The Top 5 Perform ‘Queens Everywhere’ | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

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La Fée Néante
La Fée Néante - Dag sedan
People say "Miss Vanjie was off"
But i keep asking myself why they keep Silky
Ly VanderWaal
Ly VanderWaal - Dag sedan
The best verse ever is Katya, Shea, Alaska and now Yvie
TheRyanzeegers - Dag sedan
Don’t know why no one got to win this challenge since there was a bottom two, and we all know it would’ve been Yvie
Nakita Gittens
Nakita Gittens - Dag sedan
Please great one tell me how I can become like you?
Ilse Brouwer
Ilse Brouwer - 2 dagar sedan
I always loved yvie and I really loved her performance, but it was really nice to see akeria have so much fun! She did also such a great job in this challenge!
rainbow_emerald - 2 dagar sedan
1:05 damn
Jenny Wycoff
Jenny Wycoff - 2 dagar sedan
Yvie does the damn thing but I love silkys part just as much
Vitor Florenzano
Vitor Florenzano - 3 dagar sedan
I look at Akeria and Silky and immediately think: who are those biological women? Too real.
Self A Cappella
Self A Cappella - 3 dagar sedan
Although all of them slayed, Brooke and Vanjie really are the bottom two here. Brooke is slightly awkward and Vanjie's energy is not on par
Angaku - Otaku
Angaku - Otaku - 3 dagar sedan
Better than Super Queen uwu
Paisley B
Paisley B - 4 dagar sedan
Honestly silky rly didn’t deserve to be in the top 4 and Vanjie was acc rly good
Anyre Robinson
Anyre Robinson - 4 dagar sedan
0:51-0:56 me trying to solve a murder mystery
Mya xoxo
Mya xoxo - 4 dagar sedan
Yvie is so overrated she got popular from sticking her tongue out and apparently now she’s “weird” and “unique”
Vanjies performance was so catchy and the dance was so smooth, she also should’ve won the lip sync bc she had enough energy for the song and also moves to match the song.
hipster queen
hipster queen - 5 dagar sedan
Mis vanjie
Loosey Furr
Loosey Furr - 6 dagar sedan
Distant Dreams
Distant Dreams - 6 dagar sedan
Man i really hate Silky. Her voice just irritates my eardrums and makes my head hurt.
Yara Taboada
Yara Taboada - 7 dagar sedan
Yvie's and Vanjie's lyrics were my favorites, you can enjoy them even without the video
Charley Amelia
Charley Amelia - 7 dagar sedan
Okay but I hated silky verse way more than Brookes or vanjie. They were way better
Neon Man
Neon Man - 7 dagar sedan
Nina when Shea was given blac Chyna: 0:51
Chey Thorn
Chey Thorn - 7 dagar sedan
Did it really need Salty Ganache shrieking about twirling at the end tho
Carla Hanzal
Carla Hanzal - 7 dagar sedan
that‘s art
Samantha Brescia
Samantha Brescia - 8 dagar sedan
Did anyone realize that yvie did the same move that Sasha Valor did in her season. You know the one leg up crawl onto a platform.
Ahouse04 - 8 dagar sedan
0:51 Me as a detective
Ashton Peters
Ashton Peters - 8 dagar sedan
I don't understand how Brooke was in the bottom... Also vanjie was screwed over she had the most to remember...
Positive Boi
Positive Boi - 8 dagar sedan
Vanjie: *breathes*
Piotr Lachendro
Piotr Lachendro - 8 dagar sedan
Why or when did A'keria change to a wig
Evan Joassaint
Evan Joassaint - 8 dagar sedan
Like we say in France
Putain c'est si bon😍
Erin M
Erin M - 9 dagar sedan
all the views are me but it’s ok
Ryan Miguel
Ryan Miguel - 10 dagar sedan
I noticed that Vanjie barely lip synced her part.
Sweet Rose
Sweet Rose - 12 dagar sedan
Why didn't silky perform like this in any of her lip syncs???? She had good energy here....
Eman Azizi
Eman Azizi - 12 dagar sedan
Team Yvie from the start of the episodes. Glad she won 😌
Troll Loool
Troll Loool - 13 dagar sedan
im still question how silky made it, her verse is worse than roxxxy's
Gacha Videos
Gacha Videos - 13 dagar sedan
I know Silky says Queen.
But it sounds like Quince.
And i cant stop laughing.
TheDefender833Jt - 13 dagar sedan
Wow that's a lot of work, but a great job.
