SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer

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Angel Camarillo
Angel Camarillo - Timme sedan
I want them to bring back an alternative version of Iron Man also played by RDJ sense they just spoke about a multiverse
Badnessnards Collecting
Badnessnards Collecting - Timme sedan
Cool I guess.
Maribel Gaibor
Maribel Gaibor - Timme sedan
Just a theory btw: Because of the avengers going back in time they made different realities and when cap returned the stones they made new realities, this is where the theory comes in; Mysterio is the bad guy right so his daughter died because of the snap in another reality kills his daughter and no avenger is there to save the day he gets his revenge. Boom mic drop
Chris .P Bacon
Chris .P Bacon - Timme sedan
thor? offworld
captain marvel? unavailable
guardians of the galaxy? getting drunk
spider man? he’s on a vaca oh crap let’s ruin it
Uma pessoa Que existe
Uma pessoa Que existe - Timme sedan
not the one
not the one - 2 timmar sedan
tom holland in that suit makes me wanna scream ejfsoengkd
Milla Lam
Milla Lam - 2 timmar sedan
the world needs iron man part made me have goosebumps all over
Harly Rose
Harly Rose - 2 timmar sedan
Why is it always the Spiderman movies that introduce the mulitverse😂
#KEVIN FEIGE - Timme sedan
Cause it's cool asf
The Vector Cave
The Vector Cave - 2 timmar sedan
Finally Mysterio :)))
Mother Song huy
Mother Song huy - 2 timmar sedan
Rip iron man
People Things
People Things - 3 timmar sedan
This be sick as hell.
People Things
People Things - 3 timmar sedan
Nessa Marie
Nessa Marie - 3 timmar sedan
2:32 chills
aldo arzate
aldo arzate - 3 timmar sedan
Porque aparece badabun al principio
Louie Louie
Louie Louie - 3 timmar sedan
So.... Mysterio is not the bad guy?
I’m not interested in caring about people THANK YOU
look at the background at 1:00
Sóley Alexandra Valbergsdóttir
I watched Endgame yesterday
Frederick Ar
Frederick Ar - 3 timmar sedan
Still waiting for man-spider film adaptation
Dream Vlogz
Dream Vlogz - 3 timmar sedan
SeFruit INFO
SeFruit INFO - 3 timmar sedan
Cek My Channel, Spiderman Far from home full
INSIGNO D.H.S. - 4 timmar sedan
Wow. That New spiderman theme sounds really familliar.... maybe from another multiverse?
Col Wars Studio Brickfilm and more!
1:57 lol
Xx_ Potato_xX
Xx_ Potato_xX - 4 timmar sedan
Why did Tony (Ironman) HAVE TO DIE?!!!??
Adam Taurus
Adam Taurus - 4 timmar sedan
Spiderman better be the new face of the MCU!
David DeGuenther
David DeGuenther - 4 timmar sedan
The ending is sick because the music spider man spider man can do what ever a spider can 2:32
GreenTirren - 4 timmar sedan
Thor: Overweight
Gab Fernandez
Gab Fernandez - 5 timmar sedan

Thor playing with noobmaster69
TheBatmeme368 - 5 timmar sedan
0:54 The pinnacle of technology; using a touchscreen with gloves on.
Tony Stark was truly a genius.
Muhammad Nanda
Muhammad Nanda - 6 timmar sedan
Sony please make the amazing spider man 3 with peter parker (andrew garfield) and gwen stacy (emma stone) too because some fans from that series really really miss them so much
Callum Macleod
Callum Macleod - 5 timmar sedan
He’s far too old now if he was regarded as too old for it 5 years ago
Huginn Evuson
Huginn Evuson - 6 timmar sedan
Who's Going To Be The Next Iron Man?
SHUT UP - 6 timmar sedan
Jennaya Grant
Jennaya Grant - 6 timmar sedan
I thought he liked that other games not zendaya (MJ)
D Aubert
D Aubert - 6 timmar sedan
Couldnt the avengers create a new Tony Stark with the Reality Stone and give him his memories with the Mind Stone?
D Aubert
D Aubert - 2 timmar sedan
+Callum Macleod They do. Remember Iron Man's snap? They had the 6 stones
Callum Macleod
Callum Macleod - 5 timmar sedan
They don’t have the Mind stone
Альберто Vlogs
Альберто Vlogs - 6 timmar sedan
Shays Vids
Shays Vids - 6 timmar sedan
Spider man homecoming
Spider man far from home
Spider man homeless
Spider man take me home
pita girl
pita girl - 7 timmar sedan
So excited to watch this movie. Peter and MJ's relationship is so cute!
pita girl
pita girl - 7 timmar sedan
Spider Man: Old town Road.
Gonzalo Silva
Gonzalo Silva - 7 timmar sedan
Wait, he's british?!
pita girl
pita girl - 7 timmar sedan
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Tony said, "I love you 3000"
And we say it too.
Adam Little
Adam Little - 7 timmar sedan
Hold up, if the year Endgame ended is 2023, then shouldn't Peter and his friends have graduated already?
Adi Burgos
Adi Burgos - 7 timmar sedan
Aren’t those Tony Stark’s glasses?
alfisyahri surya
alfisyahri surya - 7 timmar sedan
Spiderman : im too busy doing your job
2 other police : ooooh
If they actually relize that its their job too, lmao
wajeeh ussima
wajeeh ussima - 7 timmar sedan
Peter Parker:I miss him
*Uncle ben:am I a joke to you*
Silenthitman44 - 5 timmar sedan
He's been gone for a long time now, he had years to morn him since he died before civil war. Tony literally just died and they grew extremely close so what's wrong with him mourning him
StealthBlade98 - 7 timmar sedan
I was really hoping Mysterio would be the enemy for parker this time around :(
Infernocus Productions
Infernocus Productions - 7 timmar sedan
People: Hotel? Trivago

