Apple Admits DEFEAT - WAN Show Mar 29, 2019

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Zachery McNamee
Zachery McNamee - Månad sedan
With my AirPods if they die i just use one at a time going back and fourth till they are both fully charged
Nicholas Valdivia
Nicholas Valdivia - Månad sedan
Well, looks like Alex is my spirit animal with that calculator watch. Hey, Alex . Let’s go on a date. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Nicholas Valdivia
Nicholas Valdivia - Månad sedan
But for realzz , 😍😍😍😍
Tom Chafey
Tom Chafey - Månad sedan
The Galaxy Watch is actually really good, are you SURE you don't like it linus!?
skooly - Månad sedan
Alex is so smart tht he looks at everything like its stupid
Pieas Asif
Pieas Asif - Månad sedan
Linus's hair doesn't stand a chance against Alex's hair
awesomeferret - Månad sedan
6:05 Dang, screencapturing in interlaced mode? #madlad
Hynek Borůvka
Hynek Borůvka - Månad sedan
Alex totally owns! :D
kuugeli - Månad sedan
the reason why people in floatplane are more friendly to LTT is that everyone there is a LTT fan. Youtube comments also include other people.
Gö Mi
Gö Mi - Månad sedan
Get a Hybrid Smart Watch! Fossil Q! You can Programme dedicated buttons to switch music and it shows the time- always!
Dirty Poul
Dirty Poul - Månad sedan
33:40 That was almost certainly not the local dealer, but rather the HQ. Ferrari is very serious about their brand and they have always been like that. It may not be as extreme anymore, but it sure was when good ol' Enzo was alive and kicking.
paddy bet
paddy bet - Månad sedan
I dont like apple but i was happy when they tryed to buy the stargate line to make as a apple original series an bring it back to air but sysf killed it
Rob Lignell
Rob Lignell - Månad sedan
you must drive certain Ferraris a certain amount or they take them back. They have you sign some sort of contract before buying them same with other high end cars or just high powered cars.
Stuff made by Apple Corp just works, who want's to wind up in Ole Sparky I don't think anyone would.
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR - 2 månader sedan
Anyone that thinks that calculator watches look cool has not valid opinion in fashion... they are pretty cool, though.
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips - 2 månader sedan
Don't be less critical, it's exactly what a critic should do, as long as it's objective criticism.
Andrew KVK
Andrew KVK - 2 månader sedan
iirc air power wanted to use a bunch of coils spread out so you could put the devices anywhere on the pad to have them charge, and that many coils wouldn't work out in the form factor they wanted.
Andrew KVK
Andrew KVK - 2 månader sedan
I've tried to buy that calculator watch a few times but the model I want is always sold out
Arhire Stefan
Arhire Stefan - 2 månader sedan
Do not stop the reviews. i do not fell like using a phone for a week and returning it. I'd much rather get a informed opinion covering all the details and determining what is important for my self.
Andrés Coronado
Andrés Coronado - 2 månader sedan
12:43, I actually thought that the video froze
Nicholas La Rosa
Nicholas La Rosa - 2 månader sedan
I think the watch is all about what era you were a kid. I was born in 82 so I think it looks cool.
Dan Bennett
Dan Bennett - 2 månader sedan
Eh? Nothing about PUBG's skins are intrusive or in your face. You don't even see anything about them unless you go on the store.
Are you confusing PUBG with another game? :-/. I'm confused.
basssq3 - 2 månader sedan
Linus rockin the new omnitrix
Xaero - 2 månader sedan
Air Power was only canceled because they Invented something that is better.
Fractured Raptor
Fractured Raptor - 2 månader sedan
I'd rather rely on tech reviewers than buy things to try them out. Why spend the money in the first place? If you drop it or damage it by accident you're pretty much S.O.L. Tech reviewers will always be important. Especially when it comes to computer hardware. Why risk your system over test driving a product that might have the potential to fry other things or destroy your hard drive?
V - 2 månader sedan
Apple is highly polarizing - those who have not been burned and those who have been roasted
Tim Jiang
Tim Jiang - 2 månader sedan
I feel like the main pros about the HP is its "x360" convertible style. I was in the market for a convertible and that machine was the best for my money. The omission of mentioning touch/pen support is kinda a big hit. Also the old model is so much cheaper and offers mostly the same stuff.
Ashutosh Pandey
Ashutosh Pandey - 2 månader sedan
So, is Luke really gone for ever?
Rice Barker
Rice Barker - 2 månader sedan
1:06:20 I cant disagree more
Brendan Fellows
Brendan Fellows - 2 månader sedan
The reason there are so many people working there is the same reason I am not a subscriber. Too many videos per week. I only subscribe to channels that upload at most two videos per week. You'se guys get to my recommend because I tend to watch the WAN show. I just want to sub to the wan show.
Asmosis Yup
Asmosis Yup - 2 månader sedan
I watched dozens of LLT, JZ2C and other ones when picking out hardware for new computer build, definitely need tech reviewers. It's what got me onto watching LTT in general.
