Belle Delphine Responds & Free A$AP Rocky - H3 Podcast #124

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mrtheholynoob - 4 månader sedan
1:53 Earthquake talk
6:33 Instagram weird food + summary
8:10 New segment "Wrong song"
15:40 A$AP Rocky locked up in Sweden
36:15 KFC Cheetos sandwich
46:20 World wife carrying championship + Downhill Cheese-Chasing competition
53:38 Baseball memory about Ethan and his father
1:03:42 Belle Delphine
1:14:39 OJ Simpsons Twitter
1:22:50 How Amazon gets to you so quickly
Łêgø Prøducc
Łêgø Prøducc - Månad sedan
The 1:03:42 button is broken!
Khenede H
Khenede H - 3 månader sedan
Thank youuuu:)
CondorCalabasas - 4 månader sedan
@fred uncle Hell yea, well get him for much disrespect and serial hate pausing.
fred uncle
fred uncle - 4 månader sedan
@CondorCalabasas let's press charges against Eithan
silicone sword
silicone sword - 4 månader sedan
Thank you my dude
Dom - 2 dagar sedan
Jeff Bezos could give every single employee a $100,000 bonus check, and Jeff Bezos would still be the richest man on the planet.
alamsas2 - 8 dagar sedan
I love how he pronounced Bella Thorne's name as "Belle" but had "Belle Delphine's" name "Bella" for weeks lmao.
Carrie Lietz
Carrie Lietz - 19 dagar sedan
I used to really like h3h3 but all the ad's really get to me
Beatrix Kiddo
Beatrix Kiddo - 21 dag sedan
It was McCartney dude, not “The Beatles”.
greyson smith
greyson smith - 21 dag sedan
In regards to the union stuff. That type of video is standard for nearly all non union labor companies. Been that way for like 20 years. The jargon used, the villainization of unionizers, even the signing of paperwork saying you understand you can be fired for attempting to unionize. It's illegal for them to fire you for unionizing but not illegal for them if you sign a paper before being hired...
A Formal Alpaca
A Formal Alpaca - Månad sedan
Please actually research what communism really is, and what it stands for. Just simply google "communism" and read the wiki article. Stop being misinformed.
4holePatriot - Månad sedan
13:10 He totally does! Especially in a white van with tinted windows in the parking lot, with Joe Biden in the passanger seat and lotion ond tissues on the dashboard.
felicia felicity
felicia felicity - Månad sedan
ill say this that earthquake that hit alaska last round i thought it was some fat people above me banging at first. and then i was all holy s that no fat people thats an earthquake.
Levi G.
Levi G. - Månad sedan
Ethan stopping and constantly talking while the video is playing UNBEARABLE. PLEAAAAASE STOP DOING IT
Levi G.
Levi G. - Månad sedan
The music of the anthem of the USSR and Russia is the same: is the lyrics what change. But well AMERICANS.
Moot - Månad sedan
Levi G. Yeah, because we're supposed to know that... Get real.
Matthew Pearl
Matthew Pearl - 2 månader sedan
Didnt realize Sweden got enough sun for tans
RetroSun - 2 månader sedan
Just watch the whole fucking clip
Analyze after
RetroSun - 2 månader sedan
“That’s a movie dan “
“I don’t understand”
Scoundrel - 2 månader sedan
But Sweden supposed to be the model democratic socialist utopia where bad things never happened
PancakeOTL - 2 månader sedan
The amount of misinformation and lack of fact checking in this episode is disappointing. Love your podcast and am a long-time fan, but this one was hard to get through..
Hannah S
Hannah S - 2 månader sedan
lmao he is really struggling with the name Belle for some reason
Zumpt - 2 månader sedan
Japan has da Ping Pong
Jams - 2 månader sedan
To be fair, many people use the union method on a daily basis just as normal behavior.
