I SURPRISED my wife with her dream gift *She Cried* (transforming our backyard)

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Our secret plan is finally revealed, Rebecca Zamolo got emotional!
Matt gives wis wife the biggest gift After Rebecca Zamolo bought her husband his dream car which turned out to be a Tesla, Matt from Matt and Rebecca decides its a good time to turn the tables and give his wife her dream gift. Before he reveals the big surprise he has her do an escape room in house. She remembers the giant hole that the quadrant dug up and the game master worked on filling. We stopped the Red Hood and now this is the perfect time to show it to her. Matt has been planning this for months and today he finally gives her the one thing she has always wanted. Have you guessed what it is?
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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca - 5 månader sedan
Who else thought this would be the surprise gift?
Harper Prestigiacomo
Harper Prestigiacomo - 14 dagar sedan
I love you
Woody German Shepard
Woody German Shepard - 20 dagar sedan
I have a pool 🐾🐾🐾☺️☺️☺️😂😂😂😝😝😝
Lindy Love
Lindy Love - 21 dag sedan
Tomas Chavez
Tomas Chavez - Månad sedan
MTTbabfsfvid GisfsfmamLOOTbs b😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😙😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Ruben Silva
Ruben Silva - Månad sedan
can you give me a full a pool like make a pool
Rhayne Jenkins
Rhayne Jenkins - 3 timmar sedan
i know its a pool
Giselle Juarez
Giselle Juarez - 5 timmar sedan
Giselle Juarez
Giselle Juarez - 5 timmar sedan
The supreme it is a pool
Miguel Roldan
Miguel Roldan - 6 timmar sedan
Lars Krainbucher
Lars Krainbucher - 7 timmar sedan
It's a pool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺🙂☺🙂☺🙂☺
Yadira Gonzalez
Yadira Gonzalez - Dag sedan
The red hood was there when you said the "red hood" in the garage
Jean Gilpin
Jean Gilpin - Dag sedan
A pool
Victoria Ivey
Victoria Ivey - 2 dagar sedan
Rebecca you know Matt is suprizing you with a pool right please give me a give away prize pretty pretty please
Aklis Ali
Aklis Ali - 2 dagar sedan
Who is watching Matt and Rebecca because I am and I also love you guys
Aklis Ali
Aklis Ali - 2 dagar sedan
Hey Rebecca, I think you should do a challenge of last to fall in the pool wins 10,000
Sarahplazrobloxandminecraft - 2 dagar sedan
So rmatace!
Mylan Stepanovich
Mylan Stepanovich - 4 dagar sedan
24 hours on a floaty
Jacquelyn Atkinson
Jacquelyn Atkinson - 5 dagar sedan
I like the pool
I never had one

Edit: I wish I had one
kathleen huxtable
kathleen huxtable - 5 dagar sedan
A car
Nerlande Meme
Nerlande Meme - 6 dagar sedan
You should fo a last to leave the pool challenge
Daniel Davies
Daniel Davies - 6 dagar sedan
I think the surprise is a pool
Peyton Vaughan
Peyton Vaughan - 6 dagar sedan
Love you so much Girl
Love you so much Girl - 7 dagar sedan
A pool
Leyla Delamora
Leyla Delamora - 7 dagar sedan
You should do a so price on Rebecca when is her birthday from:Layla
michelle floreso
michelle floreso - 7 dagar sedan
l saw the red hood
maryam shaifa
maryam shaifa - 8 dagar sedan
You guys are so lucky
O don't even have a back yard
Jade Lee
Jade Lee - 8 dagar sedan
Last to leave the back yard wins $10000
Roblox Gurl
Roblox Gurl - 8 dagar sedan

Like if u did too
Paola Perez
Paola Perez - 9 dagar sedan
Not me
Layn Porginski
Layn Porginski - 9 dagar sedan
Gabby Craucamp
Gabby Craucamp - 10 dagar sedan
It is a caben
Patricia Scott
Patricia Scott - 10 dagar sedan
It’s la pool
Gennette Gale
Gennette Gale - 11 dagar sedan
it was a pool
DARLA CARLOS - 11 dagar sedan
Last to leave the pool challenge
Jennifer Gray
Jennifer Gray - 11 dagar sedan
Victoria Hernandez
Victoria Hernandez - 12 dagar sedan
Pool for Rebecca!!!!!!!💓💓💟💟❤❤💖💖💗💗💙💙💚💚💘💘💛💛💝💝
Lilah Lopez
Lilah Lopez - 12 dagar sedan
a pool
Beto Quintana
Beto Quintana - 13 dagar sedan
Rebecca zamolo IT is a pool
Chantelle Harley
Chantelle Harley - 13 dagar sedan
a pool i love your vids please shout me out and im subscribed plus i have notifications on
Melissa Hindman
Melissa Hindman - 13 dagar sedan
#A POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mulu Zewde
Mulu Zewde - 13 dagar sedan
A pool
Madison Bowman
Madison Bowman - 13 dagar sedan
I love Rebecca and Matt and Daniel 💗❤💛💚💜💙💟💖💓💞💝💘😍😘😻💕💋💌
Vivian Marie
Vivian Marie - 13 dagar sedan
Who is going to get a pool. So much fun and so cool Rebecca 💙❤️😎 so coooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
Manvir Singh
Manvir Singh - 13 dagar sedan
Last to level the poll