I bought a 30yr old ITALIAN YACHT and im going to Fix it Up!

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In today's episode we bought a Riva Tropicana, a 44 foot 30 year old Italian Yacht, and were going to fix it up, repair it, restore it, and upgrade it! Enjoy!
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Ty Miller
Ty Miller - 2 timmar sedan
"This radar is outdated and nobody uses it anymore" literally a multimillion-dollar yacht with the same radar right next to them
Antonyy sze
Antonyy sze - 4 timmar sedan
Notice all the purest super upset, its his money his time his project calm down people
Dave James
Dave James - 9 timmar sedan
You sure that's smoke not steam coming out the exhaust?
Dave James
Dave James - 9 timmar sedan
Your first boat was a yacht?
David Hunt
David Hunt - Dag sedan
I can't believe how tacky and godawful that Lamborghini table top looks and the seating and 'bar area' beggars belief. The video should be titled 'How I devalued my boat and made it unsafe for use in open water.'
Honestly, none of things you did, with exception of changing that fuse, improved your boat.
556m4 - Dag sedan
That is definitely not a yacht
Tim Newman
Tim Newman - 3 dagar sedan
They make an eraser for getting vinyl letters off it goes on a drill will not hurt the gel coat used it on my boat any parts place should have it or a automotive paint store
Leo & Dan Ryan
Leo & Dan Ryan - 3 dagar sedan
Valve seats have carbon buildup.
Norman Wright
Norman Wright - 4 dagar sedan
I drive a semi truck through portland several times a week and see your boat when crossing over the bridge. That color stands out.
Stephen Meade
Stephen Meade - 4 dagar sedan
Turbo seals
James Edmister
James Edmister - 4 dagar sedan
I hated when they changed all those 'radar stations'!
johnny vlassiou
johnny vlassiou - 5 dagar sedan
saw this vid 4 months ago.... and waiting for the next. will you upload the final vid? or has the boat gone???
Dave Leahy
Dave Leahy - 6 dagar sedan
Where’s the boat lately dude ????!!!
Shane K.
Shane K. - 7 dagar sedan
Wow that back end of the boat looks really uncomfy honestly, thought you were gonna install actual cusions, I wouldn't wanna sit on those in the bumpy sea
matty d
matty d - 7 dagar sedan
Adding value to a depreciating asset. Excellent!
Steven Romano
Steven Romano - 8 dagar sedan
21 Years in the Coast Guard and all I can say is Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Kieron Revagliatte
Kieron Revagliatte - 8 dagar sedan
Anymore videos on the Boat restore??!
Alexander Lele
Alexander Lele - 9 dagar sedan
I was on my J111 I think for NYYC Annual Regatta and our chart plotter kept saying we were in a dangerous proximity to ourselves. But other than that it has helped us a TON. A good piece of advice, keep the radar.
sparrow - 11 dagar sedan
I think the motor got wet and started making steam come out of the engine bay because those get hot
sparrow - 11 dagar sedan
So going back the ricky bobby way
sangerstud06 - 11 dagar sedan
No 1 month update?
Random Things
Random Things - 11 dagar sedan
Where are more videos on it
matt22blaster - 12 dagar sedan
I can't decide if you putting the shipping and handling safety symbols on the table is hilariously funny or hilariously retarded.
Nissan Boi
Nissan Boi - 12 dagar sedan
dude, put that radar back on. literally the boat next to you has the same radar. no, they havent updated to use a different signal, thats all fake. just use the stock radar, it works perfectly fine
M - 13 dagar sedan
If the current radar doesn’t work, take it off, but put a new one in, a radar is one of the most important things on a boat
Kiwi Bird
Kiwi Bird - 13 dagar sedan
Came here to comment about everything that's been commented about but its already been commented about so...
Oh and 'B is for Boat' is the tackiest boat name of all time. The poor Italian luxury craft is probably crying from it's drain valves 😭
James Boaz
James Boaz - 14 dagar sedan
Put solar panels on the nose.
B_ rad
B_ rad - 14 dagar sedan
Any updates??
