NHL Highlights | Blues vs. Bruins, Game 7 - June 12, 2019

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Jordan Binnington shined between the pipes and the St. Louis Blues defeated the Boston Bruins in Game 7 to win their first Stanley Cup.
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panilobia - 12 dagar sedan
Watching this Hard! Reliving it even harder!😔 new season is dawn refresh mabe? Lets get back to the drawing board GO BRUINS!!!😄
Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell - 16 dagar sedan
I still get chills watching this!
Zachary DeLoach
Zachary DeLoach - 25 dagar sedan
Can't watch this without getting chills. October 2nd needs to come faster. LGB!!!!
Billy Petro
Billy Petro - 25 dagar sedan
This is hands down the worst team in the history of the NHL thats ever won the stanley cup. Besides the first line the rest of the team is garbage
Zetoria - 4 dagar sedan
Still salty? 😂
Not John Tavares
Not John Tavares - 26 dagar sedan
This now puts Toronto as the sole record holder of the longest active cup drought. #GoLeafsGo #IRootForMisery
Nope Nope
Nope Nope - 27 dagar sedan
Re watching this the crowd was louder for the blues goals than the bruins goals 😂
April Neville
April Neville - 27 dagar sedan
Glad I didnt get this commentator for the games. I was at 2 of em but God he couldnt be more flat in a game 7 situation
Tobias Gaust
Tobias Gaust - 28 dagar sedan
Still rips my heart out. Binnington was a beast, though. Congrats. Can't wait for the next season.
no yes
no yes - Månad sedan
More than anything in the world for hockey, I'm glad not to have say anything about beaney town as Stanley Cup Champions. Congratulations Blues Fans, St. Louis was the best this year. I hope the announcer for the bruins CHOKES on it.
It sure was such a pleasure watching the scumbag Bruins lose. Way to go Blues!
tinge1954 - Månad sedan
That was an awesome, magnificent victory for the Blues, Congrats from the bottom of my heart !!!!!
frenchfrey65 - Månad sedan
Binnington and Chara the first to shake hands is one of the most awesome sports moments I ever witnessed, it's like straight out of a sports movie/anime, the rookie shaking the hand of a legend, the new guard and the old, the rookie earning the legend's respect. So cool!
Hockeyman66 Gavin
Hockeyman66 Gavin - Månad sedan
Great cup final series and well done to the blues
smithryansmith - Månad sedan
On the blues goals, it was the bruins big guns who let them down.

goal 1: Blaise (9) checked Kreci to keep the puck in the zone leading to the goal.
goal 2: Most egrigiously, Marchant couldnt be bother to stay another 8 seconds on the ice and missed two assignments.
goal 3: Tarasenko passed it right through Chara's legs to Schenn. (Not really blaming Chara but Tarasenko was his man on that play)

