This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

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joey dubbs76
joey dubbs76 - 37 minuter sedan
Uh-huh🤔......she ever give you any $$$ towards "your" tiny house?.....
Barbara Woods
Barbara Woods - Timme sedan
Wow, this is the first one that I can say, “This blows me away!” Excellent!!!
kramer911 - Timme sedan
Wait.... ONLY 80,000?????
Jd Toledo
Jd Toledo - Timme sedan
little Kratos looks like he'll want to sell this place in a couple of years lols
Lui Pirrone Cook
Lui Pirrone Cook - Timme sedan
That tiny house is INCREDIBLE, the best ive seen. Good job guys
MsKTMvalley - Timme sedan
I like how the furniture and appliances are regular size in the tiny home
wer dfe
wer dfe - 2 timmar sedan
she is sexy!
Teodora G
Teodora G - 3 timmar sedan
best tiny house i’ve ever seen. hands down. (stop commenting about their relationship, you’re not part of it)
Brittney Lamb
Brittney Lamb - 3 timmar sedan
The bathroom 😩
theandroids - 4 timmar sedan
That TV is waaaay too big to be that close to the sofa. I would have recessed it into the wall a wee bit. Absolutely awesome house. The bathroom only is 👌
PACMASTER 21 - 4 timmar sedan
How can we get the plans for this house
Sofie Jaggi
Sofie Jaggi - 4 timmar sedan
So sweet. Glad that you take really good care of the cats ❤️
zohan ali
zohan ali - 5 timmar sedan
bad idea..
setphaser - 5 timmar sedan
i think it’s time to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land if you’re going to continue these kinds of videos. the land is not owned by white people. she is doing indigenous studies, she should know better. and black is the dumbest colour to paint anything in Australian summer. they’ll pay literally in air con. but then, it’s not exactly portable so next big bushfire season they won’t have to worry about aircon.
Tarunima SinghSanawar
Tarunima SinghSanawar - 6 timmar sedan
This is one of the classiest tiny houses i've ever seen
Dexter Poole
Dexter Poole - 7 timmar sedan
Brush if she asked you if you're absolutely sure you want to do this an y'all were in bed, I bet she was naked... She got you cuz lol.. but still a cool house
Tracy Smith
Tracy Smith - 8 timmar sedan
"line, beauty, design"...something i've always said about... "art - anything made well"...the most gorgeous 'tiny house' ever...lovely, nicely done. and, ... i love the story of how this example of tiny house living came about, wonderful, magical....congratulations ; )
Stassie Love
Stassie Love - 8 timmar sedan
OMG I would love to own this house. It's so perfect in every way. I love the idea of the cat private island :)
Sean T
Sean T - 9 timmar sedan
I'd be interested to know what the total weight of the build was.... At 9M length/2.5M width most tiny home trailers are about 5 tonne GVM max from what I've seen.... Hard to believe all that gear including things like marble kitchen bench tops and steel mesh roof decorations comes under 10 tonne let alone 5!
sohita singh
sohita singh - 9 timmar sedan
This house is very sweet & uprated . Cn we build it in India ?
Tisha Eyo
Tisha Eyo - 9 timmar sedan
dream home.
SeRbUs - 9 timmar sedan
Say the line Bron.
WaffleShadows - 10 timmar sedan
I don't understand how the heck a bachelor's student could afford to help build this house.... Sure, the guy could've done it all, but like, that's really not good.
Fri Killer
Fri Killer - 10 timmar sedan
Is that her bra that keeps showing🤦‍♀️
Natsuko_Saeki - 11 timmar sedan
Natsuko_Saeki - 11 timmar sedan
Hacker _
Hacker _ - 11 timmar sedan
They live in the middle of nowhere were do they get electricity and water from ???
The Curious Brain
The Curious Brain - 13 timmar sedan
$90k plus labor and still living in tiny house? I guess i can be sold based on location!
C Connelly
C Connelly - 13 timmar sedan
I like the flushing toilet! Haha! Definitely my favorite tiny house I've seen so far! The car run is brilliant!
zoomzoombabe - 13 timmar sedan
The chemistry of the ‘couple’ in this video is so non existent!! Hardly any eye contact, touching, leg pulling/ laughing...complete flop! It might sound harsh but that woman is living in a fantasy...I am pretty confident she physically or mentally contributed no more than 10% to this massive project! She is lucky that he is a builder and has experience and intellect in these matters...honestly the last 2 minutes of the video with the “achievement” comment really made me feel for the guy! You can hear it in her voice how she has a list of ‘look at this, look at this’ instead of this is how we made it or decided to work it out. Pride of ownership is understandable but with her it’s a strong dose of ‘entitled dreamer’. Neither he or she is really in love with the importance and reality of downsizing i.e. tiny homes. Matt took it up as a challenge (hence, achievement) and she as we see likes to be PERCEIVED as a hippie/ rasta with the dreadlocks yet has a double door closet and a stylish not-so-tiny home in trend with the hipster vibe. The moment a new home trend comes along she will jump to it!!
