SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer

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Jagged j
Jagged j - 5 minuter sedan
I hate all you whiny PC phuqs that complain just for attention when a white person is cast in an ethnic role but when someone ethnic is cast in a white role (MJ) everyone's cool with... Can't just play one side of the fence people get off your high horses. Either its always wrong or its not wrong at all you can't have it both ways. I for one want all characters to be played by their actually comic counter parts and this Mary Jane Watson's already ruining this movie for me. Her RED HAIR makes her iconic. Big thumbs down on casting this time round
Nadira Ufayrah
Nadira Ufayrah - 49 minuter sedan
Annabelle : Come to home
Spiderman : Far from home
Striker 333
Striker 333 - Timme sedan
Zurkster - Timme sedan
Watched it today at the local cinema, but walked out after, wondering why I sat through a two hour long Marvel commercial, for the NEXT Spiderman movie!
Sincere One
Sincere One - Timme sedan
This movie was terrible
Gil and Lissa Ramirez
Gil and Lissa Ramirez - 3 timmar sedan
Do u now like spiderman i im lava u
toxicdragon562 - 3 timmar sedan
0:22 did they remove his injuries from being hit by the train in the trailer?
Marvel Things
Marvel Things - 3 timmar sedan
when you realize this is the last mcu movie of the year and of phase 3...
Jessi Holt
Jessi Holt - 3 timmar sedan
There are two clips at the end of the credits, after the first credits a clip shows then more longer credits then another clip.
iXpertKiller - 4 timmar sedan
0:36 that doesnt happen in the movie 😧
chocolate chip
chocolate chip - 4 timmar sedan
Can't believe Mysterio was the bad guy
1Chasg - 4 timmar sedan
Why was the start of the trailer where he is fighting criminals cut from the movie!!
אושר ביטון
אושר ביטון - 4 timmar sedan
This movie is fucking genius
Cant think of a good name
Cant think of a good name - 4 timmar sedan
Nice and all but.....

Toby Maguire is still the best.
FnBr DaRk
FnBr DaRk - 5 timmar sedan
lol peters face the start tho lol
Jab 08
Jab 08 - 5 timmar sedan
The intro to this movie really got me
Tanuki /Boy
Tanuki /Boy - 5 timmar sedan
He sounds like a real American instead he is British and he literally he sounds very British
Karisto - 5 timmar sedan
I like Tom Holland as Spider Man but i dislike him as Peter Parker..he's not the nerd from the Comics..he's to cool for being PP..to much like Iron Man Junior
Shaina - 6 timmar sedan
the first movie was about him wanting to do more and have more responsibility, now it’s about him not wanting it and saying he’s just a friendly neighborhood spider-man
fandom addict
fandom addict - 6 timmar sedan
I have tickets to see it but havent see endgame
Kevin David Parra
Kevin David Parra - 6 timmar sedan
2:34 Me and the Boys leaving Area 51
Gabriel Mballa
Gabriel Mballa - 6 timmar sedan
Assez l annonce là est cool😎
Watermelon With butter
Watermelon With butter - 8 timmar sedan
This movie is just comedy gold trust me. Worth watching
Maximilian Gang
Maximilian Gang - 8 timmar sedan
All the attacks are fake mysterio is also fake
Jameel James
Jameel James - 8 timmar sedan
Funny the reason “Nick Fury” didn’t recognize the “code” was because it was never Nick Fury.
Harshdeep Dwivedi
Harshdeep Dwivedi - 9 timmar sedan
Who's here after watching this masterpiece?
The Musical Goliath
The Musical Goliath - 9 timmar sedan
How about black. Panther
Jackson Huffman
Jackson Huffman - 10 timmar sedan
0:30 wasn't in the movie
Raj Ghimire
Raj Ghimire - 10 timmar sedan
Let me sum up
Happy:New plan Get into the tower
Raj Ghimire
Raj Ghimire - 10 timmar sedan
Let me sum up
Happy:New plan Get into the tower
sOme 1
sOme 1 - 10 timmar sedan
If still any1 haven't have watched the full movie so watch it cuz trust me last fighting scene is soooooo dopeeeee 🔥🔥🔥❤
Hanna Boville
Hanna Boville - 10 timmar sedan
I know the movie has come out already, but i'm still soo exited to watch it!
Rachel Bollhorst
Rachel Bollhorst - 11 timmar sedan
I'll just say this: my mom hates superhero movies, but she loved this one. Two thumbs up.
Chris Corley
Chris Corley - 11 timmar sedan
We're reaching shared MCU burnout...
Bun Sapor
Bun Sapor - 11 timmar sedan
Everywhere I go I see his face.I just really miss him😭
nacer eddariy
nacer eddariy - 12 timmar sedan
At the beginning of this trailer, they give a spoile alert for Endgame, but stop short of giving a spoiler alert for Far From Home. This trailer, like all others, spoils the whole movie. I'm happy I saw the movie first.
Not adam btw
Not adam btw - 12 timmar sedan
Best Marvel movie in the world I so like this movie.
Christina Gerstner
Christina Gerstner - 12 timmar sedan
I work with SpiderMan, NOT for SpiderMan! :'D
Anej Leskovšek
Anej Leskovšek - 13 timmar sedan
Why is spiderman far from home??

I guess because anabelle comes home😁
Spider-Prime - 13 timmar sedan
Boi all us comic kids know that mysterio is the REAL villian
Gonçalo Cardoso
Gonçalo Cardoso - 14 timmar sedan
loved the movie :) cant wait for third one
Khristina Aguilan
Khristina Aguilan - 15 timmar sedan
I watched the movie today it was amazing
Abdullah Anayat
Abdullah Anayat - 16 timmar sedan
They have ruined the spider man. Marvel sucks.
Vibhav - 17 timmar sedan
2:24 that iron Man painting on the wall even has tony's face
EnderKRAZY - 17 timmar sedan
Thor - Off Worlf
Captain Marvel - Unavailable

Jöurgen - Missing..
GamerGenius - 17 timmar sedan
Spiderman2 : far from home
CrudeDude - 18 timmar sedan
So that was a lie
Egg with 10000 subscribers
Egg with 10000 subscribers - 19 timmar sedan
Jerick Boton
Jerick Boton - 19 timmar sedan
Adnan Adnan
Adnan Adnan - 20 timmar sedan
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: There's No Place Like Home
Spider-Man: Welcome Hom