Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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فوان محمد
فوان محمد - 26 minuter sedan
Holy crap!!! this guy looks like John Wick
Thomes Maisling
Thomes Maisling - 28 minuter sedan
Good to see he's a real person, not one of those pretentious grinning luvvies that half of hollywood seems to be.
taimour Ch
taimour Ch - 29 minuter sedan
Anybody here for dog killing comment
Danang Dwi
Danang Dwi - 29 minuter sedan
Ally Dawn
Ally Dawn - 30 minuter sedan
I so love him
Aidan Pacifico
Aidan Pacifico - 30 minuter sedan
"those bikes those people those pirates i think touched that 10 year old kid in a way" keanu reeves-2019
Jason Smith
Jason Smith - 32 minuter sedan
4:52 Keanu I can relate.
Alikhan Talgatov
Alikhan Talgatov - 48 minuter sedan
*I didn't know Jesus likes Motorcycles*
Alikhan Talgatov
Alikhan Talgatov - 49 minuter sedan
*Keanu Reeves looks like Jesus*
tongoio - 56 minuter sedan
I know that feeling Keanu.. The raw feel of that old British twin cylinder, the smell of the petrol and oil, and yes the pining for something lost when you haven't ridden for so long.. I know, I rode a T120V Bonneville in the 80's. Way cool man
Gustavo Vega
Gustavo Vega - 58 minuter sedan
2019 1s It is amazing. How much it cost? I love it
blarblablarblar - Timme sedan
Oh he's Canadian. No wonder he's not a nut.
Adil Özdemir
Adil Özdemir - Timme sedan
turkish language pls bro
TheDrAkira - Timme sedan
Amazing guy Keanu and a humble person.
puchu - Timme sedan
There are actors and there are actors who are people.
Albert kipkosgei
Albert kipkosgei - Timme sedan
So sad you don't have a kawasaki ninja
puchu - Timme sedan
Really honest video.
007redmist - Timme sedan
I was lucky to have met this guy at GoodWood!..his passion and knowledge for motorcycles really shone through.
Too Forest 2
Too Forest 2 - Timme sedan
Did he need to introduce himself?
Hi I'm.. actually you probably know me.
Francis Lopez
Francis Lopez - Timme sedan
Subtítulos en español, por favor.
Jason Davis
Jason Davis - Timme sedan
I feel the same way Keanu Reeves feel. Riding a motorcycle gives me a sense of freedom. And clears my stress.
Oscar Healy
Oscar Healy - Timme sedan
that prototype is dope
Barbary Lion
Barbary Lion - Timme sedan
This guy is so cool man i like him so much he looks like the guy in john wick and the matrix.
Ooowh he is realy it he must make more videos like this very good
Antoine Halik
Antoine Halik - 2 timmar sedan
this guy is completely crazy about motorcycles;)
Rendy Massie
Rendy Massie - 2 timmar sedan
where is the DOG? Mr.Wick?
Taren Cummins
Taren Cummins - 2 timmar sedan
“I touched that 10 year old kid in a way”
Matt H
Matt H - 2 timmar sedan
Jason martin
Jason martin - 2 timmar sedan
how can you not love this man. he is a gift to us and we must protect him at all cost.
Axiniya Axiniya
Axiniya Axiniya - 2 timmar sedan
cool toys for cool boys
Anurodh Amatya monkey gang
Anurodh Amatya monkey gang - 2 timmar sedan
John wick
EnjoyTheSilenc3 - 2 timmar sedan
I don't watch many of his movies except John Wick, but I love him as a human.. what a great guy
EnjoyTheSilenc3 - Timme sedan
+Axiniya Axiniya I know he has some good movies, but for some reason I can't watch them, I think it's because his character doesn't change much.
Axiniya Axiniya
Axiniya Axiniya - 2 timmar sedan
He has many good movies except love story and romance)))
Jimmy McGill
Jimmy McGill - 2 timmar sedan
In what way did those motor cyclists touch that 10 year old kid, Keanu? Should we be concerned?
aguaviva - 3 timmar sedan
When he pretends he is remembering when he bought his first motorbike "it was 86,87?" Dude, it's in the script!!
The Kydbye
The Kydbye - 3 timmar sedan
This Kenau guy looks exactly like John Wick
Sasha k
Sasha k - 3 timmar sedan
If you want a actual sport bike get a zx10 or a r1 or even if you a strange a cbr but don't waste your money on this
Nebeski Svod
Nebeski Svod - 3 timmar sedan
Pre svega,dobar covek.
