'The Lion King' Official Trailer (2019) | Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Beyonce

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Evasion Bonus
Evasion Bonus - 15 minuter sedan
Looks terrible
Nancy Pankaskie
Nancy Pankaskie - 2 timmar sedan
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Is it love? Mystery spell
Is it love? Mystery spell - 2 timmar sedan
I like the cartoon one better
SFG Pufzz
SFG Pufzz - 2 timmar sedan
Are these real lions!?
co122189 - 3 timmar sedan
I hate Beyoncé’s voice...”kiiinguuuh”
Andhika Gautama
Andhika Gautama - 3 timmar sedan
Nat geo wild with dub wkwkw
honest Abe
honest Abe - 3 timmar sedan
Great time to be a father of 3 girls.
This has #1 dad mug all over it.
Trinity Whiting
Trinity Whiting - 3 timmar sedan
arinako gra
arinako gra - 4 timmar sedan
they need to do this for brother bear now
JesuSaveSoulsalvavation Godislove4u
Jesus, mankinds sole hope saved my life and soul from suicide and alcoholism.
Anxrchy Bxtch
Anxrchy Bxtch - 8 timmar sedan
*Hakuna Matata*
Koos Bernard
Koos Bernard - 9 timmar sedan
Best movie in 2019 so far
Katelyn - 9 timmar sedan
How does everyone know that the big lion dies ?? Its not even out yet !!!

Lmao jk y'all thought
ArloC - 10 timmar sedan
the cg is absolutely gorgeous
Devin Marbury
Devin Marbury - 10 timmar sedan
0:50 ❤ :')
JOKERSLADY713 - 11 timmar sedan
y7sxoyy :3
y7sxoyy :3 - 12 timmar sedan
sh - 13 timmar sedan
why the animals look so.. vegan
Where are the black lions? This is discrimination!
Lily Slipcast
Lily Slipcast - 13 timmar sedan
All these live action remakes are really unnecessary:/
Cart T
Cart T - 14 timmar sedan
So ummm... this box office is about to explode!!! 💯💯💯
Joel Valdez
Joel Valdez - 14 timmar sedan
You can't beat Jeremy Irons...
MyReacts - 15 timmar sedan
com on British accent is too sexy to be scary
Ballerz24 - 17 timmar sedan
So much nostalgia!! I can’t freaking wait for this! My all time favorite Disney movie , going to be my favorite movie ever after watching it again 😭❤️
Roger Gonzalez
Roger Gonzalez - 20 timmar sedan
Not gonna see this unessicary, uncalled for remake. Hope it's a major flop.
#_EPIC!! - 21 timme sedan
Editor - how many clues?
Director - No!
The Diggler
The Diggler - 22 timmar sedan
More recycled trash from disney! They stole “Kimba the White Lion” and called it the lion king. And now they’re making a copy of a copy. How uninspired, derivative, unoriginal and lazy! 🖕🖕🖕
Sande - 19 timmar sedan
Cry more🤦‍♀️🤣
canarycharlwood - 22 timmar sedan
Alright, so we're a few years into the Disney live action remakes, anyone remember any of them? Do you really see Mary Poppins remake being as popular as OG Mary Poppins? How about Jungle book and my personal fav Beauty and the Beast?
Let me assure you, in 20 years nobody will hold these films in high regard yet I bet the originals are STILL viewed as classics.
It will be the same case with this. Live action might grab people attention, might look awesome on a trailer but it won't leave the same lasting impression.
It would be better if we were to ignore these cash grab attempts by Disney but no chance with all these drivelling fools out there. Already wetting their pants at the anticipation of something they have all seen, probably several times. Sad state of affairs.
Findingmedicine Until
Findingmedicine Until - 22 timmar sedan
I hope this inspires Europeans to quit killing off the animals in Africa for leisure . Without the animals Disney’s pocket would not be happy without Africa this story wouldn’t exist . May we protect all the elements of Africa, it’s ppl and it’s animals .
Jarski l
Jarski l - 5 timmar sedan
Europeans killing animals in Africa? Give your sources where it says its Europeans doing most of the hunting. You might wanna peek at the middle east and Asia, where tusks are used as viagra.
Julian john
Julian john - 22 timmar sedan
oh i just cant wait to see this.
Ricardo Greene
Ricardo Greene - 23 timmar sedan
The people who watch this are the same people who think animation is for children
maria thiede
maria thiede - 23 timmar sedan
I am mad Beyonce is in it like really 😔
Anthony M
Anthony M - Dag sedan
Stupid mufusa why the heck do I have to see him die again. I’m a 27 year old guy who’s probably going to cry the same way I cried when I was like 6 years old. Mom!!!!!
CyberBlazer - Dag sedan
i am 27 Years old! why the heck did start to cry of joy? haha :P
Art doggo
Art doggo - Dag sedan
I mean looks like a great movie but scar just throws it off completely he's supposed to be this sassy over the top character that can make people laugh but also get that sort of chill in your spine this didn't deliver that at all its just an edgy dark character and feels plain
Rata Paga
Rata Paga - Dag sedan
Now why did they change the voices when the people are still alive
Tim Drake Robin Beyond
I hate beyonce but I love the lion king !
Janitha Kalpana
Janitha Kalpana - Dag sedan
Junior Villalba
Junior Villalba - Dag sedan
I’m crying watching these trailers
typhon1c - Dag sedan
Spoiler alert:

Mufasa's Brother/Scar is the bad guy
and kills Mufasa T-T
aditya rao
aditya rao - Dag sedan
Mind blowing.
Shane Clement
Shane Clement - Dag sedan
Lmao animals in nature documentaries have more emotion than the animals in this movie. Just admit this is a cashgrab and go home Disney.
Ruby Roche
Ruby Roche - Dag sedan
We all already know what’s gonna happen and we all know we’re gonna cry again
Yodele Ladejobi
Yodele Ladejobi - Dag sedan
this made me nothing but happy 😅😅😅
1m7a5x4 - Dag sedan
Not saying this movie will be bad, but Disney seriously needs to stop this remaking older films or making sequels. I'd like to see new stuff. Bring us an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit movie, ANYTHING, just not a feckin remake of one of their beloved older movies or another damn sequel. Bring a new character to life, and I say Oswald because many people today have no clue who he is, but I think he still has potential.
Doppel Channel
Doppel Channel - Dag sedan
Lion king is trash. Kimba is the original one
Wiktoria Kowalczyk
Wiktoria Kowalczyk - Dag sedan
Who else cried at the trailer because it brought back their childhood memories? 😢
Level UP
Level UP - Dag sedan
Kimba the White Lion RIP-off. Disney totally copied!!
Level UP
Level UP - 2 timmar sedan
@antiman909 Doesn't change the fact they ripped Kimba the white lion, right or wrong?
antiman909 - 5 timmar sedan
wether they copied or not, did they ever release a movie version of "Kimba the white lion"?
Old Soul
Old Soul - Dag sedan
I already know I'm about to be tearing up when Mufasa dies but I'm ready.
Ballerz24 - 17 timmar sedan
Old Soul ima cry like a little bitch 😭😢
Erick Fonseca
Erick Fonseca - Dag sedan
I hope that disney doesnt fucks up a giant! The original masterpiece is one of the best ever! I hope this lives up!