I SURPRISED my wife with her dream gift *She Cried* (transforming our backyard)

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Matt and Rebecca
Matt and Rebecca - Månad sedan
Who else thought this would be the surprise gift?
Meandyoutogether 718
Meandyoutogether 718 - 16 dagar sedan
Matt and Rebecca My birthday is July 27
Gang Liu
Gang Liu - Månad sedan
Matt and Rebecca It is a giant bounce house
abbie lewis Lewis
abbie lewis Lewis - Månad sedan
Matt and Rebecca
ray shoto the plush tuber
ray shoto the plush tuber - Månad sedan
It makes me happy to see rebecca happy
Reezqyn Nurhayyan
Reezqyn Nurhayyan - Månad sedan
Last to sink
Kawaii Sloth
Kawaii Sloth - 7 timmar sedan
24 hours in a pool again please
Paula's World
Paula's World - Dag sedan
I think it is a pool
Cookies_Taste Roblox Gacha and more!!
Could you please do a gymnastics in the pool challenge #ZamFam
Evie Rounding
Evie Rounding - 2 dagar sedan
Mat is so sweet lol
Ms100151 - 3 dagar sedan
A sisters
A sisters - 3 dagar sedan
I wish I was just like you
S Squad
S Squad - 3 dagar sedan
A pool
Julie Pearson
Julie Pearson - 3 dagar sedan
Floti race
Aeris Hurley
Aeris Hurley - 4 dagar sedan
I saw rz twin
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders - 4 dagar sedan
Anyone else think that that person that denied the permit was q
Scooter Kid
Scooter Kid - 4 dagar sedan
A big huge slip and slide
Kenslie Frankum-Gregory
Kenslie Frankum-Gregory - 5 dagar sedan
a pool
Kenslie Frankum-Gregory
Kenslie Frankum-Gregory - 5 dagar sedan
hi matt
layla rae Trevor
layla rae Trevor - 5 dagar sedan
How the heck do thay swim with there eyes open?!?!
Nabila Abaid
Nabila Abaid - 5 dagar sedan
Wow I've always wanted to get a pool
this is how many people who want a pool in their backyards
Moonlight Sparkles
Moonlight Sparkles - 5 dagar sedan
24 hour challenge in the pool please 🥳 congratulations
dylan: challenge accepted
dylan: challenge accepted - 6 dagar sedan
Farah Wael
Farah Wael - 6 dagar sedan
A pool
Jlee Anderson
Jlee Anderson - 6 dagar sedan
Do 24 hours in the pool
Cerissa Martin
Cerissa Martin - 6 dagar sedan
Rap topic -
Rap topic - - 6 dagar sedan
A pool
jan lahey
jan lahey - 6 dagar sedan
Hayden Rebecca I love your videos you guys are the best I really want you to keep on making more then this in my feeling one of your older videos but I don't really know when your new videos that I can subscribe cuz my mom will get mad at me cuz I'm on my mom's phone and but I normally watch it on my phone but my phone's dead sew-in at Rebecca make more videos iron horse is it sorry I might mess it up you can you guys spend 24 hours in a small space again cuz that was a really funny video I really like it. thanks for sharing your experience with me Rebecca Zillow
Amelia sahotay
Amelia sahotay - 6 dagar sedan
You made me cry
Durre Sharaf
Durre Sharaf - 7 dagar sedan
A pool wow sooooooo awesome 😲😲😲😲😲😄😄😄😄😁😁
Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy - 7 dagar sedan
Cheryl Poole
Cheryl Poole - 7 dagar sedan
i love you
Cheryl Poole
Cheryl Poole - 7 dagar sedan
last to leve the pool
cristine Banal
cristine Banal - 7 dagar sedan
Ohhh a pool or
Kk cool Have fun guys
Kk cool Have fun guys - 7 dagar sedan
It is my birthday 🎉 tomorrow
Madison' Bean
Madison' Bean - 7 dagar sedan
last one too leve the pool wins 1.0000
