5 Cakes To Bake For A Birthday Party • Tasty

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Try these cakes for your next birthday party!
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Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni Cheese - 5 dagar sedan
My birthdays coming up! I should make one of these it's only like idk

*11 months away*
Kleopatra Delidi
Kleopatra Delidi - 5 dagar sedan
My birthday is in 20 October how many birthday twins I have?
Mrsandmom5 - 16 dagar sedan
What does the ACV do for a cake?
Evangeline Kim
Evangeline Kim - 23 dagar sedan
We’re gonna stuff an ENTIRE cheesecake into the cake C:
Lóng - Månad sedan
Gracie gamers
Gracie gamers - Månad sedan
Nehwon Wondor
Nehwon Wondor - Månad sedan
What Can I Say About That Galaxy Mirror Glazed Cake Which Features the Word "Box" in It.
Jaaadouuu K.I.S
Jaaadouuu K.I.S - Månad sedan
I hope I dreamed or I really saw mayonnaise in the Chocolat cake
powergaming 2003
powergaming 2003 - Månad sedan
No it real
Noor Saam
Noor Saam - Månad sedan
Steal l brtan mn cake bn jata hai?
doughnut weasel
doughnut weasel - Månad sedan
I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday
making myself a galaxy cake
tt squad daisy
tt squad daisy - Månad sedan
One music say ass😂😂😂
Lachlan Travers
Lachlan Travers - Månad sedan
Im sorry for not paying attention but there's an absolute bop in the background.
Meharban Dubai
Meharban Dubai - Månad sedan
I loved the chocolate cake and the layer type cake that you made in this video 😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕I even tried it
Queencily Sus
Queencily Sus - Månad sedan
I jst luv cake's😍😍😍😍😍
Men Sonita
Men Sonita - Månad sedan
I Love 😍😍😍😍😍
F_ R72
F_ R72 - Månad sedan
Plzzzzz plzzz mam make cakes but with simple ingredients plzz i have nothing in my kitchen
Camille Henley
Camille Henley - Månad sedan
If y'all use cake mix it's not a real recipe ffs
Shabana Nadewm
Shabana Nadewm - Månad sedan
Idky I'm watching after knowing that I can't make any of them
Sanjay Tiwari
Sanjay Tiwari - Månad sedan
Superdelicious birthday cake... And the chocolate one is soooooooooooooooooooooooo 😋
Nctzen & Monbebe
Nctzen & Monbebe - Månad sedan
That last cake tho
blak238 - 2 månader sedan
Ewww why did she add mayonaise to the chocolate cake 🤢🤢🤢
قصص ومتعة
قصص ومتعة - 2 månader sedan
الله يسعد كل من اشترك فقناتي
Jada Byars
Jada Byars - 2 månader sedan
Anyone else think those chocolate cakes were over mixed and didn’t rise well
Mackenzircon - 2 månader sedan
Somebody make me that birthday cake and cheesecake combo and I will love you forever
Haroon Aslam
Haroon Aslam - 2 månader sedan
What a coincidence they uploaded this on my birthday
UNICORN ARTS - 2 månader sedan
Very nice video
Shinbe’s Story
Shinbe’s Story - 2 månader sedan
Wait... Mayo?!? In a cake? Wut the wut!?
BrOken REcoRD
BrOken REcoRD - 2 månader sedan
You guys are much better than So Yummy. You make actual recipes that work, Thank you.
Khánh Thư Vũ
Khánh Thư Vũ - 2 månader sedan
Disha Kothari
Disha Kothari - 2 månader sedan
Not interested at all
Maria Silvani
Maria Silvani - 2 månader sedan
They released this 6 days after my birthday
Pathetic - 2 månader sedan
little late, my bday was 4 days ago nice cakes tho
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli - 2 månader sedan
I'll take this list into consideration!
Detective Fox
Detective Fox - 2 månader sedan
Thanks so much! This helped so much. My little brother wanted ME to make him his 5th birthday cake. As a 13 year old, it’s quite a challenge! I made the first one, all his friends were so happy! Thanks so much, Tasty!
Manasa third
Manasa third - 2 månader sedan
Today is my birthday...😊
Manasa third
Manasa third - Månad sedan
@valeria LA thank you..... yours is gonna be a special reply
valeria LA
valeria LA - 2 månader sedan
Happy birthday have a lovely day 🎂
AmandaH98 - 2 månader sedan
All so yummy 😍
Maddii - 2 månader sedan
Hated the music
Tzivia Margolis
Tzivia Margolis - 2 månader sedan
Manuela Jose
Manuela Jose - 2 månader sedan
can you make the frosting more neat
Steex - 2 månader sedan
took me too long to realize one of those cakes is vegan
Professional Fangirl
Professional Fangirl - 2 månader sedan
That second recipe is undeniably the best thing ever created by man. I use it to make a batch of cupcakes at least once a week.
max nichole
max nichole - 2 månader sedan
The glaze one though? U put all those colors but don't see them anywhere, u just see the black, blue, and white...
Galuby ovo
Galuby ovo - 2 månader sedan
(Trust us)
Dorota - 2 månader sedan
Hi,hope you respond :-)
I am going to make dairy free choć cake,it says 3 cubs chocolate can you tel me how many gram of choc should i use,3choc 30 dag will be enough?thank you x
Mi'Destiny Draws For People
Mi'Destiny Draws For People - 2 månader sedan
We stan a sister who doesn't make the same recipes anymore
Kaveri Sivaruban
Kaveri Sivaruban - 2 månader sedan
CaptainBat - 2 månader sedan
damn sometimes deciding to eat healthy really sucks
Giovanni Jubiz
Giovanni Jubiz - 2 månader sedan
THANKYOU I needed this! My birthday is in a week
Silkina Ahluwalia
Silkina Ahluwalia - 2 månader sedan
omg birthday cake cheesecake looks gorgeous!
Mayo Man!
Mayo Man! - 2 månader sedan
I hate cake.
Karlynn •-•
Karlynn •-• - 2 månader sedan
the music gave me anxiety
Jazzy Draws
Jazzy Draws - 2 månader sedan
"Trust us"
I love mayonnaise but-
Emelias Keechi
Emelias Keechi - 2 månader sedan
just a reminder for myself ❤️
Anxious Echo
Anxious Echo - 2 månader sedan
Tasty be like: 5 BiRtHdAY CaKEs
**uses boxed birthday cake mix**
Mohamad Moahamad
Mohamad Moahamad - 2 månader sedan
Or u can go to a shop and buy 1
Chicken nugget
Chicken nugget - 2 månader sedan
Who thought of these? Like... at what point did someone go “I think we should add mayonnaise to cake” ????
Gabby Arquero
Gabby Arquero - 2 månader sedan
i never noticed but they posted this on my birthday
Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman - 2 månader sedan
Mayonaise...*Trust us*
Xavier Frost
Xavier Frost - 2 månader sedan
Me baking cake
Tasty adds mayo
Tasty trust me
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Bunny - 2 månader sedan
I love how they put “trust us” when they put the mayo in because they knew everyone would have a concerned look on their face. 😂