MGTOWcockney - 13 timmar sedan
Thats not a tiny house
Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanchez - 15 timmar sedan
The only thing I’d add is a pop up table 😍
Laura Zepeda
Laura Zepeda - 15 timmar sedan
wow the whole space is beautiful! and an inspiration, wow.
Mariel Bishop
Mariel Bishop - 15 timmar sedan
She had the idea and he put in all the work, she takes credit and says "thank you" to Bryce I bet the boyfriend cringes. You know when they separate they are going to fight for that beautiful is a beauty. In the end it's his baby.
Ferrero Sparklz
Ferrero Sparklz - 15 timmar sedan
She just wouldn't shut up about tiny houses... Lol
Di Miseta
Di Miseta - 16 timmar sedan
Could I get in touch with these guys, to get the building plans? My husband and I love this tiny home. We are in our planings to build our own home. We are very excited about this beautifull tiny house.
Laraib Ch
Laraib Ch - 16 timmar sedan
Why feel cringes when the cat comes near to camera 😂😂😂
dudo mmeme
dudo mmeme - 17 timmar sedan
This tiny house is stunning!!! Any chance u could send me a floor plan? Id love to build one too
Syllivia Frazier
Syllivia Frazier - 17 timmar sedan
Love it, love the house, job will done, want one myself, but you all say yeah alot.
Marcus LeeP
Marcus LeeP - 17 timmar sedan
They are a great couple with a great house..Really nice!!!!!
Marcus LeeP
Marcus LeeP - 17 timmar sedan
Looking very nice...
Joy Gross
Joy Gross - 17 timmar sedan
Stunning 😍
WWE Special
WWE Special - 18 timmar sedan
CJ - 19 timmar sedan
There are a lot of judgmental people down here. Not surprised at all.
john mcgregor
john mcgregor - 20 timmar sedan
the best tinny home ive seen well done its the dogs bollocks
Mason Officially
Mason Officially - 20 timmar sedan
Complete summary - he needed pussy, she knew he was desperate and she wanted a tiny house = guy builds house and pays all the bills for the house
Spiritisalive1 - 21 timme sedan
All I want to do is Marie Kondo her wardrobe. Girl if you see this comment, you better go check her out.
Sammvegan Edgy
Sammvegan Edgy - 21 timme sedan
Lovely couple but the presenter is so annoying and how many times can he say "really" Uber the top. Ruins the clip x
Delilah Jones
Delilah Jones - 21 timme sedan
Beautiful. I was as impressed as the host. You could tell the host's reactions were genuine. Only thing is, that openness they created on the second floor was a waste of useful space. They should have done a small second bathroom for those times when you both have to go at the same time!
ziandra zadora
ziandra zadora - 21 timme sedan
Incredible dreamlife
Cait De Graaff
Cait De Graaff - 22 timmar sedan
So.. house in the middle of nowhere. Where do you get food?!
ahmad hazim
ahmad hazim - 22 timmar sedan
Beverly Astorga
Beverly Astorga - 22 timmar sedan
Its a cool video not sure why story referred to it as raunchy as it is anything but.
Sophia Jd
Sophia Jd - 23 timmar sedan
Did anyone else noticed that there are no fucking tables in the house???? what??
Stacey Lyn
Stacey Lyn - 23 timmar sedan
Great job for the tiny house, but this guy looks so pressured on the gf . Just saying.
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy - Dag sedan
This home is absolutely amazing! It looks so comfy and spacious that I am blown away! I would love to have a tiny home just like this one!
Luke Bennett
Luke Bennett - Dag sedan
Hands down the nicest tiny house I've seen. Would love to pay for a similar design.
Daffy B
Daffy B - Dag sedan
'With it's' ...reads 'with it is..', which doesn't make sense.
Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor - Dag sedan
Please start providing the measurements in Fee
0007sivas - Dag sedan
My doubt is this house can able to handle natural disaster like heavy storm and rain?
Barry Istuk
Barry Istuk - Dag sedan
Henry Slager
Henry Slager - Dag sedan
“No more house, this is all we need”
Wait till you get pregnant girl 😂
enk989 - 14 timmar sedan
Was thinking the same thing! 😂
DrMaoh - Dag sedan
is that fucking Kratos?
