Zlatan Scores AMAZING Bicycle Kick GOAL

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Anel Ibrahimovic
Anel Ibrahimovic - Dag sedan
Selam za mog rodjaka puno bi zeleo da ha licno upoznam
Ricardo Anderson Silva Araujo Araujo
Quem e pele e Neymar
fran demon
fran demon - Dag sedan
Ethio must
Ethio must - Dag sedan
Such goals should named Zlatan style! Not by bicycle kick or no something else
The Ninja boy
The Ninja boy - 2 dagar sedan
Zlatan its best
ツDfrNT - 2 dagar sedan
Zlatan shouldn't be worthy to weild Mjolnir. *Mjolnir should*
Ben B
Ben B - 2 dagar sedan
Chamberlain Achilihu
Chamberlain Achilihu - 2 dagar sedan
Bicycle kick that shake the world sports
Bean Machine
Bean Machine - 2 dagar sedan
Zlatan is the reason Waldo is hiding
ZELD mayer
ZELD mayer - 2 dagar sedan
Zlatan's mother didn't gave birth to him... Zlatan gave birth to his mother.
Tolga 1990
Tolga 1990 - 3 dagar sedan
rokok surya
rokok surya - 3 dagar sedan
Zlatan doesn't catch Pokemon,
But Pokemon catch Zlatan
MrFelixify - 3 dagar sedan
He can't just do normal goals, to boring. :) As Kamara wold say, Zlatan doing Zlatan things :)
TejaY Temuujin
TejaY Temuujin - 4 dagar sedan
Mess and ronaldo might be the gods and kings of football but zlatan is the boss of football
Good Day
Good Day - 5 dagar sedan
Its almost as if Zlatan is playing with bunch of Kindergarten kids in MLS 😄
Jimmy Life
Jimmy Life - 5 dagar sedan
The goalkeeper is so lucky i wish i was him
Za Ck
Za Ck - 5 dagar sedan
The best ibra😍👍👌
Enrique Espinosa
Enrique Espinosa - 6 dagar sedan
He or the team or other team or another player trying to be along the number one or two or three outstanding player of the earlier year first's month's or two seasons to be the player of the year so far!
liliu Xavier de souza
liliu Xavier de souza - 6 dagar sedan
2stroke mx classics
2stroke mx classics - 6 dagar sedan
At school zlatan didnt have to raise his hands to speak the teachers had to raise there hands
Cristhian TL TL
Cristhian TL TL - 6 dagar sedan
Zlatan,messi y cr7 cracks de cracks
Dr J P
Dr J P - 7 dagar sedan
When Zlatan scored a Bicycle kick against England he forced them to Brexit 😂😂😂
Spiritus Scelus
Spiritus Scelus - 7 dagar sedan
he just shooted it with his toes
Fabian Undurraga
Fabian Undurraga - 7 dagar sedan
Footie Quiz
Footie Quiz - 7 dagar sedan
MLS fans, how well do you know your European football, try my quiz, test yourself
The Sprawl
The Sprawl - 8 dagar sedan
He's faintly ridiculous.
Legamerfou004 - 8 dagar sedan
Elcin Məmmədov
Elcin Məmmədov - 8 dagar sedan
Baba yapıyor 🇹🇷🇦🇿
Matteo Kovac
Matteo Kovac - 8 dagar sedan
This was like a week ago.. Why so late?
Nidal - 8 dagar sedan
One day Zlatan missed two days in a row in the school. Later on, these days were called Saturday and Sunday
Mario Fym
Mario Fym - 9 dagar sedan
Thánh siêu phẩm
Raeyn - 9 dagar sedan
Relax it with the AMAZING.
slim 2060
slim 2060 - 9 dagar sedan
Genesis 1.1
In the beginning Zlatan created the heaven and the earth
Liqu1d16 - 9 dagar sedan
Wow the bicycle kick did a Zlatan
Mara Andersson
Mara Andersson - 9 dagar sedan
Cyckel på köpet. (swedish people will understand this ) :P
Sorena Aghili
Sorena Aghili - 9 dagar sedan
King Zlatan
Mario G
Mario G - 9 dagar sedan
Zlatan never disappoints ❤️😍
I think
I think - 9 dagar sedan
That goal was lucky to be scored by zlatan
Daniele Play3r
Daniele Play3r - 9 dagar sedan
HEJ HEEEJ - 9 dagar sedan
Suedi gang were u at?
Geoffrey Okwemba
Geoffrey Okwemba - 9 dagar sedan
Wengêr be like; I almost signed zlatan, all the best Wenger...
MissMilly321 - 9 dagar sedan
Do they really have a pride net? omegalul....
Johnny - 9 dagar sedan
Who else?? I am Zlatan!!! 😎
Eliza Regina Pereira da Silva
Gerard Fitzgerald
Gerard Fitzgerald - 10 dagar sedan
Sw eeeeeeeet
Marcos Blanco
Marcos Blanco - 10 dagar sedan
i won't end my livestream until i hit 1000 subs!
ilhan h
ilhan h - 10 dagar sedan
His contracts must have '5 insane goals per season' clauses
Uno Macaron
Uno Macaron - 10 dagar sedan
So sad to see such talent get wasted in a shitty club like La galaxy, Zlatan deserves better.
Maciek Mleczko
Maciek Mleczko - 10 dagar sedan
Kto z polski?🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Sebastian Gaude
Sebastian Gaude - 10 dagar sedan
Är det några svenskar här
BV4G - 10 dagar sedan
*ZLATAN* , the king of the bicycle kick.
Balázs Malik
Balázs Malik - 10 dagar sedan
come back to barca!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B Swamp
B Swamp - 10 dagar sedan
whats with the nets though
Rodrigo Chec
Rodrigo Chec - 10 dagar sedan
Rodrigo Chec
Rodrigo Chec - 10 dagar sedan
Rodrigo Chec
Rodrigo Chec - 10 dagar sedan
F B - 10 dagar sedan
He'll soon be doing walker kicks
Jesus Illavel
Jesus Illavel - 10 dagar sedan
Zlatan was once pulled over by a cop for speeding, he let the cop go off with a warning
Nikolaj Nilsson
Nikolaj Nilsson - 10 dagar sedan
Zlatan, vår kung!
Vaa pell
Vaa pell - 10 dagar sedan
Aidan Johnson
Aidan Johnson - 10 dagar sedan
Seriously that defending is pathetic
Juan Sebastian Patiño
Juan Sebastian Patiño - 10 dagar sedan
un dia mas de zlatan en la oficina magistral como siempre
Björn Wenzin
Björn Wenzin - 10 dagar sedan
He could play until he is 40 if he wants. :)
I would love to see him play in europe again. It is not too late to win CL for him.
Go to PSG for free and magic can happen. A comeback to the big scene would be amazing.
siggi9400 - 10 dagar sedan
He is obviously he best bycycle kicker in the world
James is Sassy
James is Sassy - 10 dagar sedan
My favourite Zlatan quote?

