73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

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Alexis Ramirez
Alexis Ramirez - Timme sedan
Alexis Ramirez
Alexis Ramirez - Timme sedan
Remember we she broke her moms phone
purple2275 - Timme sedan
What a soulless house
SkippingLegs - Timme sedan
lol Kanye is such a liar, we know you banged Kim cause of her sextape.
Dana Hill
Dana Hill - Timme sedan
Terrible people
Мария Протодьяконова
Не одного русского ?
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey - Timme sedan
That house hasn’t got anything in it 🤣 it looks bare
blah - Timme sedan
Kanye looks dead inside
Jemma Tonnesen
Jemma Tonnesen - Timme sedan
Why would you name your kid shy?
BitchArtProductions - Timme sedan
2:15 what is the deal with those faucets on the counter?
silvia R
silvia R - Timme sedan
So staged 🙄
Nikki Kuntergraudunkelbunt
Can't wait for @SimgmProductions to make this a better version.
Kiara Jade
Kiara Jade - Timme sedan
interesting how the facetime aint got the rectangle in the corner hmmm
Ch Shakeel
Ch Shakeel - Timme sedan
No Furniture house 🤣
Tisha Mari3
Tisha Mari3 - 2 timmar sedan
They have no chemistry, the relationship is about Kim and the kids.
Ch Shakeel
Ch Shakeel - 2 timmar sedan
House 🤐🤐don't understand 😘
Red Pill
Red Pill - 2 timmar sedan
The matrix has you...
Wolfie - 2 timmar sedan
Interviewer: So Kanye what's the best part about basketball?
Kanye: The balls
Corinna Willard
Corinna Willard - 2 timmar sedan
this was so staged that it hurt.
miumau1000 - 2 timmar sedan
Is Kanye her 4th child, this was so cringe to watch! P.S you give your child to drink sprite at that age?????
Born it
Born it - 2 timmar sedan
I don’t liked this house lol
Αλλέγκρα Μαρτσούλλι
Is this their real house?
HEYIT'SJAY - 2 timmar sedan
I'm sorry if this is rude but, when the children are trying to figure which parent they look like the most. Don't you think they'll get confused? 😂
Because of the surgery
rabbit cult
rabbit cult - 3 timmar sedan
tyler thinks this is the decoy house
Lucie Loo
Lucie Loo - 3 timmar sedan
Demi Lovato next pls
Lucie Loo
Lucie Loo - 3 timmar sedan
Best 73 questions was Selena Gomez.
Leyla Salaad
Leyla Salaad - 3 timmar sedan
North west is sooo cute
lowkeyxxbeaa x
lowkeyxxbeaa x - 3 timmar sedan
i love that kim doesnt blend it. she's still got a button
Lucie Loo
Lucie Loo - 3 timmar sedan
Her house is so boring. Whys there so much white?
potatohead - 3 timmar sedan
this house looks so sad
Sylvia Wambua
Sylvia Wambua - 3 timmar sedan
Smell cavities...😂😂😂 your talent out of this world 😂
Ludde_12345 - 3 timmar sedan
0:56 wtf is a "Kimoji"???
Max Martin
Max Martin - 3 timmar sedan
Dreadful! Extremely staged and predictable. I use to love 73 .... what happened to spontaneity 😩😩😩
Amine - 3 timmar sedan
5:24 when she kept walking backwards.
Jacob Ramirez Rios
Jacob Ramirez Rios - 3 timmar sedan
Kanye what’s the best thing about food
ughitsrenee - 3 timmar sedan
so this video is just kanye being sarcastic and kim ignoring the kids.
Donnie Orlando
Donnie Orlando - 3 timmar sedan
She goes the worst thing to happen was for her to go to law school....Now she's Ella Woods hahaha
jamie-thtsvrynce - 4 timmar sedan
Lmao i really was just thinking kim is a pretty good person but this video showed me how dense, and somewhat fake she is lmaooo. Sorry not sorry.
Allium Porrum
Allium Porrum - 4 timmar sedan
scripted, vain, awkward
___ - 4 timmar sedan
How much room does a human being need?! This is an obscene amount of hording...
jojojorisjhjosef - 4 timmar sedan
I thought ethan was joking, I usually don't give these people attention, but this looks, alien.
noor plays
noor plays - 4 timmar sedan
Yo the best part of this video is Kanye
noor plays
noor plays - 4 timmar sedan
Kanye seems like the best here I swear
annesor senaba
annesor senaba - 4 timmar sedan
If im a millionaire i would buy all the furniture on the world🤣🤣🤣
Joe Bailey
Joe Bailey - 4 timmar sedan
This is painful to watch.
First Skin
First Skin - 4 timmar sedan
She’s so dumb and un interesting urgg want to
Stephanie Z
Stephanie Z - 4 timmar sedan
Mirko Conte
Mirko Conte - 4 timmar sedan
2:14 Where the water goes? ...WHERE THE WATER GOES!??
Die Man In 'n Bruin Pak
Die Man In 'n Bruin Pak - 4 timmar sedan
So, for me, this is what "stock photos" would say if they could speak, these "celebs" contribute, probs, on average, less than the Queen to anything signifigcant now.