Prassanna G
Prassanna G - Dag sedan
Best tiny house ever
Zubair Moideen
Zubair Moideen - Dag sedan
Fine woman in a tiny house.. Dude is punching way above his weight class
Kimkatash - Dag sedan
The interviewer describes and breakdowns the house so beautifully. But the home owners act like their house is no big deal, mainly the woman. Plus their energy feels stale both towards the interviewer and between each other :(
I'd feel so blessed and excited to share it with the interviewer, wish they had as much enthusiasm as the house deserves.
Janette Nash
Janette Nash - Dag sedan
Well Done ! Loved your design
Wyatt Marshall
Wyatt Marshall - Dag sedan
Am I the only one who noticed he almost always said "I" and she almost always said "we". There's some sort of psychology there.....
EDM TravelandTours
EDM TravelandTours - Dag sedan
Thats not small its medium sized and its too big
postwala - Dag sedan
I would like to order 25 of these
Lane arndt
Lane arndt - Dag sedan
Omg is she ever HOTTTTTT!!!
Felicia Varnado
Felicia Varnado - Dag sedan
I love it.
John Crunkleton
John Crunkleton - Dag sedan
Yeah I agree, very artistic and modern. Makes me want to build a couple of these out back from my place. “Excellent job guys!”
ankur Rathi गुर्जर
So beautiful house
Bence 3217
Bence 3217 - Dag sedan
The guy seems to suffer living there
Kathleen Clark
Kathleen Clark - 17 timmar sedan
What makes you say so, dog?
Murrland Moe
Murrland Moe - Dag sedan
Imagine taking a poop in the bathroom and the entire house just smells like ass
Juliana Lopez
Juliana Lopez - Dag sedan
Amazing! However, I really wish that loft was more of a study area for the girl. She needs an ergonomic table and chair, getting permanently hurt from studying or working on awkward positions is so real! please make it a studio for her!!! lol but yeah amazing house !!!
Xionaira Muniz
Xionaira Muniz - Dag sedan
It is so beautiful 😍
هدي موسي
هدي موسي - Dag sedan
love this channel from Egypt😘
ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV
ReVamp-Ideas 101 TV - Dag sedan
All in consideration this is by Far the BEST SIZE Tiny house I have seen so far and that Bathroom damm''' I would take that anyday with that Kitchen and Loft Space that you can actually stand up and move around with two big beds hmmm'' $90,000 not so bad really, and best of all THAT VIEW !!!!!!!!!!
Zooks - Dag sedan
I love it. They've done a great job. Hes very humble about the quality of his work. I would hire him any day to do my bathroom.
Aisha - Dag sedan
They didn’t want to go tiny on the Tv size. It is gigantic for the room
Aisha - Dag sedan
The house size is not tiny. It is small. NY apartments r tinier!
TheRailGunner - Dag sedan
To me, she appears like a 60 year old hippy. And he looks like he's not really digging it anymore. Feelsbadman.. lol
Rosemary Quinn
Rosemary Quinn - Dag sedan
Love this design!
futuregoal 15
futuregoal 15 - Dag sedan
Awesome jobs! What a lovely house! Look peaceful. Thank you for sharing this video.
Chris Norton
Chris Norton - Dag sedan
Absolutely gorgeous design and execution. Unbelievable really. That house is a work of art.
DrMaoh - Dag sedan
The man is extremely good at construction
K Kzm
K Kzm - Dag sedan
why black????
Ohjulie Oooo
Ohjulie Oooo - Dag sedan
But where is a table and chairs??????????? Are they eating on the sofa??????😂😂😂😂😂
Jamaican Voodoo Posse
Jamaican Voodoo Posse - Dag sedan
Basically a rich mans mobile home .
thomas scoot
thomas scoot - Dag sedan
I imagine this home was not cheap
joe skillet
joe skillet - Dag sedan
This is very beautiful
A,m m
A,m m - Dag sedan
This house is like my case computer. 😅🖥️
Julian Assange
Julian Assange - Dag sedan
I think she beats him lol
Mara Jade Skywalker
Mara Jade Skywalker - Dag sedan
I love it! Can I move in?:-)
Michael NC
Michael NC - Dag sedan
Anyone got the girls ig?
Emma Torelli
Emma Torelli - Dag sedan
Where is the washing machine and dryer
GinLimeSoda - 22 timmar sedan
In the kids room
Truong Anh Thu
Truong Anh Thu - Dag sedan
This home is absolutely stunning
Evan Lee Finney
Evan Lee Finney - Dag sedan
I love this house, but the couple was so awkward lol
Rizwan Ahmed Nawabi khuhro saen
That's amazing winderfull I like it