OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN

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Unboxing the new OnePlus 7 Pro.
Discount code = unbox
The OnePlus 7 Pro is the latest flagship device from OnePlus. It features a pop-up camera and an all-screen design, Snapdragon 855, up to 12GB of RAM and a 90Hz OLED display.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 9 månader sedan
dbrand -
Discount code = unbox
Angel Roman
Angel Roman - 2 månader sedan
Unbox Therapy were did you get your one plus 7 pro from
DoggoInSpace - 4 månader sedan
Aban Delcid
Aban Delcid - 6 månader sedan
Is it dual SIM?
homegrowntwinkie - 6 månader sedan
I really wanna buy that knife you use to open all the new products. It looks like a great unboxing knife, literally.
Justin. O
Justin. O - 6 månader sedan
@Perhaps he prefers Samsung
KlaUDiO Yoshi
KlaUDiO Yoshi - 2 dagar sedan
i wish they would sell it in Japan as well
Jeff Michael
Jeff Michael - 2 dagar sedan
Will be purchasing a 7T Pro in a couple of weeks. 😁
Derek Lin
Derek Lin - 6 dagar sedan
ONEPLUS is my favourite mobile phone company.And the company comes from my hometown--Shenzhen,China. This city is really amazing!!!You know. Huawei. DJI. and so on all come from the city. It's just like the city of technology😘I love SZ.
Ethan Blanchard
Ethan Blanchard - 10 dagar sedan
I have this phone but the 5G MCLAREN EDITION
Salocin - 10 dagar sedan
Why does everybody say the motorised camera is good for people who dont take selfies? You are missing the point, it takes selfies just as any other phone. The reason is so the display doesnt have a notch or punchhole
imserious2187 - 10 dagar sedan
That phone feels so good without a case on it
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 15 dagar sedan
What a wigger lol
Pat Davis 2403
Pat Davis 2403 - 16 dagar sedan
“OnePlus has the fastest charging devices”
Oppo with super vooc: am I a joke to you?
Tim Koken
Tim Koken - 15 dagar sedan
@Pat Davis 2403 ah okay
Pat Davis 2403
Pat Davis 2403 - 15 dagar sedan
Tim Koken the oppo r17 pro was before the oneplus 7 pro, and I, pretty sure the r17 pro used super vooc
Tim Koken
Tim Koken - 15 dagar sedan
At that time
Augustus - 17 dagar sedan
Atoms Molecules
Atoms Molecules - 18 dagar sedan
Better than any iPhone ever released, that's a fact fanboys not an opinion.
The kids Of fury
The kids Of fury - 20 dagar sedan
Lew from the future this is my Daly driver
ooohsha blewsha
ooohsha blewsha - 23 dagar sedan
Im thinking of getting the McLaren 5g because its nice and no hole in the screen or anything and fast charging its all i want because i never take pictures
SpiralViper - 25 dagar sedan
No headphone jack?
Jeremy Radcliff
Jeremy Radcliff - 27 dagar sedan
There out of stock 😭
BanG - Månad sedan
Like the razer phone 2 better
J L - Månad sedan
You have it set to Dolby Atmos. I think Dolby atmos is only for headphones because those speakers don’t have surround sound on them so of course they’re not going to sound good. You call this a review? You barely know anything. You know as much as anyone who can just read specs off the box. Educate yourself if you’re going to call yourself a reviewer.
Aditya Chari
Aditya Chari - Månad sedan
Watching this video in my OnePlus 7 pro 😎😎😎 😎
Delirium - Månad sedan
Tbh, you reaaallyy need to use it for a week or 2. Then switch to a casual 60hz phone to notice hoow they meant "buttery smooth". You ain't wanting another phone unless they have a mixture of speed , fluidity and simplicity. Spare your bitchy ass other brands I've use Samsungs, Huaweiis, and much more flagships plz
balsam family for hotel suites
balsam family for hotel suites
cheftalks - Månad sedan
Wonder if he uses pro mode for photos
Lalremruata Pachuau
Lalremruata Pachuau - Månad sedan
comes with PrnHb app pre installed...!!! shut up n take my monaee!!!!!!!!!
mONEy - Månad sedan
How can you compare this phone to the S10e. Its like $400 more and its a piece of shit.
Mark B
Mark B - Månad sedan
I just got one rather than upgrade to the Note 10 which, I feel, was a total waste once I saw this phone. The screen is amazing, so is the sound. Battery is meh, but the supercharge is awesome.
