Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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wopwopkross - 2 minuter sedan
Beautiful motorcycles
sly violet
sly violet - 22 minuter sedan
He is so passionate about motorcycles and you can see that he fan boys about them too. Give this man a Motogp motorcycle! He deserves it.
Proverbs FourTwenty
Proverbs FourTwenty - 37 minuter sedan
yet after keanu's girlfriend was killed keanu started to not look like keanu. notice carefully that this actor doing this interview has very crooked bottom teeth. check out this early picture frame of the real keanu at about :09 in the video. if you believe this guy in the interview is the real keanu, did keanu take out his previously straight lower teeth and replace them with crooked ones then??
Lasciel - Timme sedan
Imagine someone setting up a motocycle and he messes up. The other worker stares at him like hes a dead man.. ''that's John Wicks Bike.''

Guy laughs thinking hes joking... Keanu roles up..
Ismael Mendez
Ismael Mendez - 5 timmar sedan
They ride amazing
IranianDude - 5 timmar sedan
"they touched a ten year old kid in a way", my oh my.
Dylan Li
Dylan Li - 6 timmar sedan
he essentially said "sometimes I follow the rules, sometimes I don't... oops.." he's the best
The Hylander
The Hylander - 7 timmar sedan
Where did the bikers touch him?
Benjamin Wojcik
Benjamin Wojcik - 7 timmar sedan
Motorcycles and Keanu.....I could watch this all day.
Joshua Bartlett
Joshua Bartlett - 15 timmar sedan
Keanu came to my Dads company a couple of years ago, Michelin US1 in SC. Was kinda cool I thought.
King Aragorn II
King Aragorn II - 15 timmar sedan
🌟 *Have you ever wondered that if he sold his soul to the devil for a career that'll change his life around since he was a kid. And the price is his loved ones, because the devil chucked him and wanted more...?*
Edit: It's a question that keeps bugging me... And no, I'm not trying to be rude.
Alain Lazar Osipov
Alain Lazar Osipov - 15 timmar sedan
You're breathtaking!!
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - Timme sedan
No you are breathtaking... 🤣🤣
motiv - 17 timmar sedan
cloned keanu
The Sandman
The Sandman - 18 timmar sedan
I want a motorcycle now
Phaethon Prime
Phaethon Prime - 18 timmar sedan
"With a f**king pencil. Ffft. Ffft. Ffft. ;)
Jay Simons
Jay Simons - 19 timmar sedan
Sound advise bud.
David Lopez-Palmerin
David Lopez-Palmerin - 22 timmar sedan
lol is it just me or did he not seem happy when he said he rode in john wick 3 haha
Kole Skalabiter
Kole Skalabiter - Dag sedan
I'm already wet
Like a Gamer
Like a Gamer - Dag sedan
Thia method 143 is breathtaking.
BUXB - Dag sedan
Would have been nice to see the other side of the 143. Make a belt drive bike, dude. Chains suck.
Born Fly
Born Fly - Dag sedan
the memes are a lie lol
Tanveer Rahman
Tanveer Rahman - Dag sedan
John Wick plays Keanu Reeves really well
Ivan Fjeldsted
Ivan Fjeldsted - Dag sedan
80 grand for an aluminum engine...? Maybe Reeves isn't as nice as we thought.
patchR - Dag sedan
He is so breathtaking
MTBEERWAH - Dag sedan
Yeah...he's a good lad..
meatandbeer - Dag sedan
keanu makes me question myself
Dagger - الخنجر
Dagger - الخنجر - Dag sedan
What happened to "he's the only celebrity without a castle" and "he takes the subway train instead of a limo"
Antonis JPD
Antonis JPD - Dag sedan
A truly breathtaking video
bombud1 - Dag sedan
first bike i ever rode was a '93 FJ1200. first time on a bike, road it round in the parking lot for about 30 minutes. then took off on a 6 hours ride to Panama City.
Hana Di
Hana Di - Dag sedan
How is he still single
Namer - Dag sedan
if you're not gonna start out the right way as he says, only other advice is DON'T DIE
Rogue Lurker
Rogue Lurker - Dag sedan
first thing to do on my list is to get an arch
Milagros Morales
Milagros Morales - 2 dagar sedan
Bambi Wooten
Bambi Wooten - 2 dagar sedan
I've never driven a motorcycle, but watched the entire thing because I got to see KR talk. Yeah, right?!
Gfx Grafix
Gfx Grafix - 2 dagar sedan
GQ should do a keanu reeves dogs episode that would be so cool if he had a dog in real life
Lisa Fredell
Lisa Fredell - 2 dagar sedan
I Love You Keanu
dave k
dave k - 2 dagar sedan
Bit disappointed reading all the comments.. no one mentions the motorcycles. Just a bunch of beta males going on about how they'd like to bum Keanu. So sad!
