I bought a 30yr old ITALIAN YACHT and im going to Fix it Up!

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sauved0 - 9 minuter sedan
Amigo - 10 minuter sedan
I discover this chanel today , i will fallow iate saga into finish !
Bill salvadore
Bill salvadore - Timme sedan
Sounds like you're running a bit rich but I don't think I'd worry about the engine
Bugsy1000 - Timme sedan
A quick message for Oscar and Kyle, the “crew “, RUN !!!
Dan - Timme sedan
It's so much fun to watch millennials kill themselves.
Sky Lord
Sky Lord - 2 timmar sedan
"diesel gas" please stop it hurts
OGWheeler - 2 timmar sedan
Gaypex legends
Dalton Meadows
Dalton Meadows - 2 timmar sedan
We are going to try and.....
Make... not... shit
lmao greatest quote of 2019
Tevor TrevorSpurlock
Tevor TrevorSpurlock - 2 timmar sedan
I love what you have done!
elliott jaeger
elliott jaeger - 3 timmar sedan
That's not a yatch. Yatchs large sailboats. If it is not a sa boat it is not a yatch
Jonni TM
Jonni TM - 3 timmar sedan
Gotta love it when clueless people make videos like this. Radar, meh...
Jeremy Hedrick
Jeremy Hedrick - 3 timmar sedan
If you haven’t stopped the smoke. What color is the smoke? If it’s white smoke it’s oil burning could be seals in turbo. Is it a common rail fuel? It could be an injector. Also on the exhaust Is there any baffle and mufflers.
Petter Pettersen
Petter Pettersen - 3 timmar sedan
That’s a great boat congrats.
It's not a yacht though. It's the boat you use to drive out to the yacht.
Edward Nunez
Edward Nunez - 3 timmar sedan
the cars you make are awesome but that table is ugly as fuck bro lol
John Smith
John Smith - 3 timmar sedan
Is this video a joke? This is classic dipshit with to much money and not a clue. 5 minutes from now he will be calling the coast guard for a rescue. No respect for the ocean , boating or any other human. Didn’t even bother to take 30 seconds to learn a thing about boating. O by the way moron, why do you think the boat was so cheap? You always get what you pay for with boats dumbo
Johnny Price
Johnny Price - 4 timmar sedan
definitely touched at 7:06 lool
Bill Cook
Bill Cook - 4 timmar sedan
Isn't anyone concerned about the amount of drinking he apparently wants to do?
Flick flock
Flick flock - 5 timmar sedan
What's with the hate people? He's definitely not a boat expert like yall guys.. it is okay to make mistakes sometimes but what's not okay is bragging someone over a mistake
Gus Look
Gus Look - 5 timmar sedan
Is this just an ad for Downtown Portland? Are people moving away cause of antifa?
untanned user
untanned user - 5 timmar sedan
When Americans buy a Boot from italy because the Boots from America Not really good😂😂
Thomas Baltayan
Thomas Baltayan - 6 timmar sedan
how about instead of flaming the guy on his "poor" boat knowledge, you help him out? How do people do anything if they are expected to be experts the day they start something?
myhdcycle - 6 timmar sedan
Did I really see a piece of OSB used for a structural base that will be exposed to elements? Hmmmm. The whole radar thing seems to be covered so I won’t even mention that.
Joann lou Winzeler
Joann lou Winzeler - 6 timmar sedan
put a jacuzzi in the back and put the radar back on
DJ DarkMatter
DJ DarkMatter - 6 timmar sedan
your smoke issue might be leaking turbos dunno tho
Holger Gilruth
Holger Gilruth - 6 timmar sedan
I am so happy for you. I never could get on a boat even buy one but I love that you share your dream with me. Thank you very much
Campbell Hendry
Campbell Hendry - 7 timmar sedan
Nouveau Riche
jokelly - 8 timmar sedan
did anyone else see that at 13:47 there was another boat with the same radar as he was saying no one uses them
Fabian Nname
Fabian Nname - 8 timmar sedan
Also the ship on his left, while he`s saying "radar outdated", is showing off it`s exactly same radar on top of it. haha
Bradley - 8 timmar sedan
Its a diesel engine. You need to flush the cooling system and clean out the soot from the whole exhaust system
MegaJman72 - 9 timmar sedan
Don't get how this guy gets a million subs and some truly awesome boating channels can't even break 50k. YouTube is broken.
