Scarlett Johansson Tries To Not Spoil Avengers While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 3 månader sedan
From Gordon Ramsay to Scarlett Johansson, what a season it's been! Thanks for all the support, spice lords. Season recap, more specials, and a brand-new season coming before you can say "this camera, that camera..."
Straight Heated
Straight Heated - 4 timmar sedan
First We Feast yuh
Hazyox Obscure
Hazyox Obscure - Dag sedan
500th comment
Andrew M
Andrew M - 17 dagar sedan
So, far better than water or milk, cucumbers.
Vana 4688
Vana 4688 - 24 dagar sedan
1st Avenue Covers
1st Avenue Covers - Månad sedan
Please have scarlett back hehehe
RampantScot - Timme sedan
2:25 as a scottish person, i feel slightly attacked
SoloArchitect - Timme sedan
This woman is so fucking fine!
miles curbelo
miles curbelo - 2 timmar sedan
Get Robert Downey Jr.
Brooke Taylor Williams
Brooke Taylor Williams - 5 timmar sedan
i love this girl
Ten Chong
Ten Chong - 5 timmar sedan
can you call alycia debnam carey on ur show? .HER birthday is coming july 20 .N FAS like to see her in ur show
jay Lauzo
jay Lauzo - 6 timmar sedan
She is so fucking hot😍😍😍
Krab_King 157
Krab_King 157 - 8 timmar sedan
We need Tom Holland on this
James Fralic
James Fralic - 8 timmar sedan
I have to admit, I am 48 and never had hot sauce in my life, very hard to relate to the reaction I see.
YoungBreezzy66 - 8 timmar sedan
“Is that a meme, do memes move? What is that” makes awkward old person face lmao 😂
Pr3ct - 11 timmar sedan
Tin foil has not been manufactured since 1949.
yigit - 17 timmar sedan
i would dick her down till she spoil that shit. no pause.
soubhik basu
soubhik basu - 22 timmar sedan
She is my hot freaking favourite 👍😍🤤
gucci 123
gucci 123 - 23 timmar sedan
Just wanna cum on her face
Nick Lilly
Nick Lilly - Dag sedan
This is the best episode yet!
William Mead
William Mead - Dag sedan
Scarlett is a hottie. I would name a hot sauce after her.
Sir Cabão
Sir Cabão - Dag sedan
i love her
Wade Smalling
Wade Smalling - Dag sedan
God she's awesome! Team Scarlett all the way. Lol!
Eduardo De La Canal
Eduardo De La Canal - Dag sedan
You shared a beer with scarlet. Nice
respected mastermind
respected mastermind - Dag sedan
Poor Scarlet
Dad Sky
Dad Sky - Dag sedan
She has best voice ever
The_Shill_boy - Dag sedan
Get Jason Momoa on the show!!!
CADEA Bui - Dag sedan
Get stark on the show aka iron man😀
Luna_Dei - Dag sedan
1:58 thats Arthurs seat at Hollyrood!
Daniel Meléndez
Daniel Meléndez - Dag sedan
Bring Brie Larson over and make her try Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium.
Jihad Toom
Jihad Toom - Dag sedan
How the hell did Sean not fall in love with her? 🤩
wadellz - Dag sedan
She's chunky as in this but still hot
Kinino - Dag sedan
12:10 "Damn" :)
Josue Osorio
Josue Osorio - Dag sedan
I love how she goes from trying not to curse at the beginning to “tell me what the fuck to expect” at the end 😂
Juan Garnica
Juan Garnica - Dag sedan
She is a hot one...
David Erakovic
David Erakovic - Dag sedan
I can only imagine how painful it must be going out...
julie hothead
julie hothead - Dag sedan
15:29 and 16:35 and 19:56 are just Scarlett kickstarting this generation's puberty.
john chisholm
john chisholm - Dag sedan
She said, " Butt like"....
Just sayin

marcos g
marcos g - 2 dagar sedan
Love her
Great show😀
Lyes Zerari
Lyes Zerari - 2 dagar sedan
I hope she gets to play a hot wing one day :)
Appleblade - 2 dagar sedan
Directors now know how to get the best crying out of her...
Josh Feiny
Josh Feiny - 2 dagar sedan
the thumb trick
Ahmet ÖZTÜRK - 2 dagar sedan
14:47 omg i fell in love
Ken Texican
Ken Texican - 2 dagar sedan
So very cool!
Sinmo S
Sinmo S - 2 dagar sedan
i think she really liked this interview.sean's team asks good questions and not sexist ones that she usually gets.
Spencer32466 - 2 dagar sedan
She’s so fine
edwin farias
edwin farias - 2 dagar sedan
Dang she aged beautifuly wonder how old she is
myles Winchester
myles Winchester - 2 dagar sedan
Corey Taylor please!!!!!!!!!
isidra noyola
isidra noyola - 2 dagar sedan
I’m in love with her
Ethan Kaminski
Ethan Kaminski - 2 dagar sedan
He got to hold Scarlet Johansens hand!!! Lucky
Scott - 2 dagar sedan
Not a shallow out-of-touch Hollywoodite with no humility. She's a humble gift to the arts.
jungle jones
jungle jones - 3 dagar sedan
I wanna see katt williams on the show....
Mark Lauzon
Mark Lauzon - 3 dagar sedan so cute 4 a boy
Jamie_Weir0916 - 3 dagar sedan
it is true. it is very true. food is Scotland is shit.
-certified by my back end Scottish person
Matthew Fittes
Matthew Fittes - 3 dagar sedan
How about getting Brie Larson to have a go at this?