The Best Of Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

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Chris - 3 timmar sedan
"I know more than you"
Rikardo Vošten
Rikardo Vošten - 6 timmar sedan
You know that something is funny when you're dying at 3 am
B - 9 timmar sedan
What liberals think conservatives are
FenrisVanagandr - 14 timmar sedan
Fish meat is practically a vegetable
Gary Sanchez
Gary Sanchez - Dag sedan
"Fish for sport only, not for meat. Fish meat is practically a vegetable." 😂😂😂
Belle Dunn
Belle Dunn - Dag sedan
You will grow from boys, into men. From men into gladiators. From gladiators, *into Swanson’s*
Nitesh Shet
Nitesh Shet - Dag sedan
I knew griffin the cat had one more iconic role in him.
Josef Nagy
Josef Nagy - Dag sedan
I like how "The Best of Ron Swanson" is basically everytime Ron Swanson is talking. It's legit.
Deer Thug
Deer Thug - Dag sedan
All you retards posting quotes like we didn’t just sit here at watch the video 🙄
joey04ryan07 - 2 dagar sedan
amazing ending
Gonthor1000 - 2 dagar sedan
Does Nick Offerman sound like Nicolas Cage?
Or does Nicolas Cage sound like Nick Offerman?
Noa Green
Noa Green - 2 dagar sedan
I need to watch this show xD
dimitrius sergivius
dimitrius sergivius - 2 dagar sedan
your house isnt Hunted your lonely! still the best line!
Edgar Rentiria
Edgar Rentiria - 2 dagar sedan
Dear Canada,
Fuck you.
DesignatedVillain - 3 dagar sedan
You have two options: Let go of Tammy, or lobotomy and castration. Decide.
Forrest Ellsworth
Forrest Ellsworth - 3 dagar sedan
if ron was an actual person he would be outstandingly obnoxious to be around. most everyone in this show would be. i love it.
Sean Mastin
Sean Mastin - 3 dagar sedan
*alright, another bureaucrat ate it*
Erie chiftain
Erie chiftain - 3 dagar sedan
And now it's gone and I hate everything
XP Man
XP Man - 4 dagar sedan
How is this only 32 minutes long???
emanuel osuna
emanuel osuna - 4 dagar sedan
Ron was the true protagonist of the series let’s be honest.
Marco Andrade
Marco Andrade - 4 dagar sedan
11:43 Ron Swanson vs. Mike Ehrmantraut
Brad B
Brad B - 4 dagar sedan
"It's sawdust. Just blow."
CatPlanetDay - 4 dagar sedan
20:46 Turn up the thermostate to 90...
Blueberry Muffin
Blueberry Muffin - 4 dagar sedan
my idol
Majestic Garbage
Majestic Garbage - 4 dagar sedan
-Sexual history?
-Epic, and private
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson - 4 dagar sedan
This is misleading, this is only a mere 3% of the power that I behold.
Ryan Aaron
Ryan Aaron - Dag sedan
Understandable, as you fully grasp the concept of the American dream and the only form of sustenance that exists in our world, meat
Olive Johnson
Olive Johnson - 4 dagar sedan
Great editing
Al J
Al J - 4 dagar sedan
"So, not only does this thing exist, but now you've deprived everyone of cake."
AstronomyToday - 4 dagar sedan
15:24 That's 100% me
Cabematt - 5 dagar sedan
Pvt. Franklin Donut
Pvt. Franklin Donut - 5 dagar sedan
What if Dwight schrute and Ron Swanson met
Why am I here?
Why am I here? - 5 dagar sedan
Ron Swanson is literally the man.
TechnonixX - 5 dagar sedan
Youtube: buy s7 from yt for $20 , Me an Intellectual: netflix Trial
Alexa Did It
Alexa Did It - 5 dagar sedan
I strive to achieve his wisdom
Alkadias - 5 dagar sedan
Imagine putting Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson locked in a room for 24 hours
Lucas Lietz
Lucas Lietz - 6 dagar sedan
Absolute legend.
Branden Bedoni
Branden Bedoni - 6 dagar sedan
Makes me want to rewatch the whole seasons again :(
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - 6 dagar sedan
That face off between Ron Swanson and Mike from Breaking Bad is a showdown between the two most badass TV characters of all time lol
Soggy Nugget
Soggy Nugget - 6 dagar sedan
I strive to be like Ron 😭😭
Fletcher - 7 dagar sedan
He’s just the perfect character
Cat Dean
Cat Dean - 7 dagar sedan
WE need these kind of men back... wonder if he has a brother...
Schmidty’s Kettle Corn
Schmidty’s Kettle Corn - 7 dagar sedan
When is this guys own tv show?
BlackKittyKat - 7 dagar sedan
Are we done?
Kevin Barber
Kevin Barber - 7 dagar sedan
5:44 Look, Ghost Rider!
Andrew - 7 dagar sedan
I come here (to shopping mall) for the same reason that people go to the zoo.

Sexual history?
-Epic and private
serg74ful - 7 dagar sedan
Hayden Meng
Hayden Meng - 7 dagar sedan
Dwight shrute vs Ron Swanson
Keun Pruitt
Keun Pruitt - 8 dagar sedan
For some reason I wanna see Ron Swanson in a Seth Rogan & Jonah Hill movie. That would be LEGENDARY 😂
Dimitar Bonev
Dimitar Bonev - 8 dagar sedan
This is a role model XDDD. Who the hell is Rom Swanson???
ghee4345 - 8 dagar sedan
29:13 for the tooth pulling scene. You're welcome.