How This Flower Saved Me ( Babysitter Part 12 )

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F34RL355 - 2 timmar sedan
Signs: Foreshafowing or telling whats about to happen and I did not read that out of a dictionary!
Kira Pira
Kira Pira - 3 timmar sedan
I never used a tablet :(
But i am a good artist! :)
Zorin Kostovski
Zorin Kostovski - 5 timmar sedan
You dip
TheVistaWarrior - 5 timmar sedan
A sign is a universal thing that means something to you
FriPanz #
FriPanz # - 5 timmar sedan
Anyone know what that songs called
JDXD Delagrza
JDXD Delagrza - 6 timmar sedan
What happened
Chris Brouwer
Chris Brouwer - 8 timmar sedan
A sign from god
Chicken Rubber
Chicken Rubber - 9 timmar sedan
I NEED to know whats NEXT!🤯
Shote Pastor
Shote Pastor - 13 timmar sedan
Galaxy Pug
Galaxy Pug - 15 timmar sedan
Date your Grandma
Jairo Mendez
Jairo Mendez - 17 timmar sedan
You did the Right thing
Jairo Mendez
Jairo Mendez - 20 timmar sedan
You are a good granson
jaquil ray
jaquil ray - 21 timme sedan
When does part 13 come ouuuttt I love your channel btw Alex Clark
karen aguirre
karen aguirre - 22 timmar sedan
To stay at your grandma's birthday party
karen aguirre
karen aguirre - 22 timmar sedan
YES you did the right thing
karen aguirre
karen aguirre - 22 timmar sedan
Sighn's to me mean God is telling me something
Esteban Grijalva
Esteban Grijalva - Dag sedan
I Legit got an Ad when he said "Date your grandma" Im so dead rn holy crap
Garden LPS
Garden LPS - Dag sedan
Friends Season 6 Episode 1
DaDuckyDe - Dag sedan
your first name is my middle name.
DaDuckyDe - Dag sedan
you could've made a joke at 4:54 where your grandma mentions your sponsor
Gilberto Animation
Gilberto Animation - Dag sedan
Kick Me
Angel Rico
Angel Rico - Dag sedan
You did the right thing and you shouldn't miss your family members birthday
Amalia Meneses
Amalia Meneses - Dag sedan
Monster Monkey
Monster Monkey - Dag sedan
yes good chose
Felix Rattunde
Felix Rattunde - Dag sedan
Anthony Carlton
Anthony Carlton - Dag sedan
yes you did the right thing
The Nerd critic
The Nerd critic - Dag sedan
Stop leaving on a clif hanger just tell the full story soon please just end it now
Flor Medrano
Flor Medrano - Dag sedan
Braydan Playz
Braydan Playz - Dag sedan
More baby sitter story
Elias Bautista
Elias Bautista - Dag sedan
Yes you staying at your grandmas birthday was the right thing to do
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper - Dag sedan
Cursing now huh alex
ghazi askari
ghazi askari - Dag sedan
every body will die exept alex
Dawn Varro
Dawn Varro - 2 dagar sedan
They’re called subliminal signs
Max Power
Max Power - 2 dagar sedan
Alex Clark: Where do you think they s g-
pokemonbonnie44 54
pokemonbonnie44 54 - 2 dagar sedan
3:00 hahahahaha
Kamaria Pryce-Kesless
Kamaria Pryce-Kesless - 2 dagar sedan
If you want to