QueenBea - 5 timmar sedan
More like minimal mortuary.
iiTumbling Sisters
iiTumbling Sisters - 5 timmar sedan
:O I’m Armenian Yas let’s go Kim
Kayly Romero
Kayly Romero - 5 timmar sedan
I’m only here to learn about those sinks 🤔
roses.mp4 - 5 timmar sedan
“And fortnite”
Crimson Black
Crimson Black - 5 timmar sedan
Who tf is the guy interviewing her?he's so awkward and cringey
stan pentagon
stan pentagon - 5 timmar sedan
I've been laughing so hard to the comments under this😂😂😂
ʏᴏᴜsᴇғ ᴋʜᴀʟᴇᴅ
Wtf the interviewer is so cringe 🤦🏻‍♂️
alex Debroux
alex Debroux - 5 timmar sedan
WTF is the lay out of that house? Looks like an art museum. No practicality whatsoever. I bet they spend more time at hotels or manorial estates
Mrs Estrada
Mrs Estrada - 5 timmar sedan
Earth name him earth
MattAM31 - 5 timmar sedan
Kanye likes footjobs? 9:40
sotoayam08 - 5 timmar sedan
When you have money more than you need, live become more comfortable.
Kayne loves his kids only people that can make him smile
North is so pretth
Bro oke
Bro oke - 6 timmar sedan
Y’all... I asked Kim back in 2016 if she could adopt me.🤦🏾‍♀️
Ashley Reid
Ashley Reid - 6 timmar sedan
kim looked so annoyed
mhdagd - 6 timmar sedan
Isaiah 53, Yeshua our Messiah
Khánh Đồng Official
Khánh Đồng Official - 6 timmar sedan
Im dying bcause of them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez - 6 timmar sedan
I could tell Kim’s a lefty don’t ask why
Sylvia Reyes
Sylvia Reyes - 6 timmar sedan
A n n o y i n g
skrublord - 6 timmar sedan
Guys live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue?
Kcha Shazaka
Kcha Shazaka - 6 timmar sedan
l miss you 😘
Ka Moa
Ka Moa - 6 timmar sedan

Kim: I'm sO huMbLe
Arclyes - 7 timmar sedan
Kanye must be loving smashing her
Damon Jirout
Damon Jirout - 7 timmar sedan
the cringe is too real
Ovsanna Hovhannisyan
Ovsanna Hovhannisyan - 7 timmar sedan
In Armenian
Lilit Sargsyan
Lilit Sargsyan - 5 timmar sedan
MelleyMichelle - 7 timmar sedan
2:17 ...very interesting... where does all that water go when it comes out of the faucet? Where’s the sink?? 🧐🤔
Aiden Thomas
Aiden Thomas - 7 timmar sedan
Who cares
ZMDVIDS - 7 timmar sedan
House looks like a museum
olla al
olla al - 7 timmar sedan
That phone call was sooo fake Lmaooooo
Peeps Poop
Peeps Poop - 7 timmar sedan
Wowwww Kim is just sooo humble and down to earth
Kelly Schermerhorn
Kelly Schermerhorn - 7 timmar sedan
Lol I totally asked to be adopted by her ! Please!!!;) xo
Kerry Mccarthy
Kerry Mccarthy - 7 timmar sedan
tHe kIDS
Maurilio Trejo
Maurilio Trejo - 7 timmar sedan
Kanye is my fucken idol godammit
Seb Ho
Seb Ho - 7 timmar sedan
ea tresCosas
ea tresCosas - 7 timmar sedan
Exo Linx
Exo Linx - 7 timmar sedan
With the last question as he panned down I deadass thought he was gonna ask to hit that.
Kristen - 7 timmar sedan
Are they training their kids to become serial killers?
Why Try?
Why Try? - 7 timmar sedan
*kanye is such a meme*
Norman Stansfield
Norman Stansfield - 7 timmar sedan
Is it me or is she getting hotter?
violagang violagang
violagang violagang - 7 timmar sedan
Eli Montas
Eli Montas - 7 timmar sedan
She can't even smile naturally
Eli Montas
Eli Montas - 7 timmar sedan
Kim and her efforts for looking black, and her surgeries, she is unreal.
Jesse Terrell
Jesse Terrell - 7 timmar sedan
Kill them all
Sergios Universe
Sergios Universe - 8 timmar sedan
So scripted omg
Yaz Mariie
Yaz Mariie - 8 timmar sedan
73 Questions with Ariana Grande!!!!! Thumbs up 👍 so he can see plzz
Lisa Burton
Lisa Burton - 8 timmar sedan
2:23 Interviewer: Kim, how do you manage to keep it real ?
Kim: "Well we always keep it real and theres really no real situations". Wat..
Sarah Swood
Sarah Swood - 8 timmar sedan
Kanye, what’s your favorite part of drinking?
Kanye: the liquid
ghost kitty
ghost kitty - 8 timmar sedan
God and the Hobbit...
Shirin Talley
Shirin Talley - 8 timmar sedan
Everything White, with 3 kids??
Lisa Burton
Lisa Burton - 8 timmar sedan
The way he stays laughing after he says the kids 😅
Brianna Sanchez
Brianna Sanchez - 8 timmar sedan
I like squishys