Trump Wants To Rebrand His Trade War

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Se ve súper jotito.
Me encanta.
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Due to historical factors, Taiwan's diplomacy is constrained by China.
The following website is a talk show of Taiwan,
illustrating the current difficulties of Taiwan's international diplomacy:
In the US-China trade war, Taiwanese companies will also be affected
because they are sandwiched between the USA and China.
For a map of the relationship between the USA, China and Taiwan, please refer to the following website:
fergal farrelly
fergal farrelly - 15 timmar sedan
Nevermind we want our industries back that Nixon gave to China and has built for 40 years. The eastern US and Canada is a shell of its former self. The east used to manufacture everything. We are flooded with machinists in the west looking for work doing anything and now no one has wotk because Alberta oil has been devestated along with it's people. Incuding me. Renewables will happen no matter what in the next 50 to 75 years. Right now we need pipelines for a strong economy to give energy companies a chance to invest in i ovation for the future. They are not oilcompanies they are energy companies and in the next 50 years if we keep them healthy today they will be our energy companies of tomorrow like suncor.
Jeremy Boulat
Jeremy Boulat - 20 timmar sedan
I don't like Trump. But free trade isn't good for workers. We need fair trade. Workers in China and America need to be protected and cherished. Paper pushers and bankers do not make an economy.
Kaz - 21 timme sedan
Is this a late night comedy show, or an indoctrination program, and a clown thinking he knows what he’s talking about?
Toots RR1
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nick benning
nick benning - 22 timmar sedan
You love your country? Go come to Holland. They are going to.., you
Lars Shaun Kvistgaard
Lars Shaun Kvistgaard - 22 timmar sedan
Okay Okay Ha Ha.
Lars Shaun Kvistgaard
Lars Shaun Kvistgaard - 22 timmar sedan
Wow Ha Ha.
Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw - 22 timmar sedan
You all are a bunch of ignorant morons. You are getting your info from a dumb comedian who puts the spin on things and leaves certain info out. I don't like any politician but Colbert is an idiot. If everyone here hates the president so bad and hates how he's running the country then why don't you leave. There's plenty of places to go that's better right? Well, go there and you won't have to worry about what happens here. Complaining like children does no one any good. All it does is create more division which is exactly what the government wants and if you can't see that, you are deaf, dumb, and blind. If you honestly believe things would be better under another Clinton administration you are completely brain washed, indoctrinated and can't think for yourselves and that's why you turn to this moron, so he can guide you along like little puppy dogs. Listen people, government as a whole is ruining our country no matter who is in charge. If you want to change things quit your damn whining, wake the hell up and think for yourself and maybe, just maybe you'll see the real truth. I pray for all of you
Pennyloafer - Dag sedan
Stephen Colbert: One of the great falsetto singers of all time.
biterk lancer
biterk lancer - Dag sedan
I'm Chinese, I support Trump's Tariff war against CCP. CCP gain hundreds of billions dollars trading with US, the money never go to Chinese people, CCP use it to torture people in Xinjiang&Tibet, crack down freedom, block free speech. You Americans are literally helping CCP do evil via buying Chinese cheap products.I don't blame you , bcz everyone care about themselves. But nobody can deprive me of supporting President Trump, for me it's not a tariff war, it's a real war against CCP.
You Americans are stupid regulation of import duties is the best thing Trump has done .
But for you guys hate for 1 person is more important than the well-being of your nation.
Make Assassination Great Again
the wannabe president even does not know the right words - besides anything else
US has totally turned into a laughingstock
sam ly
sam ly - Dag sedan
to bring company out of chína. or back to us.
sam ly
sam ly - Dag sedan
cobear what ever you are an ashole people like you amazing
Rock Hash
Rock Hash - Dag sedan
I don't think talk show hosts are talking about the biggest concern rn, the escalating tensions and possible war with Iran. They have the most influence over the people with their large combined audiences. I feel as if they could do more and at least address it before it does happen.
james Moore
james Moore - Dag sedan
Imagine Steven having to keep up this spiel for another 4 years 😂👌🤨🧂
Also, they all seem to forget the other "trade war" that was FORSURE gunna kill the economy, 2 years ago
The Arc
The Arc - Dag sedan
Stephen Colbert is a fully integrated demonic possession.
