OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN

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unwrapping by mimi koteng
unwrapping by mimi koteng - 2 dagar sedan
Unbox Therapy unbox the Foldable Lenovo X1!
Mia Anderson
Mia Anderson - 3 dagar sedan
This guy will have no job when Trump wins his second term, builds his prison wall and chooses your phones for you.
Liguid Peas
Liguid Peas - 4 dagar sedan
Were do i buy the 7 pro?
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar - Timme sedan
Such a skeptical degrading review.... You are acting like you have already used phones from year 2050 and finding this phone bad
Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher - 2 timmar sedan
Dat champagne color 😍😍🔥🔥
Michael Brodin
Michael Brodin - 3 timmar sedan
Ehhh nice phone however I love my iPhone 📱💋🤘🏻😜
Cole Wilds
Cole Wilds - 3 timmar sedan
who really games on a phone though?
AJB Bobadilla
AJB Bobadilla - 5 timmar sedan
Hi Lew!
Please confirm about the phantom touch issue when opening the CPUZ app. There’s already clip here in youtube about that issue.
blueharvestproject - 6 timmar sedan
"all video". people are very satisfied with zooming in into a standard 16:9 or 1.85:1 aspect ratio thus cropping and LOSING parts of the image just to fill their screen. Tragic.
Perfect for wider video formats, but otherwise...
Kunal Panchariya
Kunal Panchariya - 8 timmar sedan
Please address the issue of ghost touch on new OnePlus 7 pro units. Google for more on xda and reddit and community on OnePlus.
Harsha Vardhan
Harsha Vardhan - 11 timmar sedan
Sir oneplus7 video plz
Samir - 12 timmar sedan
What smartwatch do you have?
JDoGGYDiZZLE - 13 timmar sedan
Does it annoy the hell out of anyone else how North Americans say "3 ex zoom" and such... It's a times symbol. It's 3 TIMES zoom... *face-palm*
JDoGGYDiZZLE - 13 timmar sedan
The one plus sounded way better than the iPhone though?!
Kristian L
Kristian L - 13 timmar sedan
I would rather pay $50 less and not get all that fancy packaging. Waste
chiibichan misaki
chiibichan misaki - 15 timmar sedan
I searched oneplus 7 on google, forgot to not to put space between 1 and plus, google gave me calculator. 😂
Dmitri Troskov
Dmitri Troskov - 16 timmar sedan
Bullshit! Front cam is noisy!
Randy Pol
Randy Pol - 18 timmar sedan
Just got the oneplus 7 pro and i think the audio is super great and its nothing like you hear in the video because that's Just so bad.
I'mAware - 22 timmar sedan
Out of all big name phone reviewers out there I'd say you represented this phone the worst. I'm talking about compared to Marques, Linus and Dave. These guys seemed to understand the technology better and showcasing more features.
Krishna Kanth
Krishna Kanth - 23 timmar sedan
launch a full review on it
Chris Ragsdale Jr.
Chris Ragsdale Jr. - 23 timmar sedan
I’m a diehard apple fan boy (yeah yeah...) but this dude could sell me a Galaxy S5 😂
Techmatt167 - Dag sedan
The camera is my most favorite. Reminds me of the psp discs
Swarup Debnath
Swarup Debnath - Dag sedan
Please make a One plus 7 video. Everyone is just making One plus 7 pro videos.
wei yang
wei yang - Dag sedan
national security!!!
wee - Dag sedan
This is a great phone, but the screen is not all awesome , the screen tearing around black on gray tones is awful. And no one seems to mention it in their rewievs.
Love to watch your videos🙂
patrick Italy
patrick Italy - Dag sedan
For sale: Donald Trump king of the scandals, builder of the wall, the billionaire, the father of Ivanka, the family destroyer and the true "flagship killer" - RIP Huawei we will miss you. 😭
L2THEC1 - Dag sedan
I mean come on how fast is face recognition supposed to be a millisecond
B Kakkamallan
B Kakkamallan - Dag sedan
Next gen phones will he popup camera with selfie flash light .
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols - Dag sedan
Bose Sunglasses.
Rocky 82
Rocky 82 - Dag sedan
When’s the real review Lew ? Its been over a week it’s time!
Robbie Desiato
Robbie Desiato - Dag sedan
Instead of using a new mid range processor in mid range phone, why don't they use high range processors, but from a few years back.
At the mo it's 855 in flagships and say 655 in mid range. Why not use a 835 instead in new mid range phones?
