Why I'm Coming Out As Gay

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Lena Dublavais
Lena Dublavais - 53 minuter sedan
Aw man! I’m not mad he’s gay y’all I’m just upset bc I had fantasies. So happy for him tho.
Inverted Zebra
Inverted Zebra - 53 minuter sedan
Number three on trending. Oh well you win this year pride month.
Cassy Sida
Cassy Sida - 54 minuter sedan
This video made me realise something...

we did not see enough of Eugene's ass in the drag pride outfit
Dragon_Lover_1501 - 54 minuter sedan
Eugene: I was always a depressed kid.
Kane: So, so what age?
Eugene: Th-thir-Three *laughs*
I don't even know how to react
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 54 minuter sedan
The try guys are gay? Shocker. 😂😂
Maybe has something to do with all the soy they consume.
christian saccotelli
christian saccotelli - 54 minuter sedan
I always thought he was gay
Buddy Ro
Buddy Ro - 55 minuter sedan
Beyond sick of these annoying ass weirdo lgbtqnopsrewfb videos that literally are shoving this crap down everyone's throat...... Can't wait for the day when the majority of people get totally fed up with this crap and the pc / leftards with their degeneracy.... And we just rise up and get rid of all this degenerate garbage!!!!!!
Heidi Højgaard
Heidi Højgaard - 55 minuter sedan
This is just so amazing, it's so brave of him to open up so much in this way, and in my eyes it just makes him more of a rolemodel, because he has been through a lot and still was able to do what he do-
Dᴀʀᴛʜ Hᴇɪʟᴇʀ
Dᴀʀᴛʜ Hᴇɪʟᴇʀ - 55 minuter sedan
I really hope this worthless subhuman zippėrhead chînk chokes on a sperm like the degenerate faggòt he is and dies for good. Fuckin' yellow vermin.
AshleyLaLa89 - 55 minuter sedan
hands 👏 freaking 👏 down 👏, Eugene you are such an inspiration. I'm so proud of you. I hope that you find happiness and peace because you deserve it ♥️
MIthila - 55 minuter sedan
I understood each scene just having a first look at the video. Each scene represented something and it represented really well!
Well done, Eugene! Really proud of you!
That kid Outside
That kid Outside - 56 minuter sedan
Pride month is getting crazy.the trending page is exploding with “coming out videos”
Xomosapean First
Xomosapean First - 56 minuter sedan
I already knew. Saw you at The Abbeys 2 years back.
D.I.O - 56 minuter sedan
😒😒 the basic formula for being on trending
Andrew Lucfr
Andrew Lucfr - 56 minuter sedan
Didn't he came out before?
Snapplełłapple L
Snapplełłapple L - 56 minuter sedan
I always thought he was gay
Kai Pie
Kai Pie - 56 minuter sedan
i Just cant beleve that Eugene is gayI mean...he is so badas and gay guys are just so cuite,nice sassyan he,.....
he is cool,cold and again badass
VateFendi - 57 minuter sedan
Lol fake
Anum Fatima
Anum Fatima - 57 minuter sedan
I somehow always knew that Eugene is gay. I thought that was very clear and public. However, after seeing this video as opposed to the original, I really feel for him. Poor guy. NO ONE SHOULD GO THROUGH THAT. I don't kow if it helps or if you will ever read this, Eugene, but dear, we love you. No matter what.
Sophie Banana
Sophie Banana - 57 minuter sedan
I thought he already was gay wtf
Ur Mom Lol
Ur Mom Lol - 57 minuter sedan
This the third feature in the past few days
Dee - 57 minuter sedan
i have so much respect for Eugene and the meaning he put into this video
Ken Odabo
Ken Odabo - 57 minuter sedan
Could it be because you're retarded?
Maeve Costello
Maeve Costello - 58 minuter sedan
He protect
He attac
But most importantly..

*he's got 2 cranes in the back*
Nicolas Walton
Nicolas Walton - 58 minuter sedan
LydiaTereK - 58 minuter sedan

Let's drink together
Carl Fletcher Junior
Carl Fletcher Junior - 58 minuter sedan
Kinda knew
Firestorm playz
Firestorm playz - 59 minuter sedan
Tbh I hate gays please understand.
aishwarya soundarresan
aishwarya soundarresan - 59 minuter sedan
You are a beautiful human being.... I am just glad to see that you know what you want and what you need.. Love you..