The Dude
The Dude - Dag sedan
The gay Kenyan doubled our national debt in 8 years! Did you libtards forget? Bush was a globalist POS too! Trump is battling our number one enemy in the world...China! Their government owns half of Hollywood and LA. Their government is complicit in producing Fentanyl and trafficking it into the US. Not to mention intellectual property theft and unfair trading! Quit drinking this hacks kool aid! He is paid to sell you out! MAGA
stock manipulation...DUDE
Mighty Ken
Mighty Ken - Dag sedan
This orange idiot doesn’t even have a clue what tariffs really mean
Randy Williams
Randy Williams - Dag sedan
In all fairness you need a master’s degree in economics finance to even half understand how these things work
happy fun ball
happy fun ball - 2 dagar sedan
Trade war is a phrase the left wing media loves to use. They're all in bed with the Chinese influencers, so they'll spin it to make the guy fighting for you look like the enemy. The U.S. (and the west) has been in an economic war with China for the last 20+ years. Our previous elected officials capitulated and took the money, just like all the pundits in the press and for that our middle class was gutted and the manufacturing jobs went to china along with a lot of the intellectual rights to proprietary technology. They're selling your jobs and your economic future to a communist regime running a mercantile economic system. It's also more than a bit evil that these people are so willing to put the bulk of the worlds manufacturing into a country that uses slave labor and has no environmental regulations to speak of.. It kind of shows you what they're really all about.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 2 dagar sedan
What Stephen Miller understands that maybe we don't? At that moment, when Miller says war on Iran, or kids in cages , Trump embraces it like a coke addict, then when the high wears off..... WHY he's erratic.
Wacky2 Optimus Prime
Wacky2 Optimus Prime - 2 dagar sedan
What the heck??? I thought y'll have expertise on pros and cons. Should I teaches you???
Cosmo Curieux
Cosmo Curieux - 2 dagar sedan
what is that horrible musid at the end of the video??????
matthew benard
matthew benard - 2 dagar sedan
HAHA non tariied Countrys. ROFL. Trump you set foot in Canada again, we will lock him up without trial indefinately. Sorry, we are not sorry.. Eat shit and die Trump, fur real Trump i want you dead.
matthew benard
matthew benard - 2 dagar sedan
Save the world, kill trump.
Blade Master Ra
Blade Master Ra - 2 dagar sedan
Bar-gin Best Bar-ginner?
Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin
Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin - 2 dagar sedan
Donald Trump, the Disgraceful Moron™ remains a disgrace and a moron believing that Americans aren't the ones paying for the tariffs. All the belief in the world doesn't change fiction into fact.
Compos Mentis
Compos Mentis - 2 dagar sedan
Ultimately it will come to this, Trump will have "Toupe'e".
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert - 2 dagar sedan
China tariffs
The first round of China tariffs already stifled U.S. exports
China is raising tariffs on $60 billion of US goods starting June 1
China tariffs: Walmart and Macy's warn trade war means higher ...
Section 301 China Tariff Updates | TTI, Inc.
Here's how hard the tariff fight could hit the economy ...
The US-China Trade War: A Timeline - China Briefing News
Kill So
Kill So - 2 dagar sedan
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker - 2 dagar sedan
Forget Big Oil and Big Pharma. Trump has now irritated Big Kink. (Sex dungeon franchise.)
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker - 2 dagar sedan
Trump: fine people on both sides
Kudlow. Yeah, okay. There are fines on people on both sides.
john k.
john k. - 2 dagar sedan
i thought you were gonna jail him? Mueller was coming? (Mueller came alright ...all overAdam Shiff's face) now democrats are complaining he's just another stupid president? ah liberal least he's got his own money & a real birth certificate. Barr is coming for your liberal heroes.......better throw in a hollywood queer or two so Hillary gets away.LOL
Tig Dogsbody
Tig Dogsbody - 2 dagar sedan
Is trump lying, saying China will pay for the tariffs or (more likely) does trump really think that the Chinese pay the cost of the tariffs?
Second Sight
Second Sight - 2 dagar sedan
Why do all the network late shows have white males as hosts but nobody talks about it?
Blatantly sexist and racist.
Colbert isnt even funny. He's a corporate boot licker.
