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P.S I was doing a blackpink dance. Name that song...
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Love black pink
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DDU-DU DDU-DU!!!!!!!!!
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Brad Mondo you could’ve just used end paper instead of wasting time cutting tissue paper
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Patricia Toevs - 2 dagar sedan
I'm a Monbebe but Blackpink was my first Kpop group. I had run into them looking for P!nk videos. Du Du Du is a fun song 😻
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Ddu ddu ddu blackpink
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I would love to see you do a 40s/50s hairstyle
Alexandra Campos
Alexandra Campos - 6 timmar sedan
Wow, it looks very lovely!!
Great job Brad 👍
Jazhua Vanboven
Jazhua Vanboven - 7 timmar sedan
The powder was not just for oil. The whitier the hair the more "prestige or high class" you were perceived .
Skylove_162 rod
Skylove_162 rod - 7 timmar sedan
is it weird that I was able to read it and understand it????
kombo - 7 timmar sedan
In a lot of 18th century texts, the "f" is how they wrote "s", which is why it's so hard to read!
CaTs ArE CuTe JuSt LiKe YoU
CaTs ArE CuTe JuSt LiKe YoU - 7 timmar sedan
Jeez... didn't understand a single word of the 18th century English. Big props to you that you understood that shit. Btw, English isn't my mother tongue
Jiminie My Babe
Jiminie My Babe - 8 timmar sedan
The Sims who?
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Daisy Godwin - 9 timmar sedan
They used to draw their s like an f 😂🤦‍♀️
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I knew you were doing something from blackpink of course I'm a big blink
Is the song your doing dudududu? Sorry it's confusing to spell.
Starfox589 - 10 timmar sedan
Of course it's that song!
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“Don’t cheat kids... or do? idk!”
😂Umm #RoleModel
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When you let the first curl out with the applause, my 1 1/2 year old son started clapping too and saying "yaaay!"
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Looks amazing, dah'ling!! ❤️
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Should have added bows
Heather Kavanagh
Heather Kavanagh - 16 timmar sedan
Many of the words are clearly misspelled it looks like the person typing hit the F instead of the S. If you read it through and find the words that don’t make sense and switch those letters it’s easier to understand
Aarion Wood
Aarion Wood - 17 timmar sedan
Looks like Cinderella’s evil step mother
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He has so much patience. YES QUEEN 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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the 'f's are pronounced like an 's' in some words and not in others
junkeats - 23 timmar sedan
ohhhb please try 19th century english ones!!!
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Brad you are a hair genius. I'm highly impressed!
Robert Beisiegel
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Looks like authentic: compare to this pic
Robert Beisiegel
Robert Beisiegel - Dag sedan
Style of writing grounds on Fraktur https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraktur
it‘s the word supposed - looks little like a f but is a long s= ſuppoſed
Ashley Alfred
Ashley Alfred - Dag sedan
The inches were most likely French inches, which are far larger than English inches which is also why napoleon was seen as short, when in actuality he was very tall. So, you were right for making the section larger.
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My husband is going to murder me for all the laughing while he's trying to sleep.
😂 😂 😂 Omfg. 😂 😂 😂
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Hey brad just thought it might help you that some of those “f”s were actually “s”s and it would have been easier for you to read but still love you😍💕
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I know you did this in May but could you do a few 1940's hair styles? My husband does WW2 re-enactment and he wants me to dress up and dress our little girl up too but I always fail when I try to do it myself.
You seem to explain a lot so maybe I can follow you better than the other people.
DropsOfJupiterGS - Dag sedan
Love your Shirt!
Andromeda Lance
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I assume it's pronounced loop-sea (but say it relatively quick).
Cecilia Guimarães
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You rock! Seriously, that hair is a perfect 18th centuury hair!
Abby Colby
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The f looking letter is a lowercase s, btw
Preda Crowl
Preda Crowl - Dag sedan
F was S back then.... idk why
Bangtan Love
Bangtan Love - Dag sedan
Those women probably went bald from how much hair loss these styles caused
Bridget - Dag sedan
in the eighteenth century they wrotes "s" as a variation of f-
Anon Kat
Anon Kat - Dag sedan
It pains me just to watch you read the instructions and it pains me more when I read it with you when you show a photo of the page. I can't stop laughing 🤣😭
DearestClaudio - Dag sedan
A 3 minute intro, Bradley????????? Are you kidding???
