Trump Returns from Europe as Impeachment Calls Grow Louder: A Closer Look

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Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade - 4 dagar sedan
Of course trump only read about the Normandy landings, he’s a draft dodger. He shows his ignorance yet again, not even noticing the dig about his ridiculous wall
Priyanka Bansal
Priyanka Bansal - 4 dagar sedan
What were Americans smoking???
Lindsey RB B
Lindsey RB B - 4 dagar sedan
and for that, all hail cilantro!
Lindsey RB B
Lindsey RB B - 4 dagar sedan
how dare you disparage mr. peanut!
smackdowner - 4 dagar sedan
The stupidity of this orange face piece of trash is unreal
julie harris
julie harris - 5 dagar sedan
Seriously?!?! Doesn't trump have advisors that brief him on issues?
Tibby Troese
Tibby Troese - 5 dagar sedan
LAURAL ATE HARDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony Harris
Tony Harris - 5 dagar sedan
Spanky spend six million dollars on the taxpayers dime at his owned Golf Course. At this rate he's going to bankrupt America.
taipan185 - 5 dagar sedan
christ trump is a rambling idiot
Edwina Gray
Edwina Gray - 6 dagar sedan
Prattling on and on and on about Normandy. Just clueless of the sacrifices made during WWII for freedom. And, look what those who fought and died got us? This damn IMBECILE...!!!!!
Michael Laverty
Michael Laverty - 6 dagar sedan
Look Don Trump might be OK for a Block association in Queen's NY , But as President of Our United States ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME !!!! Then I have got to ask Trump supporter's if any of them have any humility at all ? How deeply ashamed do we need to be to have this disgraceful Nebbish representing us in the UK he's a walking talking embarrassment .. He is the Poster Child for what happens to American's who were fed to many GMO laced with Round Up...
carla mannon
carla mannon - 7 dagar sedan
I wish he would just shut up!!!!!!
Panda boy
Panda boy - 7 dagar sedan
No collusion.
Hank Dundon
Hank Dundon - 7 dagar sedan
As long as the President are not completely retarded I don't care wich party wins.
will yang
will yang - 7 dagar sedan
We have to award a noble prize to Trump for bringing back innocent laughters.
A a
A a - 7 dagar sedan
Trump got the queen to sign over our country back.
So this tool is not a patriot.
Thomas - 7 dagar sedan
Has to be done on principal, as a message, since he won't take it as a call to leave. If it meant fired as well, that would be the goal. Otherwise, he'll just make plans to start a war that almost guarantees him a second term to 'finish' what's started. He'll stew trying to figure how to get a 3rd term and not endorse Pence.
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick - 7 dagar sedan
And Liz Warren actually read the entire Mueller Report!!! We need more people in government who read books. Trump sure doesn't....
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick - 7 dagar sedan
'A very bad situation'?! It was freakin' World War II!!!! All vets should feel embarrassed.
Mike Strohlein
Mike Strohlein - 7 dagar sedan
Macron has got to be thinking...this guy is an IDIOT!!!
The Tinker
The Tinker - 7 dagar sedan
people are jealous of President Trump and get their information from delinquents like seth and the fake
news people who were promoting criminals for government offices. It seems strange that a person with
17? counts of treason against them that people were murdered who know her and the count is now over 40??
Its too bad that the democrats can't do the job they were elected to do.
Elvia Giron
Elvia Giron - 7 dagar sedan
Qué bueno qué leer Efecio capítulo 5 versículo 15hasta el 17
Daraius Oliaji
Daraius Oliaji - 8 dagar sedan
Why cant some lackey write his speeches for him
You 2
You 2 - 8 dagar sedan
It is a bit sad and funny.

The Dutch Prime Minister goes to work by bicycle. He promises every citizen 1000 euros and then laughs at voters.
The Dutch King has no political power, but costs € 345.5 million every year.
