East: the strangest places in Game of Thrones?

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Most of the info in this video is from The World of Ice and Fire – buy it here: http://amzn.to/2j3Kggt
Cason - 22 dagar sedan
anyone know if there currently is or will be a way to purchase the unseen westos book or art prints?
Sharpe Tutor
Sharpe Tutor - 28 dagar sedan
So no Samurai cultures or empires? well I guess I can dream
Aegon One
Aegon One - Månad sedan
How do I purchase the book? It says it needs kickstarter money but I cant find where to donate.. I want it so bad
ognilouD driB
ognilouD driB - Dag sedan
So many interesting lands to explore, yet Daenerys still goes to Westeros and gets herself killed
Oh yeah Yeah
Oh yeah Yeah - Dag sedan
So meanwhile they make beasts and women frick each other and make *half human children*
*how fun*
Mara Fae
Mara Fae - Dag sedan
Season 8 was the strangest of all places
Lord Odysseus
Lord Odysseus - 2 dagar sedan
This video and the comments section has lead me to have a love hate relationship with fiction.
Dylan Wilding
Dylan Wilding - 2 dagar sedan
14:40 : why don't we have a series on this ? lol
Demetrio Torres
Demetrio Torres - 4 dagar sedan
“Yeen, a city so evil the jungle won’t enter”
Proceeds to show of a city overflowing with jungle
EyeSeeYou - 4 dagar sedan
So... does nobody in westeros ever sail west? lol
guibox3 - 4 dagar sedan
It kind of sucks that a world this big with so many books that could be written and tales yet to be told in print was created by someone who takes 8 years to finish a story about 1/16th part of that world.
SamuraiBurgerDog - 5 dagar sedan
I really want a spin-off that explores these places.
the X142311
the X142311 - 5 dagar sedan
Funny how none of this played a role in the final season.
Dogemacht42 - 6 dagar sedan
I wish there was a spin-off involving Asshai, whatever is north of the Shivering Sea...anything. My imagination can only excite me for so long. These places are gold mines to build off of.
DARKB1KE - 7 dagar sedan
0:57 oh, you're describing Australia mate.
Matti Kauppinen
Matti Kauppinen - 7 dagar sedan
So you mean wyverns like Drogon and Rhaegar? Or are there two types of wyverns in GoT?
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket - 6 dagar sedan
Matti Kauppinen I'm guessing two types since he said one type don't breathe fire.
t3hdude - 8 dagar sedan
An RPG game based on the east would be awesome.
thisaintbangtan - 8 dagar sedan
So Yi Ti and Leng is equivalent to Southeast Asia?
Student 1
Student 1 - 9 dagar sedan
The more east you go from the Bone Mountains the more the world starts to look like actual classic fantasy.
This is why Asoiaf is good material for Dungeons and Dragons.
foulty stands
foulty stands - 10 dagar sedan
so yi ti is west of westeros
Jarod Trujillo
Jarod Trujillo - 10 dagar sedan
“City to the East called Carcosa ruled by a yellow emperor...”
Ummm True Detective anyone? The Yellow King?
BEAR - 10 dagar sedan
You gotta give it to George RR Martin. Mans got quite the imagination!
Kaan Topçu
Kaan Topçu - 11 dagar sedan
Which book did you get these informations?
Justin Springer
Justin Springer - 11 dagar sedan
How does it feel to have a dying channel now that GoT is over? And is ended where it basically killed any excitement for any ASOIAF? I guess it's time to get a real job.
Shryce - 11 dagar sedan
Just as long as it has competent writers.... so no D&D.
Thefoodcan - 12 dagar sedan
Wish we got a tv show about the stuff in the east
Ñïggæ Mœmêñt
Ñïggæ Mœmêñt - 13 dagar sedan
The potential for stories is limitless
benji luo
benji luo - 13 dagar sedan
1:22 Wait Wtf... did he paste One Punch Man's face over the giant ape?
LudicrousKid - 12 dagar sedan
benji luo yeah.
Myne1001 - 14 dagar sedan
12:01 The Shrinking Sea....an inland sea in the east beyond a great mountain range slowly shrinking. Now I wonder what that could be a reference to?
Danielle Shaw
Danielle Shaw - 14 dagar sedan
Dark and gloomy in summer! No crowds! No kids! What are the property prices like in Asshai?
