Scarlett Johansson Tries To Not Spoil Avengers While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 14 dagar sedan
From Gordon Ramsay to Scarlett Johansson, what a season it's been! Thanks for all the support, spice lords. Season recap, more specials, and a brand-new season coming before you can say "this camera, that camera..."
TheTruth - Timme sedan
Jackie Chan would be legendary.
L Verez
L Verez - 4 timmar sedan
I ship Sean and Scarlett!
Swordking Master00
Swordking Master00 - 13 timmar sedan
Try getting the police department to do that first we feast on HOT ONES
Angel Sanjose Carlos
Angel Sanjose Carlos - 15 timmar sedan
we need @Jeffree Star heeeeereee!
Jeff Prost
Jeff Prost - Dag sedan
You should add Hank Sauce Honey Habanero sauce for next season. This hot sauce is fantastic!
Dave Dumas
Dave Dumas - Timme sedan
if pigs could fly how Delicious would their wings be
Nora Girl
Nora Girl - Timme sedan
These huge glasses of iced whter always make me soooo thirsty...
GusM1973 - Timme sedan
Avengers Endgame was amazing! Bring tissues, so many tears. Damn!
bigwilly919 - Timme sedan
ScarJo sitting on a whole lot of cake lowkey
TheTruth - Timme sedan
I wanna see Jackie Chan
machomandave - Timme sedan
14:50 too weird
ceren - Timme sedan
Kobe Lerat-Yew
Kobe Lerat-Yew - 2 timmar sedan
Let’s get Lil Dicky!!!
Laura Segura
Laura Segura - 2 timmar sedan
Love scarlett! Shes so cute and love her voice! Such a smart talented woman.
Perverted Podcast
Perverted Podcast - 2 timmar sedan
Scarlett = 1,000,000 scoville
Da Schmd
Da Schmd - 2 timmar sedan
Need to get Jason Momoa on this, dude is a character
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas - 2 timmar sedan
I wonder if Sean's speech got to her because she's been struggling with the fact that Captain Marvel got to be the first Marvel movie centered around a woman even though she's dedicated blood sweat and tears for almost 10 years to this franchise.
At least she can have this though. She gets to be the first Marvel actor to beat Hot Ones. And so she almost cried.
faithfullmess - 3 timmar sedan
Bravo FWF 💕 Bravo 💕
Wavy Bravo
Wavy Bravo - 3 timmar sedan
Abhilash Kr
Abhilash Kr - 3 timmar sedan
God she's so perfect, I can look at her all day! 😍😋 And I started feeling bad after Da Bomb.
CallMeCaleb - 3 timmar sedan
25:06 after watching Endgame this makes everything much more sad!!!!
John Dew
John Dew - 3 timmar sedan
She is the definition of perfection
Manda Panda G
Manda Panda G - 3 timmar sedan
Seriously, she's fucking amazing. One of the most beautiful woman in the world and she's so down to earth. When he mentioned he didn't have bread, beer or rice she could have given him the shitty rice 😂 but she shared her beer with him. And when she asked him to hold her hand... Even I held my breath for a second lol I already planned on seeing End Game tomorrow but I for sure am now lol love her. Do your thing Sean!
Ace Von
Ace Von - 4 timmar sedan
TacklessNebula3 - 4 timmar sedan
Sean... please request NETFLIX to post Hot Ones up, one of my favorite show. Thank You!
- Love from Vancouver, Canada
DENIS MITRANI - 4 timmar sedan
ironman dies, cap is old caused by a time machine, and tony stark snaped with all infinity stones and killed Thanos and his army
Big Pickle Toucher
Big Pickle Toucher - 3 timmar sedan
and she doesn't come back, and tony stark has a daughter and then dies leaving happy to raise the daughter with pepper potts who comes to fight the aliens in the rescue iron man suit
Big Pickle Toucher
Big Pickle Toucher - 3 timmar sedan
OH and I almost forgot! Natasha Romanov gets yeeted off the soul stone cliff so hawkeye can get the soul stone
Big Pickle Toucher
Big Pickle Toucher - 3 timmar sedan
Don't forget that they go back in time and bring everyone to life using ant man's tech and alter the universe bringing back gamora and the old psychic bald lady from doctor strange, and bruce banner becomes one with the hulk and merges permanently and cripples his arm when he used the nano tech infinity gauntlet and thor becomes a fat alcoholic who is severely depressed oh and he goes back in time and talks to his mum on asgard while stealing an infinity stone that possessed jane in the movie: thor the dark world.
