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On Digital December 3
On Blu-ray December 17
A paranoid thriller in space that follows Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) on a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.
Directed by: James Gray
Written by: James Gray & Ethan Gross
Produced by: Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, James Gray, Anthony Katagas, Rodrigo Teixeira, Arnon Milchan
Cast: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler and Donald Sutherland
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Ad Astra | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
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Entropy 23
Entropy 23 - 2 dagar sedan
Project ligma anyone?
Mitja 23
Mitja 23 - 3 dagar sedan
One of the worst movies with high paid actor... It is better then Once upon a time in Hollywood tho...
Rahul Kale
Rahul Kale - 6 dagar sedan
muzakki last
muzakki last - 9 dagar sedan
Make world war z 2 already dammit
quinnquinnquinn - 10 dagar sedan
What's the soundtrack that start at 1:28 called?
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang - 12 dagar sedan
billy Hothleuf
billy Hothleuf - 14 dagar sedan
Isn't a coincident that Tommy Lee Jones and sutherland also stars I. Space cowboys
HELLECTRAUMA - 14 dagar sedan
Play this trailer with the sound off and Max Richter "on the nature of daylight" instead, and tell me if it does make you feel something strong about the movie.
Aaron Corcuera
Aaron Corcuera - 14 dagar sedan
00:52 "... the ligma project"
Candace Hughes
Candace Hughes - 15 dagar sedan
I love you
Candace Hughes
Candace Hughes - 15 dagar sedan
My husband but not Atrayu
Mukund Ranjan Tiwari
Mukund Ranjan Tiwari - 19 dagar sedan
Anyone recognize Hidden Citizens' rendition of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata???
Usman Khan
Usman Khan - 21 dag sedan
his dad was in indian mission which never landed
Nishant Duhan
Nishant Duhan - 20 dagar sedan
And you Pakistani never started
Raffaella Marino
Raffaella Marino - 22 dagar sedan
Film Bello 😊
Jowy Anderson
Jowy Anderson - 22 dagar sedan
Kanata no Astra
Deep in the Woods
Deep in the Woods - 26 dagar sedan
Deep in the Woods
Deep in the Woods - 26 dagar sedan
sepia circuit
sepia circuit - 26 dagar sedan
Hollywood hates good familial relationships, always something horrible with these folks, making the son kill the Father, making the daughter hate the mother and so on. It's almost like they are brainwashing people to assume that all families are horrid and dysfunctional. It's almost like all of it has some kind of agenda delivered through in a subliminal manner. Weird.
amjad dayoub
amjad dayoub - 27 dagar sedan
sad to see liv tyler old
Just Cliff
Just Cliff - 28 dagar sedan
Danny Reacts
Danny Reacts - Månad sedan
Natasha: this is gonna work Steve
Steve: I know it is, because I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it doesn’t
Ethan Bosworth
Ethan Bosworth - Månad sedan
Already bored and I’m not even there yet
George Mark
George Mark - Månad sedan
fan art
Heath Walters
Heath Walters - Månad sedan
Thank god there are still movies like this and Blade Runner 2049 coming through. I saw it the other day.
keep up the good work Brad.
Adam H
Adam H - 26 dagar sedan
Probably true. I think also most people want to be entertained and have constant action/thrill. Movies that introspect and rely on understated acting are rare these days, which for me is a real shame. Those are the movies that really speak to me. Or, maybe they're not rare, but it is rare to find ones that pull it off well which I thought this movie did. To each their own.
Walter - 26 dagar sedan
@Adam H Think because the earlier trailers showed it to bee like a Sci-Fi adventure than a psychological thriller that is is. Same happened for "Chappie" back in 2015. The idiots who did the trailer cared noting just smashed something together that looked good and totally ignored the plot of the movie. Creating quite a different view to what was the real deal.
Adam H
Adam H - 27 dagar sedan
Heath Walters I loved it too. Best movie I’ve seen this year. Why do so many seem to dislike it?
Anael Che
Anael Che - Månad sedan
i admire Brad Pitt, Why such an attractive man. Yeee drives me crazy...
Orsolya Ritter
Orsolya Ritter - Månad sedan
It's the end!! Brad Pitt in sci-fi space movie. Shame on A river runs through it, Seven, Legends of the Fall, Fight Club and all his incredible movies. Liv Tyler....ha-ha....she isn't aging either, like many of her contemporaries....just like in Armageddon....Gosh, rather download A river runs through it again.
America Vazquez
America Vazquez - Månad sedan
y’all can’t tell me that the beginning reminded you of WALL-E.
SHAHIL SIDHIK - Månad sedan
Release this movie in India
Valelacerte - Månad sedan
H. Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones) says that they have to find what science claims does not exist and prove that we are not alone in the universe. However, science does not claim that. In fact, it theorizes that it's probable that life exists in the universe besides humans.
craig storey
craig storey - Månad sedan
I was going to see this then Brad Pitt told me it was about toxic masculinity. Thanks for saving my time and money..........