The German Federal Chancellor 'Angela Merkel' promises (without any consultation) on behalf of all EU countries that we can receive all refugees.
De French President 'Emmanuel Macron' speaks reasonable English, but the French people demand that he speak French. (because ... the average Frenchman doesn't know a word of English).
But the USA president 'Trump' remains the unqualified Clown. With statements about his own country, but also other countries that are completely nonsense. He IS actually very American .. a lot of yelling and nonsense, so that the world press is only busy with you.
Elvia Giron
Elvia Giron - 8 dagar sedan
Los. Militares que están CON Rusia por an ido al servicio militar
Jason Jones
Jason Jones - 8 dagar sedan
Man with no shame dangerous.
Khari Owens
Khari Owens - 8 dagar sedan
You people are really married to this Russian Collusion bs aren't you?
I wonder if you'll still be chanting this impeachment crap for another 4 years when he gets re-elected, lol.
Pam Heumphreus
Pam Heumphreus - 8 dagar sedan
He is so fucking ignorant and poorly read, oh my god!!!!!!
Harrison Gibson
Harrison Gibson - 8 dagar sedan
Trump always sounds like the kid in class who didn’t do the assigned reading or wasn’t paying attention and tries to BS their way through when called on by the teacher.
Goldman - 8 dagar sedan
A Fedora not a bowler
Elke Wheeler
Elke Wheeler - 8 dagar sedan
god.. trump is a tool
Stout Shako
Stout Shako - 8 dagar sedan
Nancy Pelosi knows what she's doing. If you start impeachment proceedings, it's just going to get tied up in the Senate and give CONservatives more ammunition. Proof doesn't matter to those snakes. They'll defend him to their dying breath until his rabid base cannibalizes themselves.
The only way out is to VOTE. Vote him out and then there's not a single thing the Republicans can do to protect him.
Brian Hargraves
Brian Hargraves - 9 dagar sedan
Seth the dems don't dare try to impeach Trump. It will only prove he was falsely accused, and the the 3 year lie the dems have pushed on American public. They know this,and will only Guarantee his Re election. Nancy Pelosi tried to explain this to Jimmy Kimmel on his show, but he is to dense to understand.
John A.
John A. - 9 dagar sedan
Are you kidding? Impeach him for what? You have to have a legitimate reason to impeach. Not being able to stand our president is not a valid reason.
Mossad Hunter
Mossad Hunter - 9 dagar sedan
TDS? Trump 2020
Trump is America's 1st King... we're gonna make history baby! Biggly
Mossad Hunter
Mossad Hunter - 9 dagar sedan
Seth Meyers may be a pedophile. He sure has a lot of pedophile friends.
Joe Neumeister
Joe Neumeister - 9 dagar sedan
WTF was he babbling about, he acted like he knew about Normandy, and did you check out the French Presidents face, like he was thinking exactly what we were thinking, what a dumbass, he is totally wacked, It's so embarrassing having him represent this country, they must think we are all a bunch of wacked out zombies which continue to allow this ignorant, lying, adulterer, user to be the President of our once great country. Trump is a thorn in our government, he needs to be dismissed before he totally destroys America!!!!
Manu Vázquez
Manu Vázquez - 9 dagar sedan
What a moronic creature.
brian trend
brian trend - 10 dagar sedan
a closer look at libtard commie peabrains    hha ha ha ha  soooo funny u lefty weak gullible indoctrinated lefty idiots will laugh at anything.  all these predictable shows are the same old bullshit laugh on que
brian trend
brian trend - 10 dagar sedan
seth is the joke here hes not even funny at all . so maybe you peabrains are laughing at him because youre stupid ZZZzzz
brian trend
brian trend - 10 dagar sedan
macaroni is in deep trouble in france ! all the stupid lefty peabrains on here haven't got a fucking clue. lefty stupid dumbfucks
Sapphire Riddles
Sapphire Riddles - 10 dagar sedan
Hannity accusing someone other than Trump of being a wannabe dictator is obscene
zoki m
zoki m - 10 dagar sedan
3.40. Yes whalls works and have wheels
Uraf4aget Furmo0ther
Uraf4aget Furmo0ther - 10 dagar sedan
We got plenty of morons in the states thats for sure
Kirk - 10 dagar sedan
The Republicans are not the party they use to be. It's time to get right.
