll1011 Gaming - 11 dagar sedan
Ok I was watching end game and I saw them three playing fornite
Matthew Harrison
Matthew Harrison - 12 dagar sedan
The part about Barton and Scarlet Whitch,they were talking about Black Widow and Vision.
fuuz assassin
fuuz assassin - 12 dagar sedan
Cap marvel was the best
Will Feinberg
Will Feinberg - 12 dagar sedan
Actually I think when Wanda says “they both know” she’s referring to Vision. It makes much more sense since she never met Gamora. She could even possibly be referring to Quick Silver
Host 7
Host 7 - 12 dagar sedan
My favourite scene is the woman of marvel finale battle
Crazy CousinKA
Crazy CousinKA - 12 dagar sedan
You also forgot spider man is white which is a callback to civil war
GeekyZombie - 12 dagar sedan
Legit, anyone, *aannneeeone,* could have been a more appealing verbal and visual commentator. Stop yourself next time.
Lazy Ukulele Guy
Lazy Ukulele Guy - 12 dagar sedan
The term "Easter Egg" means something different from what you think it means.
Palmer r
Palmer r - 12 dagar sedan
barton was called Hawkeye in the first avengers movie
Malarky96 - 13 dagar sedan
So like i dont think you understood the wanda clint scene im pretty sure she was referring to vision not gamora and the soul realm you pulled something crazy outta your ass there
2199 - 13 dagar sedan
What happened to Loki?
Everett Gaskins
Everett Gaskins - 13 dagar sedan
Stark crazel hazelnut
Thanveer Ahmed
Thanveer Ahmed - 13 dagar sedan
I knew everything