I hope that question makes sense lol
Lucky Star
Lucky Star - Dag sedan
The One plus 7 pro remind me of oppo r17pro
AggelosK. 2003
AggelosK. 2003 - Dag sedan
Cant wait to see the smartphone case on this thing
Akshat Singh
Akshat Singh - Dag sedan
Hey lew do a full depth review of the one plus 7 pro. Please!!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - Dag sedan
Is it worth upgrading to this from Oneplus 6? I love my Oneplus 6.
Re ne
Re ne - Dag sedan
Hello oneplus beke nemen? If im going to switch to android I better go for oneplus.
李淼 - Dag sedan
Did you bought the headphone or it is the additional of the smart phone?
Nair Ajith
Nair Ajith - Dag sedan
OnePlus 6 mclaren or 7 plus? Which should I buy
Eugene Bostwick
Eugene Bostwick - Dag sedan
OnePlus advertises, "Experience true speed with up to 12 GB of RAM" for their 1plus7Pro, but just found out that the T-Mobile version only comes with 8 GB of RAM. So does 12 GB vs 8 GB of Ram make a big difference. What does it do to the overall performance in gaming and mutitasking. Can some shed some facts on this and maybe even a comparison of those two versions. Thanks.
lil green
lil green - Dag sedan
Still has bezels
thundergun100 - 2 dagar sedan
It fails to retract the camera in time with a pocket level fall... No buy
Omri Dafna
Omri Dafna - 2 dagar sedan
Hey I have currently my third one + device and I noticed a problem - they have very poor Bluetooth signal . Whenever I connect a bluetooth set (earbuds or earphones) and slip my phone into my pocket the sound goes off , same goes if I cover the top part of the phone with the palm of my hand ... Extremely frustrating would be awesome if you checked it out it seems to be a major problem on the OnePlus forums and technical support hadn't given me an answer
Helena M
Helena M - 2 dagar sedan
Google Chrome - Faster speeds
Stephen Turnbull
Stephen Turnbull - 2 dagar sedan
That popup camera is gonna get broken like
michael morgan
michael morgan - 2 dagar sedan
Anyone have a Oneplus 7 Pro and Verizon?
iPamaj1 GT
iPamaj1 GT - 2 dagar sedan
What do you mean about security?
Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis - 2 dagar sedan
happened at 9:00? lol
Joel Kruse
Joel Kruse - 2 dagar sedan
Did he test the speaker?
Joel Kruse
Joel Kruse - 2 dagar sedan
Iḿ just curious, i would like to know what he thought
Cdaddyx1212 - 2 dagar sedan
I would stay clear of any Chinese manufacturers going forward....
SortedTax632 - 2 dagar sedan
Song at 6:37
Eric Cross
Eric Cross - 2 dagar sedan
What would be a good smart watch to work with the OnePlus 6t and the 7 pro?
aashin shah
aashin shah - 2 dagar sedan
Have any of the reviewers got a one plus which has blue tint on the edges?? Or the customers have gotten different phones. All one plus 7 pro I have seen so far have the blue tint on the display
mr. vain vice
mr. vain vice - 2 dagar sedan
Just upgraded from my v20 (great phone) to one plus 7+
mr. vain vice
mr. vain vice - 2 dagar sedan
Perfect great display, camera,feel, power, case is a must have phone is very slippery
Hakes__ - 2 dagar sedan
How is it so far?
Calvin Taft
Calvin Taft - 2 dagar sedan
Been using it for a few days. So far it's not bad, and it performs up to it's specs no problem.
Its just missing a lot of little functions that other companies seem to have as standard, and it impacts the overall experience
Anshul Pathak
Anshul Pathak - 2 dagar sedan
Dude... what's the watch you wearing?
Franck Regis
Franck Regis - 2 dagar sedan
Hey Lew, could you also mention the price in Canadian Dollars? The price of 7 pro starts at $999 on our market
dinesh kumar
dinesh kumar - 2 dagar sedan
What you do with the mobile after reviewing it
Steve Parker
Steve Parker - 2 dagar sedan
So much wasted box just 4 a Damn phone, you could fit an Xbox one X in that Damn box.
Celeste Kat
Celeste Kat - 39 minuter sedan
You good bro? 😅
mozu zeng
mozu zeng - 2 dagar sedan
Trump said oneplus 7 pro is endangering US national security and will ban it
胡俊豪 - Dag sedan
mozu zeng actually he thought every phone from China is dangerous 😂
Aviroop Das
Aviroop Das - 2 dagar sedan
the display is awesome, but the downside is the edges, you can see the light reflected - that can be irritating for some people
Raheel Mahmood
Raheel Mahmood - 2 dagar sedan
Just bought it 🤞🏻
Ironi - 2 dagar sedan
I dont like it taking a second to unlock trough face. My 5t has an INSTANT login wich i love
NeXusS - 3 dagar sedan
I just got the OnePlus 6T lol rip...