Mohammad Afaque
Mohammad Afaque - Månad sedan
Final space........؟!
Indre Marshall
Indre Marshall - Månad sedan
Typical Brad Pitt's role movie ♥️👌 That's why I love him 🙌🙌🙌 Haven't seen such a Great Movie for years!
Anthony R Schmitz
Anthony R Schmitz - Månad sedan
is this a Space Cowboys sequel? Here we all thought Tommy Lee Jones ended up on the moon but infact hes out much farther and he had a son!? :) Oh and Donald Southerland knows and wants to retrieve him :)
6on6the6road - Månad sedan
PlanetEs live action
Saeyka - Månad sedan
You could've picked a younger guy!
Vicdaking - Månad sedan
This movie is breathtaking!
D Murip
D Murip - Månad sedan
0:50 ligma balls.
Matt McCrimmon
Matt McCrimmon - Månad sedan
9/10. Needs more space...
50 Yachts
50 Yachts - Månad sedan
The movie is great the people who don't like it probably don't introspect. But the trailer made it seem boring I almost missed it
Juan Fernández
Juan Fernández - Månad sedan
Worst sci-fi movie ever made. what a waste of time.
I am not
I am not - Månad sedan
@Saeyka Yes, literally the worst movie in existence
Saeyka - Månad sedan
Was it really that bad?
Elya Szi
Elya Szi - Månad sedan
Бренд пит
Geng Chen
Geng Chen - Månad sedan
Movie sounded interessting on paper: missing dad, deep space, threats from outer space. First half was okay. Hoped it would pick up, but it went downhill instead. During the movie I had this hugh urge to go home and rewatch Interstellar.
LowLow Drone FPV Racer
LowLow Drone FPV Racer - Månad sedan
Je sors du ciné ... vous risquez de dormir !!! NUL NUL NUL c'est mou a mourir :D
Todd Terrell
Todd Terrell - Månad sedan
Another space movie that did not consult space experts.
K - Månad sedan
Democrats: We did it! We win! We got everyone to believe in climate change here on Earth!

Socialists (The truly unhinged): Hold my beer . . .
antoniobnerd - Månad sedan
Liv Tyler is a professional astronaut wife.
SportDiver 2
SportDiver 2 - Månad sedan
She like guys who go down into deep dark spaces to explore a long time without much oxygen ... She dates cave explorers too
Sven Piper
Sven Piper - Månad sedan
A Masterpiece.
Adam H
Adam H - 27 dagar sedan
Sven Piper Agree
Mercent - Månad sedan
There are people who have understood this movie, and then there are those who hated it.
Λυδία Κεφαλιδου
It was such an awful movie!
Gum Skiea
Gum Skiea - Månad sedan
Why, WHY spoilers in trailer? Whats wrong with you CF?
Robiovic - Månad sedan
What's so hard 20th century fox to consult the movie with a physicist about how to physic work in real-world and implemented into the movie. You ruin the whole movie with that stupid end. Until the Mars, it was a great movie, but after Mars, meh.
jorgensenmj - Månad sedan
Saw this movie yesterday. Very good visuals....but the story line dragged.
It is worth renting so that you can rewind if you nod off.....
But seeing it at the theater...drink some coffee before hand.
Killa神 - Månad sedan
Agreed haha
Jay Francis
Jay Francis - Månad sedan
And we're all going to make the 1% even richer by paying too much for a movie that I could imagine in my sandbox at 7 years old. What a dumb society we have become.
BLINDFOLD - Månad sedan
an amazing movie tbh🔥❤ 💯would like to watch it again ❤
Igor - Månad sedan
Brad Pitt after watching Interstellar, Gravity and The Martian was like: 'I want to be an astronaut too'... And the film was made. I've seen it last week and I don't think that Joseph Conrad would approve.
Silvia Porras
Silvia Porras - Månad sedan
Doing what needs to be done will always outweigh the bad
Виолетта Вильямс
Wowwowowwoww crazy movie
Zeynep ve kedileri
Zeynep ve kedileri - Månad sedan
Very exciting...
sunnykwan111 - Månad sedan
Watch Kanata no Astra
Sabir Hodzic
Sabir Hodzic - Månad sedan
I am not afraid, you cannot frighten me with your that... because my God, my Lord and your Lord is greater than your father... My Lord and your Lord challenges your father and says "O men, give ear to this parable: Those you worship other than God can never create as much as a fly, even if they get together to do so; and if the fly were to rob them of a thing they would not be able to snatch it away from it. How weak the seeker and how weak the sought!" (Kur'an 22:73)...