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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso - 3 månader sedan
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Bell Barahona
Bell Barahona - Dag sedan
I love you guys
Zkenyah Webster
Zkenyah Webster - 2 dagar sedan
I love it
Ellastar Gachaverse
Ellastar Gachaverse - 3 dagar sedan
The second robot was Hannah stockings
baijayanti nayak
baijayanti nayak - 26 dagar sedan
Muna luul dds guhihjuiuuu5),8(1
Lnguyen19 - 29 dagar sedan
who's the girl with black hair?
who cares
who cares - 44 minuter sedan
bro kokok
bro kokok - 2 timmar sedan
Good job buddy its really amazing.
Icarus Mv
Icarus Mv - 4 timmar sedan
Why i like rudy bcs i never see fucking advertising when i see his videos lol
chrischin airdoizo
chrischin airdoizo - 8 timmar sedan
Cool story, bro.
Eros Garcia
Eros Garcia - 8 timmar sedan
simply the best video in the world
luis palomares
luis palomares - 12 timmar sedan
Acting skills are astonishing!
Nicoleg ._777
Nicoleg ._777 - 12 timmar sedan
But the boy robot found out but how from a broken hand?
sharp blades
sharp blades - 13 timmar sedan
Bruhh this is gold
guiSaSeo YT
guiSaSeo YT - 14 timmar sedan
If we think about his routine
He never has a shower
Дима Инюшев
Дима Инюшев - 14 timmar sedan
that's actually cool concept of future,thx NetFlix for help to create.Peace all)
Jackray Playz
Jackray Playz - 15 timmar sedan
Actually felt sad for Anwar
Huan Tran
Huan Tran - 15 timmar sedan
This is insane
Donuberry - 15 timmar sedan
Is this inspired by Detroit: become human?
Crazy Dayz
Crazy Dayz - 16 timmar sedan
Wait... so everybody is a robot and the last thing they need to become 100% human is to become self aware that they are robots.
LiaPlays - 21 timme sedan
This really made me think. What if life was like this..
Cloudy`Boba - 23 timmar sedan
Idk why but the end scared me😂😂🤦‍♀️
Blessings Mudarikwa
Blessings Mudarikwa - Dag sedan
Even in the future iPhones have notches....😑
Kash The Gamer
Kash The Gamer - Dag sedan
Now that was a twist...
Poke Mania
Poke Mania - Dag sedan
I watch this as Rudy is at 6.66m subs
and the friday before i made this coment was friday the 13th
Sahil Saboor
Sahil Saboor - Dag sedan
Damnnnnn !!!!!! Masterpeiece 😍
furious Tom Tom
furious Tom Tom - Dag sedan
dung truongtan
dung truongtan - Dag sedan
Anwar is sad 😞
safalafagins - Dag sedan
Anwar killed it. This is an amazing video, Rudy. Very Black Mirror-esque.
kHing vids
kHing vids - Dag sedan
lol, like if you see that girls lips 7:50
Edited: that was deep
Natty Films
Natty Films - Dag sedan
Wait waaaaaaaah????
_ Respawn_
_ Respawn_ - Dag sedan
Current mood 8:16
alex C
alex C - Dag sedan
Elane Veras
Elane Veras - Dag sedan
Eu vi o Rudy comendo arroz com feijão ? Kkkk
Elane Veras
Elane Veras - Dag sedan
Meu Deus, isso ficou ótimo!!!
choi julina
choi julina - Dag sedan
Oh my god thats very good i'm crying😣😭❤
JACKY1396 GT - Dag sedan
The robots are so creepy
• RedNinja •
• RedNinja • - Dag sedan
How robots have teeth's

Aria DeWitt
Aria DeWitt - Dag sedan
Aria DeWitt
Aria DeWitt - Dag sedan
This got so sad towards the ending
Tsveti Tsvetanova
Tsveti Tsvetanova - Dag sedan
But he slept on the couch and he woke up in the bed?!?!
Kimberly Samin
Kimberly Samin - Dag sedan
Background music with the routine part is addictive.
dommul doamna
dommul doamna - Dag sedan
5:55 was that a blooper??
Flexy - Dag sedan
Why is no one talking about how he has 666m subs
Byul Nim
Byul Nim - Dag sedan
100% human because we don't care about others feelings 💔
Xxx Rrr
Xxx Rrr - 2 dagar sedan
Phase_x_ghost Playz
Phase_x_ghost Playz - 2 dagar sedan
Great acting to Rudy, anwar and Hannah 👍🏻. Great story
Watcher hp
Watcher hp - 2 dagar sedan
husan sidhu
husan sidhu - 2 dagar sedan
Best of all
Guilherme Campos
Guilherme Campos - 2 dagar sedan
Ele é BR ?
Mai Phuong Lillian Vu
Mai Phuong Lillian Vu - 2 dagar sedan
its so good that i had to watch this video twice
Cornelio Osorio
Cornelio Osorio - 2 dagar sedan
Unexpected finish😱
Copycat 83
Copycat 83 - 2 dagar sedan
Woah. That was woke
Zkenyah Webster
Zkenyah Webster - 2 dagar sedan
I love the vids 😍😀😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😘❤️😍😍😝😆😀💖
yuki storm plays
yuki storm plays - 2 dagar sedan
not the enddd
Jaime Figueroa
Jaime Figueroa - 2 dagar sedan
I want them shoes...can anyone tell me what they are?
• Bloomy •
• Bloomy • - 2 dagar sedan
I just watched a movie...
c-dogKRonos styles
c-dogKRonos styles - 2 dagar sedan
Damn that was good
Bruh Saday
Bruh Saday - 2 dagar sedan
Who else couldn't recognize anwar in the beginning ...
itz_mail boxツ
itz_mail boxツ - 2 dagar sedan
No one just you
Pusheencat _love
Pusheencat _love - 2 dagar sedan
Hannah is WHY too big lolol
شانكس Shanks
شانكس Shanks - 2 dagar sedan
Part 2 pls
Pink-teal-green hibrid
Pink-teal-green hibrid - 2 dagar sedan
I loved this so much I’m going to cry!!! Tho the black suits scare me 😳
Evita Jager
Evita Jager - 2 dagar sedan
Ughhh this is so gooddddd
blynk - 2 dagar sedan
Literally having friends cure life if you have non your life eat work sleep and repeat its better to have frienda
SMILE for EVERYONE - 2 dagar sedan
Omg this is amazing