Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

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Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.
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_ksvergaz /
_ksvergaz / - 19 sekunder sedan
A Hardener
A Hardener - 20 sekunder sedan
Chris Turner
Chris Turner - 27 sekunder sedan
Finish half life 2!
TheHRITHIK - 36 sekunder sedan
Everyone: can we have Half Life 3 now?
Valve: introducing Half Life 2.9
D Smoove22
D Smoove22 - 43 sekunder sedan
I can just hear the half life OGs shrieking
Caragea Elvis
Caragea Elvis - 50 sekunder sedan
Maybe you can switch off the vr mode
Ast vom Baum
Ast vom Baum - Minut sedan
I won't be able to play it because it's VR but fuck I'm still kinda happy about this.
Xenowolf Raptor
Xenowolf Raptor - Minut sedan
boys this is it half life 3 (sorta)
PhazonOmega - Minut sedan
Main character talks in a Half-Life game, 0/10.
Tiny Chuck
Tiny Chuck - 2 minuter sedan
They wouldn't create such hi-def models just for a VR game, would they?
The CBD Jester
The CBD Jester - 2 minuter sedan
VR only? That sucks if it is. Don't want to invest in VR that's riddled with prototype / tech demo ware.
The Original Mr E
The Original Mr E - 2 minuter sedan
Why can't you just give us Half-Life 3 instead of fucking about with this shit?
very cool
very cool - 2 minuter sedan
I’m just here waiting for the heavy update
Striker 533
Striker 533 - 2 minuter sedan
I will be here:
Like to remember!
Крассный Статист
Неужели я дождался?! Вентеля!!! Ураааа!!! Я готов расцеловать Гейба!
zeepster - 2 minuter sedan
Woe be us Mouse and Keyboard gamers!! WOE!
Irritable Down syndrome
Irritable Down syndrome - 2 minuter sedan
You've played half life
You've played half life 2: full life
Now welcome to half life alyx: barely alive
Krakadushka Magistvion
Krakadushka Magistvion - 3 minuter sedan
Фигасе, это же русские названия на 0:56 !
Medievo Menes
Medievo Menes - 3 minuter sedan
I thought it was fake when I first saw it
Atojojo - 3 minuter sedan
So the rumor seems to be true. Valve cant count to 3
Forenzyx - 3 minuter sedan
So much for No Nut November
FennecSlurpin • 49 years ago
FennecSlurpin • 49 years ago - 3 minuter sedan
Still dont Half-Life 3
WHITE CHUVAK56 - 3 minuter sedan
pro_ game_destroyer
pro_ game_destroyer - 3 minuter sedan
Great im so happy (but could we get a non vr valve game like mybe portal)
zycane - 3 minuter sedan
I'll go out buy one of those fancy VR googles, right about now!
Andy Quijano
Andy Quijano - 4 minuter sedan
They should of just made a new left for dead
anirban bhattacharya
anirban bhattacharya - 4 minuter sedan
This comes out March 2020. Does this mean after this we have to wait another 15 years till 2035 for the next part?
WeenyDeanee - 4 minuter sedan
Well, time to replay all the half life games again...
I-Neternet - 4 minuter sedan
Holy shit I thought halflife died cause I ain't herd news bout a new game
Raphpower-S - 4 minuter sedan
I always love VR story games
But this one....
Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor - 4 minuter sedan
TF_FanBoy FourTeen
TF_FanBoy FourTeen - 4 minuter sedan
We asked we got it and by the way no more half life 3 memes
leandro1 atodogameplay
leandro1 atodogameplay - 5 minuter sedan
Valve finnally just thought how to count 3
Stingray222 - 5 minuter sedan
well it's not Half-Life 3...... disappointed.

good job for real, applause for Valve!
Василий Левин
Василий Левин - 5 minuter sedan
я ждал этого 12 лет!
三日月ブライス - 5 minuter sedan
It's not called 3
SilentGaming - 6 minuter sedan
Half life 3 finally confirmed
(Half life 3rd installment
Actually it’s half life 1.5)
Valve: 🧛🏻‍♂️ 😈
BBarbs - 6 minuter sedan
Coming out in March? We all know what you're doing, valve. Just tell us the game is going to release on March 3rd so people can flip out about the number 3.
DEK Apte
DEK Apte - 6 minuter sedan
Half life 2.5
Kam - 3 minuter sedan
crazzymonkie - 6 minuter sedan
Gentlemen we waited....
..all hail steam!!!!!
Stefan Telefan
Stefan Telefan - 6 minuter sedan
well i was waiting for half life 3 but this is something also is this only in vr or can i play normally aswell
infinitidragon - 6 minuter sedan
Fuck u valve !
Frost - 7 minuter sedan
I guess it's better than nothing...?
Brian_h - 7 minuter sedan
You can pay for likes on a video. You can pay for trending. But you can't make anyone buy your crap game designed to sell VR headsets. Peace out dipshits.
Kinny - 7 minuter sedan
Thank you valve I'm glad to see the half-life franchise still has a (im)pulse(101) after all these years
Shadow_ Sheep
Shadow_ Sheep - 7 minuter sedan
Desinc: Ok so now we gonna do a accelarated bhop down this corridor
Also Desinc: Ok im gonna u this neat trick, what u wanna do is grab this can and just wedge in this door, Ok so what we have done is made a cannon
看屁啊看 - 7 minuter sedan
Half life 3 !?
Nelida Humo Mariscal
Nelida Humo Mariscal - 7 minuter sedan
Pa cuando l4d 3 marranos
Killerkurd46 - 7 minuter sedan
A new Garry’s mod
Niden92 - 7 minuter sedan
This looks dope but makes me so angry. Most of us don't have a VR headset and while we're aware we're not going to get Episode 3 since Marc Laidlaw wrote Epistle 3 on his blog, I'm still both mad and aroused by this spin-off. I guess I'll go cry in a goddamn corner. I hate you and I love you. Fuck you.
ORAORAORAORAORA - 8 minuter sedan
Dovke 11
Dovke 11 - 8 minuter sedan
Everybody: We want half-life 3
Valve: ok
Everybody: *happy
Valve: BUT
Neat-O - 8 minuter sedan
Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we've all been waiting for
Roma Kalashnikov
Roma Kalashnikov - 9 minuter sedan
1, 2, 2.1, 2.2... Alyx
TheBrightSide OfTheSun
TheBrightSide OfTheSun - 9 minuter sedan
Ey we found half life 3 in area51
André Luis
André Luis - 9 minuter sedan
Prequel+VR title, its like they want to rub salt on the wound
ChrisTheVr - 9 minuter sedan
BUSTER BUNNY - 9 minuter sedan
No real Half-life ?
cherry rowlands
cherry rowlands - 10 minuter sedan
uhhhh this did not happen it was a accsident to do this on youtube
bryan mcpadden
bryan mcpadden - 10 minuter sedan
sooooo Half-life 3?