Az Anime [AMV]
Az Anime [AMV] - Månad sedan
Its $499 now
Lovro Ribič
Lovro Ribič - Månad sedan
Watching on mi 9t pro/k20 pro
sudip Saha
sudip Saha - Månad sedan
is it real unboxing for regular customers? or just for the youtubers??
DoNot Need
DoNot Need - Månad sedan
I don't care about a pop up camera. I do care about having a headphone jack and SD card slot which I have yet to see. Especially at that price.
Jijo Rosemathew
Jijo Rosemathew - Månad sedan
hey mate can you please gift me a phone
catch up
catch up - Månad sedan
Who else is watching this on a OnePlus 7 pro
Michael Alfons
Michael Alfons - Månad sedan
What to do to receive this fancy box ?
And is this box in stocks ?
Myles Mabus
Myles Mabus - Månad sedan
Does this work on metro pcs @ unbox therapy
Toriano Webb
Toriano Webb - Månad sedan
Ktown Texas
Ktown Texas - Månad sedan
Just picked up the oneplus thank you for the advice unbox therapy 🤘🏼
EYE_BEE_SOLOW - Månad sedan
12 gigs of RAM in a phone? WTF is happening?
Nika Beruashvili
Nika Beruashvili - Månad sedan
why isn't oneplus restocking its 8/256 gb version op7 pro? only thing left us black 6/128 gb version, but I wanna buy orriginal 8/256 gb blue version. Is it possible to do it?
Maher Al Khatib of the United Arab States
I use the charger and car charger for my Nokia 9 Pureview
k286244854 - Månad sedan
Looks good, everything is OK, system runs well. How much is iphone11 again? Let me get one.
Jay Staton
Jay Staton - Månad sedan
Was this a phone review or a camera review?
Sharveshwor Mahara
Sharveshwor Mahara - Månad sedan
Imagine you are browsing for illuminati and suddenly the camera pops up😂
MANIKANDAN 17 - 2 månader sedan
16million subscriber s
ZebraNeighbor - 2 månader sedan
Lew, you gotta do the OnePlus 7 "McLaren" edition next!
Volg Sivorsky
Volg Sivorsky - 2 månader sedan
This is what oneplus can do with 750 dollars, now imagine oneplus making 1000 dollar phone
Emir Kaan
Emir Kaan - Månad sedan
Oh boy
shayzad Ali
shayzad Ali - 2 månader sedan
It's look like a Huawei cheap model phone
Hunter Fairhall Kirkman
Hunter Fairhall Kirkman - 2 månader sedan
OnePlus 8 Pro.
Fernando M
Fernando M - 2 månader sedan
Will they ever come back with the almond color?
Rishik Dulipyata
Rishik Dulipyata - 2 månader sedan
The half a second slower face recognition is worth it for the lightning fingerprint scanner
kenny play
kenny play - 2 månader sedan
$499 now
Ahmad Mukhtar
Ahmad Mukhtar - 2 månader sedan
Gaint phone
DesignskylineX - 2 månader sedan
Gamora greeeeeen
Taha Azeem
Taha Azeem - 2 månader sedan
Lowkey pop up camera so good for privacy
Juan Antonio Flores Nelson
Juan Antonio Flores Nelson - 2 månader sedan
no headphone jack, no expandable movie, not a phone for me
Jan Sveen
Jan Sveen - 2 månader sedan
Clean your ears dude. I work with sound, and the sound from the one plus is a lot better than the iphone. The iphone is far too high pitch, nasty sound. Oneplus is round and more clear. If you want to measure it in a seriuos way, use a sound program
Tomás Condeixa
Tomás Condeixa - 2 månader sedan
I can't belive it... this phone must be Amazing 😍
kareemah ajina
kareemah ajina - 2 månader sedan
Who is here after the one plus piano video?
Ancestral Channel
Ancestral Channel - 2 månader sedan
Watching in my OP7 pro!😁
Emmanuel Johnson
Emmanuel Johnson - 2 månader sedan
Watching this on my OnePlus 7 pro this is the best phone I ever had and so happy with the freedom Android has.
Björn Green
Björn Green - 2 månader sedan
The newest update for this phone has all but removed the face unlock option. It's there but rarely does it activate. That means you are forced to use fingerprint.
Drew Walker
Drew Walker - 3 månader sedan
IDK why I'm watching this on the same EXACT phone
Hanh solo
Hanh solo - 3 månader sedan
So iphone 11 or one plus 7 pro??
Unbox therapy is confusing me lel.