Trump Wants To Rebrand His Trade War

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Baroness Bloodrayne
Baroness Bloodrayne - Dag sedan
1:07 They did not, in fact, say it again y'all. Unsubscribed.
Greg Giles
Greg Giles - 2 dagar sedan
tRump is correct, if Americans do not buy Chinese products, it will not cost Americans.
How about getting American Military uniforms made in America, start with your space force ones,
which is going to be lead by General Buck Rogers.
Kathy Vogel
Kathy Vogel - 6 dagar sedan
You will be in prison when that happens baby trump. Russia is not our friend.
Jacob Simon
Jacob Simon - 19 dagar sedan
Avengers: Infinity Negotiation:
Thanos, I've come to bargain!
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm - 21 dag sedan
heh infinity negotiations ... is that what you call the negotiations between isreal and pakistan about gaza strip... sorry bad joke both sides lovely people im sure
Miesha Cannaday-Briggs
Miesha Cannaday-Briggs - 21 dag sedan
FIRST of all..I did NOT know Steven Colbert can sing! WOW WHAT A VOICE and he was just teasing @4:25! And 2nd of all...yes the U.S. pays smh.
Common Sense
Common Sense - 23 dagar sedan
Lara - 23 dagar sedan
i do agree about the intellectual property issue though - don’t shoot me
xin chen
xin chen - 24 dagar sedan
Chinese makes only $1 on each pair of pants. Who is going to pay tarriffs
BLUE BERRY - 25 dagar sedan
Its funny, because there slapping tariffs on things no one gives a crap about!
Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom - 26 dagar sedan
At least James K Polk lowered tariffs while he was president....
Will Kuss
Will Kuss - 26 dagar sedan
Trump knows nothing about most things. Calls himself a genius, but he is anything but. Truth be known, many of the people trump knew in school were probably the ones he paid to do his school work. He might not have, but that's the bet i would put my money on. He always has been an ace on stupidj>
Will Kuss
Will Kuss - 26 dagar sedan
Call it what it is, an import tax, on the import, the company that imports it pays it as an increase in price and the importer has to cut their profit margin or pass the increase on to the consumer. That means we pay it. Damn liars.
Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia - 26 dagar sedan
Why isn't anyone trying to do trump like they did Kennedy smh why isn't there a marksman shooter after this scumbag !?
Tim Logan
Tim Logan - 27 dagar sedan
Love Stephen Colbert!
Qi Huna
Qi Huna - Månad sedan
*Why do people continue to cater to THE WORLD'S DUMBEST WANNABE COUNTRY LEADER....Donald Dumbass Trump???*
*All it takes is a sniper OR suicide bomber and everyone can move forward, they can just dump his body in the sewer!!*
Chris Milton
Chris Milton - Månad sedan
Stephen your People's Eyebrow iz da shit bruh. "The Rock" would be proud. P.S. The Taco Bell line made snot come out of my nose instantaneously! THAT'S COMEDY!!!!!!
Tom M
Tom M - Månad sedan
The prices at Walmart have gone update.
Lara de Riedmatten
Lara de Riedmatten - Månad sedan
Nooo trump is lying? Really? I did not expect that... 🙄😂
Maurice L' Abominable
Maurice L' Abominable - Månad sedan
Jesus was a tall, handsome White Man. He was a racist, did not like blacks and liked Jews even less. Google it !!!
Abomi Nable
Abomi Nable - Månad sedan
u got that right, broh
James Lynn
James Lynn - Månad sedan
Is there any credibility left for Poopbert the baby clown? The simple-minded "political analyst" is nothing more than a low-class buffoon making silly noises to find significance among the late night group-rhink zoombies.
ishibibinab Doel
ishibibinab Doel - Månad sedan
I just pay extra $1.53 for drive belt for my cubcadet
Jorge Natal
Jorge Natal - Månad sedan
Mueller 😇👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌😎✌
Lori Tracy
Lori Tracy - Månad sedan
So we pay the tariff/taxes, then we subsidize the farmers/Trump's base. Sounds like welfare to me. Sorry, I feel bad for y'all, but you brought it on yourselves by forcing this nutter on the rest of us. So don't be...what did Romney call it?...takers. You'll just have to pull yourselves up by your muddy boot straps. You didn't mind the pain when it was inflicted on others. Bon appetit!
MrPathorock - Månad sedan
Putin is laughing really hard.
stone aussie
stone aussie - Månad sedan
A genius host ever!