Blues got to celebrate on Boston's home turf.
Red Forman
Red Forman - Månad sedan
Anyone know where I can rewatch the entire game? Haven't been able to find it here or anywhere else.
Swaggy P
Swaggy P - 2 månader sedan
Couldn’t tell if it was game 7 of the Stanley cup final or a regular season game on a Tuesday night. Sounds like a library
Aripoo. C
Aripoo. C - 2 månader sedan
I wish the toronto maple leafs won the Stanley cup
Aripoo. C
Aripoo. C - 27 dagar sedan
Lol my 8 yr old bro commented that on my acvount😂😂 but me too lol
Barrady - 28 dagar sedan
As a Blues/Leafs fan, I really want you guys to win one too. I mean obviously blues first but damn its a close 2nd for the Leafs...
Elias Hjelm
Elias Hjelm - 2 månader sedan
Francisco J
Francisco J - 2 månader sedan
Oskar sunfist
BadBoiFilms - 2 månader sedan
To anyone who thought Rask should’ve got the conn smythe: eat cum
BadBoiFilms - 2 månader sedan
Eat cum bruins fans
Ryan D
Ryan D - 2 månader sedan
Piss poor announcers
TheJoec2005 - 2 månader sedan
rangers are next
Kyreese Alford
Kyreese Alford - 2 månader sedan
This is on par with Marvel Studios Avengers Endgame!!! This is Stanley Cup Final series is just like Avengers Endgame!!! The St Louis Blues are the Avengers and Zdeno Chara and the Boston Bruins are Thanos and his army!!! THIS IS EPIC!!! THIS IS SPARTA!!! ST LOUIS FOREVER!!!
TheEatingBlob -
TheEatingBlob - - 2 månader sedan
Only jesus saves more than Bennington
Maximilian Kid
Maximilian Kid - 2 månader sedan
I’m a huge Boston fan and I am disappointed about the loss but I congratulate the blues!
GAVIN NIEMERG - 2 månader sedan
it was easy for the Blues
Aidan McDonald
Aidan McDonald - 2 månader sedan
4:23 how is that blues fan so calm if I were them I would be jumping and running everywhere
Meredith Morrison
Meredith Morrison - 3 månader sedan
4:04 best part
Aram Mikaelian
Aram Mikaelian - 3 månader sedan
Blues finally won their first ever Stanley cup.
Luca Ross-Moro
Luca Ross-Moro - 3 månader sedan
In all fairness, Boston played an amazing series, Blues just were amazing though...Binnington the whole lineup. Im a canucks fan and remember the bruins beating us in 2011, but I gotta give you guys props. Boston played a hell of a series. Could have gone either way at the end of the day.
BadBoiFilms - 3 månader sedan
Eat cum bruins fans
Pickle Face
Pickle Face - 3 månader sedan
Boston you suck if any of the Bruins see this I hope your humiliated HA
POTATO chicken
POTATO chicken - 3 månader sedan
Both teams were cheap this playoffs its nice to see more different teams winning lately im a bruins fan and i think they deserved to win after how many chances they had. But binnington play put of his mind. great series. I have respect for the blues tho. Hard to see my team lose at the same time. But it was fun to watch. Rask can get us to the finals but he cant win the big one. Did not play that well game 7.
Mark Foley
Mark Foley - 3 månader sedan
99% are happy for the blues and the other 1% are salty bruins fans like me
8 - 3 månader sedan
LOL Boston lost
can't get there from here
can't get there from here - 3 månader sedan
As a Boston Bruins fan, you guys deserve this! Team Leila! Gloria!
Tara Conboy
Tara Conboy - 3 månader sedan
Let’s go blues
The Enduring
The Enduring - 3 månader sedan
As a Bruins fan, I’ll say it: The Blues were just the better team. When you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. And did they ever. Just goes to show, that nothing is ever out of reach.
Felipe Sant'Anna
Felipe Sant'Anna - 3 månader sedan
ElliottJ - 3 månader sedan
Coulda been the stars
JackofWolves - 3 månader sedan
No idea what's going on but I'm hype. This is the only time I've bothered to watch hockey but its a lot of action even if its only highlights
Alex Stoll
Alex Stoll - 3 månader sedan
The silent disappointment of Boston's fans was more powerful than any cheering home crowd.
SCP-096 - 3 månader sedan
The bruins tears are always the saltiest bleed blue for ever 🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹
Shawn Brisk
Shawn Brisk - 3 månader sedan
Gloria Gloria Gloriaaaaaa
Nehemiah H. McLeod
Nehemiah H. McLeod - 3 månader sedan
blues suck as hell but bruins will win next year
śtîńkÿ bûńghôlé
śtîńkÿ bûńghôlé - 3 månader sedan
So satisfying knowing that the bruins lost the cup
śtîńkÿ bûńghôlé
śtîńkÿ bûńghôlé - 3 månader sedan
I'm saying cuz that's why St Louis won the cup they won by being one off the worst in the league
EdMcStinko - 3 månader sedan
3:16 incredible pass right on the tape
Metallica Land
Metallica Land - 3 månader sedan
I just want to say that a lot of people complain about the way the blues play physically but if there was a team that came along and did that to my blues i would have respect. That is hockey people. Enough of this ball hockey style crap
James Hatfield
James Hatfield - 3 månader sedan
Bennington played unreal whole series, congratulations Blues.
KAWAHI LEONARD - 3 månader sedan
LeBron Should Retire
LeBron Should Retire - 3 månader sedan
This was the first hockey game I’ve watched in years and it was so entertaining. I’ll definitely watch next year
se vammanen
se vammanen - 3 månader sedan
This game true mvp is binnington
Maddie Carney
Maddie Carney - 3 månader sedan
those saves were amazing
EvanMc - 3 månader sedan
1:25 there is 7 blues players on the ice not counting binny. Not a fan of either team just pointing out how broken the refs were this playoffs series.
Daniel Rudd
Daniel Rudd - 3 månader sedan
Boston Bruins failed The Stanley Cup! I hate St. Louis Blues! And i'm sad!😢😢😢
Duckeyinbath !
Duckeyinbath ! - 3 månader sedan
Tuuska rask have a hard time being clutch in and Stanley cup final
Hattash Fpv
Hattash Fpv - 3 månader sedan
Wow! Great game. A lot different than game 6
Joe C
Joe C - 3 månader sedan
Who is this awful commentator. What a dull robot.
Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer
Bolly Blob no, I’ll get you banned from SEzone
Bolly Blob
Bolly Blob - 3 månader sedan
Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer Maybe you should get banned
Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer
Joe C I’ll get you banned from SEzone
Justin Moody
Justin Moody - 3 månader sedan
The Bruins could have fired a machine gun at Binnington, and he would have stopped it all in game 7, that guy was bulletproof the whole game.
Kevin L
Kevin L - 3 månader sedan
0:59 his face lol