“Let there be light”
Sreerag Ks
Sreerag Ks - 10 dagar sedan
Once Zlatan had to pee during a match so the referee stopped the game.
We now call it as half time.
Urspin Ivors
Urspin Ivors - 10 dagar sedan
Proud to be swedish
boy bad
boy bad - 10 dagar sedan
Tenho pena... cheio do dinheiro e burro
Lorenzo Ranieri
Lorenzo Ranieri - 10 dagar sedan
daryl dixon
daryl dixon - 10 dagar sedan
it is football populare in USA? i thought basketball and american football are the dominators
Breno Portugal
Breno Portugal - 10 dagar sedan
Merece bola de ouro ja era fã dese cara agora sou mais ainds vey
Alan Stewart
Alan Stewart - 11 dagar sedan
Zlatan must have a sore back carrying a galaxy
GOLOB PLAYSGamer - 11 dagar sedan
Pelle Ekelund
Pelle Ekelund - 11 dagar sedan
Zlatan behöver inte mål. Mål behöver Zlatan
Jag är svensk
Erika Aleksandra
Erika Aleksandra - 9 dagar sedan
Jag är finsk och vad du sade just nu var rolig. (Is this even right?)
Ibon Aranbarri
Ibon Aranbarri - 11 dagar sedan
I am zlatan
Solve Everything
Solve Everything - 11 dagar sedan
inhuman alien. he is too good for this sport.
Med Amine
Med Amine - 11 dagar sedan
This shoud be called the zlatan bicycle
Med Amine
Med Amine - 11 dagar sedan
I like barça but ibrahimoviç the best player in U.S.A
Franco Ortega
Franco Ortega - 11 dagar sedan
He protecc
He atacc
But most importantly

chris sdas
chris sdas - 11 dagar sedan
Wtf gay net?
mikeman2706 - 11 dagar sedan
Zlatan just zlataned a Zlatan.
Mestreno Djassi
Mestreno Djassi - 11 dagar sedan
Fodas o gajo sabe marcar o golo espetacular
Alan Gomes
Alan Gomes - 11 dagar sedan
Mais um pra colocação!
Mike mf Tython
Mike mf Tython - 11 dagar sedan
Gay nets
Chamberlain Achilihu
Chamberlain Achilihu - 11 dagar sedan
The world won"t stop talking about this bicycle kick period
max 21
max 21 - 11 dagar sedan
When ZLATAN left his parents house he told his dad
“Your the man of the house now”
tnductai - 11 dagar sedan
what if zlatan face van dijk?
Linhlam Nguyenthi
Linhlam Nguyenthi - 11 dagar sedan
Zlatan dont use bicycle kick
The bicycle kick need Zlatan
Amauri Tavares M.
Amauri Tavares M. - 11 dagar sedan
what a goal of the ibra, had not yet seen that goal, surely this goal deserves Puskás!
Hitcism - 11 dagar sedan
That net with the lgbt agenda colors just killed the mood for me. Sports in US exist to heavy brainwash people, I can't enjoy this goal and american football, sorry.
Rangers 72
Rangers 72 - 11 dagar sedan
Damn Zlatan come back to Europe
Olisiano ' '/
Olisiano ' '/ - 11 dagar sedan
The best player ever!🇽🇰👐🇦🇱❤️️ZLATAN!
Tiki80 - 11 dagar sedan
Lol what an awful defense by the other team also the goal keeper looks like he was sleeping. Zlatan is swedens pride n he did well ONCE AGAIN.. but the blue guy right beside him was going in circles right before zlatan kicked the ball up
Unhold - 11 dagar sedan
World: What a Goal!
Bundesliga: What a Foul! The Leg is way too high, so dangerous!
krzysiek anonim
krzysiek anonim - 11 dagar sedan
Gay rainbow net...pathetic.
Hitcism - 11 dagar sedan
Yeah, America will ruin football.
Evan Z
Evan Z - 11 dagar sedan
That's the technique he learned from the stolen bicycle!
Zombies Killer
Zombies Killer - 11 dagar sedan
United:Can we get zlatan back?
KarlPåTak64 - 11 dagar sedan
We do love our bicycles here in Sweden
Chris - 11 dagar sedan
Better than Ronaldo’s