'The Lion King' Official Trailer (2019) | Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Beyonce

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Ethan Contino
Ethan Contino - 6 minuter sedan
Guess Sonics the only one who failed
USSR N4ME - 33 minuter sedan
Why isn’t James Earl Jones voicing Mufasa?
HeJ m8
HeJ m8 - 3 timmar sedan
When cgi has gone too far
Evan Hans Pua
Evan Hans Pua - 5 timmar sedan
Comments:wow zazu looks good in this movie
Zazu:that’s mr. banana beak to you
Exotic_ Dummy
Exotic_ Dummy - 5 timmar sedan
Still a better love story than Twilight
Whatzit Tooya
Whatzit Tooya - 6 timmar sedan
I don’t want to see this because now it looks like real animals are getting hurt. And I know that’s the animal kingdom diegetic now. Even more brutal, I just don’t want to see it. I don’t even like the cartoon version
Joshua Fox
Joshua Fox - 8 timmar sedan
Clearly they couldn’t find anyone to replace the original scars voice ! 🤦‍♂️
Nan li
Nan li - 10 timmar sedan
get emotional when I see that Hakunamatata scene at 1:09
May Camille
May Camille - 13 timmar sedan
Am gonna be crying a lot in the theater. Pretty sure of that
Sala Md
Sala Md - 20 timmar sedan
Wait that's my birthday July 19
Jaime Lynn
Jaime Lynn - 20 timmar sedan
Goosebumps, everytime I hear the music. Takes me back to being 11.❤
Mister Beaver
Mister Beaver - 23 timmar sedan
The PS5 graphics look great!
SE/\N G/\MING - Dag sedan
Came here for the lion sleeps tonight song
Adriana Auten
Adriana Auten - Dag sedan
I'm raising my 3 year olds on the 1994 Lion King first. 🦁
Keira Flaherty
Keira Flaherty - Dag sedan
Everybody complaining and I’m just thinking the lion cub Simba is sooo adorable
Alexisminas - Dag sedan
Santa Buddies was more immersive
Maggie and tilly
Maggie and tilly - Dag sedan
And in a few years, there will be no lions left 😢
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천안호구과자 - Dag sedan
I can’t wait ㅜㅜ
aron2015 - Dag sedan
Mufasas and scars voice seem weak.
aron2015 - Dag sedan
Nothing beats the original. For the new generation this would be their original as they have nothing to compare to, well for most.
Sophia's Shook
Sophia's Shook - Dag sedan
People, I get you can't really see the emotions on their faces but this is still amazing animation
Tim Krueger
Tim Krueger - 20 timmar sedan
Undeniably, but Lion King is amazing because of the emotional turmoil, which was perfectly accentuated by the anthropomorphized versions in the original
journey niemela
journey niemela - Dag sedan
u won’t be able to tell who the smaller part characters r in this movie bc all the lions look the same 😂
the great black hope
the great black hope - Dag sedan
I I hear any loud kids in the theater I'm whopping their ass and then their mom's ass
N8 BOSSMAN - Dag sedan
1:30 I might see this movie
Ashira Ami
Ashira Ami - Dag sedan
I’m so seeing this, but I do not think I can take seeing Mighty Mufasa die again.
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital - Dag sedan
Ñooo, mira eso asere.
alucard 454
alucard 454 - 2 dagar sedan
All hail Kimba the white lion
Sad Disney has to steal from
Osamu tezuka work true anime fans
Will understand what I mean
Josiah Purtee
Josiah Purtee - 2 dagar sedan
I am so psyched to see the new Lion King movie.
nelson maina
nelson maina - 2 dagar sedan
Like someone said its too real for us to get that feeling of (wow!!) Boost thos guys some GMO! Look at mwogli 2 how the added effects it was sick!!! Add speed stamina size savage looks man!!! The whole deal.. I wana see scar and be like daaaaaaamn!!!
Yvaine Starr
Yvaine Starr - 2 dagar sedan
Is it bad that I want to take my Kitten that I named Scar (Kizuato means Scar in Japanese) to see this.. he has literally watched the original with me
Im not kidding he was paying attention to the sound and colors and sat in full attention everytime Scar talked
>~> precious lil baby
I think he'd enjoy this as well if only to swat at the screen x'D
(I know he doesnt understand whats going on but his reaction each time he watched it was cute )
Chrisleen Eungel
Chrisleen Eungel - 2 dagar sedan
I cant wait for the hula scene in this movie 🤣
Prehistoric beast 102
Prehistoric beast 102 - 2 dagar sedan
Omg shut up haters scar looks absolutely amazing and stunning, just imagine how much hard work these people put to make a classic Disney villain so hop off!
