Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 3 dagar sedan
Galaxy Fold or Mate X?
chan chan
chan chan - Dag sedan
mate x
떡볶이 - Dag sedan
100% Fold
Magic XCarmeloPro
Magic XCarmeloPro - Dag sedan
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy - Dag sedan
Mate x
彼得鹿PeterLuu - Dag sedan
Unbox Therapy mate x!!
Rachel Lynn
Rachel Lynn - 38 minuter sedan
How would you make a case for this🧐
Cracker Studios
Cracker Studios - 39 minuter sedan
*Next samsung tear*
Joseph Lawhorn
Joseph Lawhorn - 40 minuter sedan
Oh man yeah such a great phone to bad they are break at the drop of a hat and cost nearly 2 grand
Vyknak - 41 minut sedan
How are they gonna make a case for this tho
Pranav Rathi
Pranav Rathi - 41 minut sedan
What you will do with these many folds.. Give a one here please.. 😌😌😌
Devilish - 42 minuter sedan
this is 5th on trending!
A Guy
A Guy - 43 minuter sedan
the only reason why i watched this video was because i am to poor to buy it in real life
Cerys Wills
Cerys Wills - 43 minuter sedan
what case would you have/use 😂
Leon-Serkan Capin
Leon-Serkan Capin - 43 minuter sedan
For Porn Perfect
Technical Hacking
Technical Hacking - 44 minuter sedan
2:06 he is trying to get rid of the flies😂😂😂😂
a.k.a unknown
a.k.a unknown - 44 minuter sedan
It's not a device for casuals, it's for long use and easy carry
J Smoove
J Smoove - 45 minuter sedan
2grand? I'm good on that ill buy a phone and a tablet separately.
JTXIII12 Gamimg
JTXIII12 Gamimg - 45 minuter sedan
Can I have one of those
Whinxie Dixie
Whinxie Dixie - 46 minuter sedan
I am honestly excited for this...
to become cheaper.. 🤑😔
Seriously though, this may solve my need of wanting a tablet or a phone depending on my viewing needs. 😉
Jesspatrick Paguel
Jesspatrick Paguel - 46 minuter sedan
So what would be the case like?😂
I Tuurtley don't even care
I Tuurtley don't even care - 46 minuter sedan
It’s expensive because Samsung wanted a reason to charge that much, they needed some weird feature, the foldable feature was the selling point.
Corey Newton
Corey Newton - 48 minuter sedan
2K is a nice vacation.
Matheus Henrique Albuquerque
Matheus Henrique Albuquerque - 49 minuter sedan
Yeah... You'll would pay 2k... In Brazil I would pay probably 6k more
AG Kussun
AG Kussun - 49 minuter sedan
Its gonna suck at games
CLXUDYGVNG ENT - 49 minuter sedan
Kinda looks trash
Kaci&robotdesfan! New phones on year
That's should cost $1500
Yandex Sigma
Yandex Sigma - 51 minut sedan
I see it
I like it
I want it
*checks price*
thank you next...
Alfie Ward
Alfie Ward - 52 minuter sedan
Seems alright as a tablet but will probs break within a week but as a phone it is fat, ugly and just nowhere near as good as a normal phone
Kelvin Guerrero
Kelvin Guerrero - 52 minuter sedan
How much did Samdung paid this fool?!
Riz - 54 minuter sedan
steve jobs is turning in his grave
Thomas Vinsen
Thomas Vinsen - 54 minuter sedan
Conner McGregor
Conner McGregor - 55 minuter sedan
This is an over-hyped product - my buddy had a phone like this that had an interesting hinge on it, allowing the phone to flip horizontally AND vertically.
Its already been done before, Samsung.
M,K .N
M,K .N - 55 minuter sedan
Samsung is always remorcble
Matteo - 56 minuter sedan
It’d be better if the smaller screen wasn’t that... small (?)
yasser aboamoud
yasser aboamoud - 57 minuter sedan
I think mate x has better design and less components
Hannah Tobias
Hannah Tobias - 57 minuter sedan
Me waiting for apple to make one too so I don’t have to buy samsung
DidarBeek - 57 minuter sedan
пусть тот читающий
получит 10000руб
лайк=быть популярным
Zuber Bunglawala
Zuber Bunglawala - 58 minuter sedan
If it had included a Note style stylus and apps, it would have been really appealing.