Dan Boyle
Dan Boyle - 10 dagar sedan
What Nancy Pelosi's comment means, in my opinion, is that she feels the same as I do.
First of all, if he's impeached, we get Mike Pence, who is very arguably a much more horrible person than Donald Trump.
Then, of course, Pence would issue a blanket pardon.
And then, of course (again), we'll all have to become born again christians who hunt down gay folks.
Janusha - 10 dagar sedan
This guy is just discount Jon Stewart. These people all have teams of 30 scriptwriters all fighting to get their lines in, but in this guy, its so obvious.
ShadowLightMew EndlessOceanMew
That wasn't a Beluga but a Pilot Whale and it was very inaccurate. SeaWorld's care staff are very careful when it comes to moving an animal and it's only done when truly needed.
alnh - 10 dagar sedan
Ok I'm missed the point I think! Trump is bloody out of his mind here. What the hell!?
alnh - 10 dagar sedan
This was bad. Just listening to Trump speak is funnier than this. What's going on over there?
jeff perkins
jeff perkins - 10 dagar sedan
All these pitiful Snowflakes gathering here for emotional support. Trump 2020 all the way!!!!!
Tman Goodguy
Tman Goodguy - 10 dagar sedan
no one is getting impeached..
ridiculous thought honestly
Harrison Gibson
Harrison Gibson - 8 dagar sedan
He could certainly get impeached, the house has the votes to do it right now. Now will he get indicted by the Senate right now? Oh almost certainly not! The odds of that are depressingly low.
amexjam55 - 10 dagar sedan
The way French President Macron was watching tRump trying to say something coherent about Normandy. He was probably thinking "did this guy get any education at all". The orange idiot is such an embarrassment for our country.
Garrett Glass
Garrett Glass - 10 dagar sedan
What crime has Trump committed?
Angel of Verdun
Angel of Verdun - 10 dagar sedan
I cringe when he talks... I’m so embarrassed
Mark Tprodicus
Mark Tprodicus - 10 dagar sedan
Why do liberals want Pence as POTUS?
Arthur Fiorillo
Arthur Fiorillo - 11 dagar sedan
Obama and Hillary must go to jail! If not the Right must go to the streets with our guns. To save the Republic.
Arthur Fiorillo
Arthur Fiorillo - 11 dagar sedan morons watch some real news or communicator, not a joke like you More good news from our great President but you Dopes have a sniff of stupid, (Nancy, Helen from Death becomes her.)
Arthur Fiorillo
Arthur Fiorillo - 11 dagar sedan
The super hag Warren I can't wait to see how many Crooks on the Hillary payroll go to jail thank you, president Trump!
Arthur Fiorillo
Arthur Fiorillo - 11 dagar sedan
Thank God he's back feeling much safer with our Great President is Back and the Jester on this station is a big stupid joke you Commie Bastards.keep hitting the laugh button. Obama Sucks you suck.
Franz Pattison
Franz Pattison - 11 dagar sedan
I used to get a closer look in my recommended every time but it stopped. I actually wondered what happened to the show but it turns out I have to manually search them out now :(
news now philly
news now philly - 11 dagar sedan
news now philly
news now philly - 11 dagar sedan
Jacqueline White
Jacqueline White - 11 dagar sedan
As much as I hate tRump, just think, if he is impeached Pence will be president, smarter and more evil. No matter what, the US is screwed. You’d better get out and vote in 2020 because the tRumpsters certainly will on mass.