Tamer Moparr
Tamer Moparr - 59 minuter sedan
Stephanie M
Stephanie M - 59 minuter sedan
Thank you for opening up and being so vulnerable with us Eugene. This Texan, Christian girl loves you all the more for it.
the author surrogate
the author surrogate - 59 minuter sedan
eugene, i'm so glad you speak openly about self-hate and self-doubt and the negative aspects of growing up being told you're bad, wrong, immoral. i'm so, so glad bc so many ppl face this and the "positivity only" outlook doesn't help us.
i'm a mixed race trans man raised by an ultraconservative father, and i spent my entire youth and much of my younger adult yrs knowing something was "off," hating myself and hurting myself bc i thought god hated me, and it was the only way i could conceive of being "saved." that guilt stays with me, and i still have a lot of difficulty believing i'm not just inherently a terrible, bad person.
it's a struggle every day not to hide who i am... and if all i'd ever seen were ppl saying they loved being whatever part of my identity (trans, brown, queer) i couldn't accept in myself, i never would have realized that that's who i was too. bc it never felt good or right for me. years of unpacking my childhood trauma and conditioning really helped me to accept and love that part of who i am... but i'd never have gotten there if not for understanding the negative aspects (caused by hate, by bigotry, and by my own family) of that experience that so many go through.
so thank you for doing this, for speaking so candidly on the topic, and for being so open about not only the good parts of finding yourself, but the painful ones as well. honesty is what helps lgbtq+ youth, and i gotta say: you're doing great sweetie.
we love you, eugene.
BegsForEggs - 59 minuter sedan
"Why I'm coming out as Gay"
Maybe because Dan Howell just did it and it's a hot topic right now so you're trying to get those views?
Doge - Timme sedan
gay nigga
Matt Martins
Matt Martins - Timme sedan
We Already knew that. Where is the reality show to find his next boyfriend ???
Ritz - Timme sedan
I think it's wonderful how you did this, Eugene. I don't think much people would be able to come out as gay or lesbian on the internet. Especially how there's a lot a hate about those two sexualities. Just know that I'm proud of you, and we, your friends, family, and fans all support you.
Rachel Perlow
Rachel Perlow - Timme sedan
The video is beautiful and a great representation of the coming out journey. But, I'm sorry, did anyone not know that Eugene was gay? I mean, I can see what he's trying to express, but I didn't think of it as him actually coming out to the audience. I think we all knew that, dude. And for most of us it's just who you are.🤷‍♀️
Rania Taouargt
Rania Taouargt - Timme sedan
So it's Eugene who made all the masterpieces I've watched.... Wow.
Alexander Stuart
Alexander Stuart - Timme sedan
You are so fucking amazing Eugene we love you 😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Titin The Great
Titin The Great - Timme sedan
You hella gay boyyy, you probably suck dick
Hanni Matugas
Hanni Matugas - Timme sedan
Holy shit, Eugene. Congratulations and well done. ❤
livigillyx - Timme sedan
I am so proud of you Eugene.
We all are 🌈😍
Anyonyomous ._.Kookie
Anyonyomous ._.Kookie - Timme sedan
Eugene, aka the most beautiful and hilarious person in the world. And I have so much respect for you to open up to everyone like that. We love you, and will support you, every. single. day.
daria4368 - Timme sedan
I LOVEEEE the videos he put out. But i tought EVERYONE and their mom knew Eugine is gay... are we still in the time where people need to lable stuff? Hmmm
Nate Brown
Nate Brown - Timme sedan
Yeah. Like I wrote (No, I don’t expect anyone to have read it 😅) on the “I’m Gay” Video, I personally find the whole thing a tad Odd. Hadn’t realised Eugene only used ‘LGBT’ & ‘Queer’ instead of ‘Gay’, but I “knew” he was Gay the first Video I ever remember watching him in and saw him living Openly. I also haven’t really kept up with the Try Guys (or anything else much on YouTube..... used to watch lots when I was Unemployed, but now I basically live at Work 😔) so I don’t know much about their reality at the moment (They are going on Tour ??? They wrote a Book ?!?!? 😳) but I just kinda assumed he openly identified as Gay thus making the other Video redundant. 🤗
lina svintozelskaya
lina svintozelskaya - Timme sedan
Are you going to be happy? Probably not
Gilliana Pangilan
Gilliana Pangilan - Timme sedan
I don't ever think I'll be able to come out to my parents and not break down crying as I try to choke up the right words to say to them.. Even just thinking about it makes my hands clammy as *fuck* and my heart just speeds up and there's this voice in me, its like my whole body is screaming at me (not just my mind, like legit the entire thing) telling me how many the possibilities are and how things could get very *very* wrong.
