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P.S I was doing a blackpink dance. Name that song...
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Lenra x Dance!!!
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Hi random Kpop fan here
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Do a hairstyle routine
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Omg. Still watching the video but I’m literally dying at you trying to read that. It’s amazing. You’re amazing lol.
Eszter Rácz
Eszter Rácz - 5 timmar sedan
My mom actually did this with my hear (the curls with the tissue ) when I was little, because I could sleep in this and made my heart curly.
Norma Torrecillas
Norma Torrecillas - 8 timmar sedan
In English from the 18th century you must pronounce the F as you would an S, unless it makes sense to pronounce it as you would an F. PS. your eyes are everythin'!
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Late to the party but that intro is giving me life ❤️
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they didnt really have the letter s if you substitute some of the fs in the documents its easier to read
MissMeganBeckett - Dag sedan
Wow, That printer had no s in his type case!
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Marleen G. - Dag sedan
You pronounce it "loopsy". OE in Dutch sounds like OO in English. You're welcome!
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Your outfit in this video (and every video) is everything
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Where's the plait Brad? lol looks great! :D
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So Brad is going to follow a hair tutorial step by step to achieve an accurate 18th Century hairstyle........ which means, Brad is going to roughly follow a hair tutorial.....kinda.....using very few things they used back then.....and changing steps because he doesn't want to do them.....sooooo........not........so.......accurate........... 🤔😂
Brad you crack me up, i love you 😂
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Lol, I'm the same with the whole reading thing...😏
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Omg this video made my day him trying to read the instructions is priceless 😂
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All the s were written as f
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why is the doll getting creepier throwout the video?
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I mean yeah. Did nobody else use paper bag or t shirt strips to pin curls their hair overnight when they were kids?
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but like why do i want that to my hair
Miranda Milner
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“S’s” often looked like “F’s” in the 18th century. I’m sure this happened with some other letters too that I’m not specifically aware of.
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5:00 me talking about my friends :(
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some of the fs are pronounced as s
so in the first couple sentences he says Firft, pronounced first, and fuppofed, pronounced supposed lol
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me, watching his dance at the beginning: wait, that looks like blackpink
*goes down to the comments*
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Him reading is literally the cutest thing EVER.
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No body:
Literally nobody:
Not a soul:
Not even the manikin:
Brad: * whispers *
Buy glitterati
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You were supposed to braid it! His last instruction was to make three even sections and plait it by crossing one in front of the other then tie it at the bottom. Sorry Brad, still looks pretty though
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Brad reading the instructions is him reading my handwriting
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Brad finds positivity in everything
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This is my favorite video so far! U are amazing
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but what was the point of the curls?
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all the f's you were confused about were s. that how they used to write s.
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11:00 pretty sure some of the 'f' should've been 's' s
Kris Bean
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The f is an S sound... thanks, Germanic influence ;)
Lucy325 - 6 dagar sedan
I think the hair rolled up in the pin curls is a look!
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Your videos are very entertaining I love them 🤣😅
Trying to read those words oh gosh 😅
Louisa Grader
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I think, because the curling papers are triangular, the curls are supposed to be papillotes which lie flat, making the curling with the flat iron a lot easier. Not sure though.
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14:57-15:00 is literally me doing anything at all😂😂
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Are you into some rough shit brad cause— the way you treat your fake clients is kinda triggering
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It’s like he’s reading clues to a riddle and slowly figuring it out
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My fave BLINK. ❤❤
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Brad plsssss make like hair styles for short hairrrr I would love it
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F's were pronounced s and s's were pronounced f. Language changes things get lost in translation over time
Kathryn Kroll
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You can do my hair Victorian any day! Also mad props for so articulately discerning those instructions. Your persistence is what makes this compelling to watch. 🙂
Runsontrails - 7 dagar sedan
That looked great. You had enough height to have put a birdcage in the top which is what they used to do. They would actually have a song bird din it as well.
Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke - 7 dagar sedan
For some reason, the final result looks like it could totally be an Adele hairstyle
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I have watched so many of your videos and THIS, THISSSS IS THE VIDEO THAT MADE ME SUBSCRIBE 🤣
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After watching Brad try to read the tutorial, I have never been so glad that spelling was standardized.
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I pity the person that had to clean that wig. 😱☹️
Denisa Teodora Calin
Denisa Teodora Calin - 7 dagar sedan
You’re right. They actually were smaller back then. If you’ve ever tried on clothes from the beginning of the last century, you’ll see they were tinier 🙂
Genevieve TV.
Genevieve TV. - 7 dagar sedan
When Brad can somehow understand Thai strange English writing lol ( even tho I am English.... )
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The s is written long like an f... Big dummy.
Elfin Dreamer
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Did he ever realize the F's were actually fancy S's?
Missbeeble - 8 dagar sedan
When he finished the pouf thing like without the back thing I basically SCREAMED Adel

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I don't wanna sound rude, and I'm soooo sorry, but she kinda reminds me of pee wee. But I absolutely love her and I mean no hate
ItsShinBin0 - 8 dagar sedan
18th century: *takes 3 and a half hours to get her hair done.*
Me: *takes 3 and a half seconds to ruin it.*
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Brad did you know she cut her own bangs
Damaris Salinas
Damaris Salinas - 8 dagar sedan
Wow so until 20 mins into the video I thought it was hairstyles from the 1800 and I was questioning so many things. Then I finally realized it was the 80’s. I am literally so dumb😂
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It’s obviously DUU-DUU-DU
Kiwi Kivi
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Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeahah
Kayleigh Fowler
Kayleigh Fowler - 8 dagar sedan
Hi Brad! I wanted to let you know that the "french curling paper" style curls are actually referencing a historical technique that would have been very familiar to people in that time period! It wraps the curls in a flatter way, then protects them in the paper while being set with the flat iron. Janet Stephens (a seriously awesome stylist and forensic archeologist- she's even recreated the hairstyles of ancient Rome!) has a super informative video that shows exactly how to do them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP9PJsY5__4 In the beginning she discusses historical wigs and other tools used, but the actual tutorial starts at 3:12. I'd love to see you try this technique sometime to see what you think of it! Love you and your videos!
Angeline Gaigneur
Angeline Gaigneur - 8 dagar sedan
looks amazing babe, but in 18 century, they wore a lot of bows in there hair to, if you were to add a bow clip in that bald middle spot, look amazing
Brittany Rocket
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It looks so good!
Rebecca Lynn
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How to Ruin a Wig 101
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I muft found fo crazy right now!
-Brad Mondo
Cami le Roux
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In the instructions all the Ss were typed as Fs
Rhiannon Martinez
Rhiannon Martinez - 8 dagar sedan
They use to right the "S" weird so some of the "F" are actually "S"....
Megan Blackwell
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Styling queen! 👏🏻👑💇🏼‍♀️
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Hold up. Why was the hair curled?
T Tuber
T Tuber - 9 dagar sedan
Everyone except for me in fourth grade writing class wrote like that, but it made even less sense.
Willow Spencer
Willow Spencer - 9 dagar sedan
Replace every f to an s and the written tutorial makes a little more sense. XD
Jasmine mcellen
Jasmine mcellen - 9 dagar sedan
brad you said you have never done anything like this before, it actually looks quite nice, I'm from England and in college and university we always had to do styles like this.
Jasmine mcellen
Jasmine mcellen - 9 dagar sedan
oh no brad i could see your foundation line on the side of you neck :O
Leah S
Leah S - 9 dagar sedan
Me dancing blackpink lol
Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne d'Arc - 9 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who can read the text without even struggeling?
What is so hard about it, just because of the two types of the letter "s" they used back then? I feel like he would've probably understood it better or more, if I read it to him out loud, with my heavy German accent.