BODY SWAP Official Trailer (2019) Comedy Movie HD

BODY SWAP Official Trailer (2019) Comedy Movie HD
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Film och animation
Varaktighet: 1:42


Matt Hall
Matt Hall - 2 månader sedan
ayyy SUNY plattsburgh
Reindeers crazy world
Reindeers crazy world - 3 månader sedan
No way this is real
Steve - 4 månader sedan
Another remake , they just have nothing original these days
Duno A
Duno A - 4 månader sedan
Farah - 4 månader sedan
0:22 who hold phones like that
Veysel Kara
Veysel Kara - 2 månader sedan
apple sponsored one?
Feleyra Sims
Feleyra Sims - 4 månader sedan
This was probably the worst editing job I have ever seen .... the lighting is all wrong, the actors need to go back to acting school and the director should be fired.
Critic 7
Critic 7 - 4 månader sedan
What a lame trailer? "Gets me exciting" LoL
DerpyBat - 5 månader sedan
Dang, even the narrator sounds bored.
MasMas92 - 5 månader sedan
Yooo this looks cringy as fuck! 👎🏼
Zack H
Zack H - 5 månader sedan
AOL keyword? Wtf AOL still exists lol
Duke Damage
Duke Damage - 5 månader sedan
GMC 5150
GMC 5150 - 5 månader sedan
Looks stupid.
HG Hansen
HG Hansen - 5 månader sedan
I love how the trailer plays out like the trailer for Laqeeusha
Igor Rodrigues
Igor Rodrigues - 5 månader sedan
This looks like a fake trailer from a fake movie. WTF???? Why the hell was this recommended to me?
Mike Tayoyong
Mike Tayoyong - 5 månader sedan
Wow a new concept.. About 500 years ago
CelticVictory - 4 månader sedan
And what an original title.
The Almighty Pin
The Almighty Pin - 5 månader sedan
But like... what if the trailer is intentionally terrible and the movie is going to be an ironic look into this over done genre?

yea I doubt it too lol...
Tushar Parmeshwar
Tushar Parmeshwar - 5 månader sedan
Snooze fest ... Even d trailer
Nawaf Farid
Nawaf Farid - 5 månader sedan
Low budget movie...
Joseph Jasson
Joseph Jasson - 5 månader sedan
OMG! How are trailers so awful lately!
Jgacfhhah jjshGgqhhqikwhh
Jgacfhhah jjshGgqhhqikwhh - 5 månader sedan
The producers are going to lose all of their money. on this project.
Jgacfhhah jjshGgqhhqikwhh
Jgacfhhah jjshGgqhhqikwhh - 4 månader sedan
@brokennoah its not the budget that is the problem. It is the shity writing. Movies with small budget can make money movies with shity script rarely do.
brokennoah - 4 månader sedan
Usually this micro-budget productions make their money from digital, VOD etc. Like the mockbusters from The Asylum, they make these with shoestring budget and distribute it like hell that's why you keep seeing these very low budget films pop-up almost regularly.
ATOM FILMS official
ATOM FILMS official - 5 månader sedan
"You look like a divorced alcoholic" lol
Robman92 - 5 månader sedan
Comments are not positive here, and I might agree with some, but I’m still interested in seeing this. Been waiting for it! 👏
Md Ashique Atique
Md Ashique Atique - 5 månader sedan
What is the release date?????
Adam's Awesome Projects
Adam's Awesome Projects - 4 månader sedan
I think December 2019
jose cruz
jose cruz - 5 månader sedan
At least the chicks were hot
talkisreallycheap - 5 månader sedan
Seriously? A FF rip off? Is there not one movie script in Hollywood? I'd rather see an Ishtar marathon than this rehashed crap.
AT SIFU - 5 månader sedan
This looks like a nicely done high school project :)
Tommaso Genovesi
Tommaso Genovesi - 5 månader sedan
why was this recommended to me YouTube?
Benji Ros
Benji Ros - 5 månader sedan
I was waiting for it to be a joke but I was stumped when the narrator said that they will soon learn the grass isn’t always greener on the other side... I don’t think she was thinking that about him so that is just a desperate attempt at making us think there’s a point to this junk
Joshua Schneider
Joshua Schneider - 5 månader sedan
This is pretty much some Freaky Friday ripoff.
outthasky - 5 månader sedan
Fascinating concept. Can’t believe this has never been done before.
Iván Chavarre
Iván Chavarre - 3 månader sedan
@roy ajoeb magic ring of love, a chinese movie. It's like a Hot Chick remake. A thief and a cute girl steal two rings and they swap bodies
roy ajoeb
roy ajoeb - 3 månader sedan
@Iván Chavarre cool👍🏽 Please tell me the name of those movie?
Iván Chavarre
Iván Chavarre - 3 månader sedan
@roy ajoeb The Hot Chick was copied in several asian movies, it was original for a body swap movie.
outthasky - 5 månader sedan
roy ajoeb in your defense, sarcasm is difficult to detect in text.
roy ajoeb
roy ajoeb - 5 månader sedan
Yes its done so many times and the best one with Rob Schneider "HOT CHICK" the best remake till now👍🏽
Aussie Photographer
Aussie Photographer - 5 månader sedan
It’s like a lifetime movie with a ten thousand dollar budget shot on a $400 used movie camera bought on Craigslist.
1989 BMW M3
1989 BMW M3 - 5 månader sedan
For all you saying “what a original idea” sarcastically go die honestly is anything original they director says it was a attempt a 90s style comedy and is inspired by other films so leave please
charles kidney
charles kidney - 5 månader sedan
Fat guy gets transformed into the most privileged being on the planet. And lives as a happy slutty lesbian ever after.
TWoN - 5 månader sedan
Her name is Erica Manni @ 0:58

