This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

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michael dunbar
michael dunbar - 21 minut sedan
Linda Rypkema
Linda Rypkema - Timme sedan
Where is the washer ? For washing clothes? LOVE the house and the land!! And the catio is awesome :)
Christel Nuñez
Christel Nuñez - 2 timmar sedan
This is bigger than my house jdksbdkf
Crow Post
Crow Post - 3 timmar sedan
Well lets hope they dont have a messy part in the relation ship where they need time apart
Aras Limaj
Aras Limaj - 3 timmar sedan
She’s hurting him why he’s all bruised
annabodhi38 - 4 timmar sedan
Stunning. It's beautiful. I want one too, lol.
Enkhtsetseg Vetsch
Enkhtsetseg Vetsch - 4 timmar sedan
Ericakkk - 4 timmar sedan
This was the best tiny house I’ve seen so far. Just gorgeous!
Jessica Hamerold
Jessica Hamerold - 5 timmar sedan
Best tiny house by far, but they should get a queen bed instead to make the space seem larger
Jellyjustin123MC - 5 timmar sedan
she must be amazing in bed
The PurplePanda
The PurplePanda - 6 timmar sedan
super Nice !!!
Albert Ying
Albert Ying - 7 timmar sedan
That fucking ugly ass acts like she contributed to build the house
even if she did do something it was to think of drawers in stairs
while the guy just sits there awkwardly she goes on like they both did it “we”
Kotton Kandy
Kotton Kandy - 8 timmar sedan
He looks annoyed
Jadah Ava
Jadah Ava - 8 timmar sedan
This is the most beautiful tiny house I’ve ever seen 😍❤️
Max Benzaquen
Max Benzaquen - 9 timmar sedan
Now I see why there is two beds.
Brian Yegon
Brian Yegon - 10 timmar sedan
i thought tiny house of this design wont exist, well done
Sherwin Colina
Sherwin Colina - 11 timmar sedan
I need to know more about those 2 cats' life
Abhi -shek
Abhi -shek - 11 timmar sedan
I don't know why but it feels like she got him good and he doesn't seem that happy too.
srija kukutapu
srija kukutapu - 12 timmar sedan
Beautiful....but bit akward....this guy is very talented
I speak The truth
I speak The truth - 13 timmar sedan
The joys of a tiny house . You take a shit everyone will smell it .
NonstopTurt - 13 timmar sedan
The are living in huge gaming PC
Keith Otieno
Keith Otieno - 13 timmar sedan
This story is touchy and awesome....but why matt is not sure about Lisa though...there eyes are not communicating....they both
MANGESH DHAJ - 14 timmar sedan
I'm always get inspired by that kind videos
Ayan Asad
Ayan Asad - 14 timmar sedan
NCT Jaehyun nation rise
NCT Jaehyun nation rise - 15 timmar sedan
I wonder what would happen if he breaks up with her XD
Harry Ztun
Harry Ztun - 15 timmar sedan
It looks like two shipping containers
JazzyAnn 014
JazzyAnn 014 - 16 timmar sedan
Just imagine in the house sitting late at night on the couch while it was raining, reading a book in dime lights..
Annabeth Jackson
Annabeth Jackson - 16 timmar sedan
They won’t last
tho shi
tho shi - 16 timmar sedan
That's really cool. Two thumbs up.
Jenny Reyes
Jenny Reyes - 17 timmar sedan
Weird awesome
Joltmann07 - 17 timmar sedan
UPDATE*** woman leaves man now that she has tiny house. Accumulates 20 cats.
ThePsychoticPurple - 18 timmar sedan
Are they off the grid? Where does the toilet water/sinks/electric come from? I also still don’t understand what that cage thing outside is.
PsychArt - 18 timmar sedan
Has left the Chat...
Kleicer Med
Kleicer Med - 18 timmar sedan
You trade your couch for an errand???
Find another woman before you will lose everything. Smh!
