LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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Esmeralda Rios
Esmeralda Rios - 4 timmar sedan
I feel weird hahaha my name is Esmeralda😂😂😂
Julianna Roche
Julianna Roche - 6 timmar sedan
Who thinks they should make a video where they look at Noah’s most emotional scenes from stranger things and try to recreate them? I think that would get a lot of views. 🤷‍♀️
Alli Jones
Alli Jones - 8 timmar sedan
11:38 Grayson laughs at Noah saying “its a little hard”
KRplays - 8 timmar sedan
That “go to your room” sent me KFDNDKSDM🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Margherita Chiarati
Margherita Chiarati - 10 timmar sedan
Noah: I lOvE cRyInG
Well I love you, now marry me
Margherita Chiarati
Margherita Chiarati - 11 timmar sedan
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Not a single soul:

Noah: WhErE dId YoU lEaVe OuR sOn?
Margherita Chiarati
Margherita Chiarati - 11 timmar sedan
Noah: “yes,and...”
Me: *thinks about Lucifer*
Margherita Chiarati
Margherita Chiarati - 11 timmar sedan
Alcoholic game: take a shot every time Noah says “like”
Kayla Youman
Kayla Youman - 11 timmar sedan
I love that noah taught them how to play freeze 😂
khya dielkes
khya dielkes - 12 timmar sedan
did 7:57 remind anyone else of colorguard practice? 😂
Nayan Magdum
Nayan Magdum - 13 timmar sedan
u guys should make one with shawn mendes
Milli P
Milli P - 15 timmar sedan
I’m not an actor (I do drama at school but yano) but I’m pretty good and pretending to cry😂❤️
ur minorities
ur minorities - 15 timmar sedan
17:55 tf ahahah
Abeesha Ashir
Abeesha Ashir - 16 timmar sedan
He said Tom Holland😍😍😍😍

Sorry im weirdly obsessed with Tom🥰
Fire Baila
Fire Baila - 17 timmar sedan
Nice Video Guys🚀
Song name ( 22:37)????
Xali Lolo
Xali Lolo - 18 timmar sedan
The amount of voice cracks Noah got during this video is the amount of missing work I owe my school
OhTheEyrony 0613
OhTheEyrony 0613 - 18 timmar sedan
During the sad scene I literally could not stop staring at the pillow😂
Datt Mamon
Datt Mamon - 19 timmar sedan
No one

Absolutely no one on the planet

Noah: I lOvE cRyInG!!
Skylar Eplier
Skylar Eplier - 19 timmar sedan
Noah: mentions tom holland
Mya Lockuk
Mya Lockuk - Dag sedan
“You made my brother cry”😂
Lib Squid
Lib Squid - Dag sedan
This is hilarious omg the crying about pickles😂😂
Anna Small
Anna Small - Dag sedan
i love you guys can you follow me back on instagram
Ayan Abdi Musse
Ayan Abdi Musse - Dag sedan
No one:
Not a soul:
The comments: no one:.....
yaraa _J2005
yaraa _J2005 - Dag sedan
No one:
Not even a sole:
Noah schnapp: 12345678123456781234567812345678
yaraa _J2005
yaraa _J2005 - Dag sedan
No one :
Not even a sole :