William Lesh
William Lesh - 11 dagar sedan
I remember when the late night shows were entertaining. Not a bunch of mud slinging.
birdlynn hubbard
birdlynn hubbard - 11 dagar sedan
OMG, Trump just doesn't get it, and doesn't even respect the intelligence and knowledge or wisdom that other country leaders have. Trump just thinks in a box, his box brain which is really square!
I wantAvote
I wantAvote - 11 dagar sedan
It is funny and important to hear the things trump says as he attempts to understand politics and now international politics. We all should know of and understand the depths of don' depravity. His ignorance must be exposed for the ridiculous pretense that is America' trump. However it is cruel and sadly inappropriate to include his family. That type of mockery is going too far for a laugh..., this is not funny. I know there is a certain familial culpability but how do you educate dear ol' dad it has probably been easier to accept dad "as is."
Henry Peck
Henry Peck - 11 dagar sedan
Hahaha hahaha hahaha that,s funny but what is scarey it's the truth
Henry Peck
Henry Peck - 11 dagar sedan
Hahaha hahaha hahaha that,s funny but what is scarey it's the truth
Jworste - 11 dagar sedan
At least this guy laughs at his own jokes, someone has to. Get better writers.
Guess Who This Is
Guess Who This Is - 11 dagar sedan
cry louder, libtard
"Impeachment", lmfao. not even in your wettest dreams
Alberto Adolfo
Alberto Adolfo - 11 dagar sedan
A piffling matter, Mr. Meyers, but the hat he wore so badly is not a bowler hat but a trilby or perhaps a homburg. He would have looked even more idiotic in one, however. One can't help wondering what he might look like in a striped prison cap...
Veronica Stewart
Veronica Stewart - 11 dagar sedan
Jimmy Carter has integrity and the Rump ...well we all know about his integrity. Re Hannity, " that happens" when the GOP goes after Hillary Clinton.
Arda Bijar بیجار
Arda Bijar بیجار - 11 dagar sedan
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Under international law, and as a fundamental right, South Azerbaijani people are entitle to exercise their right of self-determination to establish their own autonomous state of South Azerbaijan.
george plimpton
george plimpton - 11 dagar sedan
The fact that Trump and his crime family are not in jail just highlights the fact that the U.S. has a two tier justice system. The rich and powerful are allowed to get away with murder while the poor and ordinary are jailed for nothing, their lives ruined through crippling fines.
Miss Meta
Miss Meta - 11 dagar sedan
Agent Orange is dumber than a box of rocks. What a big giantic Moron. What an embarrassment to our country he is. This guy is so uneducated he must have slept through HS and College. He has no basic knowledge of history. This is scary to say the least. SMH🤨
AntiSocial Atheist
AntiSocial Atheist - 11 dagar sedan
trump is a rambling idiot for real
Gerry Cruz
Gerry Cruz - 12 dagar sedan
And did macron solve his yellow vests yet?
Skylar Sartre
Skylar Sartre - 12 dagar sedan
Bob Lake
Bob Lake - 12 dagar sedan
You people should read about the "minute of hate" in Orwell's 1984. Because this is a pretty good imitation.
Stephanie Rosato
Stephanie Rosato - 12 dagar sedan
Your not funny
The person who gave u a show is a imbecile
firechef75 - 12 dagar sedan
You’re. You. An. Don’t forget punctuation, either.
tena2sweet - 12 dagar sedan
By sheer coincidence I am sitting here eating boiled what...... 😂😂😂😂 Peanuts 😂😂😂😂😂
xanu88 - 12 dagar sedan
Even the people in the movie idiocracy are smarter than trump!
Myra Harrell Fleming
Myra Harrell Fleming - 12 dagar sedan
What a jerk...spins using the same words and says nothing.