M DCC - 14 dagar sedan
We better get a Sothoryos spin-off. That would be epic!
Apacalypsyagon M.
Apacalypsyagon M. - 14 dagar sedan
Way to put some warhammer southlands in my asoiaf.
LudicrousKid - 14 dagar sedan
Sounds like the Dark Continent from HunterxHunter.
Charles pagdonsolan
Charles pagdonsolan - 14 dagar sedan
isn't possible that Arya stark will survive in the south part of the world because at the end part of season 8 episode 6 arya travelled in the south part of the world
Fewlzy - 15 dagar sedan
damn you gave the last season of GoT way too much credit, wish it could have turned out like this
(not saying you knew what the season was going to be btw)
KingOfMadCows - 15 dagar sedan
It's funny how in a lot of fantasies, the places and time periods outside where the main story take place have way weird and crazy stuff.
Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Warhammer, etc. all have incredibly epic or eerie things taking place before or outside the main story.
TheMobplay - 15 dagar sedan
TheMobplay - 15 dagar sedan
YiTi lmao
Lily C.G.
Lily C.G. - 15 dagar sedan
Oh friends.....There's a new MCU coming....I feel it....it's gonna happen
Zelpoke - 15 dagar sedan
One word. Sauron.
Um actually
Um actually - 15 dagar sedan
Ok the fight for the throne is cool and all but can I please get a whole history and geology book for essos?
Angelo Ian Michael Cardona
Angelo Ian Michael Cardona - 15 dagar sedan
Game of thrones: Arya's adventure to East of Essos.
Andrew S
Andrew S - 16 dagar sedan
They aren’t. Completely glossed over in the show
Killer Crab
Killer Crab - 16 dagar sedan
wait i thought u said it was a vast endless jungle? how come now u showing us all these settlements and people that live there
renato souza
renato souza - 16 dagar sedan
I know it's a fantasy world but, a dragon flying at 50 km/h, in a year without stop would go through 432 thousand kilometers, while the whole circunference of Jupiter's equator is approximately 449 thousand kilometers. This planet would have to be bigger than that in order for one to fly over Sothoryos for 3 years without reaching it's end.
Awesome video by the way.
Tafhimul Hossain
Tafhimul Hossain - 16 dagar sedan
reminds me of Love Craftian
Paul Lee
Paul Lee - 16 dagar sedan
I remember reading a lot of fantasy as a kid and being absolutely enthralled by the world and lore of whatever it was I was reading. I would literally lie awake in bed after visiting the library, and I would imagine myself fighting lizard-men and sailing around islands covered in exotic jungle. When I slept, I prayed that I would dream of these adventures so I could live them out in full every night before school.
Now that I'm older, it's been a LONG time since I've experienced that same feeling of wonder and mystery that I felt when I was a kid, but this video is the first time in perhaps FIFTEEN YEARS that I felt that familiar feeling stir within me from long ago.
It's kind of weird, but I want to thank George Martin and your channel for reminding me what it felt like to be a kid again who didn't have to worry about things like jobs, and girls, and money, and for whisking me away to these exotic, untouchable places for 23 minutes and 13 seconds. Maybe I'll dream about it again tonight, just for old time's sake.
Andrej Savatikj
Andrej Savatikj - 16 dagar sedan
bonetown lmao
brian milligan
brian milligan - 17 dagar sedan
This is well done my man.
Voldy356 - 17 dagar sedan
I like how he butchered "wyverns".
James Sarantidis
James Sarantidis - 17 dagar sedan
Sothorios is the SoI&F's Australia. Everything can and will kill you there :P
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark - 17 dagar sedan
& the Summer Islands are where the black people live?
OBSIDION - 17 dagar sedan
This makes Westeros in its entirety look unbelievably boring and depressing. Like some tribe living in isolation
ALPHA GAMER - 17 dagar sedan
i think the people of thousand isles dont sacrifice sailor to fish gods,if they are so afraid of the water,why woudl they worship fish gods
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 16 dagar sedan
they are afraid of the fish gods, that is why they sacrifice to them. IF the sacrifices stop, the fish gods rise and will eat them instead
Flashy Fireworks
Flashy Fireworks - 17 dagar sedan
Ah, nostalgia. To think that the white walkers actually had motives and mystic backstory in the beginning of the tv-series. I hope we get to see more of that in the unreleased books.