Amorr Rroma
Amorr Rroma - 4 timmar sedan
take a lap Scarlet🤣🤣🤣
X-Factor Fitness
X-Factor Fitness - 4 timmar sedan
I think I’m getting burnt out on this show
Amanda Collins
Amanda Collins - 4 timmar sedan
"Are memes the ones that move?" Hahah. Honey, that's a gif. So cute.
WizManBallin - 4 timmar sedan
19:56 - Thanks Scarlett. More reasons to make you? Wifey.
Musa Serim
Musa Serim - 4 timmar sedan
Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Jessica Marie Baumgartner - 4 timmar sedan
I'm training for this show
WizManBallin - 4 timmar sedan
Scarlett = Wifey
Hari Menon
Hari Menon - 5 timmar sedan
15:30 when your girlfriend gives head for the first time
Aeorsyn - 5 timmar sedan
DTS - 5 timmar sedan
Y’all a bunch of horny ass niggas in the comment section.
Johnathan Hobbs
Johnathan Hobbs - 5 timmar sedan
I now understand why KD said he'll drink her bath water
Esmee Hulskamp
Esmee Hulskamp - 5 timmar sedan
DrummerGrrrl - 5 timmar sedan
Stupid comment by the host about carbs...chicken wings aren't carbs, dumb-ass! Protein, yes.
Ender Zerpa
Ender Zerpa - 5 timmar sedan
she ask him to hold her hand.... thats no luck, thats hard work... 8 seasons.... you deserved Sean congratulations.... you can die in peace now
Bring Ryan Reynolds!!!!
Aevoh - 5 timmar sedan
“Do memes move?” Ah she’s so cute
Clash Miller
Clash Miller - 6 timmar sedan
Glenn Danzig! Lol good luck getting that one. Impossible.
Clash Miller
Clash Miller - 6 timmar sedan
Fred Armison!!!!
Clash Miller
Clash Miller - 6 timmar sedan
Please get Conan O’Brien!!!!
Anthony Saavedra
Anthony Saavedra - 6 timmar sedan
I though it was tfue
Yeet - 6 timmar sedan
Have you seen the film chef??
Temtham Chuawiwat
Temtham Chuawiwat - 6 timmar sedan
please dont spoil the Endgame in the comments
don't be retard ...
Kareem Abdullah
Kareem Abdullah - 6 timmar sedan
Yo for Season 9 they should get Robert Downey Jr. on here!!! He would probably be funny as hell on hot ones!
Heather Olson
Heather Olson - 6 timmar sedan
How many food items are on hand, and how many have to be procured in a moment's notice? Ever tried to run to a corner store, or is the building pretty well prepared with food?
Jenna Sanchez
Jenna Sanchez - 6 timmar sedan
How did she not get ANYTHING on her shirt...
deks räikkönen
deks räikkönen - 6 timmar sedan
Anyone else think that Kerry Washington and Scarlett might actually be the same person? they even sound so similar; I love them both.
iambiggus - 6 timmar sedan
I’d feel sorry for the air atoms that I punched out of the way in order to hold her hand as quickly as possible.
MrApoc89 - 6 timmar sedan
This guy has the greatest job ever, getting to conversate with people and it's hilarious eating spicy food with people and seeing how they take it.
Sheo of Isles
Sheo of Isles - 6 timmar sedan
i bet she doesnt know about the Hulk+Nata meme
Rotom -
Rotom - - 6 timmar sedan
She's so hot😍😍❤(sorry hot sauce jajaa)
Chloe Ojeda
Chloe Ojeda - 6 timmar sedan
Her slow decline into throwing in random babbling under the stress of these wings is so relatable.
Margaret Elizabeth Carter
Margaret Elizabeth Carter - 7 timmar sedan
I love how much of an internet baby she is
Cecilia S*
Cecilia S* - 7 timmar sedan
she's adorable 😍
MemoryFoam - 7 timmar sedan
Anibal Lopez
Anibal Lopez - 7 timmar sedan
Mamacita yawza ohh .. ok hot that out of my system. I think the rest of the Avengers need to tackle this Hot wings.. Mark Ruffalo .. Chris Hemswortb and Chris Evans.. Robert Downey.. Jeremy Renner, Elisabeth Olsen ... all the Avengers I’m sure I’m not the only one that would like to see them...