Supra - 7 dagar sedan
This is a cool
Rachel Winfrey
Rachel Winfrey - 7 dagar sedan
A pool
Dhirendra Bhattarai
Dhirendra Bhattarai - 8 dagar sedan
I saw the redwood behind you
Unicorn_sophie Giffney
Unicorn_sophie Giffney - 8 dagar sedan
Wait see when the clip of them talking to the person it was a waird voice
lauren rattigan
lauren rattigan - 8 dagar sedan
Gintare Pakalniene
Gintare Pakalniene - 9 dagar sedan
matt surprised rebecca zamolo
xX ITZ AYANA_ GAMER Xx - 9 dagar sedan
Anyone see The RED HOOD or its just something color red lol
Indie unwin
Indie unwin - 9 dagar sedan
A pool
Tatiana Nieto
Tatiana Nieto - 9 dagar sedan
😢 Matt and rebecca love ❤
antonio canizal
antonio canizal - 9 dagar sedan
🏊 pool
Jamila Mayo
Jamila Mayo - 10 dagar sedan
It is a pool
Eithne Lynch
Eithne Lynch - 10 dagar sedan
I think it's a pool
Stephanie Senior
Stephanie Senior - 10 dagar sedan
I have always wanted a pool to and still don't have one because our back yard of way to small😣
nataly dominguez
nataly dominguez - 10 dagar sedan
Alway's Haley
Alway's Haley - 10 dagar sedan
Happy birthday Matt
diogou diop
diogou diop - 10 dagar sedan
It is a pool👙👙👙
Oommen 000
Oommen 000 - 10 dagar sedan
Water slide
Glenda Williams
Glenda Williams - 10 dagar sedan
I knew it was a pool
Gacha Athena Meadows
Gacha Athena Meadows - 11 dagar sedan
Your lucky bc I ran 3miles
Bella Rae
Bella Rae - 11 dagar sedan
Omg Rebecca I am so happy for you
Molly Jeffs
Molly Jeffs - 11 dagar sedan
Hi I love you 😍 rebecca
Annabelle Breen
Annabelle Breen - 11 dagar sedan
How do you open your eyes under water
Taya Alice
Taya Alice - 11 dagar sedan
A poool
City town girls love
City town girls love - 11 dagar sedan
Rocky is working for gmi
Lacey Millett
Lacey Millett - 11 dagar sedan
Shimu Ayesha
Shimu Ayesha - 12 dagar sedan
Nice surprise 👍
Simply Niamh
Simply Niamh - 12 dagar sedan
Rebecca and Matt are the best
Lucien Tran
Lucien Tran - 12 dagar sedan
Pippa Hanson
Pippa Hanson - 12 dagar sedan
That is my birthday
Pamela Cowley
Pamela Cowley - 13 dagar sedan
It's a pool
Jaymelyn Chajal
Jaymelyn Chajal - 14 dagar sedan
You should do last to fall into the pool wins $10,000
Coco101 - 14 dagar sedan
petenmichelle - 14 dagar sedan
The cat was following you 🐈
The Orange Cat
The Orange Cat - 14 dagar sedan
Could I have a shout out
The Orange Cat
The Orange Cat - 14 dagar sedan
big bob
big bob - 15 dagar sedan
That is your
sparrticus01 - 15 dagar sedan
last to leave the pool
sparrticus01 - 15 dagar sedan
the guy who said they couldnt get one sounded like Q
Temperance Ellis
Temperance Ellis - 15 dagar sedan
It’s a pool
Crystal Bashwiner
Crystal Bashwiner - 15 dagar sedan
Can you do more musically’s
Juliana Faulkner
Juliana Faulkner - 15 dagar sedan
Michaela Zárubová
Michaela Zárubová - 15 dagar sedan
Did Someone saw rz twin
Serena Noura
Serena Noura - 15 dagar sedan
What's wrong with your arm
Ana Santana
Ana Santana - 15 dagar sedan
Omg this is the same day as my mom had a baby 😱
Jasmin Reihana
Jasmin Reihana - 16 dagar sedan
Awesome I wish I was you
Yara Mamari
Yara Mamari - 16 dagar sedan
Bernadette LAVEMAI
Bernadette LAVEMAI - 16 dagar sedan
It is a pool 🏊‍♀️
Jessica Morell
Jessica Morell - 16 dagar sedan
I am so Happy for you
Kailey Patrick
Kailey Patrick - 17 dagar sedan
Happy birthday