Andre - 3 timmar sedan
Adam Miller
Adam Miller - 3 timmar sedan
I like the way he didn’t want to patronise young people at the end.
Zubair Hussain
Zubair Hussain - 3 timmar sedan
Wulf den is that you?
Krishnanunni Gireesh
Krishnanunni Gireesh - 3 timmar sedan
I see Keanu Reeves, I click.
james mattice
james mattice - 3 timmar sedan
Hollywood,Who still believes all this made up bullcrap? Are you still buying this Koolaid in 2019?
Jason Rees
Jason Rees - 3 timmar sedan
where does someone go to honor their warranty ??????????? check-up's
Lluis Pascual
Lluis Pascual - 3 timmar sedan
I cannot understand why there is a single "dislike" in this video... Humans...
chockybones - 3 timmar sedan
As I watched this I kept thinking that in some alternate universe John Britton didn't get cancer and some stupid rich 'wise old man' said to him "I'm gonna give you a full workshop and a blank check...make what ever you want!"
A. Antares
A. Antares - 3 timmar sedan
Can i get one
Marc kudjick
Marc kudjick - 3 timmar sedan
Keanu Reeves charisma is out of this world
OlympusHeavyCavalry - 3 timmar sedan
Cool :-)
Ayoshimo A
Ayoshimo A - 3 timmar sedan
I have think he drive Bus and Train
Maya A. Morella
Maya A. Morella - 3 timmar sedan
; ) normal guy xx
John Olbison
John Olbison - 3 timmar sedan
Shame he thinks a Commando has a featherbed frame. 😏
William Church
William Church - 3 timmar sedan
i like to pretend hedidnt know wachowski bros stole he matrix they created nothing
Aaron Emmanuel
Aaron Emmanuel - 3 timmar sedan
Neo was here.
Stuart Doyle
Stuart Doyle - 3 timmar sedan
Calm down with the slide show effect.
Galang Pandhu Erlangga
Galang Pandhu Erlangga - 3 timmar sedan
Babayega 🔥
金健 - 3 timmar sedan
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Дмитрий Кошелев
Day, when I meet Keanu in Russia - best day in my life:))
Maikal _
Maikal _ - 3 timmar sedan
KR hero!!!
... 2019 is savage; PR person please!
nunya business
nunya business - 3 timmar sedan
I find him arrogant and smug It’s funny listening to them talk about how people learn how to ride motorcycles when they are being trained by some of the greatest things in the world it’s easy to learn anything when you have the best coordinators, best stunt directors, best stunt coordinators you know when everything is handed to you on the Silverspoon and platter life is very easy.
Virgile Foubet
Virgile Foubet - 3 timmar sedan
Why is Keanu that sympathic ??
Дмитрий Зенков
Дмитрий Зенков - 3 timmar sedan
Круто!Не смог дождаться русской озвучки))
Bella - 4 timmar sedan
The most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen
MrEndrius79 - 4 timmar sedan
And one of best dark/noir/depressed anti-hero actor becomes like an enthusiastic child of his toys :D
Jimmy Crackerlacking
Jimmy Crackerlacking - 4 timmar sedan
Could he be any cooler.... Nope. God bless you keaunu
Bruce Aragon
Bruce Aragon - 4 timmar sedan
Moment the Key Maker gave Trinity a key to that Ducati and drove it off the lift of a was game over after that. I own a 1199 Panigale but don't have my Trinity though. It's a one seater! !!!!!
Csirkefoga - 4 timmar sedan
Keanu could sell me a bike, even if I was not looking to buy! The passion comes through!! Take note mediocre motorcycle dealers! 🤣
Rory Frankson
Rory Frankson - 4 timmar sedan
How do you know when your a collector? When your a part of the percentage that can afford to do so, like Keanu earn enough to follow his passion and, need for speed!
Bob Duhig
Bob Duhig - 4 timmar sedan
He comes across as ordinary guy who loves life and motorcycles . Top bloke .
C0ffee - 4 timmar sedan
Need to try a Arch one day. Look’s fun to ride
M - 4 timmar sedan
flex on us then ok keanu
SteliosG - 4 timmar sedan
His passion started when this girl showed him how to ride the bike. Imagine if she wouldn’t.