Ya Welcome....
VIVID _ - 5 månader sedan
The acting Is sooooo bad
Forest Whitaker's Eye
Forest Whitaker's Eye - 5 månader sedan
Damn this looks bad
CorduroyPaco - 5 månader sedan
What an original idea for a one has ever done anything like this before! Oh wait...
Johnny NiteTrain
Johnny NiteTrain - 5 månader sedan
This looks like some high school kids got together and made a movie for a class. And asked the adults they know to be in it.
Dethroned Here
Dethroned Here - 5 månader sedan
Now I have seen this concept in A bengali film
ilovepizzaandyou - 5 månader sedan
Geronimo553 - 5 månader sedan
its like an 80s comedy but with less good acting. ehh I'll watch it, has been a long time since a body switching movie was released.
Iván Chavarre
Iván Chavarre - 3 månader sedan
There are many body switching asian movies. It seems this topic isn't popular anymore in the west.
Solomon Neal
Solomon Neal - 5 månader sedan
Great vids!! Looking forward to seeing more of your videos.
Yassine E.
Yassine E. - 5 månader sedan
mchaleman - 5 månader sedan
For a low budget movie, it's not bad. If this is the director's first film, it's a good effort.
talkisreallycheap - 5 månader sedan
So you are director with a sock account right? that's the only way anyone could write shit like that.
Cin M
Cin M - 5 månader sedan
the narrator LOL
Astral Hotdog
Astral Hotdog - 5 månader sedan
This looks like a joke
Asemafilmi - 5 månader sedan
This looks like low budget indie film? Is it?
mariam bendaoud
mariam bendaoud - 5 månader sedan
it's the worst trailer ever
Brook Hubbs
Brook Hubbs - 5 månader sedan
Add some ambient tone to make the voices sound less robotic, lose the bad voice-over, and puts some LUTs on that footage!
Ignacio SA
Ignacio SA - 5 månader sedan
This looks like a great movie. Said nobody, never.
GAME ON YOU GAMERS! - 5 månader sedan
Better watch this hidden gems. thanks me later.
J Rob Woo
J Rob Woo - 5 månader sedan
Finally something original from Hollywood!
Big Gamer29
Big Gamer29 - 5 månader sedan
Eh! Nooo.. God the acting was horrible and the trailer even worse.
Big time pass on this movie. No way in hell i'll ever watch this peace of crap.

Hollywood is running that idea well dry:(
Iván Chavarre
Iván Chavarre - 3 månader sedan
I think asians are handling this idea pretty fine in their recent movies
Hina Imtiaz
Hina Imtiaz - 5 månader sedan
It's awful
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown - 5 månader sedan
Why the fuck did YOUTUBE decide that this SHITTY TRAILER was worth alerting me to?
christopher langston
christopher langston - 5 månader sedan
Who green lit this piece of shit?
Honey Badger 11 Bravo
Honey Badger 11 Bravo - 5 månader sedan
The hell with good acting! Refreshing to just get drunk and enjoy movies like this😃😀😄 THE ACTRESSES ARE HOT!!!!!😍😎🤓🤩🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻🎥
Dirk Bremer
Dirk Bremer - 5 månader sedan
It was so bad that it has to be good.
Lifeissobeautiful1 - 5 månader sedan
comedy movie? I doubt.
Kevin Callaway
Kevin Callaway - 5 månader sedan
Worn out story and the trailer does nothing to make it new fresh or appealing.
Romeo Jr.
Romeo Jr. - 5 månader sedan
I don't know if I should hate this or not.
SquirrelKnight - 5 månader sedan
Is this a joke Trailer or something?
The acting was painful to watch!
Did no one teach these "actors" how to emote?
kenuty - 5 månader sedan
I think its due to more of the sound editing.
SquirrelKnight - 5 månader sedan
I suppose
Cirilla Lestrange
Cirilla Lestrange - 5 månader sedan
SquirrelKnight Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions i guess.
SquirrelKnight - 5 månader sedan
@Cirilla Lestrange except for the fun part I pressume? Bad acting is only in the rarest of cases fun, and that ain't it chief... Most of the time bad acting is just, well bad.
Cirilla Lestrange
Cirilla Lestrange - 5 månader sedan
That’s the whole aesthetic . Low budget fun. In an era of mult-billion dollar films and amazing acting. It’s nice to just have a fun, stupid movie every now and then.