OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

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Gayan Abeysinghe
Gayan Abeysinghe - 3 timmar sedan
3 months later ... It's going to be outdated soon cuz one plus 7t pro is coming as I heard next month , I'm very dissapointed cuz I just thought of buying one ...
JazevoAudiosurf - 3 timmar sedan
perfect phone:
- 4000 mah battery
- 90hz 4k AMOLED
- wireless warp charge
- headphone jack
- usb c
- fast processor and ufs 3
- good camera, speakers and fast fingerprint sensor behind display
- 6.1"
- extra buttons for utility
- 5g
Saurabh Mahajan
Saurabh Mahajan - 7 timmar sedan
Battery life 4.5hr screen on time.. spoke too soon
L.E.R - 9 timmar sedan
Got mine 2 days ago. Abolutely love it!
Bogdan Radac
Bogdan Radac - 10 timmar sedan
Which camera is better? Oneplus 7 pro or pixel 3?
Storm Turk
Storm Turk - 13 timmar sedan
Why is wireless charging so important to many people? Like I really just dont know. Can someone explain.
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell - 7 timmar sedan
If you plan on keeping your phone for a long time it helps save your port for one and 2 its convenient
Jacob - 15 timmar sedan
"6-69, nice" -mkbhd 2019
Quagmire - 15 timmar sedan
Just got my OnePlus 7pro 20min ago from my local TMobile store it's freaking awesome
its just luke Revive
its just luke Revive - 19 timmar sedan
Oof, Canada has it at $899.00-$1009.00
Deven Mellor
Deven Mellor - 19 timmar sedan
I'll take the pixel 3a XL over this
Sean Darcy
Sean Darcy - 19 timmar sedan
can anyone tell me what the driving game he is playing is lol thank you
DaLeadBull - Dag sedan
How many people really need all that speed and top spec hardware tho? Not many. Paying all that money for a phone is way overkill imo.
Bharath Bodepudi
Bharath Bodepudi - Dag sedan
Beast of a phone.
Gamepad - Dag sedan
will i be able to kick everyone A with one plus 7 6gb ram version in pubg mobile?
Orange :v
Orange :v - Dag sedan
Oneplus6t owners ? 👀
Chillwave General
Chillwave General - Dag sedan
And this device cost cheaper than iPhone 7 Plus for years old ))))
Synder - Dag sedan
Chillwave General phones will be insaine just in 3 years
Alex McCaffrey
Alex McCaffrey - Dag sedan
What about setting it to 90 hertz and 1080p? As a battery compromise.
Angkit - Dag sedan
9:36 is that you??
chan - 2 dagar sedan
all the tech youtubers are say"if Apple gets this and that" why? why can't the tech world admit that Apple starts to suck at this game now.
chan - 2 dagar sedan
Watching on my Huawei P30 Pro
Jitendra Singh
Jitendra Singh - 2 dagar sedan
Plz anyone don't buy d one plus 7pro , it's very slow
loner_ wolf
loner_ wolf - Dag sedan
What?? Do u onw how to use a phone? How is it slow?
integral merr
integral merr - 2 dagar sedan
i had one in the Cart, but then (i just assumed it had it) i double checked.. NO HEADPHONE JACK.. and i REALLY wanted this phone :( god dammit
i am verry disappointed OnePlus does not have a WPS connect ☹️
Ge Yangon
Ge Yangon - 2 dagar sedan
It's fing awesome! Speed and screen is godlike!
Eric Y
Eric Y - 2 dagar sedan
1. Best display on the market
2. Top 3 best camera
3. Notch-less display
4. Excellent battery/Warp charging capabilities
5. +$300 cheaper than the competition

The OP7 Pro IS the best smartphone of the year. While other companies compromised heavily on their flagship devices (Shamesung and the like), OnePlus delivered on all major accounts. Good sh*t!
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy - 2 dagar sedan
Watching on my OnePlus 7 pro 🤫 insanely fast indeed 🌝
Firoz Jebbar
Firoz Jebbar - 10 timmar sedan
Same here with oneplus 7 pro
Aron Zoetebier
Aron Zoetebier - 22 timmar sedan
Watching on my oneplus 6T, crying indeed
BalthazarTheGreat - 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact Samsung manufactures the display for the one plus 7 pro which I find interesting. It's not as bright or color rich/ accurate as the Galaxy S/ note line but it has an edge with no notch or hole punch it's actually labeled under the New-Infinity display tech when show back at the December 2018 press video right before the guy showed the beta Galaxy fold all shady. That and it has a higher refresh rate of 90hz which if you are wondering Samsungs next level display coming out with the Galaxy S11 will me micro LED based support 120hz with dynamic refresh rate adjustment 60-120hz depending on content and will erase the worry of burn in since the display is 100% artificial.