2010 i saw a kid staring at my motocross with his parents. I left my friends in the cafeteria, went there and asked the kid if he wants to climb up. He did. And then I turned it on. He had a big smile on his face. He is probably with a bike now. 😅
Vinny Prada
Vinny Prada - 4 timmar sedan
I feel like I'm listening to john wick's hippie brother Keanu talk about his motorcycles.
Kris W
Kris W - 4 timmar sedan
Thank you
Kyel Calland
Kyel Calland - 4 timmar sedan
Respected this man for decades but geez dude ease off on the botox to the forehead.
Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe - 4 timmar sedan
If he ever gave me a hug I’d never let go.. it’d be Keanu, and his tumor.
isthatants - 4 timmar sedan
Imagine him running over his dog and blaming his motorcycle 😂
Charon Underground
Charon Underground - 4 timmar sedan
Sorry Neo, but most your movies sucks !
Arijit Hazra
Arijit Hazra - 4 timmar sedan
Shmi Ron
Shmi Ron - 4 timmar sedan
He never ages.
Baz Irvine
Baz Irvine - 4 timmar sedan
Really good advice at the end there. Keanu cares. Ride safe.
MilkMan. - 4 timmar sedan
i really want the krgt-1 it is the only fossil fuel veichle i want :D
Bob Mobile Gaming
Bob Mobile Gaming - 4 timmar sedan
He sounded so excited and passionate when talking about bikes.
Dei Mudda
Dei Mudda - 4 timmar sedan
"He" needs big expensive toy to compensate because "he" was assfucked as a boy!
Rolando Santa Ana
Rolando Santa Ana - 4 timmar sedan
Yup me too!! I would like to have a beer with him as well as ride!! Got a 2015 Suzuki gsxr 750 but only in NY!!! Be safe riding there Keanu Reeves!!!
friktion rc
friktion rc - 5 timmar sedan
someone needs to introduce him to Guy thinks they'd get on well...even though not sure he would completely understand Guy's accent and love of the brew🤣🤣🤣
Felipe Jaen Apartment
Felipe Jaen Apartment - 5 timmar sedan
A super bike like the R1, Kawa ZX10 (ninja) is almost the same than a moto GP. The point is in the same way that we are not Keanu Reeves (actor movies) we are not Marques (mortorbike rider) in order to be able to fully use it.
Keanu Reeves if you decide to visit Spain my Z1000 is sleeping in the garage in case that you are willing to wake it up ;-)
Cole konotopski
Cole konotopski - 5 timmar sedan
"Touched that 10 year old kid in a way" ahahah but hes deadass my favorite actor
Алексей Орлов
Алексей Орлов - 5 timmar sedan
катнул бы на дукати из матрицы
Franco Subatomic bass
Franco Subatomic bass - 5 timmar sedan
Como estan esas motoss
Marco Viloria
Marco Viloria - 5 timmar sedan
In a motorcycle you are little more vulnerable... so the stakes are higher... which I LIKE
- John Wick --------> Parabellum in Cinemas May 15 2019
Chamito Tremus
Chamito Tremus - 5 timmar sedan
Great Collection Mr Reevees you should by the New BMW S1000 RR And get all the Fun
Awesome bikes wil go SEE Some Old movies like speed
Wauw great video
Olibara Hosasa
Olibara Hosasa - 5 timmar sedan
Something looks a little off on him. After all that misery in his life, did he became an alcoholic? There's something a little slower about him and his voice sounds different.
Mike M
Mike M - 5 timmar sedan
Great motorcycle
Daft Puddin
Daft Puddin - 5 timmar sedan
The world needs more Keanus
Lance Diel
Lance Diel - 5 timmar sedan
John wick's flexin video
InkFlux - 5 timmar sedan
I saw CaptainSparklez
Kay Mutua
Kay Mutua - 5 timmar sedan
sad keanu is happy keanu around Arch Motorbikes...
william nicholas
william nicholas - 5 timmar sedan
Love this guy, always liked his laid back mellow attitude, sweet perosn =)
andy laye
andy laye - 5 timmar sedan
Have Fun! And learn in a field...😉
Alberto Sancho
Alberto Sancho - 5 timmar sedan
At least we know what he spends his money for
AndreMaddog - 5 timmar sedan
If i steel keanu's motorcycle, is that a good idea?