Michael Chen
Michael Chen - 3 dagar sedan
I honestly think Chinese phones are better than Korean phones. And cheaper.
Kyle F
Kyle F - 3 dagar sedan
Bro come on that face unlock was fast as hell, really??
Kenneth Niswonger
Kenneth Niswonger - 3 dagar sedan
Rather have a motor than a hole punch anyday. That design is terrible.
Chase Ellsworth
Chase Ellsworth - 3 dagar sedan
Been using iPhone since the 3GS and this phone made me switch and I'm never looking back
arturo Houtgast
arturo Houtgast - 3 dagar sedan
Lew, what do you actually do with the products you get, after you made reviews of them? Do you sale it? Do you give it away? Do you you throw it away? 😜
Krispy - 3 dagar sedan
How come I've never seen one plus phones in the stores around me
Kohana Mukherjee
Kohana Mukherjee - 3 dagar sedan
honestly speaking, I'm really inching towards OnePlus - this company is rising _good_
Huggins Matanga
Huggins Matanga - 3 dagar sedan
I think if u do giveaways I would have a huge upgrade for my phone
Edoardo Realini
Edoardo Realini - 3 dagar sedan
hey man, when are you going to review the bullets wireless 2?
natflang - 3 dagar sedan
that's not the box or bundle i got... Where is that available??
hen ko
hen ko - 3 dagar sedan
Trump will ban this Chinese phone sooner.
Numan Muhammad Ali
Numan Muhammad Ali - 3 dagar sedan
Is their face unlock?
Liis Luhamaa
Liis Luhamaa - 3 dagar sedan
Paras Kumar
Paras Kumar - 3 dagar sedan
Seriously this phone is a masterpiece brilliant phone
ghost ghost
ghost ghost - 3 dagar sedan
good price
The Commentator
The Commentator - 3 dagar sedan
Just ordered mine, I don't give two fucks about the camera. The display looks amazing
Aditya Raval
Aditya Raval - 3 dagar sedan
Do I have to pay extra for special box?
JeveshReddy Illuri
JeveshReddy Illuri - 3 dagar sedan
OnePlus: let's not spend the money on the IP rating
Also OnePlus; let's hire RDJ as our ambassador

Nath - 3 dagar sedan
the face unlock was impressively fast I blinked and missed the first one
Shinji Oli
Shinji Oli - 3 dagar sedan
No IP rating, No wireless charging, No reverse charge, No headphones jack. OP7+ is Not a flagship. What a deluded company.
Bryan Chong
Bryan Chong - 3 dagar sedan
Does it have liquid cooling
Philippe Guiral
Philippe Guiral - 3 dagar sedan
What about DAS for OnePlus 7Pro?
happy gekko
happy gekko - 3 dagar sedan
So who made the screen?
Hint: it's not oneplus
Hakes__ - 2 dagar sedan
100% Samsung
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 3 dagar sedan
So seems like I need to buy a headphone adapter myself right?
Mark - 3 dagar sedan
Lew, are the v2 bullets any good? Any chance of a quick review?
The Harmonist
The Harmonist - 3 dagar sedan
Oh? He's back to Apple.
Dr. Swapnil Patil
Dr. Swapnil Patil - 3 dagar sedan
Hey brother I am hearing rumours about Samsung galaxy x phone so let me know about it in your cool inboxing videos
Lain Macauley
Lain Macauley - 3 dagar sedan
I'd rather have a hole punch and water resistance.
LI TIANYI - 3 dagar sedan
Trump will ban this Chinese phone sooner.
kvbaby - 3 dagar sedan
ASUS ZENFONE 6>OnePlus 7 Pro
Tagataro Lian
Tagataro Lian - 3 dagar sedan
thats one hell of a gaming machine
Maruf Bijou
Maruf Bijou - 3 dagar sedan
I will leave my iPhone xs and Samsung s10 plus after one plus 7 pro is launched in Bangladesh.
nikolozka1 - 4 dagar sedan
Enclosed front camera? R.I.P CIA digital data collection division
Charles Shi
Charles Shi - 4 dagar sedan
Trump: If you can not beat them, you can just ban them!
shasanth Nagabushanam K
shasanth Nagabushanam K - 4 dagar sedan
Show the one plus link to amason
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia - 4 dagar sedan
With an ugly appendage
Joey Ortiz
Joey Ortiz - 4 dagar sedan
Try the samsung it has dolby also asswipe
Revibe X
Revibe X - 4 dagar sedan
Does everyone get the whole box with the earphones or just the phone ??
panggop jio
panggop jio - 4 dagar sedan
nobody: OnePlus 7 Pro with a motorized camera for a good price Asus Zenfone 6: hold my beer