Rpdr and Etn
Rpdr and Etn - 13 dagar sedan
no one:
gia: absolutelyyyyyyy
brook: im canadian
vanessa: MISS VANJIE
monique: brown cow stunning
naomi: leGS
Dorota Dziedzic
Dorota Dziedzic - 13 dagar sedan
Tbs _kpop_
Tbs _kpop_ - 14 dagar sedan
Vanjie is my favorite. She slays. 💕💜
TheHalloqueen - 14 dagar sedan
Love how the song ends at 2:53
Sophie Penn
Sophie Penn - 14 dagar sedan
You K N O W ya girls singing every single word.
Marvis - 14 dagar sedan
Seriously? I expected way more from Brooklyn. Thank god Yvie saved this whole performance for me.
for him. subs
for him. subs - 14 dagar sedan
Erin M
Erin M - 15 dagar sedan
love how at 1:31 brooke lynn is in front of an all genders welcome bathroom. so proud that these are all over canada♥️
Erin M
Erin M - 15 dagar sedan
a’keria looks like blac chyna
TheArtofBeingReacts - 15 dagar sedan
Akeira was living her best life!!! Ru turned her into a STAR!🌠❤❤❤
Barbara Havsteen Hede
Barbara Havsteen Hede - 15 dagar sedan
0:36 What happens to A’Keria, why does it look like the frilly stuff is coming out of her mouth??
Cunko Ekoshima
Cunko Ekoshima - 15 dagar sedan
Yvie is flexibility goals.
and i poop
and i poop - 15 dagar sedan
why is everyone ignoring the fact that Miss A’keria did a wig change? she’s underrated tbh
LevoGames - 15 dagar sedan
Vanjie failing on purpose is me all the time
Bastian Larsen
Bastian Larsen - 16 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks this top 5 did a pretty good job.
Personally I loved how the verses were lined up & even the bottom 2 did a killer job.
Keira Roberts
Keira Roberts - 16 dagar sedan
Yvie deserved the win, for sure! I’m just so sad Vanjie didn’t end up top 4, she got so much better since season 10 and that was so lovely to watch!
SOPA - 16 dagar sedan
How did Silky made it that far I swear I already saw that body suit 10 times in the runway
Esme Chan
Esme Chan - 16 dagar sedan
I dont understand why silky is in the top 4
Alex B.P.
Alex B.P. - 16 dagar sedan
Id say:
Akeria: Carisma
Vanjie: Lirics
Brooklyn: Coreo
Silky: Nutmeg
Yvie: Everything
#BiancaLovesKpop - 17 dagar sedan
Literally nobody:
Not even a soul:
Everyone: MiSs VaNjIe
Mya xoxo
Mya xoxo - 4 dagar sedan
#BiancaLovesKpop the problem is absolutely nobody is saying that because eViE is ThE bEzT dUhHh (not)
Cooper Rom
Cooper Rom - 17 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that noticed A'keria's wig change during the final part
Okami Sanctus
Okami Sanctus - 17 dagar sedan
Broke was way bether than silky
Tristan Melville
Tristan Melville - 17 dagar sedan
Darlings your title is wrong it’s supposed to be “the top four perform. Also there’s silky”
Vitor Liberato de Faria
Vitor Liberato de Faria - 17 dagar sedan
Love it love it love it ahhh
åbš føręvä
åbš føręvä - 17 dagar sedan
Silky shouldn’t have worn what she wore if she knew her choreo. She should have worn something that didn’t, you know, show her undergarments. It should have been Silky and Vanjie, who by the way, had a broken heel. Then Silky wouldn’t be in the top four and Vanjie would have been.
lucas perez
lucas perez - 18 dagar sedan
Who is the one with the gold jacket at the beginning ? IG?
diana haymze
diana haymze - 18 dagar sedan
it's rough watching this after Yvie's recent comments
TJ Williams
TJ Williams - 18 dagar sedan
This was so effing cute
Killian Glynn
Killian Glynn - 18 dagar sedan
Akeria's verse is so slept on!
CameronUnicorn - 19 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: Brooke was the *only* Caucasian queen left after Nina’s elimination
for him. subs
for him. subs - 19 dagar sedan
a'keria's verse >> yvie's verse
Taelir Keating
Taelir Keating - 19 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who thought vanjies verse was betters than silkys???
SuperJunior 22
SuperJunior 22 - 19 dagar sedan
they all sucked tbh
Sophisticated Slut
Sophisticated Slut - 19 dagar sedan
2:26 I just came for Rico
LoWeeGee - 20 dagar sedan
Compare this to the other batches... So underwhelming
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Mr. Thomas Jones was britain in my bag for a year or two
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Fucking bad
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
A c d hi
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
B l h hi
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Siky hi
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Vanessa vanji mtao hi vanji
Malakia Hyatt
Malakia Hyatt - 20 dagar sedan
Hi yvie
Fujoshi Extremm
Fujoshi Extremm - 20 dagar sedan
benji debio ganar