5 Cakes To Bake For A Birthday Party • Tasty

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Try these cakes for your next birthday party!
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amal dirir
amal dirir - 3 dagar sedan
10:40 that hole triggered my OCD
Wasted Sniperr
Wasted Sniperr - 3 dagar sedan
I might have to go and run a marathon after eating one of these cakes. 😄😄
Parker Phillips
Parker Phillips - 17 dagar sedan
That last one is diabetes in physical form
Chell 4ever
Chell 4ever - 22 dagar sedan
what do they do with the left over food.
Chell 4ever
Chell 4ever - 22 dagar sedan
The galaxy cake video was the same video alix treager made the behind the scenes series.
Murardeep Singh Toor
Murardeep Singh Toor - Månad sedan
What if the birthday was of a 10 year old boy and he already ate beer
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose - Månad sedan
Everyone talking about the mayo one , but can we just talk about the last
Ramaa Venkatesh
Ramaa Venkatesh - Månad sedan
Mostly everything's the same...
I liked the stout and the mayonnaise one...
Abdia Sadik
Abdia Sadik - Månad sedan
Tasty: ‘5 cakes to bake’

Also tasty: 0:08 - ‘birthday cake mix’
Tilly Reeves
Tilly Reeves - Månad sedan
So cute!
Ilma Goes
Ilma Goes - Månad sedan
*Why mayonaise tho?*
Jayda Agee
Jayda Agee - Månad sedan
Mayo I don't thin no I trust you period!!!
Julia Müller
Julia Müller - Månad sedan
Why is everyone complaining about the cake mixes? You're not forced to use them! I don't use cake mixes either, but I understand how pointless it is to instruct through basic cake recipes.
Tanushree Thappa
Tanushree Thappa - Månad sedan
@try guys look
Raheem Coley
Raheem Coley - Månad sedan
These cakes look great,creative and def artistic! Im def baking one of these cakes for my birthday! My fav was the galaxy one.
Abraham Haile Biru
Abraham Haile Biru - Månad sedan
Tasty is for watching not for making let's be honest we all tried and failed 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
GingerBreadMan 619
GingerBreadMan 619 - 2 månader sedan
You guys should do some on birthday cake! Thats my fav!!
GingerBreadMan 619
GingerBreadMan 619 - 2 månader sedan
These cakes look so good!!
Nessy Bartolome
Nessy Bartolome - 2 månader sedan
Idk about the last one😂😁hahahaha its good but its crazy sweet overload hahaha
Ionela Izăreanu
Ionela Izăreanu - 2 månader sedan
Seriously? Mayo in a cake?
HeckMaister - 2 månader sedan
That triple decker is 100% inspired by the pumpecapple pie cake for the worth it video
Bianca JeanBaptiste
Bianca JeanBaptiste - 3 månader sedan
Tasty, I'm trying to make a simple vanilla cake. But, i can not find ONE SINGLE RECIPE. Im pretty sure i looked everywhere on your channel. Please make one, just for me.
mónica - 3 månader sedan
I cant believe the next time i order a cake im gonna have to say "no mayo pls" just out of fear
Kreasi aa Anto
Kreasi aa Anto - 3 månader sedan
Saya sangat kagum sekali
KiKi's World
KiKi's World - 3 månader sedan
Use your own cake recipe for once
Arianna Richards
Arianna Richards - 4 månader sedan
Love it 😎
GrumpyBunBun - 4 månader sedan
I'd use half the powdered sugar on the frosting.
Davontae Wells
Davontae Wells - 4 månader sedan
Birthday 🎊 🎂 for my birthday this weekend and slumber 🎊 with my friends at my 🏡 they all invited it we do disco 💃 photos spin the bottle of 😘 ?decoration 🎈 🎊 🎩 and everything
Davontae Wells
Davontae Wells - 4 månader sedan
And my girls will come to the slumber 🎊 this weekend too
Physical Evidence
Physical Evidence - 4 månader sedan
From 1:03 to 4:12 is Claire's chocolate cake tho
M x c h i O r e o
M x c h i O r e o - 4 månader sedan
What if you made......
Birthday cake red velvet mix
Red velvet+ Birthday cake mix
Two of my favorite flavours
Elizabeth Nesinov
Elizabeth Nesinov - 4 månader sedan
98.9% of the comments: How they put mayo in the chocolate cake
1% of the comments: saying how they wanna make the cakes but they're too lazy
0.1% of the comments (me): dat music, tho
Janice Li
Janice Li - 5 månader sedan
...just if every day is your birthday
Marissa - 5 månader sedan
Have made the chocolate cake with mayonnaise in it 5 times now and it's the best chocolate cake I've ever had. Unreal.
Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni Cheese - 5 månader sedan
My birthdays coming up! I should make one of these it's only like idk