John Doe
John Doe - 2 dagar sedan
Stand by time makes up for the battery drain
Alexander Ernst
Alexander Ernst - 3 dagar sedan
3:27 Mixed feelings Goes to Mixer app
Deals Club
Deals Club - 3 dagar sedan
World's best good looking phone with crazy speed.... Luv one plus devices 😁
DAVID YOHO - 3 dagar sedan
Still using OP7P since launch and loving it!😜😊
DAVID YOHO - 2 dagar sedan
@hussain Al-Essa It's been great! Never not made it through the day always 6 to 7 1/2 hours SOT it's gotten even better with time 👊🏻👍🏻
hussain Al-Essa
hussain Al-Essa - 3 dagar sedan
tell me about the battery life?
Secret_ Injamam
Secret_ Injamam - 4 dagar sedan
Who watching this on a OnePlus 7 pro
Gowthami Saradhi Pothuri
Gowthami Saradhi Pothuri - 4 dagar sedan
Is this 5g version
Eian Loki
Eian Loki - 4 dagar sedan
Is it really worth buying 6gig or ram model?
Tony G
Tony G - 4 dagar sedan
I blame Apple and the sheep who believe that expensive means better. I'm looking at you! iPhone X
Emperor Mouse
Emperor Mouse - 2 dagar sedan
As someone who is currently using both a Note 9 and iPhone Xs Max (and has used both android and ios in the past) I can say definitively that the iPhone is still better than Android. In terms of screen and cameras, iPhone has been in the top 3 every year. A12 bionic is the most powerful chip on the market, period. Day to day use of the iPhone shows that it is just as fast as the comparable Note or S device (although not as fast as the One Plus 7). However, this is mainly due to the animations. The subtle scroll, app launch, and notification animations on the iPhone make the device feel insanely satisfying and premium, something that is lost in both the Samsung and OnePlus devices. But all that aside, what you are really paying for is the ecosystem and software. iOS is the most secure, easy to use, and updatable software out of any smartphone out there, not to mention the nicest looking and feeling. The apps on the App store are generally higher quality than their Google Play counterparts and also get updates faster. Additional tech such as face ID and a true haptic engine are also lost on Android phones, and although the OnePlus 7 Pro has a haptic engine, it isn't utilized in the same way Apple's is- which honestly comes in handy way more than you think. This is not to say iPhones justify their price...they don't. But I'm getting tired of people trying to make themselves feel better by convincing themselves that iPhones are legitimately shitty. Nothing could be further from the truth. That all being said, to see the OnePlus 7 Pro at 669$ and still offer a state of the art screen, a good build quality, and ultra fast charging, proves that iPhones are overpriced. However, so are Samsungs and other Android flagships which start at 1000$.
Ismail Ahmed
Ismail Ahmed - 4 dagar sedan
All i can afford is that magnet paper
Mayank Agarwal
Mayank Agarwal - 4 dagar sedan
What is the wallpaper site or app you follow for such wallpapers?
Kashish Sharma
Kashish Sharma - 4 dagar sedan
"48MP for Everyone"
Except the Pixel.😁😆😄
Нови Сад Србија
But Pixel has the best camera regarding the numbers
Jhon David Torrado Gutierrez
What is the calendar app or reminders you have on the second page?
Jhon David Torrado Gutierrez
What is the calendar app or reminders you have on the second page?
Sachin Dagar
Sachin Dagar - 5 dagar sedan
Your wallpaper is very cool
Jonathan Connor
Jonathan Connor - 5 dagar sedan
Is the google cam mod out for it?
anudeep nayak
anudeep nayak - 5 dagar sedan
Are there any android tablets with high refresh rates ?
Daniel Saucedo
Daniel Saucedo - 5 dagar sedan
The echo is pretty bad in this.
Shawn Decker
Shawn Decker - 5 dagar sedan
Shibin Babu
Shibin Babu - 6 dagar sedan
Yes sir, everyone can easily makeout that 90hz refresh rate is amazing n super fluid.... Great animations on my 7pro
Shibin Babu
Shibin Babu - 6 dagar sedan
World's best good looking phone with crazy speed.... Luv one plus devices
dillbill2A - 6 dagar sedan
oh crap so no headphone jack, meaning bluetooth only. fuuuuck
vinay Kumar
vinay Kumar - 6 dagar sedan
Waiting for my boy Thanos purple version .
Rashad - 5 dagar sedan
Lol😂 what about Gamora Green😂
hm Gc
hm Gc - 6 dagar sedan
Price is not really less than other high end phones. None of the wireless companies sell this phone with their plans. If you calculate what you would pay for pixel or Samsung by buying it on a plan vs buying one plus and getting BYOD plan, they are all pretty close. When I bought pixel 2, it came out to be cheaper than my friends one plus.
Siddhartha Mandugula
Siddhartha Mandugula - 7 dagar sedan
I brought this phone, the only cons abt this is it's very heavy
Christopher De Freitas
Christopher De Freitas - 7 dagar sedan
It’s an atrocity that a phone like this costs $699 and other phones are going for $1000. The fucking IPhone XR Costa more than this and people still justify it 🤣
DanielThePro29 - 7 dagar sedan
watching this on the one plus 7 pro this is amazing phone and the phone of the year it even better then the galaxy note 10+
MrTenniskiller - 7 dagar sedan
It has everything perfect!
Nise C
Nise C - 7 dagar sedan
Really wish this phone had a headphone jack, it's such a deal breaker for lots of people.
