Cure for Loneliness | Stories From Our Future

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Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso - 16 dagar sedan
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tzxsr - Dag sedan
Rudy who is the girl u ended up with in this video??? Reply please thanks:)
Nancy Aldrich
Nancy Aldrich - Dag sedan
Hi Rudy quick question so if someone from New York was forming a garage band and they want you to be there keyboardist/rhythm guitarist would you say yes or no?
Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight - Dag sedan
Nice twist
Steffie Johr
Steffie Johr - 2 dagar sedan
Ss sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ali khan
ali khan - 5 dagar sedan
Boom Rudy Boom 😍😍😍
Junainah Bakar
Junainah Bakar - 36 minuter sedan
7:57 like a real doll
Selton Mc
Selton Mc - Timme sedan
The melody is sooo good. I already watched the video twice and now I can't stop just opening this video to listen to the music ♡♡♡ best part 3:18 love the harmony with piano ♡
Rudy you're simply a master of arts!
Layan Alhahsmi
Layan Alhahsmi - 2 timmar sedan
Anwar did an amazing job that it looked so real
Billy Pham
Billy Pham - 2 timmar sedan
The future,slowy turn to human wow I give big like
Bighead OntheBeat
Bighead OntheBeat - 2 timmar sedan
Creepy ass video.
youtube_steve s
youtube_steve s - 2 timmar sedan
Is that anwar jibawi that boy robot
KHADER THE GAMER - 2 timmar sedan
Edward Wijaya
Edward Wijaya - 2 timmar sedan
And anwar looks different
Edward Wijaya
Edward Wijaya - 2 timmar sedan
But there all robots and 100% human
Edward Wijaya
Edward Wijaya - 2 timmar sedan
There skills is so perfect but poor anwar bot
M.R.W - 4 timmar sedan
that plot twist ending whoaw
Cenen Socito
Cenen Socito - 4 timmar sedan
Is that hannah??
Squicky - 5 timmar sedan
Rim of the world huh?
???? - 5 timmar sedan
I like how every action was in sync with the music
Adrienne Willis
Adrienne Willis - 6 timmar sedan
Im starting to think Netflix has all the cool tecnology
Dung Minh Le
Dung Minh Le - 6 timmar sedan
i Feel like a short black mirror movie :))
Diego Duran
Diego Duran - 6 timmar sedan
He does these videos w more dedication than the work I put on fixing my own bed
Jacen Gertos
Jacen Gertos - 7 timmar sedan
Now that was the most dark of the whole series...
vlad productions
vlad productions - 8 timmar sedan
That plot twist twisted me more then lickerish
The Small one :3
The Small one :3 - 8 timmar sedan
Pro Sxintz
Pro Sxintz - 10 timmar sedan
I need this machine... :(
raylina amir
raylina amir - 10 timmar sedan
omg am i the only one who cried when a war and hannah were run over 😭
Juju Rab
Juju Rab - 11 timmar sedan
Did anyone else notice lele pons
помойка панды
помойка панды - 11 timmar sedan
OooMY GOD that was amaizing WOW. I
Marco Ravina
Marco Ravina - 14 timmar sedan
Hisham Adib
Hisham Adib - 14 timmar sedan
Imagine if this become real like in 2036 or more
Alan Mañé Atasia
Alan Mañé Atasia - 16 timmar sedan
I miss video like this.
 - 16 timmar sedan
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Alien A
Alien A - 16 timmar sedan
This is really sad 💔
rits cubes
rits cubes - 17 timmar sedan
I didn't understand the ending.
ultradeadd - 18 timmar sedan
lol happy endings don’t exist in life
Jacob Koranteng
Jacob Koranteng - 18 timmar sedan
So if everybody is a robot becoming a human then were are the humans 😱😨
Jacob Koranteng
Jacob Koranteng - 18 timmar sedan
That was crazy, but imagine this happening in the future robots basically take over 😱
Subhana Roberts
Subhana Roberts - 18 timmar sedan
Is that the entire thing?
CCC_ 10
CCC_ 10 - 18 timmar sedan
This was so awesome 😄😄
Bravo 👏👏👏
Gijel Klippel
Gijel Klippel - 19 timmar sedan
I hate futuristic things man!! I be livin in a rustic house when I grow up
Audessa Nyankojo
Audessa Nyankojo - 20 timmar sedan
That was soo good... even the shot of the video!
Riley Elaina
Riley Elaina - 20 timmar sedan
I could watch this video over and over. It’s soooo good!
Saïdo Beno
Saïdo Beno - 23 timmar sedan
That was Amazing! It reminds me of Detroit: become a human
Omar Mushmosh
Omar Mushmosh - Dag sedan
Waw ❤👍
IonKatt - Dag sedan
That’s nuts
BlueWolf/Jacob Gaming & Drawing
I didnt see what rudys neck said at the end. Can someone tell me?