Draw D.
Draw D. - 17 dagar sedan
Sothoryos probably the example what will happen if there's no azor ahai
GoBuckeyes554 - 18 dagar sedan
Its a shame there wasn't a more clever way for the Night King to be defeated all this rich history and lore of magic and the best D&D came up with was draw him out and fling Arya Ex Machina from a mile away.
Erik Frost
Erik Frost - 18 dagar sedan
Well now I'm hoping in one of the supposed several spin-offs that are apparently in production, we'll get to see glimpses of Asshai, Yi Ti, Yeen, and these other ancient, creepy lovecraftian cities/civilizations. The Long Night, Aegon's Conquest, The Dance of Dragons, The tales of Dunk and Egg and Robert's Rebellion all sound interesting enough, but I want a series that focuses or at least lets us have a cool peek at the obscure places of lore in Martin's work. Like when Dany goes to Qarth
Kamila Malinowska
Kamila Malinowska - 18 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ Westeros sounds so boring now
Einar Blood-Axe
Einar Blood-Axe - 18 dagar sedan
Usul - 18 dagar sedan
There is really no point in speculating about all this when its more then likely that George RR Martin didnt even think of a backstory. Its like speculating about the events in Lost and hoping it had sense behind it...
1 2
1 2 - 19 dagar sedan
Dude, Sothoryos is so inherently interesting. I'd love to learn more about The Green Hell. If I could pick my ideal GOT spin-off show, it'd be about a bunch of ship-wrecked sailors fighting off Basilisks and Wyverns while trying to take shelter in Yeen.

Aren't the Ironborn a Lovecraft reference? Their banner is Cthulhu-esque and their contradictory motto about death is basically a spin on Lovecraft's "with strange aeons even death may die".
Liquid Grave
Liquid Grave - 19 dagar sedan
Artwork is sick
Wakaziar - 19 dagar sedan
So if Westeros is Europe then we saw Danny visit Morocco and GOT has lore all the way to Japan
Skain - 19 dagar sedan
This is amazing. I absolutely need to buy a copy of The World of Ice and Fire.
Honestly, the plot of the main books is cool and everything, but the lore here is just way better and a lot more interesting.
Whenever I try to do worldbuilding for a story myself, I always end up focusing on just the lore and get ZERO ideas for the main plot. I think I'm just really bad at it.
Stranger - 20 dagar sedan
It's a shame how wyvers were show all the time in the series without see any dragon if you know what I mean
Luqman Abdi
Luqman Abdi - 20 dagar sedan
love this deep insight into the world of game of thrones
Edythetrooper 21
Edythetrooper 21 - 20 dagar sedan
So is any of this real
IOnceAteAPinecone - 20 dagar sedan
12:35 Ah yes, the great Chad Kings of Hyrkoon
losthor1zon - 20 dagar sedan
"Lyber, where acolytes of a spider god warred with those of a serpent god"
This HAS to be a reference to the sci fi author Fritz Leiber, whose "Big Time" series involves a time war between the "spider" and "snake" factions! I wonder how many will catch this reference.
JN TV - 20 dagar sedan
I wish they continued game of thrones like after math. Like daenerys being alive. And arya discovering sothoryos. And Yiti and the desert demons. And shit. Like damn. Game lf thrones is such a big world.
milly ess
milly ess - 20 dagar sedan
i could only ever dream of creating such a detailed world as this. j,k rowling, piss off. george r.r. martin is the writing god.
Too Many Warning Labels
Too Many Warning Labels - 20 dagar sedan
More work and detail went into writing this video than D&D ever put in during the 2 years it took for them to write season 8.
Ching Chong My Penis is long
Ching Chong My Penis is long - 20 dagar sedan
But the night king couldn't have caused the long night since he was the commander of the night's watch
Abid Akram
Abid Akram - 20 dagar sedan
They need to make a spinoff about arya's adventures in these places. That would be awesome. 🤩🤩🤩
Abid Akram
Abid Akram - 10 dagar sedan
@Kako Mohammed why???🤨
Kako Mohammed
Kako Mohammed - 17 dagar sedan
Fuck no.
videopaenguin - 21 dag sedan
16:46 D&D don't give a shit. Tell will tell you to kiss their Ass-hai.
videopaenguin - 21 dag sedan
Doesn't matter. Arya would just teleport from out of nowhere and stab any of these creatures in the belly.