Dillan Walker
Dillan Walker - 2 månader sedan
Will you go on JRE please
Courtney M
Courtney M - 2 månader sedan
Yeah, the animals are genetically modified. All fast food restaurants use genetically modified animals. Its fucked. That's what that picture was reflecting, the pic of the chickens
Micah Morrison
Micah Morrison - 3 månader sedan
I’m a major sports nut, especially hockey and baseball. But if I got a ball or puck, I’d give it to a kid because it means more to them. Of course I’d want it, but I’m not broken up about it
Benty Likes Soup
Benty Likes Soup - 3 månader sedan
a s a p
Terium - 3 månader sedan
You seriously comparing Sweden to Dubai and Mexico right now? Do you fucking homework next time, everything you say about the Rocky thing is just false information, exactly like your great media in the US. You're sounding like a Trump supporter.
Terium - 3 månader sedan
Yeaaah we have an actual working NOT corrupt justice system in Sweden so flicking your durlurs around won't do shit. the US should learn instead of criticize.
Matt Nes'heim
Matt Nes'heim - 3 månader sedan
I do NOT want to see that nasty b!tch spitting and drooling into a jar. Just think of all those lonely guys who got herpes... Damn!!!
malladosenica - 3 månader sedan
Those guys were obviously obnoxious but they also obviously should've just called the police and gone away. Violence like that is not self defense and not justifiable in any way.
malladosenica - 3 månader sedan
amazing how he managed to keep a straight face while praising the the American justice system :')
Shifttube - 3 månader sedan
Shifttube - 3 månader sedan
How was there a tsunami in japan happen if there not a flat line in the sea????????
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti - 3 månader sedan
Can't wait for Mr. Bezos to get some incurable disease and see how the money he stole from the sweat of all that people is of no use to him.
Calyptism - 3 månader sedan
The kfc part just made me want taco bell
elwoje - 3 månader sedan
delphine = delfin in norwegian. so dolphin is a pun on that word imo
elwoje - 3 månader sedan
the scandinavian prison is some of the best in the world.
Douglas Newbury
Douglas Newbury - 3 månader sedan
The fact that you don't know that huge chains modify the DNA of animals like chickens blows my mind, how does anybody walk through life not knowing this at this point? I thought everybody saw Food Inc
Douglas Newbury
Douglas Newbury - 3 månader sedan
Dan was right, it was just Paul McCartney during the Wings era, not the whole Beatles. Paul then took to television to address the Japanese populous to apologize and to play a mini tv-concert of a few songs. "You know your Beatles lore" lol good chuckle there, and I love you Ethan but stop pretending you know more than you do
marsh - 3 månader sedan
i do think that “customer obsession” refers to the customers being obsessed with ordering from amazon
Flärre Flärre
Flärre Flärre - 3 månader sedan
"Everyone is rich there" Lol, stfu...
Mike Keith
Mike Keith - 3 månader sedan
Dude, oj was acquitted in a court of law by a jury of his pears.
Jj - 3 månader sedan
It’s crazy that Americans are so disgusted by crisp sandwiches😭
dipset22554 - 3 månader sedan
Bro Ethan, always strive and prosper is what the ASAP in A$ap Rocky stands for. Can’t believe Ian didn’t catch that or know about that SMFH! Ian you not hip at all. I knew he was faking. He don’t even know about Kanye, whenever I hear him talk about Ye I cringe. This is your hip hop guy? Those lil presentations he did were straight google searches smh
Neero90 Michael
Neero90 Michael - 3 månader sedan
Ethan's dad is randy marsh in south park
Jakob - 3 månader sedan
A Guy was asking asap Rocky and his guards of they had seen his friend. One of the guards then pushed him so That he broke his headphones. This Guy got mad Since they were agressive and broke his headphones so he started following then and harrasing them, Which caused the fight and 3 people were kicking him while he was on the ground.
DeathClaw13 - 3 månader sedan
When I chew on my lips and accidentally bite too hard it will get infected and boom...