Carrie Pickett
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f = s “ ...and has not strength enough to twist.”
Carrie Pickett
Carrie Pickett - Dag sedan
f = s
Idio syncratic
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Love that. Well done. It doesn't look meffy at all. ;)
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It looks like the Macarena to me..
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What the hell, is this the homosexual pewdiepie!?.... well the more homosexual pewdiepie anyways!? Lol
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I know that they used to use things like birdcages and wire to keep the hair style up and then they would cover it up at night to last weeks. They would also add pins and other fun things :)
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I liked as soon as I saw the horse... 🐎
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who else thought of the singer adele rocking this hair style?
Maddie Otto
Maddie Otto - 2 dagar sedan
As being uneducated on 18th century language, I started thinking that they’d just spelled how someone with a lisp was talking. Thanks to the other comments that helped me understand this isn’t the case 😂
The Devil Himself
The Devil Himself - 2 dagar sedan
The letter s used to be written like an f, you aren't having a seizure
Caroline B.
Caroline B. - 2 dagar sedan
"Draw me like one of your french girls" lolol
Lina - 2 dagar sedan
At the beginning I was like YOU BETTER GIVE HER CREDIT 🤣🤣
Caroline B.
Caroline B. - 2 dagar sedan
I fucking love to read and love to study history but I could not understand that whatsoever so kudos to you Brad
gene wolfking
gene wolfking - 2 dagar sedan
Most f's are s's in old language they letters weren't what they were today
Lindsay MacFarlane
Lindsay MacFarlane - 2 dagar sedan
This was super entertaining! I want to see more like it!!! You did a great job!!! Love you!
Rylan Beaman
Rylan Beaman - 2 dagar sedan
I love it
DasdardlySonya - 2 dagar sedan
fun fact- those extra F's in all the words were actually how early printings did some of their S's. So every time you see one, just read it as S and you'll be fine!
Rhea Bassett
Rhea Bassett - 2 dagar sedan
You did a great Job and Bobby pins back then were made out of bone or ivory for the elite and it is beautiful
Was-a-fan usa
Was-a-fan usa - 3 dagar sedan
It looks amazing!
Christine H
Christine H - 3 dagar sedan
You're reading the S'es as F's, because the print S'es kinda looked similar to the F's, haha!
anushka acharekar
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She looks more like mr bean's daughter than mr bean's dlaughter.
Olivia Alvord
Olivia Alvord - 3 dagar sedan
My friend once told me I should try this because I have so much thick hair and now I am sad that I chopped it all off
Michelle Tetzke
Michelle Tetzke - 3 dagar sedan
I watched the original video and Holy f#@k that was a lot of pomade and powder!!! That was neat to watch. Thanks hun!💜🤟💋
Ding Dong
Ding Dong - 3 dagar sedan
a toupee iron is basically like hair curling tongs
Alley Wolf
Alley Wolf - 3 dagar sedan
So in the 18th century people used f’s for s’s
Alicia Goodin
Alicia Goodin - 3 dagar sedan
S' back then looked like F's so fuppofed is supposed :D
Sloane Ralston
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Librarian here. PSA, you can always go to the library if you don't know how to find something.
Sloane Ralston
Sloane Ralston - 3 dagar sedan
And a lot of those older texts used the letter "f" in place of "s." I don't remember why.
Ok, but they were drunk when they wrote those instructions, right?
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25:04 ok but why does that actually look like the recycling sign
Lubna HM
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Looks really good
Jen Ford
Jen Ford - 3 dagar sedan
Rag curls. FACT: It is possible to curl the rags and get straight hair with curly rags, this is where moms savagely braided your hair instead. In their defense moms had a lot of stress back in the day, noncooperation of even inanimate objects were dealt with severely.
trish093 - 3 dagar sedan
Now I want to see how you brush/wash this out...
Michelle Pollock
Michelle Pollock - 3 dagar sedan
The letter s on the paper are all the weird fs in wrong place
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Kyana Rangel - 3 dagar sedan
Black pink yea
Opal Gehard
Opal Gehard - 3 dagar sedan
People didn't shower everyday unless they were rich so the beginning was for that crusty unwashed hair. They also probably didn't have as good shampoo
Stephanie Willekens
Stephanie Willekens - 3 dagar sedan
I don't get why you do have to curl the hair first 😂
Cadence Ruiz
Cadence Ruiz - 3 dagar sedan
Carrie Brown
Carrie Brown - 4 dagar sedan
Could the greasing down be to kill head lice ?