*11 months away*
Kleopatra Delidi
Kleopatra Delidi - 5 månader sedan
My birthday is in 20 October how many birthday twins I have?
Mrsandmom5 - 5 månader sedan
What does the ACV do for a cake?
Evangeline Kim
Evangeline Kim - 6 månader sedan
We’re gonna stuff an ENTIRE cheesecake into the cake C:
Lóng - 6 månader sedan
Gracie gamers
Gracie gamers - 6 månader sedan
Nehwon Wondor
Nehwon Wondor - 6 månader sedan
What Can I Say About That Galaxy Mirror Glazed Cake Which Features the Word "Box" in It.
Jaaadouuu K.I.S
Jaaadouuu K.I.S - 6 månader sedan
I hope I dreamed or I really saw mayonnaise in the Chocolat cake
powergaming 2003
powergaming 2003 - 6 månader sedan
No it real
Noor Saam
Noor Saam - 6 månader sedan
Steal l brtan mn cake bn jata hai?
bermuda tenebris
bermuda tenebris - 6 månader sedan
I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday
making myself a galaxy cake
tt squad daisy
tt squad daisy - 6 månader sedan
One music say ass😂😂😂
Lachlan Travers
Lachlan Travers - 6 månader sedan
Im sorry for not paying attention but there's an absolute bop in the background.
Meharban Dubai
Meharban Dubai - 6 månader sedan
I loved the chocolate cake and the layer type cake that you made in this video 😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕I even tried it
Queencily Sus
Queencily Sus - 6 månader sedan
I jst luv cake's😍😍😍😍😍
Men Sonita
Men Sonita - 6 månader sedan
I Love 😍😍😍😍😍
F_ R72
F_ R72 - 6 månader sedan
Plzzzzz plzzz mam make cakes but with simple ingredients plzz i have nothing in my kitchen
Camille Henley
Camille Henley - 7 månader sedan
If y'all use cake mix it's not a real recipe ffs
Shabana Nadewm
Shabana Nadewm - 7 månader sedan
Idky I'm watching after knowing that I can't make any of them
Sanjay Tiwari
Sanjay Tiwari - 7 månader sedan
Superdelicious birthday cake... And the chocolate one is soooooooooooooooooooooooo 😋
Atiny Woosan
Atiny Woosan - 7 månader sedan
That last cake tho
blak238 - 7 månader sedan
Ewww why did she add mayonaise to the chocolate cake 🤢🤢🤢
هبة 89
هبة 89 - 7 månader sedan
الله يسعد كل من اشترك فقناتي
Jada Byars
Jada Byars - 7 månader sedan
Anyone else think those chocolate cakes were over mixed and didn’t rise well
Mackenzircon - 7 månader sedan
Somebody make me that birthday cake and cheesecake combo and I will love you forever
Haroon Aslam
Haroon Aslam - 7 månader sedan
What a coincidence they uploaded this on my birthday
UNICORN ARTS - 7 månader sedan
Very nice video
Shinbe’s Story
Shinbe’s Story - 7 månader sedan
Wait... Mayo?!? In a cake? Wut the wut!?