Count Floyds Chiller Horror Theatre 3000
Spins, LOL, "Orange Man Bad" is a spinner but when you get your news from Far Leftest Comedians whose sole job has been to spin your President as a Russian Traitor(even after no evidence to prove this has been proven) than I think you might want to come back down to reality on the topic a little. Or you might not(I mean you still got your MSM feeding you your diagnosed hate and plenty of it) Coming off 8 years where the MSM said attacking the President was Anti-American and Racist, I kinda have to agree with the droves leaving the Left, I love the idea but can't stand the Stench.
Brent Parker
Brent Parker - 12 dagar sedan
OMG! he serious?
jds hempfarm
jds hempfarm - 12 dagar sedan
In my World , since President Trump was elected by Popular Vote, gas has dropped 50 cents per gallon and Gold by $100 an ounce. Silver is down to $14 75 per ounce. The paper money in my wallet is becoming more valuable. This means I am living better. Of course being the North end of a South bound horse you would not understand this, you are just a Clown in a Zoot suit. Life ain't all about making morons laugh. You live and die by an applause sign, don't you?
TxAmerican - 12 dagar sedan
Most comments here have been I.Q. tested. Don't worry...they all came back negative.
The lawsuits against YT will destroy a company full of retards, that aren't smart enough to realize they killed their own job by silencing people. Stupid is as stupid does...idiots. It's coming, dumbasses.
mytexas days
mytexas days - 12 dagar sedan
He's so self involved he believes autocorrect is incorrect, whales. Maybe you could have that Trump in a hat pic made into a pinata, like maybe for Mexican Independence Day or Cinco De Mayo.
mytexas days
mytexas days - 12 dagar sedan
And President Carter's farm went bankrupt while he was in office. His brother made a few bucks Hocking Billy Beer though.
Michael McDonough
Michael McDonough - 12 dagar sedan
Seth Douschebag
Cobair, Kimmel, the View and other shows are already doing the persecute Trump schtick. And none of you are funny. Cause it's not comedy. Its activism
mytexas days
mytexas days - 12 dagar sedan
That picture of Trump in the hat is too funny. Keep it in your show on a regular basis.
mytexas days
mytexas days - 12 dagar sedan
I'm laffing so hard watching that buffoon describe Normandy my bladder is about to give out.
Adama Koroma
Adama Koroma - 12 dagar sedan
The whole family looks creepy.
MrBert1630 - 12 dagar sedan
What a friggin fool. Like All Democrats,they hide on late night shows & hope drunks and Democrats are still up to watch.
MrBert1630 - 12 dagar sedan
Anyone who likes this Seth Meyers puke talk,should be jailed. I HATE IT.
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh - 12 dagar sedan
Each day that 🍊 moron is the president, is a shame for the great American nation. I just can’t wrap my head around this debacle.
Elvia Giron
Elvia Giron - 12 dagar sedan
Perdón pero lo más hermoso que mí página privando es para mis respetos y más para el derecho a LO. Ajeno y LO testificó con el poder de Jehová amén
Jaak Maasalu
Jaak Maasalu - 12 dagar sedan
Although agree that Trump is a joke of an idiot, but still, this show is trying to pull out jokes where there are none and that annoys me. Such as the french president press conference camera pull-out
olivia tg
olivia tg - 12 dagar sedan
I got it, Seth should be a one man opposition party to face off against the trumpster
olivia tg
olivia tg - 12 dagar sedan
U S democracy ? where are his critics ? Dumbo tweets= law effective world wide. He must be sanctioned NOW.
olivia tg
olivia tg - 12 dagar sedan
Kramer would have made a fine POTUS he had a peculiar kind of logic. I miss him.
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - 11 dagar sedan
To be fair, John Wayne Gacy would have made a better President than Das Orange Anus. I mean, sure, he killed (quite a lot of) boys, but at least hid didn't, y'know, DRINK HOOKERS MICTURATION, did he?
Walter Vermeir
Walter Vermeir - 12 dagar sedan
Just following Trump in English is very difficult. I pity the simulcast translators . Would be interesting to interview them about it.