Loli Sock
Loli Sock - 58 minuter sedan
Ngl Apple took the L here
KD.K. Brawl Stars
KD.K. Brawl Stars - 59 minuter sedan
-Samsung Galaxy Fold-
Samsung Galaxy Shit
VladM - Timme sedan
we-ll laugh in the future about how thick this ''phone '' is....btw looks like crap already
1000 subscribers challenge
So you can't get a case for this
Yeshvi - Timme sedan
Is this real??
Daniel Neely ll
Daniel Neely ll - Timme sedan
2000 dollars to still get roasted for having green text messages and no iMessage games.
Mohammed Munadher
Mohammed Munadher - Timme sedan
He don’t care about the fold mark on the Samsung phone display, can’t wait to hear what is he going to say about the same thing on the foldable iPhone when released :)
xTha ProKiller
xTha ProKiller - Timme sedan
Am I weird if I say I don't like this thing at all...
ImGRIM - Timme sedan
Looks easy to break
Asianekro - Timme sedan
On 5th place on top trending!
Aastha Chaurasia
Aastha Chaurasia - Timme sedan
Ommmmggg! Wooow!💕💕💕Samsung !!! Wow
Emoji Lovers
Emoji Lovers - Timme sedan
Wow drop that and how many screen will u have to replace
Balizong - Timme sedan
What about cases for this thing??
Upside Tech Ph
Upside Tech Ph - Timme sedan
Nice review!
Metin #assiarmy
Metin #assiarmy - Timme sedan
4k setting!?
Piggeldy Pauli
Piggeldy Pauli - Timme sedan
Am I the only one thinking the phone's pretty shit? I mean what format is this?
Ayaz Bashir
Ayaz Bashir - Timme sedan
Marketing ?
Gaming4days - Timme sedan
I wonder how easy it is to break this thing in half
Darryl Maureal
Darryl Maureal - Timme sedan
Just give me one 😅😊
Louis Earle
Louis Earle - Timme sedan
Huawei p20 best phone💯😍😎
Sean Hayes
Sean Hayes - Timme sedan
View looks crap when folded in terms of display to screen size ratio so for a proper view of the app in use it has to be unfolded when you might not want to use it at the unfolded size at any given time due to practicality or whatever else. This would hold no appeal to me. Even if the view was fine in both ways. Either have a phone and tablet or get a phablet. Not bothered about being able to fold and have two sizes in one.
Sea Cat Boats
Sea Cat Boats - Timme sedan
All that technology and they couldn’t figure out that keyboard. God save this world we live in.
이동건 - Timme sedan
Leaving Blank
Leaving Blank - Timme sedan
One of those rare weird situations where Samsung can't really be blamed for charging two grand for such an ingenuitive device and yet the market will dictate such that it is far too unaffordable.
unlike Apple which charges you whatever the fuck they please.
This is truly game-changing but I could never shell out two Grand for something like that
Iman Ghannan
Iman Ghannan - Timme sedan
Imagine playing minecraft on that
Moonlightshadow910 - Timme sedan
why do people want these foldable phones so badly. like wtf. how can you protext your device when it folds. im sticking with the galexy s10 thank you very much. cant break it as easily.
God of Mix
God of Mix - Timme sedan
First time i Saw you smile of Joy like that. Amazing video
Pal D.
Pal D. - Timme sedan
ive never seen him so excited
Pal D.
Pal D. - Timme sedan
ive never seen him so excited
Marz Bar
Marz Bar - Timme sedan
Maybe next year...
Andrew Pan
Andrew Pan - Timme sedan
Samsung galaxy fold vs Huawei mate x please?!?!
chen nancy
chen nancy - Timme sedan
Dude Huawei already has this
Danielle Hijniakov
Danielle Hijniakov - Timme sedan
I am sorry but that is just stupid
I would just have my phone😶
Note fold im waiting
ii_Alive - Timme sedan
When people say android has looks bad.