Me: Comment? Stolen
Treyson Talamantez
Treyson Talamantez - 7 timmar sedan
Why is his iron spider suit so thick
pooja sharma
pooja sharma - 7 timmar sedan
I'm literally enjoying reading the comments 😂
Samuel Chambers
Samuel Chambers - 7 timmar sedan
Jesus fury watch your language
Kartic Freeman
Kartic Freeman - 8 timmar sedan
So Stark leaves Everything in Hands of Spiderman
Big Boy Pasta
Big Boy Pasta - 8 timmar sedan
1:39 Captain Marvel is probably available, but they chase Peter because he is the better hero.
Shaikh Sajib
Shaikh Sajib - 8 timmar sedan
Next Part is Spider Man no home
DolphinBlade - 8 timmar sedan
Tom Holland warns us of spoilers
He spoiled the movie name
tuğra özer
tuğra özer - 9 timmar sedan
Mr beck other world but not us
Rudra Thasin Arnobe
Rudra Thasin Arnobe - 9 timmar sedan
Why that girl know that he is spider man. That’s mean that girl is gold digger. 😡😡
Rockstar SL Gaming Gaming
Rockstar SL Gaming Gaming - 9 timmar sedan
Thor : off world
Captain marvel : unavailable
Scartlet witch : searching for new one after vision

Doctor strange : still counting possibilities
HondaMan Vtec
HondaMan Vtec - 9 timmar sedan
Far from Home
Spiderman on vacation In Los Angeles
-Masked- - 10 timmar sedan
I love how they make ‘sometimes people die’ so dramatic.
Abc 123
Abc 123 - 10 timmar sedan
The movie needs a strong reason as to why Nick chooses Spiderman, and not Doctor Strange, Black Widow, IronWoman (Pepper), Valkrie, Falcon, Hulk, Winter Soldier, War Machine, Black Panther/ Wakandan Army, Antman, Wasp, Hawkeye, or doesn’t call the entire existing Avengers, or use time travel to bring back Avengers ☺️☺️☺️☺️ ring Thor/ Guardians/ Captain Marvel (because Natasha was in communication with these guys from earth during Endgame)
GG-harlz 43
GG-harlz 43 - 10 timmar sedan
Peter: What about Thor?
Fury: Playing fortnite
Peter: captain marvel?
Nick: getting a new haircut
Tala Kortbaoui
Tala Kortbaoui - 10 timmar sedan
I wanna watch it soooooooooo badly!!!! Ugh why isn’t it July yet
FallenOznog - 10 timmar sedan
1:47 is my favorite part lol
Jokūbas Barkauskas
Jokūbas Barkauskas - 10 timmar sedan
Tom Holland:There are spoilers in the trailer
Me:Its a dream come true
shinji sami
shinji sami - 10 timmar sedan
0:37 thas the worst CGI i've ever seen
GAMERS UNITE - 9 timmar sedan
shinji sami You haven’t seen spider-man one with the green goblin carnival scene then.
dindaliennn - 10 timmar sedan
Peter Parker: Everywhere I Go I See His Face
Me: Every Where I Go I Heard A Spoiler
Baks Aje
Baks Aje - 10 timmar sedan
Thor? off World
Captain marvel? unavailable
Wolferine? 20th century fox
Riddhi Vaze
Riddhi Vaze - 11 timmar sedan
1:53 is he drinking with a straw😂
Noob Plays League
Noob Plays League - 11 timmar sedan
Why you gotta ruin the Spider-Man theme...
Alfie Showza
Alfie Showza - 11 timmar sedan
Why is Chef in this
Vicky Sharma
Vicky Sharma - 12 timmar sedan
Toney stark ded due to never watch marvel movies
Sandy Latu
Sandy Latu - 12 timmar sedan
Apparently i miss iron man too i can't wait to watch this movie
poonam kaim
poonam kaim - 12 timmar sedan
I'm really excited for this movie..