Constant Anxiety
Constant Anxiety - 2 dagar sedan
"I touched that 10 year old kid in a way"
Sara Huang
Sara Huang - 2 dagar sedan
is it just me, or is he saying 'three' weirdly...??
Mr.Chair - 2 dagar sedan
Yeah you are cool but are you KeanuReevesridingmotorcycle-cool? 💺😁😁😁
Dylon Lord
Dylon Lord - 2 dagar sedan
Joe Rogan needs to do a podcast with Keanu
Sub2Pewdiepiee - 2 dagar sedan
I didn't know Keanu have a company in some years i'm going to buy a motorcycle, guess where (I hope so, i live in Europe)
bee22r - 2 dagar sedan
Me: I like Keanu Reeves.
Also Me: I like motorcycles.
The video: I will not be a disappointment for you
Samantha Friginal
Samantha Friginal - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves fanboying about his motorcycles is so precious
Chris Neill
Chris Neill - 2 dagar sedan
Amazing looking bikes. Seen a few and by far these looks to me are just wow, breathtaking. Bike one day when I am able to fund a bike will be one of those beauties.
Ben Snyder
Ben Snyder - 3 timmar sedan
These bikes are slated as the wealthy individuals motorcycle. Lowest price is around 75,000. Hope you make it big! Motorcycles are a blast.
SUP4H0T : - 2 dagar sedan
GQ wil not ping this
Socialishere - 2 dagar sedan
Breathtaking Man
Gary Palmer
Gary Palmer - 2 dagar sedan
Well done Keanu
ghost player
ghost player - 2 dagar sedan
Cast this guy as a Ghost Rider PLEASE
Juuli bun
Juuli bun - 2 dagar sedan
More than Tree
Aaron Ramsay
Aaron Ramsay - 2 dagar sedan
Why don't he do Top Gear motorcycle version...I would watch it just to look at him explaining things.
Fatal_Gaming - 2 dagar sedan
Who doesn’t love this guy. He’s an amazing person. 👍
Kole Skalabiter
Kole Skalabiter - Dag sedan
Love him!
Amel Mekic
Amel Mekic - 2 dagar sedan
Duke Caboom is real lol
Pparg Whitemore
Pparg Whitemore - 2 dagar sedan
WhereismyRamen - 2 dagar sedan
you are breath taking
Will Kelly
Will Kelly - 2 dagar sedan
we don’t deserve keanu reeves
Unnecessarily Loud
Unnecessarily Loud - 2 dagar sedan
Arch stocks gonna skyrocket now lmao
Goliath Gaming
Goliath Gaming - 2 dagar sedan
Haha 14m views!! Keanu you tha man!
Anttics - 3 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves is the ultimate dude. A moral man with a crystal clear reputation. respect for that guy. I do not like bikes that much, but like gilbert grape said below. its Keanu Reeves
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher - 3 dagar sedan
hes breath-
allan avalos
allan avalos - 3 dagar sedan
No wonder how Duke Caboom got inspired.
543297 - 3 dagar sedan
stiffmeister0hYeah - 3 dagar sedan
You can tell it's a new video. Jorge Lorenzo is riding the Honda RC213V when he's talking about bikes he wants to ride.
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez - 3 dagar sedan
Everyone come to my channel and subscribe and like my motorcycle/ car build videos!
IM BLUE - 3 dagar sedan
B0NGIS - 3 dagar sedan
the bikers touched that ten year old kid in a way? PedoBear
A little fun fact:he talked in this 12minute video more than the entire john wick franchise.
zurran00 - 3 dagar sedan
how many arms and legs to buy?
IM BLUE - 3 dagar sedan
SheikaDeivie - 3 dagar sedan
I'm a simple man, I see Keanu Reeves i click.
Koala - 3 dagar sedan
True passion right there.
Always nice to see Keanu.
Sens Army
Sens Army - 3 dagar sedan
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You don't care about motorcycles
You just came for Keanu
IM BLUE - 2 dagar sedan
@Sens Army no one is going to say that it rhymed
Sens Army
Sens Army - 2 dagar sedan
@IM BLUE 😂 Man you kill me. Ask anybody if mine rhymed. They'll tell you it did. Why don't you go back to school or do something more productive than hate on people's SEzone comments.
IM BLUE - 2 dagar sedan
@Sens Army yours either
Sens Army
Sens Army - 2 dagar sedan
@IM BLUE Didn't rhyme, but good try though.