Galaxy: *starts to be better than apple*
PlayRax RS
PlayRax RS - Timme sedan
Rat 1
Rat 1 - Timme sedan
Looks really good
Pars65124 Aydin
Pars65124 Aydin - Timme sedan
Can you please send that phone to me I have 5.6 million subscribers
BBS Supercars NI
BBS Supercars NI - Timme sedan
Samsung: *creates a folding phone*
Phone case makers: am I a joke to you?
SepticHP Gota
SepticHP Gota - Timme sedan
*Drops phone looks like it snapped In half*
Friend: ohhh shit did you break it?!
Me: nah watch this *picks phone up one half because I have an galaxy s9* oh shit...
Sina Bayat
Sina Bayat - Timme sedan
Dude. Can I have one????
Nosa Amer
Nosa Amer - Timme sedan
اكو عرب بالطياره😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
Andri SebastianZz
Andri SebastianZz - Timme sedan
huawei mate X very good
Sina Bayat
Sina Bayat - Timme sedan
Choose payment method: *Kidney*
Ted Ehioghae
Ted Ehioghae - Timme sedan
I watched a Spanish video about the Samsung fold and there is a Samsung case in the package.
An sionnach dearg
An sionnach dearg - Timme sedan
I'm gonna wait till huawei copy it and bing out a more affordable and durable option.
Sten - Timme sedan
Nice, but the thing costs almost 2k $
Fexon HD
Fexon HD - Timme sedan
dude, this thing is awesome
harshkhan shah
harshkhan shah - Timme sedan
galaxy fold but brake in one day 😀
jerry vitug
jerry vitug - Timme sedan
you have expensive folding phone I have cheap but powerful spec phone 😁
KTBxNightMar - Timme sedan
Are we able to trade up our s8+ s9+ s10+ for half price im curious :o
1000 subscribers without any videos
What if I remove the foil ?

- 2,000 $
Noob Kurt
Noob Kurt - Timme sedan
MrBeast get one plz
Big daddy’s Coming
Big daddy’s Coming - Timme sedan
Is fornite playable on that
Kamil Melaniuk
Kamil Melaniuk - Timme sedan
Piece of shit
BlockBuster3k000 Youtube
BlockBuster3k000 Youtube - Timme sedan
I like black one
Gizmo Alexi
Gizmo Alexi - Timme sedan
Apple: new version of the iPhone X.
Samsung: new foldable phones.
iPhone X: weird flex, but ok.
Unbox Therapy: we’ve never had foldable phones.
Flip phones: am I a joke to you? I was the first foldable phone.
iPhone X:weird flex, but ok.
Samsung fold: but you don’t have two screen modes.
iPhone X: weird flex, but ok.
Flip phones. I was here before you.
Samsung fold: I have touch screen.
iPhone X: weird flex, but I was first.
Unbox Therapy: reasons why the new IPhone X is better than the Samsung galaxy fold.
Samsung fold: am I a joke to you?
iPhone X: weird flex, but yes.
Samsung fold: *DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A GO AT ME?*
iPhone X: weird flex, but do you want me to crease you.
Flip phone: I will fold you the wrong way.
Samsung fold: I must commit cracked screen. *jumps off table and gets folded the wrong way.*
Flip phone: I was made before you.
iPhone X: can’t argue with that, I must commit cracked screen. *pulls out gun and aims it towards front camera.* *BANG*
Nokia: I was made first.
Flip phones: damn. *folds it self the wrong way*
Pay phones: I was made first.
Nokia: you got me there. *proceeds to commit sudoku*
EaZyxd - Timme sedan
It's bad actually
Christian Larsen
Christian Larsen - Timme sedan
So much for apple and innovation😂
Outlaw - Timme sedan
It's basically a Tele-Phone.
We've come full circle
Arie y.
Arie y. - Timme sedan
For that much money that phone better be able to go from phone to tablet to an old ass Honda civic
MiuTV Draw for kids
MiuTV Draw for kids - Timme sedan
I wish I have one
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira - Timme sedan
Samsung Is 💰😴
EvanBirdSlayerGG Daddy
EvanBirdSlayerGG Daddy - Timme sedan
I want the Samsung galaxy xs max
Hits me Up
Hits me Up - Timme sedan
Mostly apple workers use samsung
Cody Moorcroft
Cody Moorcroft - Timme sedan
This video made me switch to Samsung