I want to tell them... but I'd hate to see myself destroying this relationship we have formed since I was a teenager even though its not that much knowing how I'm such a piece of shit but its something... I don't wanna risk losing it. I don't care if its just a risk or how I'm sounding like a legit coward, I don't think I'll ever be able to do it
Eunice Loven
Eunice Loven - Timme sedan
Jesus is Lord,seek him and repent before it's too.
Keito Kate
Keito Kate - Timme sedan
Fight on Eugene. Your video really impact me greatly.
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim - Timme sedan
Eugene (who hates skinship) receiving Zach's hug OMGOSH MAH HEART. THEIR BOND IS SO STRONG 😭💕
Dante Mussolini
Dante Mussolini - Timme sedan
What's skin ship
Frenchy Mendoza
Frenchy Mendoza - Timme sedan
But like ..are we all gonna act like Zach's entrance wasn't the smoothest thing ever??!?!!
Maesi Cias
Maesi Cias - Timme sedan
4:23 that video from buzzfeed about generations with Eugene in it is so aesthetically pleasing
Chris Concho
Chris Concho - Timme sedan
Your mom big gay
Kyesha Moredoxk
Kyesha Moredoxk - Timme sedan
I am shocked that he is gay
0CalamityIs Here0
0CalamityIs Here0 - Timme sedan
Lesbanito is a song. About a lesbian realizing she was a lesbian during a sleepover. To the tune of despacito. It was a ad. I actually live for it.
The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen - Timme sedan
I'm not surprised I mean I also thought so. However I dont care in the sense it doesn't change who he is. Still love the Try Guys and dude can dress his ass off.
Ioanna Tsimprimani
Ioanna Tsimprimani - Timme sedan
I never saw that coming
Breezy - Timme sedan
Everybody know you were gay fag
Zara Saad
Zara Saad - Timme sedan
Im so proud of eugene but also zach has started dressing up and im here for it
michael getachew
michael getachew - Timme sedan
All of these people are purposely leading all of you into sin and into hell which does exist even if you don't believe in it, repent to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST or you will go into eternal fire whether you believe in it or not! nothing is more important in your entire life!!!!!!!
King Tutt
King Tutt - Timme sedan
You have been leaving bread crumbs of gayness for yesrs
yo yo
yo yo - Timme sedan
We love you and we are very proud of you. Thank you for everything that you do
Lina Scott
Lina Scott - Timme sedan
Beautiful. ❤
Funny how the confirming to what is expected of us is mirrored across the community.
yo yo
yo yo - Timme sedan
You inspire me so much Eugene
sawy sauce
sawy sauce - Timme sedan
Everybody knew but you.
Juiceable 1
Juiceable 1 - Timme sedan
I am speechless but proud of Eugine for speaking out 👍🏅🔮
All2funny Comments
All2funny Comments - Timme sedan
For more views? Because it's Gay Pride Month? Both?
cutelilmochi95 - Timme sedan
10:22 Idk y exactly, but I thought he looked frickin ADORABLE here!!!
12:30 I saw that, Eugene.. 😏😏😏
queenster818 - Timme sedan
This & the music video are absolutely beautiful...
Foxy Loxy 666
Foxy Loxy 666 - Timme sedan
aulaiyaaa - Timme sedan
Akiri Nieznane
Akiri Nieznane - Timme sedan
You can do whatever u want and u need no permition for this. Be who u want to be
Mimzi 101
Mimzi 101 - Timme sedan
wouldn’t be surprised if zac came out too
Arwa - Timme sedan
Go eugene
Clayton Barfield
Clayton Barfield - Timme sedan
Sinners will sin. But theres hope.
william goodnight
william goodnight - Timme sedan
Why is trending seriously who gives a shit UTUBES news algorithm making mediocrity mainstream. BORING AS SHIT
Anneli Silfverberg
Anneli Silfverberg - Timme sedan
I'm so proud of everyone who dares to come out, it's not easy.