Gilligan sky
Gilligan sky - 19 timmar sedan
Lmaooo this house is huge try living in an rv😂
C - 19 timmar sedan
i thought the point of living in a tiny house was to reduce your own carbon footprint... beautifully designed tiny house, but if they might as well bought a normal sized house and designed it the same way...
Alaina Fulkerson
Alaina Fulkerson - 20 timmar sedan
him: absolutely no compromises here
them: yeah... we compromised on this
Purple Fox
Purple Fox - 20 timmar sedan
Gorgeous home. But I'd say it's more of a "medium " home instead of a "tiny " home. Beautiful work none the less. Thank you for sharing.
The MACHINE - 20 timmar sedan
This dude sounds like Korg
THUGGAHRELISH - 20 timmar sedan
What a sucker 🤡 he got used used🤦🏽‍♂️ he's her 🧞‍♀️
osama charkieh
osama charkieh - 21 timme sedan
Can somebody give me any social media account of Matt or Lisa the owner of this house
Would be appreciated,
Miller Ford
Miller Ford - 21 timme sedan
If we were wrong in the comments he would’ve made a post on here to defend her (there are 17million views on here RN of course they’ve watched it too and scrolled through comments) I’m assuming she read them and berated him for not pretending to like her more and then kicked him out and they’re no longer together and she lives in there alone now pretending to study and smoking weed and growing it on the land.
taco dog
taco dog - 21 timme sedan
How is this nicer than my house
Vaughn Butler
Vaughn Butler - 23 timmar sedan
Well this wasn't awkward at all...
Jerrica Fajardo
Jerrica Fajardo - 23 timmar sedan
How hot is it? Does the A/C keep up?
Amruth T
Amruth T - Dag sedan
This couple remind me of Michael and Jan!
maximus Barlow
maximus Barlow - Dag sedan
"It's our dream..... its your dream, just an achievement for me" uh oh 😂😂
nemmo latty
nemmo latty - Dag sedan
😴😴😴Skip to 5.55 to see inside
Aru Kumar
Aru Kumar - Dag sedan
I wish few kids should stay there for just few months.. Then they might think diffrent
shafia radzi
shafia radzi - Dag sedan
"A dream come true for you, an achievement for me"
Nusrat Mila
Nusrat Mila - Dag sedan
just wow!!!!
Layla - Dag sedan
I hope this poor guy has a Will and decent perents / supportive siblings behind him. This woman is using him 100%.
Charlotte Kym Tomlinson
An xNFP with a xxTJ.
b pavilion
b pavilion - Dag sedan
These Tiny house designs weren't meant for having children I'm guessing...
Logun Poindexter
Logun Poindexter - Dag sedan
The comment at the end showed that this guy is not happy lol. "Dream for you, achievement for me."
Martha Kuzmenko
Martha Kuzmenko - Dag sedan
The cat extensions are adorable!
Ольга Рыжкова
Dinia Wati
Dinia Wati - Dag sedan
how come this tinny house looks biger n more comfy than my house
R - Dag sedan
Another amazing vid, thanks Bryce! One of the most beautiful I’ve seen and I LOVE the cat run!!! 👌🐈💕 I’m sorry there are so many hateful misogynist commenters. It’s not what you make your vids for, but I guess it must be a symptom of popularity for this one.
Nicole Bates
Nicole Bates - Dag sedan
One of the best tiny homes I've ever seen.
Uno Marco
Uno Marco - Dag sedan
My dude miserable ... the tension between them. He gotta be tired of her
Vhugala Mufamadi
Vhugala Mufamadi - Dag sedan
How can one get one
Subhodip Manna
Subhodip Manna - Dag sedan
I love this simple couple..
And their tiny beautiful house 🏡
And also that place. 🙂
Bukkake-Tsunami - Dag sedan
4:03 That's nice... What the fuck happened to your head sir?
Ghedneil Dagalea
Ghedneil Dagalea - Dag sedan
Her: now I gotta find something else to want
Him: it's a dream come true for you... It's an achievement for me.
Yikes... I get the vibe that he's just being used.