Luke CM
Luke CM - 9 timmar sedan
This guy is such a dumbass
Warren Neeves
Warren Neeves - 9 timmar sedan
3:07 you demonstrate why shithouse vehicles like this, are called ARSEHOLE EGGS. When they stop moving, they hatch and an an ARSEHOLE pops out.
Aside from your complete lack, in all things boating.
Arkascha - 9 timmar sedan
This is impressive. Only US Americans can be so superficial and uncaring for everything else except themselves :-)
No wonder the rest of the world shakes their head on 'em.
RocheCity - 9 timmar sedan

"footlong italian herbs and chese please"
Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler - 10 timmar sedan
Oh baby, the money they will throw into this vessel to keep it running will be a real eyeopener for them! Just the petrol bills will limit the "out-to-sea" moments. And, NEVER fill your tanks if there's any possibility of a leak - as you seemed to mention early on after delivery to Portland. The cost to remove the fuel & dispose of perfectly fine petrol that you just paid for is painful - believe me. Happened to me, but I was unaware of the gas tank leak until my Captain notified me of the problem right after he had filled the tanks. His apparent ease in berthing the vessel belies the actual difficulty involved in this activity. Unless he has side thrusts (& I saw no indication of that), it's extremely difficult to get a vessel that size into a berth - I call BS. Be prepared to pour some serious $$$s into that new play thing. If it's $100K less than a comparable fully functional vessel, then you're looking at a minimum of $50K in repairs or the seller wouldn't have priced it so low. Oh, and like others have said, get a real radar system installed ASAP - it's dangerous without one & the CG won't like seeing your intended solution. But, GL matey!
OJ Games
OJ Games - 10 timmar sedan
Its bad luck to rename a boat 🤷🏻‍♂️ all im saying
dcrypter87 - 10 timmar sedan
i havent facepalmed so hard in a while... =D
OJ Games
OJ Games - 10 timmar sedan
My family owns the same designed yacht but 39 foot and the stripe is blue , they are amazingly beautiful especially in when the sun is setting
OJ Games
OJ Games - 10 timmar sedan
Nvm this one is much older
JCD - 10 timmar sedan
11:06 yeah I want to drive on the water as well LOL
Knas - 10 timmar sedan
it means bad luck to change the name off your boat
Carl Stiegler
Carl Stiegler - 11 timmar sedan
Radar is not outdated. AIS on phone is not trustworthy, so the phone can not replace a rader.
And a phone isn't a replacement for a Chartplotter either. Even if it can show maps...
Derek Austin
Derek Austin - 11 timmar sedan
What marina will rent you a slip with out a boat?!
Crispy ツ
Crispy ツ - 11 timmar sedan
Luke Reeves
Luke Reeves - 12 timmar sedan
S is for Clever
Mohamed Sayid
Mohamed Sayid - 12 timmar sedan
that B is good for selling weed just opinion....
Scott Horsfall
Scott Horsfall - 12 timmar sedan
This was in my cars topic -_- its a boat YouTube a boat 🤦🏼‍♂️
albinorhino6 - 12 timmar sedan
Dumbest shite I’ve watched in a long time.
piketfencecartel - 13 timmar sedan
Radar is self contained. Your boat has IT'S OWN RADAR. There is no connection to anyone else needed. No service plan, no wi-fi, no GPS for that matter. Please, stick to things you actually know about. You have almost 3 million views and others might take your word as the gospel and kill themselves.
Supervillain - 14 timmar sedan
That's just a boat
George Fletcher
George Fletcher - 14 timmar sedan
Man this guy isn't getting any love in the comments... dude do your thing brotha... are ya out there man... I'm from. Portland too... we just did the blues festival... had a blast...