Rex Roylance
Rex Roylance - Dag sedan
Prehistoric beast 102 look at the scene where scar tells simba to run since it’s our best look so far how the characters talk/express themselves compare this stoic emotionless cg garbage to the expressive and emotional way the original portrays simbas face and scars body language plus this voice actor is not fit to play scar like iron was
Prehistoric beast 102
Prehistoric beast 102 - Dag sedan
+Rex Roylance prove to me that he doesn't look good then.
Rex Roylance
Rex Roylance - 2 dagar sedan
Prehistoric beast 102 it is astounding how wrong you are
Monique Christian
Monique Christian - 2 dagar sedan
Rafiki better be whooping some ass in this movie 😐
Tisha Steen
Tisha Steen - 2 dagar sedan
Simba mufasa Kabir Jarvis marloc beamon 103 Rd watts baby loc Welch boys 4 ward 6 deep
Derp -da-Derp
Derp -da-Derp - 2 dagar sedan
SunFløwer Aj
SunFløwer Aj - 2 dagar sedan
Timon is so cute ❤❤❤❤ just that walking scene Timon walked so cutely❤❤❤❤
American girl slime dolls
American girl slime dolls - 2 dagar sedan
I can see his eye boogers....

If u don’t know who I’m quoting go check out Ryan Trahans YouTube channel and watch his 90’s video
Teej - 3 dagar sedan
My favorite part about Lion King is that their food literally gathers around to bow to them.
Travis Peterson
Travis Peterson - 3 dagar sedan
Disney remaking all of their movies is sad. They should stick with hand drawn animation and make new films. It is what we all grew up with and the new direction they are taking is losing a lot of their fan base.
Maliha Coleman
Maliha Coleman - 3 dagar sedan
shemarie hombre
shemarie hombre - 3 dagar sedan
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂 I remember my childhood 😘
Brandon and the things I like to talk about
Even if I were not a can of the original I would have to see this movie on the cast it's self. This one will break all kinds of records.
Heven Shin
Heven Shin - 3 dagar sedan
That music that music THAT MUSIC IS SOOOO NOSTALGIC 😤😤😤
P4ws - 3 dagar sedan
Lion King Is back to Tramaurtize another Generation
Hamish Macfleetwood
Hamish Macfleetwood - 3 dagar sedan
Oh fuck you movie 😡💀😡💀💀💀💀💀💀😡😡😡😡💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Naun Guerrero
Naun Guerrero - 3 dagar sedan
donde estes y con quien estes jamás me olvidaras
Roy Morris
Roy Morris - 3 dagar sedan
The CG is insane
Aaliyah Forney
Aaliyah Forney - 3 dagar sedan
I love this trailer form this movie
ELLA BOLIN HAYNES - 3 dagar sedan
Duolingo Owl
Duolingo Owl - 3 dagar sedan
maddiemoomo - 3 dagar sedan
does anyone want to know what baby simba's voice sounds like
PastelSky AJ
PastelSky AJ - 3 dagar sedan
I have a feeling that Disney is gonna ruin this movie, oh wait they already did.
Evangelica SS
Evangelica SS - 3 dagar sedan
They better keep timon's hula dance in this version
Rose The Dragon Master
Rose The Dragon Master - 3 dagar sedan
And the flowers... and the skirt... just please let them keep the coconut drink with the little umbrella...please Disney... I beg of you
Yinsen Vang
Yinsen Vang - 3 dagar sedan
Lodmot - 3 dagar sedan
Not a fan of the art style at all, but damn, they _nailed_ that soundtrack! xD
Purple guy
Purple guy - 3 dagar sedan
*a we away a we away*
Mimi Penafiel
Mimi Penafiel - 3 dagar sedan
Banan Kwider
Banan Kwider - 3 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness 😮😮😐😐😶😶
Owen O’ Malley
Owen O’ Malley - 4 dagar sedan
I’m soooooo scared they are going to mess this up 😭
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe - Dag sedan
I promise they wont
Chris Horvath
Chris Horvath - 4 dagar sedan
Movie of the year already in my eyes. The musical score. So glad they stuck with the track "King of pride rock". The animation is unlike anything i have ever seen. Its like watching national geographic. And of course its the greatest Disney movie ever. I dread the Mufasa death scene. These young kids have no idea what they are in for lol.