Xistence Studios
Xistence Studios - 6 dagar sedan
@Nise C only good quality ones do like sennhiser or Sony . Most don't my Level U pro and my JBL E65BTNC don't use AptX only my sennhiser HD4.40BT have it
Nise C
Nise C - 6 dagar sedan
@Xistence Studios Apple uses AAC for iphone cuz they didn't wanna pay Qualcomm (AAC is a good codec but not built for Bluetooth). Heck, even Mac supports aptX.
Nise C
Nise C - 6 dagar sedan
@Xistence Studios I think most headphones for Android use AptX/AptX HD rather than AAC, I only find those AAC headphones in Apple's own product (Airpods, Beats, etc.)
Xistence Studios
Xistence Studios - 6 dagar sedan
@Nise C yes that is true but most headphones don't support LDAC , they use low bit rate ACC or SBS protocols. While you are connected you can try to change the codec but if it isn't supported it will revert back
Nise C
Nise C - 6 dagar sedan
@Xistence Studios U CAN increate bitrate actually, LDAC has 3 modes (connection/normal/priority) each has its own bitrate(330/660/990kbps), by toggling the LDAC mode, you can effectively increate bitrate. (Lots of device defaults to connection/normal mode, unlike LG which has a emphasis on audio quality)
Vishnu H S
Vishnu H S - 8 dagar sedan
Its not as fast as the iPhone, but no one is! Loved the video..
FreeReyan 30
FreeReyan 30 - 7 dagar sedan
Vishnu H S tbh this phone is better then the iPhone in everything
BIG BOI tm - 8 dagar sedan
silly fast = dummy thick
Martin Grahan
Martin Grahan - 8 dagar sedan
Rad Kotssigner
Rad Kotssigner - 8 dagar sedan
Say no to curve screen
Critic Nipun
Critic Nipun - 8 dagar sedan
Upset...It doesn't support 960fps format.
Critic Nipun
Critic Nipun - 8 dagar sedan
@Michael White 😭😭😭
Michael White
Michael White - 8 dagar sedan
AAAWWWW, u wanna hug?
Karthik Sunil
Karthik Sunil - 8 dagar sedan
Watching on my OP7 pro
Sriparno Baksi
Sriparno Baksi - 9 dagar sedan
Good Phone.
Escanor TV
Escanor TV - 9 dagar sedan
Oneplus 7 pro vs iPhone xs max which would i choose? Please reply my man
Escanor TV
Escanor TV - 9 dagar sedan
@Revoped thanks bro
Revoped - 9 dagar sedan
Go for the oneplus 7 pro
Debanga Bhushan Sarma
Debanga Bhushan Sarma - 9 dagar sedan
OnePlus7 gang? Where are you
Shivam S Rawat
Shivam S Rawat - 9 dagar sedan
Watching on my OnePlus 7 pro. It's awesome
ha kha
ha kha - 8 dagar sedan
Shivam S Rawat, what do you recommend sir? Note 10 or one plus 7?
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs - 10 dagar sedan
At first I had no idea why I disliked this. Then I remembered it's because you don't have captions or subtitles.
Now, I'm not deaf, but you really need to enable them. Your production quality is great, I know you can enable either auto subs, or get someone to make them.
Kevin Appleton
Kevin Appleton - 10 dagar sedan
Given that it's an AMOLED try using the black screen theme settings in the phone menu, it helps with the battery
Zuhayr Rahman
Zuhayr Rahman - 10 dagar sedan
Got this phone yesterday and I love it
Mingyao Liu
Mingyao Liu - 10 dagar sedan
start at '669'
nice 1+
James Robert
James Robert - 10 dagar sedan
If only Harmony OS was installed on this phone!
JC Jackson Jr
JC Jackson Jr - 10 dagar sedan
Just picked mine up 3 days ago. Been getting over 7 hours of screen time with 20% left. The 8 gig. So far very fast and fluid.
marvin Jackson jr
marvin Jackson jr - 9 dagar sedan
Just got mine today and screen on time looks to be impressive.
Mohammad Bin Atique
Mohammad Bin Atique - 11 dagar sedan
your videos make me sleepy
Megamind Universe
Megamind Universe - 11 dagar sedan
Finally a phone that turn heads
ankit raj
ankit raj - 12 dagar sedan
Please make a gcam mod camera review for this
shit's classic X
shit's classic X - 12 dagar sedan
Shows us 90hz gameplay, watching on my 60hz note 9
Me: i have no idea what tf this dude ranting about.
saket tiwari
saket tiwari - 12 dagar sedan
Looking forward for the comeback of folding phone
Tintu Mone
Tintu Mone - 12 dagar sedan
Mahn . You're Killin it . Tell me how to be rich like you !
Nate - 12 dagar sedan
Mike Lo
Mike Lo - 12 dagar sedan
I would get this just for the pop up camera
JAYCAST cooky - 13 dagar sedan
I just got the Oneplu 7pro and I've noticing dark pixelated areas when watching YouTube videos and filming 1080p and 4k video😭😭😭😭
rushi vachhani
rushi vachhani - 13 dagar sedan