Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake

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alysa berry
alysa berry - 2 timmar sedan
Jules makes me so happy that my man is a cancer. He’s still a man child, but like a much more manageable man child
Bruce Wong
Bruce Wong - 2 timmar sedan
Ro: *wasn't featured in the video *
Jenna: *proceed to mention Ro 17 times *
Sydney S
Sydney S - 2 timmar sedan
HEYYYY!! Julien and I share the same birthday!! YAY ARIES
Gotham is ending and I’m sad
It is currently 5 am and I haven’t slept. I just watched the movie boy erased and cried. I’m meeting up with my friends for breakfast at 9:00 and I need help
Rebel Rebel
Rebel Rebel - 4 timmar sedan
This is probably my new favourite video of yours! 
You and Julien have such a great energy together. I loved every second of this video. So nice! Relationship goals! Or friendship goals?!
Darling Nikki
Darling Nikki - 4 timmar sedan
April 17th is my 10 year old Australian Shepherd's bday. HAPPY B-DAY JULIEN!
...i got you both beef soup bones?
...Max isn't vegan I'm sorry.
reign xo
reign xo - 5 timmar sedan
im almost a 33 yr old lady :(
reign xo
reign xo - 5 timmar sedan
Danica McGuigan
Danica McGuigan - 6 timmar sedan
I got a Bob's redmill ad before this video, hell gluten free ads for our gluten free dink!
smhnicolette - 6 timmar sedan
bro juliens chaotic aries energy w jenna’s big virgo energy is a MOOD
Kris - 6 timmar sedan
I love watching Jenna be a *32 YeAr oLd LaDy*
cait - 7 timmar sedan
i always forget how much older jenna is than julien oml
Ava Grace
Ava Grace - 7 timmar sedan
I love off camera mic julien
bg tyler
bg tyler - 7 timmar sedan
SHUT UUP thank you guys for coming out
Catelyn Vans
Catelyn Vans - 8 timmar sedan
You should’ve put it in the freezer or fridge
Mirabella Cavaliere
Mirabella Cavaliere - 8 timmar sedan
Ok tip flip the top of the piping bag over the smaller narrowing part and if your buttercream is too thin add more icing sugar or confectionate sugar or powdered sugar whatever you call it I may be 12 but I’m very versed in baking
tdlyons2 - 9 timmar sedan
A remix of 17:31is needed with Axel f
Brooklynn Stewart
Brooklynn Stewart - 9 timmar sedan
Jenna marbles should go on the show nailed it
Connor should Know who Cole Sprouse is
Wait I’m confused are Julien and Jenna not married (don’t take this personally I’m not the Jenna marbles Stan every one thinks I am)
Chey S
Chey S - 9 timmar sedan
Happy belated birthday Julian
d c
d c - 10 timmar sedan
Cooking is awesome
As soon as I get off the DL list
I'm gonna go all out
What a kitchen to cook in
Check out my stuff
Jane The Vegan
Jane The Vegan - 10 timmar sedan
Yay another vegan recipe!
Sky C
Sky C - 10 timmar sedan
lmao Julien in the corner 0:34
"and floss as one" had me *cackling*
Shakil Onil
Shakil Onil - 10 timmar sedan
Reme Jan re tui maf Kore Dina amre
Fiona Metzo
Fiona Metzo - 10 timmar sedan
What a cutesy pretty cake tho
NaKa Ji
NaKa Ji - 10 timmar sedan
Watch how to cake it and you'll know how to make a cake because she literally puts it in your head how to bake and decorate a cake lol. Like one thing here, y'all really needed to put it in the fridge ahahahah but that's okay. I actually like the aesthetic in the end. It's so adorable.