Epic Wolves 125
Epic Wolves 125 - 2 dagar sedan
Anita Jerkin
Anita Jerkin - 2 dagar sedan
It's a war of attrition, there will be casualties, but we will prevail. Do you know how? Because of the ENORMOUS TRADE IMBALANCE between US and China. They can't tax us as much as we can tax them. In the end, their goods will be too expensive and will promotes US domestic production of the same goods for better prices and quality.
Think for yourselves.
Scat392 - 2 dagar sedan
Welcome to the Trump Comedy Hour. This show has nothing else to offer. Colbert has egg on his face today - yeah look at the stock market today Colbert.
Sweet Bananas!
Sweet Bananas! - 2 dagar sedan
The only reason Trump crafts a trade war is to manipulate the stock market. Shares goes down, they buy. Shares goes up they sell. Millions to his family and friends, the true winners. One tweet does it all. The more manic the more effect.
Max Jones
Max Jones - 2 dagar sedan
He doesn't have a clue ...Dow Dropped one day and rebounded the next day ....!!!!
Movieman30002 - 2 dagar sedan
Republicans started the great depression and the great recession. Yet they're still around trying to destroy us once and for all.
shaka mon
shaka mon - 2 dagar sedan
Just like the"WALL" ....... so full of💩💩Mr.DUMP go $%#% ur self , sad to be an American now days i can't wait till you leave office😢😢😢👊🖕👎
EloquentTroll - 2 dagar sedan
We have an administration that doesn't understand what a F***ing tariff is!
Ice Cube
Ice Cube - 3 dagar sedan
Mexico pays for the wall and China pays for the tariff. Trump just collects money money lol
An COL - 3 dagar sedan
Hey Stupid, it's three days later and the Stock Market has completely recovered that entire loss so will we be seeing your "stock expert" on a rocket shooting skyward? Almost forgot, you never comment on good market market news.
An COL - 3 dagar sedan
Hey Stupid, it's three days later and the stock market has recovered all the losses from that day. Will we be seeing a another monologue with your "market expert" shooting up on a rocket? I almost forgot, you don't comment on good market news.
Maliceah - 3 dagar sedan
Trump's not far off from thinking he's going to have a second term. The Democrats are going overboard and their going to spread their base too thin. There's currently, what 22 and counting candidates? Stop the madness.
小明爱潜水 - 3 dagar sedan
This show is BGYed by the CCP, which is why last year, they let a Chinese talk show host, Joe wang, who works in Chinese government, talk in this show and laugh at your president. that Joe Wang is obviously appointed by the CCP. So wake up Americans, read the Bible, stop feeding the beast!
S. E. Hebert
S. E. Hebert - 3 dagar sedan
Traitor Trump lives in hyperbole. His plan for farmers is ONES of Billions of $$.. Pls don't show his pic anymore; it's nauseating.
Ad Summus
Ad Summus - 3 dagar sedan
Trump is a champion, and his critics, opponents and enemies are envious dogs barking outside the carriage: They will be back!
8alot4t - 3 dagar sedan
Trump has done more whinging and winceing than winning. He must have gotten through so many boxes of tissues as he watches the news reports than any healthy young man does on a night in alone with spanky!
Michael L
Michael L - 3 dagar sedan
Trump will bankrupt this country like he did with all of his businesses..
Raymond Figalora
Raymond Figalora - 3 dagar sedan
We have a 5 yr old pretend billionaire with ADD and the moral compass of a tv evangelist as President. Winning!!
Yusuf Güneş
Yusuf Güneş - 3 dagar sedan
"Trade War, Huh. What Is It Good For? I Am Really Asking, Say It Again Y'all" - this is awesome!
Any one who knows the name of the original song?
Julian Lemmerich
Julian Lemmerich - 3 dagar sedan
The Trade War Theme is really catchy
Timi M
Timi M - 3 dagar sedan
6:25 Did Trump just write that he's gonna be spending money that the US won't receive?
Dumisani Tsotetsi
Dumisani Tsotetsi - 3 dagar sedan
So we are all going to ignore Stephen Colbert's soul step? I think Steve is in White face for real.
Aki Aqui
Aki Aqui - 3 dagar sedan
How dumb and despicable does one have to be to believe what Trump says? Unfathomable.
maridontable - 3 dagar sedan
Every day he's talking about Trump in the negative. You know what Letterman did? He made a bridge. You see someone you want to talk to but don't know how? "Hey, did you see Letterman last night?" - instant connection. Didn't matter what race, sex, religion, political beliefs, favorite sports team, favorite band, favorite color, NOTHING stopped that bridge from being made unless they didn't. Even then, it didn't hurt to try.

