The Best Of Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

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The hero that we don't deserve.
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Roman Gagne
Roman Gagne - 4 timmar sedan
11:49, epic stare down between two of the biggest badasses in tv history. Ron Swanson and Mike from Breaking Bad
Rohwit - 7 timmar sedan
I never knew anything beyond Friends, seinfeld, the office and a few others. Never knew the legend of Ron Swanson. I have started seeing it this year. I am not sure how will I live without Ron Swanson now. Damn it!
Nikhil Philip
Nikhil Philip - 13 timmar sedan
18:44 a burn I could've never predicted
Carlos Nevarez
Carlos Nevarez - 15 timmar sedan
That Lowes skit cracked me the fuck up!
"I know more than you."
Dallas Warfield
Dallas Warfield - 19 timmar sedan
When you see your crush with someone else...
Coconut687 - 19 timmar sedan
I felt bad for the Lowe’s employee 😂 even if what Ron said was true lmfao
Cheesetoast31 - 21 timme sedan
This show is okay
The office and Friends are way above it in my opinion
Cheesetoast31 - 6 timmar sedan
@Tissue Box have you watched the office? Or friends? This shot only has certain funny moments especially with this guy. I saw the first two episodes of parks and recreation and nothing, I didn't find it funny
Tissue Box
Tissue Box - 9 timmar sedan
I respect and value your opinion. Even though its wrong
Clay Green
Clay Green - 22 timmar sedan
I aspire to be Ron when I reach maturity.
Czah5 - 23 timmar sedan
This man is my spirit animal.
deburrito - Dag sedan
I find his voice so fascinating
Mehrunes Dagon
Mehrunes Dagon - Dag sedan
Imagine a dinner party with Ron Swanson, Michael Scott and Raymond Holt
Molly W.
Molly W. - Dag sedan
His giggle gives me life.
Cherti Kinamoto
Cherti Kinamoto - Dag sedan
I must be growing into Ron, because the organic hippie guy pisses me off with his insistence on health.
Kayla Bradley
Kayla Bradley - Dag sedan
The palmer squares should be on hot ones
Elise Pentz
Elise Pentz - Dag sedan
I love his trashy dreads
Caboose 117
Caboose 117 - 2 dagar sedan
Ron is the man that all men aspire to be.
EM12S1 - 2 dagar sedan
Is this the best moments? I haven’t laughed once 😕
Deus Vult
Deus Vult - 2 dagar sedan
Ron Swanson is like a Dwight Shrute of Parks and Recreation.
John Collura
John Collura - 20 timmar sedan
Deus Vult how dare you compare Ron Swanson to that pencil pusher Dwight
DivingHawker - 2 dagar sedan
5:32 I don't know why it's so hilarious!
cnking27 - 2 dagar sedan
He looks so much like the guy playing Pablo Escobar on Narcos. And actual Pablo Escobar.
Tavis Burton
Tavis Burton - 3 dagar sedan
19:22 gets me every time
Mr J
Mr J - 3 dagar sedan
Tavis Burton
Tavis Burton - 3 dagar sedan
13:02 always gets me
Leroy Lloyd
Leroy Lloyd - 3 dagar sedan
Jesus hes actually right about banks they are basically ponzi schemes
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch - 3 dagar sedan
This wasn't epic acting.
He isn't that much different in real life.
Cavare Envius
Cavare Envius - 4 dagar sedan
11:40 *Duel of the Fates starts playing*
sonic bandicoot9196
sonic bandicoot9196 - 4 dagar sedan
I never heard a ron swanson quote i didn't like.
it's Vesuvius
it's Vesuvius - 4 dagar sedan
13:02 thus a meme was born
rooster 12287
rooster 12287 - 4 dagar sedan
Ron is my favorite character his facial expressions are golden😂 i only watched this show so i could see more ron swanson😃
Trev Moran
Trev Moran - 4 dagar sedan
"This is a fun conversation" always tickles me.
Gideon Horwitz
Gideon Horwitz - 5 dagar sedan
This man is a national treasure
Joy Division
Joy Division - 5 dagar sedan
History began July 4th 1776. Everything before that was a mistake- Ron Swanson
Max Gustafsson
Max Gustafsson - 5 dagar sedan
12:58 LOL
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson - 5 dagar sedan
I have a joke for you, the government.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson - 5 dagar sedan
A real mans man, Ron Swanson.
Matt Techera
Matt Techera - 6 dagar sedan
Bla Ply
Bla Ply - 6 dagar sedan
Mike from Breaking Bad at 11.38. A hilarious cameo idea...
Aaron Kubassek
Aaron Kubassek - 6 dagar sedan
I love this show)))
necro nerd
necro nerd - 6 dagar sedan
I want to be like Ron in the way that I could tell the type of wood just by taste
David Louis
David Louis - 6 dagar sedan
Jairo Granado
Jairo Granado - 6 dagar sedan
anyone else getting popping audio?
movie gurl74
movie gurl74 - 6 dagar sedan
Ron and Tammy #2 for the win😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 rubbed off because of friction...
hoi491 - 6 dagar sedan
“I’ll have the number 8.”
“That’s a party platter, it serves 12 people”
“I know what I’m about son” 😂😂
Stephen Shelton
Stephen Shelton - 6 dagar sedan
I've never seen this show, but I've seen memes of this guy, and now I see him as my lord and savior.
Dallas&Trooper - 7 dagar sedan
He is an Embodiment of every America.
GHOSTFREAK - 7 dagar sedan
Why did the hernia episode only come in the right ear. I had my right headphone off I thought the left was fckin broken smh
Melissa Merritt-Darden
Melissa Merritt-Darden - 7 dagar sedan
You had me at meat tornado... I support that message.
Oh its Mike
Oh its Mike - 8 dagar sedan
I've watched seasons 1-5 of this show a dozen times and every single time I can't finish it :/
Ethan Crandell
Ethan Crandell - 7 dagar sedan
Oh its Mike what?
3bar - 8 dagar sedan
Ron is my hero.
TWW - 8 dagar sedan
Never seen an episode of Parks and recreation, but if the rest is as good as Ron I may remedy that.
Lost Soul
Lost Soul - 8 dagar sedan
Justbase - 8 dagar sedan
i know more than you
Rachel David
Rachel David - 9 dagar sedan
Question w/ a question 😂😂
Marcus Segura
Marcus Segura - 9 dagar sedan
“You’ve aged horribly”
Viktoria F.
Viktoria F. - 9 dagar sedan
I love this man so much! I love when he asks the kid if he owns scissors haha
Superintendent Chalmers
Superintendent Chalmers - 9 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, Seeing Sam Elliot playing a hippie hurt me inside.
4c1dr3fl3x - 5 dagar sedan
Fun fact: he went to the same high school as Tonya Harding, 2 blocks from my house. _IN PORTLANDIA_ Where is your god now? Muahahahahaahahaaahaha!
Aleksander Andersen
Aleksander Andersen - 9 dagar sedan
This is quite literally the funniest man to have ever lived.
Anders Roalkvam
Anders Roalkvam - 10 dagar sedan
Ron Swanson For President!
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 10 dagar sedan
ron swanson is my spirit animal.
Lenny's Rabbit
Lenny's Rabbit - 10 dagar sedan
you tubes the only one who emails me :'c