Kandi Hinshaw
Kandi Hinshaw - 4 dagar sedan
Is there a very curious on why they didn't keep scar with the black Mane I mean it identifies him one is the bad guy in 2 as a different lion with him having the same color of Maine is all the alliance makes no sense but to give him the black Mane would make more sense cuz he's supposed to be an evil lion
Deko *
Deko * - 4 dagar sedan
I wonder how much filler there gonna add
Katherine Barral
Katherine Barral - 4 dagar sedan
If yall think this is bad, wait until you see Dumbo. This is good tbh
Jee Va
Jee Va - 4 dagar sedan
J R - 4 dagar sedan
When I watched original The Lion King first time, I considered it as the funniest movie ever made - I laughed at almost every scene! But then I got to know that it has also some political content and then it stopped being so funny for me. :(
Samuel The Fox
Samuel The Fox - 4 dagar sedan
WOW! Kimba the White Lion CG Edition is looking great! Not sure why Kimba's not white though, or why they're spelling his name with an "S", but aside from only these *two* differences, I'd say it looks pretty accurate to the original 60s anime!
(DISCLAIMER: All dislikes on my comment are by Disney CEOs)
J R - 4 dagar sedan
And if You love foxes, then I highly recommend You to see 'The Fox and The Hound' - it's a Disney's 1981 animated movie and I'm sure You'll enjoy it way more than 'The Lion King'!
J R - 4 dagar sedan
There is no dislike counter of the comments. Anyways, I don't care Simba or Kimba - I love lions and I'm not either Disney fan or anime fan. But when I watched Kimba one thing made me furious: Kimba DIDN'T HARM MICE! F***! I hate mice! And Kimba SHOULD HAVE KILLED them even if he's a cub! Die all mice in hell!
Elyza Delgado
Elyza Delgado - 4 dagar sedan
I'm so ready to watch this movie in action! But not ready for the Mufasa scene 🥺
J R - 4 dagar sedan
The Lion King is hillarious! In my opinion, the funniest movie ever made! 😂😂😂😂 And also one of the cutest! 💓🐾 The same as The Fox and The Hound, but The Fox and The Hound is very sad - it's hard to watch the whole movie without crying! 😭
Masha Liga
Masha Liga - 4 dagar sedan
Si 😍
Deandre Davidson
Deandre Davidson - 4 dagar sedan
Remember when the baboon yeeted simba off a cliff? 😂
goodtoby07 - 4 dagar sedan
What the hell is Scars voice?
vdochev - 4 dagar sedan
But why?
Sayian_Gamer 361
Sayian_Gamer 361 - 4 dagar sedan
Spoiler alert mufasa dies

(this is a joke)
Yinsen Vang
Yinsen Vang - 3 dagar sedan
Whoulf - 4 dagar sedan
Everyone’s saying that we loose a lot of character expression due to the realism of the film, but I disagree! Wild animals such as this express their emotions in body language. In trailers, some of the screen is cut off to avoid giving the audience everything they need to know. In theaters I’m sure the characters will be more expressive through their body language and tone of voice! I for one can’t wait!
Whoulf - 4 dagar sedan
J R me too haha!
J R - 4 dagar sedan
You're right, Whoulf! Animals also have body language, but different than humans. Dogs move their tails when they're happy, cats have tails down when they're happy... I have a spieces of fish called Mylandia Estherae (I don't know how it's said in English) which change their colour of body pedending on emotion - darker when they feel bad and lighter when they feel good. And don't say 'Everyone'! All I want is just to see cute lions and don't even need any damn expression!
Sean Scott
Sean Scott - 4 dagar sedan
that roar gave me chills
J R - 4 dagar sedan
Yeah, me too! I got quite jumpscared! 😂 That's good - finally it's like a real lion! :>
Minecraft Yay
Minecraft Yay - 4 dagar sedan
They couldn’t even make scar look good, could they?
Alison Lewis
Alison Lewis - 4 dagar sedan
That scene at the end got me😂😂😂
The Cake Devil
The Cake Devil - 4 dagar sedan
"Live action"
patrick silke
patrick silke - 5 dagar sedan
It looks so good
Yung Xan
Yung Xan - 5 dagar sedan
Where my 90’s people at rise up!!!!