Eric Tselovanskyi
Eric Tselovanskyi - 3 dagar sedan
they look sick dude
Ian Eickel
Ian Eickel - 3 dagar sedan
Okay as a bike enthusiast these bikes look proper. Id love to see more of them. I love the modernized caferacer look while the harley features are still there. Like the fat rear tire.
For Life For Freedom
For Life For Freedom - 3 dagar sedan
Me: Deathly afraid of motorcycles
Keanu: Would you like to ride on a motorcycle?
Me: Duh
Christian Rivera
Christian Rivera - 3 dagar sedan
0:30 that could be taken outta context these days lol
IM BLUE - 3 dagar sedan
Supokana TM
Supokana TM - 3 dagar sedan
Everyone saying he looks do young! HES Immortal, Duh!
IM BLUE - 3 dagar sedan
you can't meme a meme as Pewdiepie said
Luthfian Jauhari
Luthfian Jauhari - 3 dagar sedan
Luthfian Jauhari
Luthfian Jauhari - 2 dagar sedan
IM BLUE the GQ parody
IM BLUE - 3 dagar sedan
wth is this?
Michael Bringloe
Michael Bringloe - 3 dagar sedan
The dictionary should define cool as: "Keanu Reeves"
Lijevi Desni
Lijevi Desni - 3 dagar sedan
4:52 I can relate...
Angeline Monceaux
Angeline Monceaux - 3 dagar sedan
I just love the Commando, beautiful
殺人Mxrder - 3 dagar sedan
jhon wick fortnite guy
IM BLUE - 3 dagar sedan
M - 3 dagar sedan
That prototype gonna fry your left leg
Kristijonas Doveika
Kristijonas Doveika - 3 dagar sedan
Somebody get this guy a Moto GP bike .... please!
Marcus Conn
Marcus Conn - 3 dagar sedan
Have fun, take the safety course... and ware a helmet!
Papy - 3 dagar sedan
It's a life long dream to get taught how to ride motorcycle by keanu.
Tyler the G
Tyler the G - 3 dagar sedan
I really hope Keanu Reeves plays guitar because I'd love to see his collection lmao
karan shetty
karan shetty - 3 dagar sedan
He does play bass guitar! (If you dint already know!)
NorthWest Nerds
NorthWest Nerds - 3 dagar sedan
I love this man.😍
K. Alex Rivera
K. Alex Rivera - 3 dagar sedan
As a person who manufacturers at 9:35 I would of stole this concept idea. BUT because is Keanu Reeves I can't.
Boat Murdered
Boat Murdered - 3 dagar sedan
Ride like you're invisible. Never try to take "the right of way", because it's better to let it go and live, than to "be right" and dead. Learning on the dirt first gives you a HUGE advantage as far as being skilled enough that when you hit the street you will be able to focus 99.99% of your attention on what car drivers are doing, which will save your life. You will also have the advantage of making the correct brake/swerve reaction without spending crucial time thinking about it. You will have near instant reaction time, which will save your life.
Brett Kelley
Brett Kelley - 3 dagar sedan
Salil Bhatnagar
Salil Bhatnagar - 3 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves is the face of God
Benjamin Ricci
Benjamin Ricci - 3 dagar sedan
You wanna know why it's impossible to hate Keanu? Watch about 10 seconds after 4:52
Carl Trano
Carl Trano - 4 dagar sedan
Don’t care what anyone saids about this guy. He is dam cool and he is not a bad actor as well😎
Liliana Robles Ramírez
Liliana Robles Ramírez - 4 dagar sedan
In my country, when you told your mother you'd like to buy a motorcycle, she'd usually reply, "And your coffin? What color would you like it to be?" haha Then you see that a couple of relatives have been badly injured and even died on motorbike accidents and start to get mamma's wisdom until you say, 'you gotta be crazy to ride one'.
However, I can feel so much passion in his words that I'm tempted to forget about my inceptioned fears and challenge myself with "a small cc"to begin with.
Also I've decided to start reading. Good readings.
Passion is contagious!
Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan - 4 dagar sedan
It's only money.
Liliana Robles Ramírez
Liliana Robles Ramírez - 4 dagar sedan
Withdrawal: the syndrome of often painful physical and psychological symptoms that follows discontinuance of an addicting drug.
Alex Mester
Alex Mester - 4 dagar sedan
Someone give this man a medal! he's awesome
Ant Man
Ant Man - 4 dagar sedan
Forget his motorcycle collection, I want to see his gun collection! 😁
Abhishek Bansal
Abhishek Bansal - 4 dagar sedan
6:17 and 6:31. His testosterone at 54 is higher than mine.
Palindrome - 4 dagar sedan
Duke Caboom
Jibshoo - 4 dagar sedan
Motorcycles show their most prized rider