Not herpies in my opinion lol
Sofie Altermark
Sofie Altermark - 3 månader sedan
The amount of misinformation surrounding the ASAP story and the swedish justice system is astonishing.
Ethan, I have a lot of respect for you, but boy did you fuck up on this one. No fact checking, trusting a TMZ article?
Here are some pointers:
1. Swedish prisons have the highest standard in the world, with good bedding, private rooms and ASAP was served tomato soup and chili. Mentally ill prisoners are in a separate holding for their recovery.
2. Even in a case of self defence it against the law to curve-stomp the other party. The law is that you can assert enough force to stop an attacker, but it can't be more deadly than what would be asserted on you. The second ASAP and his group started beating that guy up, 4 on 1, they are no longer acting in self defence. They should have just called the police if they were harassed.
3. The reason Sweden can't just "send him back" is because it was an ongoing investigation. Be involved in crime in Sweden, face the swedish justice system. Easy.
4. The charges are assault, the max sentence is 2 years, and he probably won't serve that time.
5. The Scandinavian prison system is focused on reformation and recovery, not punishment. That is why we have the lowest reincarnation rate in the world. "Good old US justice"? You have monetized prisons, where the rich can get lower sentences and let celebrities get away with manslaughter. Superb!
Again, get your fucking facts straight and stop spreading lies about another country. You have an enormous platform. Act like it.
Edvin Olofsson
Edvin Olofsson - 3 månader sedan
Ethan, you are severely misinformed regarding the Sweden / ASAP situation. There are no feces being thrown, he doesn't sleep on a yoga mat and people with severe mental disabilities are not even in the same facility as regular prisoners.
Adam Jubel
Adam Jubel - 3 månader sedan
Fking bullshit, ethan cmon i know you can do better research than this. All this nonsense about swedish prisions. I feel like you really let me down with all this shit you are spreading about sweden and the justice system.
enborn - 3 månader sedan
Sad to see h3h3 sink this low... Zero facts correct about right about the ASAP case.
President - 3 månader sedan
Ethan, wtf. When did you get so ignorant?
Bear Centeno
Bear Centeno - 3 månader sedan
I actually know someone personally that contracted genital warts from a bf that had a lip breakout. Super gnarly, ruined her fuckin life because this happened in high school and she was devastated. Craziness
seikou sanneh
seikou sanneh - 3 månader sedan
chase that cheddar
Ur Studio
Ur Studio - 3 månader sedan
Well, listen to me; there's nothing better than GrowPlayer for any podcaster.
Grumpy Pentagon
Grumpy Pentagon - 3 månader sedan
Aren’t Scandinavian prisons known for being kushy? I didn’t look up the ASAP Rocky story, but that apple a day claim immediately sounds fishy.
Bear Centeno
Bear Centeno - 3 månader sedan
Grumpy Pentagon I’ve figured it’s him being a diva and not wanting to eat the haring or whatever Scandinavian dish being served hahaha there is no way he’s living like a POW in a Swedish jail for a scuffle on the street.
Grumpy Pentagon
Grumpy Pentagon - 3 månader sedan
Aren’t Scandinavian prisons known for being kushy? I didn’t look up the ASAP Rocky story, but that apple a day claim immediately sounds fishy.
userering - 3 månader sedan
Since when did Ethan own a Honda dealership?
Chloe Massie
Chloe Massie - 3 månader sedan
She’s selling her piss now😫
lolzman122 - 3 månader sedan
>Release him on bail
Dude that's not how justice works anywhere else but corrupted 3rd world countries like America. You can't just pay your way out of prison. God damn
Douglas Newbury
Douglas Newbury - 3 månader sedan
Bernie and Biden are basically the same age, the point of him being too old is so fucking tired
R G - 3 månader sedan
“It’s like a La Croix”
Way 2 ugly
Way 2 ugly - 3 månader sedan
Flako is Spanish for skinny