Maria - 4 dagar sedan
Blackpink DDU-DU DDU-DU its nice to know i feel loved for once😌
Children Of Morning
Children Of Morning - 4 dagar sedan
My grandmother used to roll her hair just like that.
Coretta Hattereaux
Coretta Hattereaux - 4 dagar sedan
The mannequin looks terrified
Rachel Baeza
Rachel Baeza - 4 dagar sedan
I can’t. 😂
Elizabeth Chandler
Elizabeth Chandler - 4 dagar sedan
I'm sure you figured out already that many of those "f"s were in place of "s"s
Feminot - 4 dagar sedan
Mrs. Beeton’s book of household management. It has recipes, hair styles, clothing patterns, and instructions for child rearing. 1840-60 must have.
59snitt - 4 dagar sedan
I would love to run around in your brain for 24 hrs. You are such a HOT MESS!!!!! Plus this book was written by an English hairdresser and is a slang of proper English. So you actually read it fantastic.💋
Melissa Barrett
Melissa Barrett - 4 dagar sedan
Video starts at 6:00
Broken Ophelia
Broken Ophelia - 4 dagar sedan
There is a channel on YouTube that shows how to recreate Roman and Greek hairstyles, so really really ancient. It would be interesting to see you follow one of those because the tools and techniques are so different that I think you would really find it interesting.
Ryan blake 13
Ryan blake 13 - 5 dagar sedan
The hair looks like Cinderella's evil step mothers but blond
Jstar 11
Jstar 11 - 5 dagar sedan
Your outfits r 💣💣💣💣💣
xX19Cass89Xx - 5 dagar sedan
I think you did great. They probably put some hair jewelry in the middle, or even an extension of curls.
HMS GAURD Posts - 5 dagar sedan
Girl there was no hair coloring in the 18th century
Bethany Masters
Bethany Masters - 5 dagar sedan
I know a girl who learned how to curl her hair like that in prison.
Alicia DeMellier
Alicia DeMellier - 5 dagar sedan
The letter "s" used to look a lot like the letter "f." Lol, those we're all s's.
mj darkness lady
mj darkness lady - 5 dagar sedan
So the hair is pretty good but....
The hair looks more 1950s and 40s then the real extreme styles in the 1800
You still did a good job 👍
mj darkness lady
mj darkness lady - 4 dagar sedan
@Just Lisa The front does look like a everyday 1800 look but the back is not really 1800 its more 1910-1950 look. But thanks for telling me some more facts!!
Just Lisa
Just Lisa - 4 dagar sedan
mj darkness lady, this would have been an everyday style. The rich could afford the wildly elaborate wigs. That’s way to poofy to be the 1940s.
JŁØVÉ - 5 dagar sedan
Did anyone notice how much that girl looks like Mr.Bean
Florencia Valentina Miño
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Congratulations you've made an Evita Perón
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LOL he's going insane 😂😂😂😄😄
Bianca Loredo
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Carrie Karnes
Carrie Karnes - 5 dagar sedan
My English teacher said at that point in time having a big head was attractive, so he went around the classroom and measured every girls head and told us how unattractive we would have been in the 18th century.
Kelly Veracruz
Kelly Veracruz - 5 dagar sedan
Omg!!! I loved watching you do this!!! So skilled!
AskMeAnything AtAll
AskMeAnything AtAll - 5 dagar sedan
1950s hair!!!
Maya N.
Maya N. - 6 dagar sedan
I feel like the people in the past put way more effort in the stuff they did. (Hair, dresses houses) Today it's more like the faster and the cheaper the better. (Sorry, my Englisch isn't that good)
Echo StarThunder
Echo StarThunder - 6 dagar sedan
This was a great video! Loved being able to see how they did this kind of style back then before more modern products and techniques were introduced. Also couldn't help but laugh watching you struggle with that olden times speak lol that was great! Would love to see more tutorial videos like this one with even older hairstyles like the ones from the 16th and 17th centuries! I think those would be super fun!
Skull Girrl
Skull Girrl - 6 dagar sedan
I think there was supposed to styled tresses at the end is what it was saying with the pomade strands? Like have it all up & styled but a few curls down the side or back
Shao-Ning Wu
Shao-Ning Wu - 6 dagar sedan
I love that he just summarize the paragraphs into simple sentences and the outcome is actually great