My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)

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Amie Vaughan
Amie Vaughan - 8 timmar sedan
This is absolutely horrible! I'm just finding out about this 😔 I've loved Jeffrey since before he was a big star I met him early years at warp tour and on my space. Jeffrey is one of the most loving generous people in the world. The last person to ever deserve this! I really hope these people pay dearly for what they have done! Love you so much girl!!😘💕💕💕💕 keep your chin up.
Tara Mama
Tara Mama - 21 timme sedan
I finally will be getting c5 in two days!!! With translucent powder beyond excited!!
AriFanXo - 22 timmar sedan
At 2:09 his voice was a little weird
Sherry Batya
Sherry Batya - Dag sedan
I just saw this. I am so sorry that happened to you. You are amazing and good at what u do. U have thee best makeup and im sure they will get what they deserve and i am sorry about ur momma 🙁
Joseph Moon
Joseph Moon - Dag sedan
Do you like to get pumped dry?
Chrys Tianna
Chrys Tianna - Dag sedan
I feel sick watching this. We need an update on this plss 💛
Rome Gamayon
Rome Gamayon - Dag sedan
*huuuug* 💖
malaika imran
malaika imran - Dag sedan
jeffree in Pakistan they had you c5 shade
ėmmå :3
ėmmå :3 - Dag sedan
Why do ppl have do do that sheet
Asymerics - 2 dagar sedan
It’s alysson swift baby ...she did it
Annette Pearson
Annette Pearson - 2 dagar sedan
The whole video he sounds so sad and ticked off.....i just want to give him a hug right now
Dubai Hottel
Dubai Hottel - 2 dagar sedan
Ooo I'm 11 and I'm a girl and you are super pretty
Cutie Xo
Cutie Xo - 2 dagar sedan
Gurl u still rich
highonimmi - 2 dagar sedan
sends out rotten out of date product and tells people to learn to love it.  thus, stealing peoples hard earned money.
JH: cries vowing she had no idea.

assholes using possible insider info steal millions of dollars of JS cosmetics.
JS: girl, hold my burrito!
highonimmi - 2 dagar sedan
The juan and Only
The juan and Only - 3 dagar sedan
My mom van got stolen we had to bye a 3000 car
The juan and Only
The juan and Only - 3 dagar sedan
I feel you
Ruejia Chaves
Ruejia Chaves - 4 dagar sedan
this website called aliexpress is selling your makeup i dont know if they have your permission or not just want to let you know
Leslie Tomlinson
Leslie Tomlinson - 4 dagar sedan
I'm sorry Jeffree. If I see any u will be the first to know.
Rebekah Craven
Rebekah Craven - 5 dagar sedan
So I think theres someone from Colorado springs selling lines of Blood Sugar pallets. Weird I just reported it to Facebook because it just looked suspicious to me. Wasn't sure so I just reported it letting them know I think its stolen.
Maddison Ezell
Maddison Ezell - 6 dagar sedan
I’m so sorry about your mother
DIY QUEEN !!!! - 6 dagar sedan
Omfg I saw someone selling 200 C5 on Twitter
d - 6 dagar sedan
i just realized they hijacked it on my birthday
Sue Rush
Sue Rush - 6 dagar sedan
Thats a damn shame Jeffree! Keep your head up baby something good will come of this....God has you.
Lucy Thompson
Lucy Thompson - 7 dagar sedan
Imma be real it made me sad to hear him say “hi how are ya?” Like that 😢
Cristie Brewer
Cristie Brewer - 7 dagar sedan
It's ridiculous how some of you just let the shit fly right out your mouth. First, Jeffree adores makeup, and wants to give people a great product. You can see the time, effort, and love that went into his products. If you took the time to watch his videos then it would be obvious. Funny, ya'll are the same type of people who have the nerve to bitch about politics yet never vote!!
Gacha Bits
Gacha Bits - 7 dagar sedan
Whoever did this needs to know how it feels to put in so much effort, dedication, and endless amounts of love into something and then to have it taken away from them after all they have done.
sandra anderson
sandra anderson - 7 dagar sedan
Jeffree I am so sorry about your mom and the break in of your shipping facility. I pray she gets better. I pray they find who stole your products too.