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin - Månad sedan
Do Trump supporters watch this show?
Sam Day
Sam Day - Månad sedan
He builds walls instead of bridges, trade war instead of opening trade, and instead of truth, justice and the American way, it’s lies, “witch hunts” and we’re all going to Hell!
Don ta
Don ta - Månad sedan
Let china take over the world and they all happy to migrate or refuge to china .. 😆
Uwak Yawa
Uwak Yawa - Månad sedan
Make America divide finally.
Senni Chan
Senni Chan - Månad sedan
Haha sadly it’s true about the summary part...
Jacob Edward
Jacob Edward - Månad sedan
Yo there's an ad for Wells Fargo offering friendly financial advice... GTFO
While I'm commenting, we do need a new trade deal with China but negotiated by someone defending the workers
Walt Schmidt
Walt Schmidt - Månad sedan
Colbert, if they gave this clown an enema there would be nothing left but a pair of shoes.
刘宇龙 - Månad sedan
D S - Månad sedan
Are Kimmel and Colbert related? They have many similarities.
Greg Davis
Greg Davis - Månad sedan
This is actually the only policy of Trump i agree with.
Tripwire - Månad sedan
It absolutely should have happened already. I just wish someone more capable was handling this delicate problem😅
kemzyacco - Månad sedan
I need that cover to turn into a real song..... Wow for some seconds of an intro
Gordon Welford
Gordon Welford - Månad sedan
Yeah, He Want's To Rebrand It A Trump War, The Whitehouse Will Be The TrumpHouse, The Mexico Border Wall, Well You Can Work It Out, Unless You Voted Trump I Guess.
Noises - Månad sedan
*quietly starts a patreon to force China to pay the tarrifs and gets right wingers to donate*
Fools and their money are so very easily parted. Why should that guy who crowdfunded the wall have all the yachts?
Zhang Sandy
Zhang Sandy - Månad sedan
Trump is doing a right thing, save the economy of the USA from being ripping off by China. You should ask why democrats did not do anything for the past decades
shinya1215 - Månad sedan
Rip off? then US should 1) hook your dollar back to your gold again, stop printing them like tissue paper and spend it like nothing. 2) realize every dollar you spent out, you actually get something back (labor/materials/products). It's called trade, not rip. You can lock your country and tax the import goods as you want but you do know there's something called FOB price for the seller right? They are not paying your import tax
Dahvon Colon
Dahvon Colon - Månad sedan
Damn dude you destroyed Trump on this. Great stuff just great 👌
Ann Valencia
Ann Valencia - Månad sedan
Give 15 billion dollars to farmers (which is the dreaded Socialism the Republicans cringe from) and give food to the poor. Who is paying for the. Collection, transportation, and distribution of all this produce? What a dumb 💩.....
ggg ttt
ggg ttt - Månad sedan
Amy Zhao
Amy Zhao - Månad sedan
Excuse me! My simple brain can not do such a complex math! One item is 10/dollar before; after 25% tariff increases, it could be 12.5 dollars or more obviously. How much more I have to pay? Would it possibly the item remain the same price?
If the US importers can easily import the product from other countries, why can’t they have done it years ago, only some clothing things do though. It is possible, Because these giant brands actually have their own factories in China. They earn double points and not tax to the federal government, cause the trade deficit even worse? Why the US companies don’t build their factories in US?
US monetary system is a double edged sword.
Tianyu Wan
Tianyu Wan - Månad sedan
To be honest , i would like to see trump win the 2020 election again , Because it will hurt china economic and technology for most 5 years ,but china will built their own high technology industry and found another supplier very soon , of cause USA will rebuilt their manufacturing again ,its good for both side, the situation will be both side hurt first then both side growing later .
But , in the long term , China will win , Because China will fill their last gap , the USA will just become a big industry country , The only game point is SPEED!!
who gonna finish their job first?? its a very simple question , you know the answer if you a reasonable people. PEACE!----- from china
Shirui Wang
Shirui Wang - Månad sedan
You know what I do believe the President Donald Trump is not quite good at math!haha!
Henry Brackens
Henry Brackens - Månad sedan
Trump's going to bankrupt us all!!
Citra - Månad sedan
Trump started trade war...choice wrong enemy...
Jing Wang
Jing Wang - Månad sedan
Jess got talent
muddy mudder
muddy mudder - Månad sedan
This cold beer guy is awesome