But this shill? Bridge destroyed. Ruining America one show at a time. You realize half of the country supports Trump right, you fearmongering shill? What a sick thing to have done to this great country. Go live in Europe Colbert. You don't deserve to be here because you don't even understand how good America is, and you're ruining it.
Bat Man
Bat Man - 3 dagar sedan
So how should tariffs work and why are they used and imposed at all, if in effect, the companies within the country imposing the. are paying? Well, basically, what a tariff does is make a country's own goods more competitive in comparison to, say, Chinese products. It works well for the US when it comes to importing luxury cars from Europe and vice versa, so the new tariffs on Chinese goods might actually have a desirable effect. That is, of course, so long as they are imposed on goods the US produces itself. One more thing about tariffs: On the long run, tariffs on a product might hurt your local economy, if, as it is the case with German or French cars, the companies within the country use their superior position created by the tariff and charge more for their products, helping them make more money within one country, but making them utterly uncompetitive when exporting to other countries.
Not trying to defend anything here, as I don't think, Trump knows, how an economy works, just saying that imposing a tariff during a trade war might not be as bad for your own economy as it is put out to be above. Then of course - why lead a trade war at all, when smart negotiation and way less temper might have been a wiser choice.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law - 3 dagar sedan
He's a Nebbish. Mnuchin.
Bob Buchko
Bob Buchko - 3 dagar sedan
It's a sad world we live in where we get more facts from nightly comedy programs than from cable "news" networks. Thanks Stephen!
healthdios - 3 dagar sedan
Thanks to Trump we keep on moaning. ....
However, it's frowned upon to say Feliz Navidad though
David Lee
David Lee - 3 dagar sedan
NPC's hundreds in 1 room
Catherine Kitty Kat
Catherine Kitty Kat - 3 dagar sedan
Looove Stephen Colbert!!! My happy time of the day is watching the show.
JP51ism - 3 dagar sedan
"Happy Birthday" riff at top ~ SC's May 13th! Best Wishes!
Brian Russel
Brian Russel - 3 dagar sedan
What's China and Americans have in common . They're both dealing with Trump's dumbasses . The trade wars cause inflation . Reagan did trade wars inflation . Farmer's will go broke and buissines supporting farming . Trade wars never do anything but hurt consumers and American business . So don't see anyone winning trade wars just hurting America. We have already lost bunch in this trade war . Will loose bunch of jobs in small bussiness . Sad thing is all sound good but no one ever comes out whole.
Michael Robert
Michael Robert - 3 dagar sedan
A 4-page summary or much longer? Doesn't even matter since Trump can't read.
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor - 3 dagar sedan
Colbert is like a human autocorrect. Very impressive! Do you know how to write an English Comp paper too? He should be a T.A.!
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor - 3 dagar sedan
Went up today dummie
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 3 dagar sedan
As a Californian, I approve of the use of our raisins in this monologue!
HorseMuse - 3 dagar sedan
Who the hell are these people standing behind tRump? Oops, did I dodo a typo...
Yoko Jacobson
Yoko Jacobson - 3 dagar sedan
Oh my GOSH, we're so going to pay for these tariffs!, everyone! and our poor farmers 😰.
Yoko Jacobson
Yoko Jacobson - 3 dagar sedan
When EVER I need a laugh, I remember my boy Stephen 😂😂
Bezad S
Bezad S - 3 dagar sedan
The only fake thing is Trump himself. Is there anything faker than this asshole?
Tamara Mcgill
Tamara Mcgill - 3 dagar sedan
Now I can't unsee the raisins!!! That was a good one!
Professor Liberal Avenger
Professor Liberal Avenger - 3 dagar sedan
How about Maga Maggot callind it "Tax Increases for workers of America while giving tax cuts for Maga Maggot's filthy rich cronies. Ending the trust fund baby tax is especially good for the Maggot Crime Family.
GR46404 - 3 dagar sedan
Look, if the price of Chinese goods in the US goes up because of Trump's tariff, then purchases of Chinese goods by the US should fall, making the Chinese lose something...unless there is no one to supply the demand EXCEPT China. So many of the companies here or in other countries that used to make things that are now made in China have gone out of business, this may be the case. So yes, the burden of these tariffs may be entirely born by US consumers. It will be like a national sales tax on consumer goods, which is a method of funding the government the Republican Party has always favored at the state level, because it falls much more heavily on the poor and middle class than on the rich. Now they can get it at the Federal level, a thing they proposed back around 1932 but had to give up on the for the last 85 years...until Trump.