Noen Xu
Noen Xu - Timme sedan
I just cried and cried when Eugene said "you can put this in the video."
I've never felt so understood as much as I did when he opened up about being a crybaby and being called out, hating yourself all the time, feeling like you're the bad guy. There's still the fear of being abandoned by my friends if I become honest with them, but I'm lucky they've been very patient in making me realize how they wouldn't do that.
I hope, from now on, Eugene will find his best self and genuine support system that enjoys and treasures his existence. It will be a hard time transitioning so, I hope he finds PATIENCE for himself, as much as I do because it's very hard to. But, I know he can do it, I genuinely believe he can slay anything he does, not because he doesn't want to be that Asian who failed but because Eugene is Eugene, and mistakes are just a part of the way to success.
Good luck for today and all tomorrows you'll get. I wish you all the love you deserve and did not get before.
Have some hearts, queen ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💘💓💕💖💗💝💞💟❣
oyeahyeah - Timme sedan
i am .... shocked
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - Timme sedan
Why are people disliking this
Andrea Petrov
Andrea Petrov - Timme sedan
I'm soooo proud of Eugene. Very nice. Keep the good work. N u r not alone in this. Allow ppl to come n help u. Lots of loves.
Sarah Holliday
Sarah Holliday - Timme sedan
I love u Eugene!!,
Chronicle L0L1GM4
Chronicle L0L1GM4 - Timme sedan
Dr.Jay Hamilton
Dr.Jay Hamilton - Timme sedan
We already knew?
almostfamous99 - Timme sedan
Who else paused to read Eugene’s pitch? I found that fascinating.
Also: yay Eugene ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Jade Young
Jade Young - Timme sedan
Eugene is just Magnus Bane trying to find his Alec ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lucky you
Lucky you - Timme sedan
This guy : why i gay
Me : cause your a fucking dumbshit ass motherfckr
Ida- Dimas-Kim
Ida- Dimas-Kim - Timme sedan
Eugene love transcends all, gay not gay , doesn't matter we love you, shout out to all the rainbow butterflies out there. In the end I think it's wonderful you owning who you are. My respects to you❤
NOVA HUNLEY - Timme sedan
I don’t even watch this guy but damn!
Mink exMachina
Mink exMachina - Timme sedan
This is just as moving and beautiful as the music video 😭💖
Mari - Timme sedan
it shouldn't be stressful to come out. it shouldn't even be needed to 'come out', people should be accepted as they are and that's it, regardless of your gender (or lack of thereof), sexuality/orientation (or lack of thereof). No questioning or judging, love is love. Great work, Eugene and TRY GUYS!!! I hope only good things come to you all!! :) *Happy PRIDE MONTH!* 🖤🤎❤️🧡 💛 💚 💙💜

psa #1: I LOVE EUGENE'S JACKET where the hell does he get such awesome clothes?!! I want some too :CCC
psa#2: for some reason, the emoji for the brown heart is not working...
Elli Marjoranta
Elli Marjoranta - Timme sedan
Fucking queen💜💙💜
dontbleedthadalo - Timme sedan
Also gay people: “I’m gonna make the most expensive coming out video, stop me bitch.”
Chase McIntosh
Chase McIntosh - Timme sedan
You are beautiful
boiタル - Timme sedan
we’ve been knew
lola cruz
lola cruz - Timme sedan
Ned is such a classic dad😆👍
Sherlene May Manseguiao
Sherlene May Manseguiao - Timme sedan
i still love you EUGENE!!!!!!! For being you.
Fat_ducc - Timme sedan
Shut up
EwTf Wyatt
EwTf Wyatt - Timme sedan
Im gay and my whole life I always felt like I was meant to be straight but if it wasn’t for my mom I would still try to be convincing myself that I was straight, she taught me that it didn’t matter if I was gay straight bi exc that she would always love me and I will always love her
LordBread - Timme sedan
For attention

I'm just kidding