AnnaBelle Lee
AnnaBelle Lee - 7 dagar sedan
Sorry about the concealer, the robbery and your mom but you look really pretty in this video.
Rachel Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra - 8 dagar sedan
I hate thieves...they will get theirs!
Anthony Jonas
Anthony Jonas - 8 dagar sedan
Im totally strait. Why am i watching this?
Oof Clapper
Oof Clapper - 9 dagar sedan
The fact that they mission impossibled their way into Jeffree's warehouse and stole his hard work and just took so much of it is just beyond me. Who would take someone's hard work and life?
CoopDawg The Gamer
CoopDawg The Gamer - 9 dagar sedan
He probably robbed himself
Dragon_Slayer YT
Dragon_Slayer YT - 9 dagar sedan
For those who stole it, get a fucking life and stop stealing people's hard work that took 1 whole year and is worth millions
Arlene Owens
Arlene Owens - 9 dagar sedan
These people do not realise that the money he earns is not only for him, but also the staff who works for him. Think of them!
Poseidon - 9 dagar sedan
When will people learn to not to mess with Jeffree?
Amy Jane
Amy Jane - 9 dagar sedan
As a person who doesn’t buy or use makeup this left a red stinging hand mark on my cheek, it’s like making a art project or baking something better then cookies and cakes and then some shithead wrapped in used condoms stole it and said they made it. Pisses me off so much but I am glad jeffree has gotten fbi and professionals look into on who stole his products and put them where they truly belong.
Andrea Ranney
Andrea Ranney - 10 dagar sedan
Andrea Ranney
Andrea Ranney - 10 dagar sedan
Well you do live near mexico
Cassy Sweazea
Cassy Sweazea - 10 dagar sedan
OOO girl
Rebecca Horner
Rebecca Horner - 11 dagar sedan
Omy no more private biz online. That's devastating gurl. Some people just dirt. Xx Hope the tides change for the better,love ya heaps xx Boo.
Shantelle Castelo
Shantelle Castelo - 11 dagar sedan
I'm so sorry
Aari B
Aari B - 11 dagar sedan
People are just so trifling
If karma ain't got to their raggedy asses yet, it's gonna get to them
I hate nothing more than a mf that tries to bite off of someone's success and something that somebody worked so hard for, bro like that shit really bugs my soul
Belialith - 11 dagar sedan
You should also be a musician. You make everything sound so good. Perhaps... a little bit of Tchaikovsky? Business is music when you make it that. Make it, that.
Amber W
Amber W - 12 dagar sedan
It’s about time this girl that got caught first did . She’s been doing this for years and so many of us tried to tell her and the people that believed her and bought from her.
Ashlyn Evans
Ashlyn Evans - 13 dagar sedan
Well biiitch you still winning. You still have the formula to make more and, have full coverage.
Game Geek
Game Geek - 12 dagar sedan
It doesn't matter if he still has the formula to make more. He'd still have to make thousands upon thousands which would cost even more money to just try to make them all again. You gotta remember the amount of money and hard work put into these things, especially when something is great as Jeffree's makeup, which are all very great quality. And it's not just the formula themselves, they would also need to make more vials for the concealer, which would take even more time and money. It's better this way that he and the FBI and all of the other help he has to do their absolute best to get back the makeup that was stolen and sold.
Resa Jackson
Resa Jackson - 13 dagar sedan
Oh honey, I hope y'all catch the thieves. I'm so pissed for you. Keep rocking girl. Xoxo
Resa Jackson
Resa Jackson - 12 dagar sedan
Sorry I spelled your name wrong, it's my stupid phone and the auto correct. Lol
Resa Jackson
Resa Jackson - 12 dagar sedan
Hey Jeffrey, I just went to ulta to get me some of your lip gloss and they said they didn't carry your stuff. WTF is wrong with them?!
April Mabel ・ω・
April Mabel ・ω・ - 13 dagar sedan
moral of the story
jeffree is the wrong bitch to mess with
Tiddlz 01
Tiddlz 01 - 13 dagar sedan
On another note, I absolutely love you!💖
I’m sorry that happened to you.😡! I hope all those bastards that stole from you, get caught!!!!
Ben Davies
Ben Davies - 14 dagar sedan
I hate it when this happens haha