Professor Liberal Avenger
Professor Liberal Avenger - 3 dagar sedan
That or it will cost Americans money due to Trump's tax increases for the poor and middle class.
Robert Lindeman
Robert Lindeman - 3 dagar sedan
Trump is an idiot. MAGA!
Harry Hooligan
Harry Hooligan - 3 dagar sedan
It’s not his trade war, you idiot. China started the trade war long before Trump became president. The US had hundreds of Billions of dollars in trade deficits with China for years destroying our manufacturing base. Trump is fixing that to benefit all Americans. Even you. I can’t understand why you’re so damn ignorant.
Professor Liberal Avenger
Professor Liberal Avenger - 3 dagar sedan
Harry, you are still a lying idiot. +Harry Hooligan
Harry Hooligan
Harry Hooligan - 3 dagar sedan
Professor Liberal Avenger Professor? Of what ignorance? Apparently I know a lot more than you. And judging from the sophomoric level of your comment you have a lot of growing up to do. Perhaps you should you should spend more time researching facts and less time getting your news from late nite talk shows.
Professor Liberal Avenger
Professor Liberal Avenger - 3 dagar sedan
Harry, you know less than nothing, which means you must be a Maga Maggot cultist.
jo x
jo x - 3 dagar sedan
how are tariffs largely payed by china ? how can anybody be so stupid to believe that.
Mick West
Mick West - 3 dagar sedan
Sick of winning yet?
chilo31416 - 3 dagar sedan
Colbert really is pandering to the lowest IQ demographic. Everybody gets that he still butthurt over 2016 result but this misinformed tirade is super cringe worthy.
Alexander Burawa
Alexander Burawa - 3 dagar sedan
kudlow. Just low.
Liegh DeBose
Liegh DeBose - 3 dagar sedan
The holiday dungeon theme Christmas party planned for later this year has been postponed. We're making it pot luck bondage.
David Moore
David Moore - 3 dagar sedan
Colbert your still a MORON!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 3 dagar sedan
David Moore I bet he knows which your/you’re/yore to use! 🍊🍄💩
Professor Liberal Avenger
Professor Liberal Avenger - 3 dagar sedan
Yet he is MUCH smarter than you, David, and both The Professor and His Dog are smarter than Maga Maggot cultists.
J - 3 dagar sedan
can I substitute trump for a stable genius?
Marv Unowatitis
Marv Unowatitis - 3 dagar sedan
John looking slick
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 3 dagar sedan
Marv Unowatitis Jon’s a very natty dresser
bill hanna
bill hanna - 3 dagar sedan
Trump the BEST President Israel can buy.
Laura Ramirez
Laura Ramirez - 3 dagar sedan
Love Chris Wallace.....
Chris O'Donovan
Chris O'Donovan - 3 dagar sedan
Waitaminute ... Trump wants to make US citizens pay a tax on imported goods, then he's going to take the money and feed people in other countries? And he spends time bitching about socialism?
Buena Enriquez
Buena Enriquez - 3 dagar sedan
Trump don't know how to distinguish a good educations, he goes with the lowest mentality because he wants them to Boston him. OAC will kicked their butts.
Daniel Toillion
Daniel Toillion - 3 dagar sedan
This show used to make me laugh with jokes
Professor Liberal Avenger
Professor Liberal Avenger - 3 dagar sedan
Yeah, now good Americans laugh at what idiots the Maga Maggot cultists truly are.
Uma Chan
Uma Chan - 3 dagar sedan
Tariffs are taxes. Why can't Trump understand this?
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent - 3 dagar sedan
Professor Liberal Avenger Yes
Uma Chan
Uma Chan - 3 dagar sedan
+Professor Liberal Avenger I'd say a little from column A and a little from column B.
Professor Liberal Avenger
Professor Liberal Avenger - 3 dagar sedan
Is he stupid or evil. It's the old reagan question.
Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan - 3 dagar sedan
Trump doesnt know who pays the tariff...
You import, you pay and pass it onto your customers. So American buyers pay extra for goods from China