Noah schnapp: I’m 14 teen :/
_xxx_sophie_ - Dag sedan
16:42 to 17:42 made me laugh 😂😂😂😂🤣
Kayla Carreon
Kayla Carreon - Dag sedan
Ann Sculimbrene
Ann Sculimbrene - Dag sedan
Came For Noah.
Callie Williams
Callie Williams - Dag sedan
15:59 i cried when he said that
Callie Williams
Callie Williams - Dag sedan
no one:
people in the comments:
nO oNe:
NoAh: i LoVe crYiNg
hash slinging slasher
hash slinging slasher - Dag sedan
yo can someone make a meme of noah saying "i love crying" i just need it for scientific reasons
Everything Kayla
Everything Kayla - Dag sedan
Ahhh my baby 😚
Michaela Ibrahim
Michaela Ibrahim - Dag sedan
“i love crying”
carmen tacos
carmen tacos - Dag sedan
Why did the sad scene actually make me cry
Ñøßød¥ - Dag sedan
Improve was cringe lol
Except Noah
Jima Adewuyi
Jima Adewuyi - Dag sedan
Oh shnapp🤭
Sara Craft
Sara Craft - Dag sedan
14:27 that voice crack though😂😂😂
Cloeys weird live roblox
N bc. .z z. .czdeetwwrpwqtppeppeppepeepepepwwq
Shannon G
Shannon G - Dag sedan
“Go to your room”😂
tea - Dag sedan
the twins: *fighting over esmeralda*
noah: 😃
Emmalee Ann
Emmalee Ann - Dag sedan
when he quoted tom my heart skipped a beat
Emily Mackinnon
Emily Mackinnon - Dag sedan
“grEAt” ~Noah 2019
Blien Berhane
Blien Berhane - Dag sedan
no one:

literally not a single human being

Grayson: I already took like ten advils
Sofia Garcia
Sofia Garcia - Dag sedan
Omg Susie
Shaiha Shaiha
Shaiha Shaiha - Dag sedan
19:50 “GO TO YOUR ROOM” 🤣🤣🤣
i'm qUaKiNg
i'm qUaKiNg - Dag sedan
no one:
literally no one:
seriously no FUCKING one:
not even a single soul:
noah: i'M hAviNg a pAniC aTtAcK-
Malia Kane
Malia Kane - 2 dagar sedan
A peck is 2 pounds
Lenelle Brown
Lenelle Brown - 2 dagar sedan
was anyone else trying to fake cry when they were practicing to fake cry? or was it just me...
Lyvi M
Lyvi M - 2 dagar sedan
noah is such a good actor. he’s also pretty funny. and kinda cute. wanna be his friend😔
Mighty AJ
Mighty AJ - 2 dagar sedan
I. can't. stop. laughing.
Hername._ Laci
Hername._ Laci - 2 dagar sedan
Isabella Alves
Isabella Alves - 2 dagar sedan
I actually cried during Graysons scene
Periodt Pooh
Periodt Pooh - 2 dagar sedan
My mom used to make me and my siblings battle for 5$ at tongue twisters so I can say the whole Peter Piper tongue twister fast😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Nasiya Myrie
Nasiya Myrie - 2 dagar sedan
I love Stranger things🖤🖤🖤 can’t wait till the 4th
Zoey Dunnihoo
Zoey Dunnihoo - 2 dagar sedan
Okay buttt this reminds me of the episode thing
Kate Mansker
Kate Mansker - 2 dagar sedan
"yOu cAnT eAt cUcUmBeRs" that voice crack im screaming
Kate Mansker
Kate Mansker - 2 dagar sedan
OMG is his voice crack in the sad segment "gReAt"
Stella Rovio
Stella Rovio - 2 dagar sedan
Starts 10:00
salamander ye
salamander ye - 2 dagar sedan
Linn Port
Linn Port - 2 dagar sedan
12:28 all of us when Grays nudes get leaked
Tiffany Richards
Tiffany Richards - 2 dagar sedan
Can anyone give me acting tips? I aspire to be an actor but I feel like I’m really late to be one! I’m 13 :(
Naya Samman
Naya Samman - 2 dagar sedan
Hahaha I love it when he starts crying about the pickles hahahaha, I was laughing the whole time! Hahaha good job guys
mochi 95
mochi 95 - 2 dagar sedan
that was kinda uncomfortable for me to watch idk why 😂
Caroline Brown
Caroline Brown - 2 dagar sedan
Y’all were Baristas
MiaBella Rios
MiaBella Rios - 2 dagar sedan
18:11 wtf
Fanran Rhn
Fanran Rhn - 2 dagar sedan
sorry i started laughing so hard at grayson and his pickles 😂
Suga Zzaddy
Suga Zzaddy - 2 dagar sedan
17:33 yOu cAnT EaT anY cUCumBerS 😭
Jillian Schwartz
Jillian Schwartz - 2 dagar sedan
Another title for the series could be Bros Become Pros. I thought that's what it was last time
Olivia's Party
Olivia's Party - 2 dagar sedan
omg when it said learning how to act, I didn't realize they were gonna be actors. I thought they were gonna learn how to behave smh.
tiane SMIT
tiane SMIT - 2 dagar sedan
Can you come to South Africa pls ps:love your videos and you are awesome
Aleksandra K
Aleksandra K - 2 dagar sedan
dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro dude bro
Nita E
Nita E - 2 dagar sedan
Was I the only one who cried during their sad scenes???
kawther Bader004
kawther Bader004 - 2 dagar sedan
I'm so happy that out of our comfort zone is back I was so sad I though it was over
Mark Zucc
Mark Zucc - 3 dagar sedan
Honestly the twins aren’t good actors
Celeste Stowers
Celeste Stowers - 3 dagar sedan
No one:
Noah: I love crying 17:56
Chris Perez
Chris Perez - 3 dagar sedan
is he the youngest main cast member in Stranger Things?
Sonny Aguila
Sonny Aguila - 3 dagar sedan
Hi eathan grayson hi grayson eathan hi eathan
Potato’s Face vlogs
Potato’s Face vlogs - 3 dagar sedan
Why did I cry about the pickle story
Edson Sewell
Edson Sewell - 3 dagar sedan
Out of nowhere Noah says I love crying😂😂😂😂
Bethany Grace
Bethany Grace - 3 dagar sedan
17:56 "i love crying!" noahhhh me toooo
Alyssa Churchwell
Alyssa Churchwell - 3 dagar sedan
This was a day before my birthday. 🙂
Valerie Garcia-Cordero
Valerie Garcia-Cordero - 3 dagar sedan
*Does she have cancer?*
marley_ _189
marley_ _189 - 3 dagar sedan
When Noah quoted Tom Holland I felt that 🙏👏
Thea Weinstein
Thea Weinstein - 3 dagar sedan
she was puckerin alright?!
rachel everson
rachel everson - 3 dagar sedan
maybe it’s just me, but esmeralda sounds a bit like Emma...
Eszter Smith
Eszter Smith - 3 dagar sedan
You should meet with Yes Theory and talk about what it means to „Seek discomfort“
millie quick
millie quick - 3 dagar sedan