Comrade Of rainbow six seige
getting into hp lovecraft here lol also there a fuck Load of dragons
Michael Cappelli
Michael Cappelli - 21 dag sedan
I think it would be really cool to have a spin-off where we follow Arya on her journey and get to see some of these crazy places.
Nhelven Gonzales
Nhelven Gonzales - 21 dag sedan
So its more like our continents. Westeros is the americas, africas, middle east, asia and australia. Wishing that the looks of this concept arts are not taken directly from the real world culture and make it more unique.
100 subs with no videos?
100 subs with no videos? - 21 dag sedan
How do you know so much? Where did you find the info?
milxl - 21 dag sedan
west of westeros in the last watch documentary at 6:53 mark
Yandhi - 21 dag sedan
I don’t k Oe why but I’m extremely curious about Ulthos. To know if there’s any civilization beyond those woods or if there’s even men
Lucas Leadbetter
Lucas Leadbetter - 21 dag sedan
This is so interesting, reminds be of king kong. I love the concept of cannibal bay, its absolutely terrifying.
Immo - 21 dag sedan
Imagine if the Night King and his army killed everyone in westeros and somehow went to these other places. and we had 8 new seasons to look forward to. With new charachters and families.
Forever Undying
Forever Undying - 21 dag sedan
A song of Ice and Fire: I'm low fantasy.
The World of Ice and Fire: Hold my ale.
Sacredgeometry - 21 dag sedan
I'll be that guy --
It's _Qaartheen_ , not _Qaathi_
OSU Bucks421
OSU Bucks421 - 21 dag sedan
You sound so full of hope for season 8. Too bad they threw out EVERY thing they spent years building.
Winged Scapula
Winged Scapula - 21 dag sedan
books were always better. the show is just canon, and bad canon at that (they have always dumbed everything down)
dsar2 - 21 dag sedan
i love ur videos for when im waiting for my vibrator to charge because i keep forgetting, thank you
Nawal Khadka
Nawal Khadka - 21 dag sedan
Wouldn’t it be awesome to see if martin writes about adventures of arya in these places?
Muhammad Ansar Taimoor
Muhammad Ansar Taimoor - 22 dagar sedan
Yeen reminds me of Xerxes from FMA. An entire population gone overnight
Indoraptor Unstoppable
Indoraptor Unstoppable - 22 dagar sedan
Westeros, boring af.
The rest of Planetos, crazy shit everywhere.
the person
the person - 22 dagar sedan
Is leaving this large of a mystery to the world very crucial for fantasy books? Because I like fantasy, and the lord of the rings middle earth has a similar dynamic, where Tolkien focused on the west mostly and the east up to mystery or in the silmarillion and other books alike
maulCS - 22 dagar sedan
16:47 Yeah, nope - what a joke that was
Azrael - 22 dagar sedan
Wonder, how the world of GoT would play out further, a few hundred years further, maybe even with slight tehcnological advancement to maybe 16th century technology, with Westerosi forces trying at their own attempts of colonialism, maybe Arya even would've found something west of Westeros to colonize or they would try to discover and colonize Sothoryos.
N1g3a lord
N1g3a lord - 22 dagar sedan
So basically, south is Conan exiles?
Gamejunkiey - 22 dagar sedan
"What caused the Long Night? What ended it? These questions are central to the final season of Game of Thrones."

Alexey Filippenko
Alexey Filippenko - 22 dagar sedan
Dragon - Drogon
Long people - Leng people
I think Martin could have used a bit more creativity at naming sometimes...
Bated _
Bated _ - 21 dag sedan
Daenerys named Drogon after Khal Drogo
Tyreeses Arm
Tyreeses Arm - 22 dagar sedan
I like how here you had faith in season 8
eastside harold
eastside harold - 23 dagar sedan
Manchris Jbisd
Manchris Jbisd - 23 dagar sedan
White walkers are pussies.
Go to the east and face real fuckers you zombie cowards!!
Dargonx - 22 dagar sedan
I dare them to go South and face of against evil king kong and the ghouls there. Infact i dare them to stay a single full night at Yeen on the southern continent.
Erimad - 23 dagar sedan
"What's west of westeros" fuck that, what's east of it?!?!?
maulCS - 22 dagar sedan
Venim85 - 23 dagar sedan
Toad Stone kek