Shri Ninja
Shri Ninja - 7 timmar sedan
she died
because it was too spicy
jean simon
jean simon - 7 timmar sedan
This is such a great show! your interviews are fresh, deep and relevant. Thank you so much! I'm also glad I got to meet you in Vegas!
germ - 7 timmar sedan
when she said she needs something to catch her drool.... I would've volunteered my mouth
KayZ - 7 timmar sedan
She dies
freakindamnshiki - 7 timmar sedan
god damn this had to be probably the best day is Shaun's carreer, hold Scarlett hand, printed memes to her, shared a beer and some wings, dude's on top of the world xD
Gabe Price
Gabe Price - 8 timmar sedan
You should get Michelle Wie on this show.
capitalised - 8 timmar sedan
rest in peace Black Widow.
Henrique Oliveira
Henrique Oliveira - 8 timmar sedan
Definitely a hot one.
Louise De la vallie'rel
Louise De la vallie'rel - 8 timmar sedan
24:58 I feel like she isn’t only crying because of the hot sauce.
Her voice cracks when she said “go see the avengers endgame”
P.S. did anyone had also watched endgame already? ;)
tyler cummings
tyler cummings - 8 timmar sedan
I just wish she’d sit on my face.
amancalledcraig - 8 timmar sedan
It is not funny. Da bomb sauce is a dick move. It isn't funny or tough. Just pure dickhead. Thus.. dickhead. Subs down.
Benny G
Benny G - 8 timmar sedan
My God she's perfect. Damn you Sean
Elisabeth Lalita
Elisabeth Lalita - 9 timmar sedan
Damn the best interview concept ever
Jay Manese
Jay Manese - 9 timmar sedan
Get Marshmello!
Jacob Valencia
Jacob Valencia - 9 timmar sedan
10:57 Scarlett: “Is that a meme? Or do memes move?”
Sean: “This is awesome “
Ruben Minton
Ruben Minton - 9 timmar sedan
She is far more well rounded than all those chicken wings.
エトデニーズ - 9 timmar sedan
Get Keanu Reeves on this!
Rere Verse
Rere Verse - 9 timmar sedan
25:07 spoiler
Miguel Jara
Miguel Jara - 9 timmar sedan
can't wait for avengers
UnSpotibleShadow - 10 timmar sedan
We need Pewdiepie in Season 9
M J - 10 timmar sedan
Deadpool will be in it!!!! ??
M J - 10 timmar sedan
I love her!
kgkustomz97ser - 10 timmar sedan
and i thought i loved her BEFORE i knew she loved hot wings..... all this time, we were soul mates
Niket kumar
Niket kumar - 11 timmar sedan
What about her asshole
David Baez_
David Baez_ - 11 timmar sedan
Not to be flowery lol, but that moment at the end with Scarlet saying she feels vulnerable made me tear up honestly (its the hot sauce i swear). Avengers is finally coming to an end! So surreal. Sweet spicy moment
Svartalfgeist - 11 timmar sedan
I wish she would eat me.
kurniawan niendraputra
kurniawan niendraputra - 11 timmar sedan
sean's in love with her personality or so it seems, well, who doesnt anw?
Hey Yo
Hey Yo - 12 timmar sedan
She dies and iron man dies plus falcon becomes captain america
Berto - 12 timmar sedan
It’s the pink pants from Ellen...Still a snack
Popcorn - 12 timmar sedan
one of the best episodes I think. Scarlett is a wonderful person and Sean really improved a lot. he held back when he had to and he gave her time to cope. I laughed hard when she said fuck the questions. the pacing was pretty chill and comfy. good job.
Arrowverse_wyonna Earp
Arrowverse_wyonna Earp - 12 timmar sedan
Lau Cortes
Lau Cortes - 12 timmar sedan
Since Scarlet Johansson became a guest in the show, the other cast of the avengers should be here as well!
Douglas - 13 timmar sedan
she's perfect
Swordking Master00
Swordking Master00 - 13 timmar sedan
Get Randy santel
manxmaniac - 13 timmar sedan
Pewdiepie when?
mansonslaughterer - 13 timmar sedan
she doesn't need the hot sauce ;)
Kevin McCusker
Kevin McCusker - 13 timmar sedan
She doesn't die in Endgame.
Roland Dawson
Roland Dawson - 14 timmar sedan
24:50 she wasn’t crying because of the wings. 😂
Ramos RandomVidsTv
Ramos RandomVidsTv - 15 timmar sedan
Black widow dies in Endgame
Mark Urban
Mark Urban - 15 timmar sedan
Wears white top to eat wings...
Angel Sanjose Carlos
Angel Sanjose Carlos - 15 timmar sedan
we need @Jeffree Star hereeeee!!!
bigsexyTDI - 15 timmar sedan
She is literally the perfect human as she consumes hot wings and wants a beer. 😍
Ray Tauteka
Ray Tauteka - 15 timmar sedan
she dies