noah’s pubescent voice: grEAt🥴🥴
Mariana Nunes Galvão Sant'Anna
Starts in 4:05
lujain nasser
lujain nasser - 3 dagar sedan
Noah: I love crying
Michelle gomez
Michelle gomez - 3 dagar sedan
who else was wearing stranger things merch while wacthing this
Havanna Borland
Havanna Borland - 3 dagar sedan
grayson: ur making me feel bad now
MagicXxx109 Mejia
MagicXxx109 Mejia - 3 dagar sedan
Omg its him from stranger things 3333333
Aspen Paws
Aspen Paws - 3 dagar sedan
Who else is hyped for Stranger Things Season 3?!
PIMRAPHAT J. - 3 dagar sedan
No one:
Noah: I'm panic😂😂
PIMRAPHAT J. - 3 dagar sedan
This kid is funny hahaha
Paige Claire
Paige Claire - 3 dagar sedan
Noah: I lOvE cRyInG
Symphonia doll
Symphonia doll - 3 dagar sedan
Just want to say, your acting in the 'reality show' video was pretty good actually.
CASSPurr Waspurr
CASSPurr Waspurr - 3 dagar sedan
idk I feel like Noah must not have done much research on the Twins because if I was him, I would have avoided talking/making up a scenario about their mother dying so soon after losing their dad.
Lexi Cory
Lexi Cory - 3 dagar sedan
Why was this the funniest thing ever😂
Zara Holm
Zara Holm - 4 dagar sedan
why did noah look so nervous when tellin the twins his age almost embarrassed 😫 5:33
Aspen Paws
Aspen Paws - 3 dagar sedan
There is technically a 3 year age difference I mean if I were him it would horrifying 😂