Keith Mann
Keith Mann - 14 dagar sedan
Add a marine gps. High end.
Keith Mann
Keith Mann - 14 dagar sedan
This will keep you broke. Just sold mine. Love your cute redhead!
T Bass Bone
T Bass Bone - 15 dagar sedan
Loved it! I'm a new fan just stumbled in at random. Diggin' the channel once I got used to how friggin' fast you talk. T in Las Vegas :)
Ben Allen
Ben Allen - 15 dagar sedan
Any updates on this "boat build"? Found it pretty interesting!
Strickly Ridez
Strickly Ridez - 15 dagar sedan
More footage?
Titas Lukaitis
Titas Lukaitis - 16 dagar sedan
So whens that next boat video coming out?
Snow Cat driver Appelbaum
Snow Cat driver Appelbaum - 17 dagar sedan
Where’s the rest of the series
Jose Bey
Jose Bey - 18 dagar sedan
AJ Caronongan
AJ Caronongan - 23 dagar sedan
Rich Pakenas
Rich Pakenas - 23 dagar sedan
"The steering works pretty good but it seems to pull to the right when the wind blows that way, I can't find a break pedal on this Lambo, but I have waze on my phone so I can avoid hitting any other traffic". Safety be damned, we are going to the fireworks so that we can show our friends!
Patrick Dorrian
Patrick Dorrian - 24 dagar sedan
What is it they say ..... there are 2 great days of boat ownership, the day you buy ... and the day you sell :D
NZ006 - 25 dagar sedan
Where's an update man... been waiting
Ryan B
Ryan B - 26 dagar sedan
Dude you got a pretty awesome Funny Bone LOL ** found this massive cruise ship where all the Toyotas in North America get offloaded into Portland** hahahahha
David - 26 dagar sedan
Diesel turbos from that era don't have seals the same way modern turbos do.
Delfinins Jezus
Delfinins Jezus - 26 dagar sedan
Where's episode 2?
Tyler Parynik
Tyler Parynik - 27 dagar sedan
uhhh B is for BALLER. this is sick. looking forward to this the most.
The Mentalist Dk
The Mentalist Dk - 27 dagar sedan
More like a lifeboat for a Yacht
Brent Gardner
Brent Gardner - Månad sedan
How about an update on the Boat?
David - Månad sedan
I’m sorry, but your boat table “ Lamborghini “ other furniture is TACKY ! Looks so cheap , just being honest !
andrew mcdonald
andrew mcdonald - Månad sedan
this guy is funny....hahaha
Karan Phull
Karan Phull - Månad sedan
Dude for your safety as well as the people you're taking on it, put the RADAR back on the boat. this is no joke dude. I hope you get a fine or something to make you learn if you havent put it back on yet. I cant believe you thought you can take a iphone and replace the instruments with that piece of shit phone LOL. all i can say is hope youre safe!
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger - Månad sedan
Part 2?
Mark Finno
Mark Finno - Månad sedan
B is for build W is for Wanker
JohnandAlixfromOz - Månad sedan
Brilliant. Drive down to Tasmania Australia. You can stay at out place. JD
Toby the Glen
Toby the Glen - Månad sedan
So...... how's the boat going?
Steven van der Let
Steven van der Let - Månad sedan
The turbo needs to get enough oil, that´s why it is smoking.
Christopher Scott
Christopher Scott - Månad sedan
My head hurts after watching this mess.
The Model Father
The Model Father - Månad sedan
Bro. All these comments are haters! I'm excited for more boat updates!
Searching for C-Shels
Searching for C-Shels - Månad sedan
Did I just hear you say "Yacht parking spot"? 😉
John Ward
John Ward - Månad sedan
Enjoyed your vid very much . What fun you're going to have !
I've read some comments that seemed harsh however they might have a point?
You're going to learn a great deal 'on the job' experience comes with time.
Stay safe. Good Luck from Bournemouth,England and a kiss to Chelsea x
sean connathon
sean connathon - Månad sedan
Joachim Sudergat
Joachim Sudergat - Månad sedan
Put the radar back.
For your own safety.
This is one of the important things on your boat.