Kali Marie
Kali Marie - Dag sedan
Ok but this is like double the size of my apartment
Ivar Losna
Ivar Losna - Dag sedan
Got an idea, setting up 10 of these on my property and renting them out... Nope, not legal in my country, too small.
:D - Dag sedan
17:34 his eyes are saying help me out of here
Campbell Homen
Campbell Homen - Dag sedan
Very well done
Kelly Jordan
Kelly Jordan - Dag sedan
Tiny house made by filthy rich hipsters, surprised they didn't have a barista serving coffee!! Wankers...
E. P.
E. P. - Dag sedan
THIS IS THE BEST TINY HOUSE EVER!!!!! why in the world would there be so many dislikes? I think they are more so for the couple and not the house! this man is a great master craftsman don't dislike his work over other reasons.
JUBERT Bruno - Dag sedan
amazing tiny tv
ዝርውን በዜማ/ Prose-In-Rhythm
So Creative,
So Friendly,
So Liveable.
Opa Heisenberg
Opa Heisenberg - Dag sedan
Greg Lane
Greg Lane - Dag sedan
Amazing wonderful house!!! Matt you did good by building that work of art and design! Wish you all many happy and healthy years together! Awesome design and build quality!!! Few can speak to achieving something that special!
Jimmy ATX ALL DAY - Dag sedan
This is America!! We don't do that here Cut the Shit!! Also a Caucasian thing. RT the rich get richer!! Burned off the poor to let in the rich WEAK!!
Adi Pan
Adi Pan - Dag sedan
Purnima Nishad
Purnima Nishad - Dag sedan
Nice One Bro...
PossumLady8262 - Dag sedan
This man is ultra talented! Such a beautiful tiny house. Plus he loved his cats enough to build them such a safe haven.
J Munoz
J Munoz - Dag sedan
Wow!..this house is amazing..i love it❤
Shanice - Dag sedan
Rumaiza Taha
Rumaiza Taha - Dag sedan
just jealous wow
Marky Mark
Marky Mark - Dag sedan
Love the home, be cooler if they could of doubled it's size and sqaure footage...but I love it
La La T
La La T - Dag sedan
As he was saying he is in the Blue Mountains, the screen said Sydney, New South Wales.... not the same place..
TechGently - Dag sedan
So he started a brush fire to get the land on the cheaps? Good show!
Sharon Strindholm
Sharon Strindholm - Dag sedan
Matt!! Please post your floor plan! I've studied this for 8years and have never saw ANYTHING like this! Bravo! Bravo my friend! I think your beyond bathrooms! Just Sayin
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow - Dag sedan
How Much probably around ,
200000????,,,didn't watch it to the end
Himanshu Tandon
Himanshu Tandon - Dag sedan
80-90k not including the land's worth
Fabiana C
Fabiana C - Dag sedan
Why is the interviewer so enthusiastic LMFAOO wtf
Eamonn Ó Suilleabháin
Why the presenter guy talking like that
WhiteWolfos - Dag sedan
He should build more of these and start selling them. I'd love to buy something like that
Robert Velasco
Robert Velasco - Dag sedan
So so cool and stylish considering you built it in an area formerly devastated by bushfire! Don't be surprised if you get a lot of tourists dropping by to check your house.
Madison Dowden
Madison Dowden - Dag sedan
That’s the same size as my house now...
Natalie DAVES
Natalie DAVES - Dag sedan
This is my favorite.... hands down!
Wendolin Garcia
Wendolin Garcia - Dag sedan
So beautiful
jrny7777 - Dag sedan
Where’s the laundry......?
nanukbigwithe - Dag sedan
Angeliz Del Rio Torres
Angeliz Del Rio Torres - 2 dagar sedan
14:25 they need to update that state for more safety. If they fall there omg
Esme Hudson
Esme Hudson - 2 dagar sedan
That is not even a tony house
It’s a tricking giant house
King Trance
King Trance - 2 dagar sedan
Job well done! Thank you for sharing. 👍
Knauziuz - 2 dagar sedan
OMFG an actual toilet, I thought I'd never see it!!!!!!