From india
James Chen
James Chen - 12 timmar sedan

THEY BE LIKE ooh so player
Felipe Villarroel
Felipe Villarroel - 12 timmar sedan
2:55 cell on right hand
2:57 cell on left hand
2:59 cell on right hand
Multiverse scene? 🤔
Carlina Van Helsing
Carlina Van Helsing - 12 timmar sedan
I have a created my own superhero character and my friend told me I should send her to Marvel so they could bring her to the big screen.
But I didn't because Endgame was out and my character's story takes place in the MCU timeline.
So I thought that was it.
Then this trailer came out and right when Fury said, "The Snap tore a hole in our dimension."
And when Peter said, "Are you saying there's a multiverse?"
I actually have hope but I don't know what to do.
What do you guys think?
salja santhosh
salja santhosh - 12 timmar sedan
proud you iron man and cap
Weybro Official
Weybro Official - 12 timmar sedan
the world need next ironman!
InkyKiddy - 12 timmar sedan
Thor’s actually trying to beat noobmaster69
Demierus Simmons
Demierus Simmons - 12 timmar sedan
DeluxeBruszh08 - 12 timmar sedan
Spider man blisko do domu
Tuffe Legaspi
Tuffe Legaspi - 12 timmar sedan
Thor: off world
Captain marvel : not available
Poppy gloria: fired
King Rhino
King Rhino - 12 timmar sedan
I wonder if they are secretly making another avengers movie
Skyeishia RUFFIN
Skyeishia RUFFIN - 13 timmar sedan
Yarkn Ravenclaw
Yarkn Ravenclaw - 13 timmar sedan
Nobody talking about MJ and Peter?
Niranjan Rocking
Niranjan Rocking - 13 timmar sedan
who is before endgame
who is after endgame
Slade Wilson Deathstroke
Slade Wilson Deathstroke - 13 timmar sedan
The beginning of this trailer brought a tear to my eye.
Melissa Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez - 13 timmar sedan
*Flashbacks from "the Impossible"
CallOfPundy1192 - 13 timmar sedan
I'm sorry but I can't take this new spiderman seriously lol
spider wolf
spider wolf - 12 timmar sedan
Why? Plus spiderman isnt respected by anyone in the comics at first
_nev Yrdrake
_nev Yrdrake - 13 timmar sedan
Edward The Steady IS AT THE READY
Spiderman: What about Thor?
Nick Fury: too fat.
Ricco Namo10
Ricco Namo10 - 13 timmar sedan
Top spiderman with Peter Parker
Master Piece
Master Piece - 14 timmar sedan
Ok but what if Mysterio is controlling MJ and she actually doesn't like Peter and it's just Mysterio's way of killing Peter??? That would be really bad
holy dog
holy dog - 14 timmar sedan
love the theme on 2:32
Shinta Dara Gunawan
Shinta Dara Gunawan - 14 timmar sedan
Ha ?
Luna EclipseQueen
Luna EclipseQueen - 14 timmar sedan
Now we just wait for the spider man :ittsv 2 where we see tom holands spiderman
Josh TMP
Josh TMP - 14 timmar sedan
Wait a sec...
Tony started the Infinity Saga and dies at the end of the Saga.
Peter is starting a new saga.
So it means....
Josh TMP
Josh TMP - 14 timmar sedan
Please tell me that im wrong
AndyGamer2 - 14 timmar sedan
Thor? offworld
Captain Marvel? unavailable
Fortnite? endgame
Sai Sivakumar
Sai Sivakumar - 14 timmar sedan
Is the Easter Egg at 0:59 well known?
Mai Chan
Mai Chan - 15 timmar sedan
Wait, so I don't want to comment if no one cares but like, if y'all are a Ned fan like me and are scared about him dying, because like-- I think I've figured something out in this that basically confirms his death here. Y'ALL LET ME KNOW WHETHER TO COMMENT IT BC I THINK IM GOING TO CRY
spider wolf
spider wolf - 12 timmar sedan
+Mai Chan ned won't be evil here mysterio and the elementals are the bad ones here (yes I still believe mysterio is gonna turn evil)
Mai Chan
Mai Chan - 12 timmar sedan
spider wolf Yes but Ned is seen with a girl here, and talks about love in this trailer. Then it cuts to a scene about sacrifice and Jacob Batalon has openly spoke about Ned as a villain.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 12 timmar sedan
Except mcu ned is nothing like comic ned plus there's no hobgoblins here so he won't die in the movie
Mai Chan
Mai Chan - 12 timmar sedan
spider wolf Sis everyone is talking about it, Ned dies on a trip to Europe in the comics AKA the time of this movie.
spider wolf
spider wolf - 12 timmar sedan
Ned won't die
Joshua Daniels
Joshua Daniels - 15 timmar sedan
If peter dosnt find another tony in the multiverse, im going to be pissed
Jithesh Cholakkal
Jithesh Cholakkal - 15 timmar sedan
I really liked ur precaution for preventing the spoiling of endgame...And I respect u for that.
All the best for spiderman far from home