Cheyenne Liddicote
Cheyenne Liddicote - 11 timmar sedan
gluten free is so dumb
Fiona Metzo
Fiona Metzo - 11 timmar sedan
“It’s baking, you can’t just slop stuff in there” dude that’s the only way I bake. Seriously, bake for long enough, and you don’t need no teaspoon, just wing it honey. I’m team Julien on this one
April_10th_1998 - 11 timmar sedan
My 21st birthday was on the 10th🍾♈️👌🏻
Gabby Thompson
Gabby Thompson - 11 timmar sedan
alua1262 - 11 timmar sedan
Miley Clark
Miley Clark - 12 timmar sedan
Just so you know if frosting is too thin add a little more powdered sugar and if it’s too thick add a little bit of milk or as much as you need for it to be the right consistency
Sarah N. Cohen
Sarah N. Cohen - 12 timmar sedan
Charlotte Van Heden
Charlotte Van Heden - 12 timmar sedan
julien screaming "I LOVE U SO MUCH" to jenna as they dance like nerds in their empty kitchen is my new aesthetic
Lauren Hope
Lauren Hope - 12 timmar sedan
I have seen a lot of JennaMarbles videos, though I think this one is one of my favorites
Lexy Pants
Lexy Pants - 12 timmar sedan
I literally laugh so hard when I watch you two because my son is a Virgo and my daughter is an Aries and I’m like these are my children but swapped? Lol
Stefanie Raab
Stefanie Raab - 13 timmar sedan
You guys are da best
Maria Almaguer
Maria Almaguer - 13 timmar sedan
I couldnt stop smiling throughout the whole video
Crystal Gem Girl
Crystal Gem Girl - 13 timmar sedan
I absolutely love you both!! Yasss beech!!! Great video!! From a '36 year old lady' lol pass that sugar!! 😇❤🎂
drew friedli
drew friedli - 13 timmar sedan
You never measure flour like that 😂😂😂
Amy Garcia
Amy Garcia - 13 timmar sedan
Shelby Perrin
Shelby Perrin - 13 timmar sedan
I really want to see Jenna try OverTone hair "dye"
Pretty Much Dead Already
Pretty Much Dead Already - 13 timmar sedan
I have never heard Rosanna Pansino's name so many times in one video
Funeral enthusiast
Funeral enthusiast - 13 timmar sedan
the little knuckle kiss near the beginning!
Olivia Sherman
Olivia Sherman - 13 timmar sedan
i’ve had angel hai- angel food cake
Zoe Bass
Zoe Bass - 14 timmar sedan
Wait r there dogs vegan
R a c h e l
R a c h e l - 13 timmar sedan
I doubt it, dogs are better suited to eating meat I think? x
starlightyoons uwu
starlightyoons uwu - 14 timmar sedan
you are our cringy parents
Crimson Epiphany
Crimson Epiphany - 14 timmar sedan
I’m so amused that they have cutco knives I used to sell them lol
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely - 14 timmar sedan
Next time put your icing bags in the fridge for an hour or so before using them to decorate. Makes a world of difference. ;) Also, great video. This 33 year old laadyyyy laughed her ass off.
Sean Brady
Sean Brady - 15 timmar sedan
Love this video! One suggestion: it might make things easier if the icing tip goes inside the piping bag :P ❤️
Astrid Don’t know
Astrid Don’t know - 15 timmar sedan
Wait ain’t this also Taurus season. I’m sorry, I’m a little rusty on Astrology.
Abreezy82 - 15 timmar sedan
I’m a self taught cake decorator. I became an assistant manager at a bakery when I was 19 and girl I feel you it can get tough. It’s also tough when it comes to the temperature in your house or work area. It’s really wild how much goes into decorating a cake. You did great! My first cake didn’t come out that good!!
Lourdes Díaz
Lourdes Díaz - 15 timmar sedan
Can anyone tell me what kind of flour they used? Thanks :)
Mia Dose
Mia Dose - 15 timmar sedan
I have twice as much vinegar and I single humidifier or anything to do with it
Jasus Crust
Jasus Crust - 15 timmar sedan
i am high and fucking crying at julien just being in the back just barely slightly fucking distorted like an absolute nast elemental
Madison Robbins
Madison Robbins - 15 timmar sedan
Ty Blue
Ty Blue - 15 timmar sedan
Julien and I have the same birthday and are the same age! Crazy Sauce!
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose - 15 timmar sedan
At 0:33 Julien is literally me trying to listen to all the gossip on Twitter 🤣
jessica pattinson
jessica pattinson - 16 timmar sedan
I'm April 16th
Rachel Lane
Rachel Lane - 16 timmar sedan
Just storming into the comments like a proper Taurus.
Christopher Bartko
Christopher Bartko - 16 timmar sedan
They are my favorite online couple- and maybe my favorite couple PERIOD.... ELLIPSIS... even though they're just friends.
(Don't worry, I'm single, so I can say that without worrying...)
goopho - 16 timmar sedan
as a 33 year old ladyyyy I can tell you are living the best life
Abbastanza4444 - 16 timmar sedan
TFW when you find out Julien is 27. He seems much older
Nancy Boy
Nancy Boy - 17 timmar sedan
Хде русские?