Rob Koch
Rob Koch - 5 dagar sedan
I could hear the Eric Andre in Timon and Pumba's voices
Mridul Sharma
Mridul Sharma - 5 dagar sedan
I think I shit a little
bam17 - 5 dagar sedan
The lion king always brings me to tears no matter how many times I see it, i cried at the play and I’m sure I’m going to cry at this one. It is such a beautiful story with amazing music ughh just perfection.
bam17 - 4 dagar sedan
J R to each their own
J R - 4 dagar sedan
Hahaha! 😂 I don't see anything sad in it! To me, The Lion King is hillarious! 😂 And I wouldn't say the story and music are beatiful. They make the movie really fun to watch, but not a masterpiece. I love cats (including lions), but I like The Fox and The Hound more than The Lion King. 🐾 The Fox and The Hound is the best and the saddest animated movie about friendship and has more emotional soundtracks/songs. Simba looks funny when he cries! 🐾
Ian Blakenship
Ian Blakenship - 5 dagar sedan
This is uncanny nightmare fuel hell!!!
Ian Blakenship
Ian Blakenship - 5 dagar sedan
I HATE HATE HATE THIS STUPID BULLSHIT DISNEY why the fuck do you need a remake of Lion King the original holds up great storytelling and emotional character moments stop doing this stupid shit I'm sorry the CGI sucks lionturds it does why can't it be stopmotion or using puppets and actual sets you don't need hyperrealistic CGI Disney!!!
J R - 4 dagar sedan
Hahaha! Great storytelling and emotional character moments?! 😂 The Lion King is so hillarious to me! 😂😂😂😂 I laughed at almost all scenes of the original movie! xD The Fox and The Hound has a much better story and sadder moments than The Lion King!
Jamie cometheart
Jamie cometheart - 5 dagar sedan
The original will always be my fav childhood movie cuz it was the best
Jamie cometheart
Jamie cometheart - 5 dagar sedan
What has my biggest child hood come to 💁🏼😂
Cookie - 5 dagar sedan
Why did they make a life action movie man?!
like I can’t handle watching Mufasa die again

And how about
Hakuna matata?
J R - 4 dagar sedan
Because why not? I laugh watching Mufasa dying, because Scar has a pretty funny smile saying 'Long Live The King!' - I love this line and Simba has a hillarious scared face then! :> 🐾
NikkiinLA M
NikkiinLA M - 5 dagar sedan
I can’t be the only one who cried right ?
CatLuvr69 - 5 dagar sedan
I don't think I'm ready to see Mufasa die again..
J R - 4 dagar sedan
I'm ready! I'm ready to laugh watching this scene! :) In original The Lion King, Scar has a pretty cute and funny smile when he says 'Long Live The King'! ;) And Simba's scared face is so adorable and hillarious! 😂💓🐾🍼
DRAKE - 5 dagar sedan
Justin Lehmann
Justin Lehmann - 5 dagar sedan
Akhenaten... Moses... Simba
Fury 325
Fury 325 - 5 dagar sedan
Why is Zazu black and white? 0:38

He's supposed to be blue and white...
spinningpeanut - 4 dagar sedan
Fury 325 because this is DC zazu he's gritty and real and totally a real bird that's there because this is what real animals looks like and birds don't have bright beautiful feathers, especially males, being colorful is for children only and I swear to God if people spend money to watch this movie in my family I'm going to be so mad.
Nomen Broneske
Nomen Broneske - 5 dagar sedan
This is honestly just pathetic of Disney IMO. Sure, wow, look at how far CGI has come, but y'know what I also see in this trailer? A total lack of emotion. There's literally NO EXPRESSION in the faces which makes it far inferior to the original animation. This movie is literally banking on the nostalgia feels and nothing else. And if they really wanted to hit that, then they would've kept all the adult roles, not just James Earl Jones, instead of pandering with the new cast. Definitely won't be buying tickets to see this.
Marshx Mell
Marshx Mell - 5 dagar sedan
Wait hold up. Why does Mufasa remind me of Aslan from THE CHRONICALS OF NARNIA. Like if u agree
J R - 4 dagar sedan
Yes, he really is like Aslan! 🐾
Omkar FineArt
Omkar FineArt - 5 dagar sedan
SuperExited For This Movie Live 3D Congradulations and Celebrations .....
Jazalyn Brown
Jazalyn Brown - 5 dagar sedan
1:40 memories ❤
Tiny Demon
Tiny Demon - 6 dagar sedan
I wished they would stop turning everything into "live action". ^^;
A27th - 6 dagar sedan
Courtney Skinner
Courtney Skinner - 6 dagar sedan
Omg Tomon and Pumba singing the lion sleeps tonight!
nick pullum
nick pullum - 6 dagar sedan
I’ve been so distraught by Game of Thrones so I came here to be put in a good mood.