Shoxa Rustam
Shoxa Rustam - Dag sedan
leila delvecchio
leila delvecchio - Dag sedan
Anware looked soooo diffrent
Alondra Cortez
Alondra Cortez - Dag sedan
Hi I am new to your channel
Sean George
Sean George - Dag sedan
Wow this is some black mirror shit🤣❤️
Ravi Sharma
Ravi Sharma - Dag sedan
Sexy af
But she acting is above the limits
Murtada Ahmed
Murtada Ahmed - Dag sedan
bruh anwar with no beard got me dead
K E N K E N - Dag sedan
Jenna Cook
Jenna Cook - Dag sedan
Genius!!so great💕🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️
Miyo Chan!
Miyo Chan! - Dag sedan
Blackmirror vibes
rafli 2002
rafli 2002 - Dag sedan
teenage circus
teenage circus - Dag sedan
At first it looked like a horror movie but this is awsome!
Erhard Siegmund Ibrahim da Rato
Does tje robot is anwar and hannah??
Erhard Siegmund Ibrahim da Rato
I love thiss
Ari M
Ari M - Dag sedan
Lazaro junior
Lazaro junior - Dag sedan
Incrível esse vídeo!!!!! Ótimo trabalho Rudy
tik tok bustamante
tik tok bustamante - Dag sedan
Colde yall fallow me in my youtube channel
tik tok bustamante
tik tok bustamante - Dag sedan
Me pueden seguir en mi canal de youtube channel
Minecarftgeek12 - Dag sedan
Woh that was deep........ made me re think everything
Pika Gamer
Pika Gamer - Dag sedan
No mames xD está bien chido y el final... Uffff
Grace Martire
Grace Martire - Dag sedan
That technology is the future. And They just explained the future of robots, and screens that look way more advanced, and mirrors that have touchscreen on it in only 9 minutes.
Props 2 you guys!
Edge Kipp
Edge Kipp - Dag sedan
Go to mine YouTube channel FORTNITE gaming channel playing on PS4
ODG Gamers
ODG Gamers - Dag sedan
Plot twist
Ahmed Tareq
Ahmed Tareq - Dag sedan
after this video ended i went striaght to the mirror to check if there was anything on the back of my neck lul
Djan Maury YouTube Channel
😁🤘👏👏👏👏😄🙏 From Brazil 🇧🇷🙏
GEREE _ - Dag sedan
Is it just me or rudy and anwar are slowly becoming best friends
GEREE _ - Dag sedan
Rudy, we need more movie shorts
Medini Hari
Medini Hari - Dag sedan
I don’t want a future like that.
Your Dad
Your Dad - Dag sedan
anwar remimded me of myself
INTR3PED SYNX - Dag sedan
But this acting is fire
INTR3PED SYNX - Dag sedan
Why does Rudy not upload that much
bismah - Dag sedan
I can't stop watching thissss
Nash Sidd
Nash Sidd - Dag sedan
This is like the Australian show human
Alicia - Dag sedan
Wait I dunno what im watching rn
Королина Гагарина
Блять что я только что увидела
Himanshu Warkade
Himanshu Warkade - Dag sedan
Great work guys!💓💓💓
love from India!
Muhammad Hussain
Muhammad Hussain - Dag sedan
This some black mirror shit
Katada Hash
Katada Hash - Dag sedan
that was a great job
i want 1 of this robots
NiJi Stream
NiJi Stream - Dag sedan
Rudy I love that song, Do you know what's the name of it Great job Rudy.
Ola Ela
Ola Ela - Dag sedan
Boohoo to those who were hoping to find a cure fr loneliness :D
Amy Rodgers
Amy Rodgers - Dag sedan
Samet Akbina
Samet Akbina - Dag sedan
This is how humans are going to be born in the future
Giggity Giggity
Giggity Giggity - Dag sedan
Oh shish kebab thats smart
Ice Boundation
Ice Boundation - Dag sedan
This is so good! I love your content Rudy! Keep it up!
Better than you
Better than you - Dag sedan
Now I'm sad but enlightened😫👏
Sara Sierra
Sara Sierra - Dag sedan
omg this is so good!!!
Hesley Borragini
Hesley Borragini - Dag sedan
Better than Black Mirror
Lexe k
Lexe k - Dag sedan
That is crazyy cool! The concepts are amazing
Damla Can
Damla Can - Dag sedan
Athena Moon Gacha
Athena Moon Gacha - Dag sedan
Its soo sadd!!😢😢
Kameswar Yadav
Kameswar Yadav - Dag sedan
All acted so well like sci fiction movie
El Guilgo
El Guilgo - Dag sedan
How do i order myself a robot waifu?
OG Jr.
OG Jr. - 2 dagar sedan
Never play matchmaker for your best friend. It will leave you lonely and can cause suicide.
Boy Inluv
Boy Inluv - 2 dagar sedan
Pretty Anna
Pretty Anna - 2 dagar sedan
I liked so much stories from future😊those were amazing😘
Sergey Dubits
Sergey Dubits - 2 dagar sedan
Rudy become human
Sky The one punch fan
Sky The one punch fan - 2 dagar sedan
Aaaaah the end tho