Ad Astra | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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RAsplez 98
RAsplez 98 - 7 timmar sedan
Funny that this coincides with the area 51 raid in September.
Ruhab Ahmed
Ruhab Ahmed - 10 timmar sedan
A movie about space with Brad Pitt in and not Matt damon?
MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster
MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster - 18 timmar sedan
"Brad Pitt Saves the World"
Jason G
Jason G - Dag sedan
I am fairly sure there is 1000 OSHA violations in this trailer alone.
Satvik Bharadwaj
Satvik Bharadwaj - Dag sedan
This is the same name, which elon musk gave to the school where his kids go to
Jeron Jules
Jeron Jules - Dag sedan
Not bad at all
imran khan
imran khan - 2 dagar sedan
Alright Alright Alright.
Arslaan Asif
Arslaan Asif - 2 dagar sedan
The legend of maula jatt soundtrack lol
EA - 2 dagar sedan
This is literally a weak attempt at an interstellar remake, but since I’m OBSESSED with space and sci-fi, I’m on board XD
MEs61 - 2 dagar sedan
Jesus christ. Can't Hollywood come up with original ideas...instead of re-hashed remakes of old movies??
John Rokam
John Rokam - 2 dagar sedan
another crap propagating american war criminals
estaruncixHD - 2 dagar sedan
This is going to be bad, mark my words.
Joe Stitz
Joe Stitz - 15 timmar sedan
Betcha a Peso
Freemarkets1236 - 2 dagar sedan
Fox: Remember how great “Gravity” was?
Everyone: No
Fox: let’s make it with Brad Pitt and add a car chase on the moon
e6400ultra - 2 dagar sedan
This and the Top Gun sequel are the first movies in years that have tempted me to see one in the theater again.
MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster
MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster - 18 timmar sedan
the ChiComs that own one of the studios producing it changed the patch on the back of Maverick's jacket by deleting the Taiwan and Japan patches.
Hansen Wind
Hansen Wind - Dag sedan
Yep and that new racing movie with Matt Damon
James Dunigan
James Dunigan - 2 dagar sedan
Tanking Cody
Tanking Cody - 2 dagar sedan
Armageddon/ space cowboys 2 rolled into one
ItsChrizz - 2 dagar sedan
They forgot 1 thing,
add moar boosters.
Brandon Irri
Brandon Irri - 2 dagar sedan
This is a movie that I really really need to watch
Barnabas Collins
Barnabas Collins - 2 dagar sedan
Did anyone else see Julia Roberts looking out of that spaceship window?
Don Pablo
Don Pablo - 2 dagar sedan
Is Sandra Bullock in this?
Raice Bannon
Raice Bannon - 2 dagar sedan
First action film since American Sniper, where a woman has not saved the characters in the film.
cracked gameplays
cracked gameplays - 2 dagar sedan That music from 1:44 is the music of the legend of Mola Jat a Pakistani movie both movies are not released yet but trailers are released I am confused about that
Mauricio Parra
Mauricio Parra - 3 dagar sedan
Did he re-enter the atmosphere with his spacesuit only? That's a big no-no.
Steven Bruno
Steven Bruno - 3 dagar sedan
space based apocalypse now!
_._. - 3 dagar sedan
Sorry, but this doesn't look interesting to me at all.
Joe Stitz
Joe Stitz - 15 timmar sedan
Why ?
silverwess - 3 dagar sedan
is it just me or do others agree that this trailer is not very compelling?
Joe Stitz
Joe Stitz - 15 timmar sedan
It is compelling !
Jessuh - 2 dagar sedan
the 2nd is
Kino San
Kino San - 3 dagar sedan
Sajid Fazal
Sajid Fazal - 3 dagar sedan
Pray to God that he doesn't find matt damon in space..
Trailer is great though
fajar adi Pradana
fajar adi Pradana - 7 timmar sedan
Murph? Is that you?
Joe Stitz
Joe Stitz - 15 timmar sedan
Damon made it back
Shrivas Shyamsundar
Shrivas Shyamsundar - 2 dagar sedan
I wouldn't mind him popping up at some point. It's sort of expected now haha
MAAN - 3 dagar sedan
Gonna watch this with my alien from Area 51 👽
steven gao
steven gao - 3 dagar sedan
For a second I thought I was watching Transformers
PVZ Sucka
PVZ Sucka - 3 dagar sedan
Ummm... that’s not Ad Astra... that’s Brad Pitt.
I don’t know what kind of a fast one these phonies are trying to pull here... 🧐
MoYzes2891 - 3 dagar sedan
Where are the aliens?
John Vo
John Vo - 3 dagar sedan
at area 51
ChainMail CottonTail
ChainMail CottonTail - 3 dagar sedan
Boy did they wait to throw Liv Tyler's lippy cry cam face in there. Really got me invested in the film and then I have to make an impromptu decision as to if she's a dealbreaker. For me, Tommy Lee Jones is a worthy counteroffer lol. I can't wait to see it.
born2lol - 3 dagar sedan
A hollywood movie in 2019 that isn't a remake/reboot/sequel or a woke garbage ? I must be dreaming.
Hansen Wind
Hansen Wind - Dag sedan
No. Ita called art
Aman M S
Aman M S - 3 dagar sedan
If we want to see more movies like this we should go to the theatres and support them. But sadly movies like this always flop at the box office nowadays
CollazoStudios - 4 dagar sedan
Thanos and Tommy Lee Jones team up.
The Lewinator
The Lewinator - 5 dagar sedan
This is coming out the same day as Area 51 Raid.
T1LTED - 5 dagar sedan
This releases the same day as the area 51 raid, coincidence?
e6400ultra - 2 dagar sedan
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 2 dagar sedan
I think NOT
evelyn y
evelyn y - 3 dagar sedan
I think not
Ashutosh Pandey
Ashutosh Pandey - 6 dagar sedan
Space adventure
Yeah I love that
George Harakas
George Harakas - 6 dagar sedan
This is the sequel to Space Cowboys! TLJ has been living on the moon!
ceddy's gonna B
ceddy's gonna B - 6 dagar sedan
Anotha modafucka that goin flop 🤣😂🤣😂
Jason Ramcharan
Jason Ramcharan - 6 dagar sedan
wait this guy went till to neptune?
maddie - 9 dagar sedan
looking forward to this!
Victor Tsonkov
Victor Tsonkov - 10 dagar sedan
Looks like quite stupid movie.
Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart - 11 dagar sedan
Let's hope the movie is better than the trailer
Marius M
Marius M - 11 dagar sedan
really...Brad Pitt. lame.
Syfi Freak!!!!!!
Syfi Freak!!!!!! - 11 dagar sedan
Very intriguing.
chumleyok - 11 dagar sedan
Cobbled together scenes from all the major sc-ifi films before it. I hope it has one that is original.
avid Non
avid Non - 11 dagar sedan
Nothing thumbed, huh?
Chisel - 11 dagar sedan
Always excited to see more space movies.
Abhijeet Pandiath
Abhijeet Pandiath - 11 dagar sedan
What Rating is perfect to certified this film: PG or PG-13?
Abhijeet Pandiath
Abhijeet Pandiath - 11 dagar sedan
I Think So...
JosephMarcelinoGamer YT
JosephMarcelinoGamer YT - 11 dagar sedan
Probably PG-13
Hubble Films
Hubble Films - 14 dagar sedan
There is WAY too much in this film this should have been a tv series