Janet Humphres
Janet Humphres - 17 timmar sedan
Do you own cutco cutlery? Because that cream cheese spreader looks like cutco
Janet Humphres
Janet Humphres - 17 timmar sedan
And you have super shears
Janet Humphres
Janet Humphres - 17 timmar sedan
Now I wanna see Rosanna’s reaction to this video
Summer Zavala
Summer Zavala - 17 timmar sedan
He's my birthday twin! ♈♈♈
Lizism - 17 timmar sedan
the whole kissing scene made me feel so alone
y'all too cute
Logan Clarke
Logan Clarke - 17 timmar sedan
you have so baked a cake before!!! i seem TO REMEMBER YOU BAKING A CAKE WITH HANNAH HART and you decorated it too DONT FORGET ABOUT THAT ICONIC MOMENT.
Olle Larsson
Olle Larsson - 18 timmar sedan
Julien the hyped boyi
Jungshook and Worldwide cutie guy
Why Are you older than my mom. She is 29
Vanessa Flowers
Vanessa Flowers - 18 timmar sedan
As a full time baker this makes my heart happy! You guys did great!
Sonya Seybert
Sonya Seybert - 18 timmar sedan
If they're just friends why is the video called "making my boyfriend a cake" ?
Auri - 18 timmar sedan
5:47 Close the drawer😫
Auri - 19 timmar sedan
Isabella Augustsson
Isabella Augustsson - 19 timmar sedan
Can't you bake a cake once in a while to improve your skills? And make a video out of it😁
Rαcнεʟ Rσтн
Rαcнεʟ Rσтн - 19 timmar sedan
How are these two not married yet? They remind me of both my aunt and her boyfriend, they're perfect for each other like these two.
Deyon Siobhan
Deyon Siobhan - 19 timmar sedan
Julian an my dog have the same birthday (: She just had her second birthday yesterday.
Аня Бондарева
Аня Бондарева - 19 timmar sedan
Zokora von Yensloh
Zokora von Yensloh - 19 timmar sedan
I don't know why but i want to do art now XD
Sender Louise
Sender Louise - 20 timmar sedan
Jenna and Julien being friends with benefits for 18 minutes and 28 seconds
scoobydoofeen - 20 timmar sedan
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the double floss at the end 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mishael Arellano
Mishael Arellano - 20 timmar sedan
Rosannaaaa come through
Waad Elchami
Waad Elchami - 20 timmar sedan
Are they actually together or friends????
Emily Slaton
Emily Slaton - 20 timmar sedan
Is she high when she makes her videos? Seriously love Jenna but just came to this realization today and I’ve been watching her videos for 10 years.
GlitterGirl 258
GlitterGirl 258 - 20 timmar sedan
I listen to Hits1 (you on the radio)
Eve Slatter
Eve Slatter - 20 timmar sedan
I wish I was ur kid, and I want to store that cake down my throat.
ke ne
ke ne - 20 timmar sedan
I loved this!! more baking/cooking videos
MsPunkRockk - 20 timmar sedan
Artemiss Riot
Artemiss Riot - 21 timme sedan
My favorite youtuber
Danielle Vahey
Danielle Vahey - 21 timme sedan
Dear God if Julien was in my kitchen while I'm trying to cook I would have a panic attack
Steltzer Sketching
Steltzer Sketching - 21 timme sedan
Julian double dipping his finger in the batter made me unconsciously yell out "JuLiAnN-uH!"
Delaney Welke
Delaney Welke - 22 timmar sedan
Drink every time Jenna mentions rosanna pansino
Raysa - 22 timmar sedan
hbd julien! i just realized we have the same birthday lol
Ashelynn Noelle
Ashelynn Noelle - 22 timmar sedan
I forget that juliens younger lol
Analia Chapa
Analia Chapa - 22 timmar sedan
That’s my dads birthday
Depytata Malovato
Depytata Malovato - 23 timmar sedan
Jenna, did you know that the person who translates your videos into Russian was born on the same day as Julian?
CakesByChoppA - 23 timmar sedan
I'm proud of y'all!
FreddyS - 23 timmar sedan
jvlen. ← the only way I want to see Julien's I MEAN jvlen.'s name written
Anneliese Chaina
Anneliese Chaina - Dag sedan
i always like your videos before i even watch them they make me so happy