BTC Gaming
BTC Gaming - 2 dagar sedan
Please make a new episode!!!!
Who thinks so too!
ken hernanadez
ken hernanadez - 2 dagar sedan
You did the right thing to be in your grandmo birthday because familys are first and then firend
Messy Frenzy
Messy Frenzy - 2 dagar sedan
Your grandma is a joker 😭😂😂😂
Precious Intro's
Precious Intro's - 2 dagar sedan
alex this is my faforite series pls do it quiker pls
DaNiOvIdIu Mixt
DaNiOvIdIu Mixt - 2 dagar sedan
How I meet your babisitter
Caellum Kelly 09 Kelly 09
Caellum Kelly 09 Kelly 09 - 2 dagar sedan
I think you should have dumped her
Id. Droidtech
Id. Droidtech - 2 dagar sedan
Part 13 plz
Siti Nafisah
Siti Nafisah - 2 dagar sedan
I'm dying to know the ending 😂
Halligan Wickiser
Halligan Wickiser - 2 dagar sedan
*random ass add*
Me: bish what...
TikoNCynthia Tam
TikoNCynthia Tam - 2 dagar sedan
Why is there always Cliff hangers after each episode I'm curious what everybody thinks
yoenny the gamer
yoenny the gamer - 3 dagar sedan
3:05 Alabama hundred
Xinyan Xue
Xinyan Xue - 3 dagar sedan
Alex’s girlfriend is dating Darren’s older brother (Darren’s older brother is 86 dies of old age later that Saturday)
Maria Jan
Maria Jan - 3 dagar sedan
I remember watching ep1 years ago. ep2 wasn't out yet. Here I am in 2019, years later. THE SERIES STILL HASN'T FINISHED.
TocoCoco123 - 3 dagar sedan
I think it goes on a cliffhanger
Rianna.banananana - 3 dagar sedan
I think you did the right thing
JaZo - 3 dagar sedan
I just wanna see em bang
Dark Playz
Dark Playz - 3 dagar sedan
Wow she is yandere.....
Leudy Orozco
Leudy Orozco - 3 dagar sedan
Alex Clark you did the right thing if she wouldn't tell you something like that she doesn't deserve a flower or a man like you you did the right thing staying at your grandmother's house for her birthday and through the animation you can tell that she was very much very happy
Sam A sd
Sam A sd - 3 dagar sedan
blesivepeach95 - 3 dagar sedan
I think it's leading to you z your friend
Harry Boi
Harry Boi - 3 dagar sedan
Everybody dies
Snack_Pack 101
Snack_Pack 101 - 3 dagar sedan
“You know what will solve both problems, date your grandma”
norwegian Fish
norwegian Fish - 3 dagar sedan
i think you og on doctor phil
blesivepeach95 - 3 dagar sedan years later ep of dating my sitter
Fernado Lozano
Fernado Lozano - 3 dagar sedan
She is not a nice prsen she is a goldigger
het neus journaal
het neus journaal - 3 dagar sedan
the part with the music and the shoking news was doooppee💪♥️
Dark AssAssiNer
Dark AssAssiNer - 4 dagar sedan
Come on episode 13
golden dragon
golden dragon - 4 dagar sedan
noooo! not again it takes forever whyyyyyyy also lion king is now ruined
nuca gaxokidze
nuca gaxokidze - 4 dagar sedan
When will you anounce the winners???
Yessie Meni
Yessie Meni - 4 dagar sedan
You should do stories with or about your grandma
I like her 😊
Sean the best 1325
Sean the best 1325 - 4 dagar sedan
Alex you did good doing good thing Family Matters Most and grandmas are the best
Christian Perez
Christian Perez - 4 dagar sedan
One: you did the right thing. two: break up with her.
DAZE StarlightTea8
DAZE StarlightTea8 - 4 dagar sedan
Family before Love or stuff like that...!
profeszer lazarus
profeszer lazarus - 4 dagar sedan
Very smooth very classy stuff I'm learning A lot of moves from this series now if only I had the confidence or was 10 feet tall....
B10NIC BLAZE - 4 dagar sedan
I know many people might have already figured this out(spoiler warning I think)but the ex is the one who wrote the note and the babysitter thinks it was Alex who sent it.
John Peugh
John Peugh - 4 dagar sedan
no i dosent you went early and went to visit her so your the best grandson
Lestat 0815
Lestat 0815 - 4 dagar sedan
You did do the right thing
Cyber_EliteMo 123
Cyber_EliteMo 123 - 4 dagar sedan
Signs from God
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos - 4 dagar sedan
I don't even know if he's real but the Babysitter's brother is so cute
birbs sisters
birbs sisters - 4 dagar sedan
I might come! Im gonna be the girl who's freaking tall! But i can't wait to see you! Or maybe...
Emma F
Emma F - 4 dagar sedan
You know what I think is gonna happen? Confrontation either turns into huge fight or someone has a mental breakdown, and y'all break up.
Naturally Naught
Naturally Naught - 4 dagar sedan
Wes McCall
Wes McCall - 4 dagar sedan
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Why the cliff hanger again!!!
Immanuel Tan
Immanuel Tan - 4 dagar sedan
07:11 (oh hey) look in top right corner it says " This pee gag is a joke. If you submit a drawing like this you will not win"
CoiMachine - 4 dagar sedan
Every one is depressed
•Kewl Bleu•
•Kewl Bleu• - 4 dagar sedan
Watch out...

It's a flying Alex
•Kewl Bleu•
•Kewl Bleu• - 4 dagar sedan
Pam is ticked off XD
MIKE WILSON - 4 dagar sedan
Im a month late 😆
Intergalactic Studios
Intergalactic Studios - 4 dagar sedan
This is rated y 7, because the a word is child friendly
bryan duran
bryan duran - 4 dagar sedan
Yes u did the right thing
PoliJamoku 75241392Jc
PoliJamoku 75241392Jc - 4 dagar sedan
I'm surprised that you remember this so easily
Braeden Co
Braeden Co - 4 dagar sedan
Please just and it!
Building&Filming - 5 dagar sedan
8:12 DDE
Jann Daniel Dasal
Jann Daniel Dasal - 5 dagar sedan
My explanation of signs is "It is a guide towards a good life"
Naapuri ystävällinen Alkoholisti
3:04 wtf??!!
Candycane Girl
Candycane Girl - 5 dagar sedan
part 1096, i ate an apple | divorcing my babysitter
Fellisa Wolfy Gaming__125
Fellisa Wolfy Gaming__125 - 5 dagar sedan
Flower huh..?
jordan jackson
jordan jackson - 5 dagar sedan
Ok here you go
fortnite isschool
fortnite isschool - 5 dagar sedan
now im starting to think that this is made up. . .
its juan
its juan - 5 dagar sedan
It's seems like a ''on my block"ending
Gachalilly YT
Gachalilly YT - 5 dagar sedan
OK so this isn’t about the babysitter story but plot twist YOUR GIRLFRIEND RIGHT NOW IS THE GIRL WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THE ART SCHOOL BOOMMMM
BONNI YT - 5 dagar sedan
How many cliff hangers are in all this series
Kendall Alesandro Mata
Kendall Alesandro Mata - 5 dagar sedan
I hate u so much..... just tell the rest of the dam story alreadt pleaaasssee
Gustavo Porras
Gustavo Porras - 5 dagar sedan
Part 13