Isa bin Marius
Isa bin Marius - 2 månader sedan
Linus, you need a game you can't win. Spaceflight Simulator. No win, unless you reach or exceed your own expectations. One once of DLC, expanding your options tremendously. Community contests. It is awesome. Forum at You'll get stuck in real good! Download the app at Play Store. I'm not trying to market this publicly, I'm really just offering you some good mobile gaming. A simple game with endless potential (as long as your phone can handle your creations...)
MMikael - 2 månader sedan
Return products is a pain in the ass. I don't get why people do it just for test. I want just to pay the right one.
cdreid9999 - 2 månader sedan
HOLY SHIT! I just realised Linus is an elf!
James Oldfield
James Oldfield - 2 månader sedan
"Are tech reviewers still relevant? You can just buy a phone, test it out, and return it."
Not if you're an exceptionally lazy person, no.
Pilotgeek - 2 månader sedan
wow luke lost weight
Ryzen 2990WX
Ryzen 2990WX - 2 månader sedan
I got like 6 hours of battery out of it wait *checks watch* oh yeah it's dead
Craig Cooper
Craig Cooper - 2 månader sedan
2 topics in 71 minutes? with incessant talking making up the difference? have my downvote.
Nairy Hutsack
Nairy Hutsack - 2 månader sedan
Linus has a booger hanging on his nose at 26 min. Lmao
Extrasy - 2 månader sedan
Got schooled by the calculator watch kid. XD
timke klinker
timke klinker - 2 månader sedan
@linustechtips i have the problem with my wireless headphones. I actually bought the DopplerLabs Here One and I actually really like them but i think my case has the same bug as yours. I open up the case and the indicator says the case is dead. But as soon as I plug them in, the indicator pops up and tells the power left in the battery which is kinda weird. Maybe try the same thing as i did. It is SOOO anoying
Al Paca
Al Paca - 2 månader sedan
With regards to the life of smart watches, I personally think 2 days should be minimum that way if you forget to charge it one night you are still good. They should also charge to 90% in less than 1 hour.
Matt Adams
Matt Adams - 2 månader sedan
The headphone battery thing (and wearable battery thing in general) is one reason I love AirPods' integration with iOS. It shows the case battery level on-screen when you open the case so you always know how long you've got before you need to charge.
Compared with my Bose SoundSport Free: the Bose sound better, their case battery indicator is garbage, they came out in 20 freaking 18 - why no USB-C?!?! With the battery case, if I go out of my way to half-press the button that opens the case, or open the case weird, I can see the battery indicator. If I open the case like a normal human being, I open the case and obscure the battery indicator with my thumb and by the time I remember "Oh, what was the battery level" the indicators have already cut off. Even worse, the Bose app can't even show the case battery level because the case turns off the buds' bluetooth. RAGE! And if you forget to plug the case in every ~4-6 days, even if you don't use the earbuds, it just leaks all its power away and you've got dead earbuds and battery case.
distrohopping junkymonkey
distrohopping junkymonkey - 2 månader sedan
Linus your little brother is correct, a calculator watch is way cooler than your ugly smart watch. Cooler yet is if he has a calculator watch with a custom pcb.
distrohopping junkymonkey
distrohopping junkymonkey - 2 månader sedan
What is that plastic thing on your wrist?! - Goblin King
John Buyer
John Buyer - 2 månader sedan
About watches lasting only a day or 2 - Like I do not shower with my watch, so if it is going to be charged in 10-15 minutes I wouldn't care.
Twisted Saint
Twisted Saint - 2 månader sedan
"its possible that we're just idiots"
Yes linus. That is exactly the issue. You're blaming the product for your bad planning. GG
Edit: Also don't you think we'd WANT to know the issues and why you don't like a product? You know, being a review channel and all... Such a dumb comment on the Galaxy Watch.
I have one. The 46mm LTE version. your issues with the Notifications are nonexistent. I honestly have zero Idea what you're talking about. Only thing I don't get notified about is Discord. And that's a discord issue because my phone doesn't even get them in general. As SOON as I get a twitter notification I feel it on my wrist and I lift it to see what it says and it automatically opens up. Music you CAN change without needing the touch screen. Its not a button but it is tactile. The bezel will let you change it. Yes it works with third party apps. I use Pi music on my phone and it works perfectly fine.
Nathaniel Elias
Nathaniel Elias - 2 månader sedan
ATMs are called ABMs in canada?
Sidharth Babu
Sidharth Babu - 2 månader sedan
The teen pregnancy thing just had me on the floor, here have a like
josh cooper
josh cooper - 2 månader sedan
OK what about benchmarking " Android'
The Armed Resistance
The Armed Resistance - 2 månader sedan
Introducing LUKE 2
Now with reduced thickness
josh cooper
josh cooper - 2 månader sedan
people at work use the watch to discretely check msgs in US
Rob Nicholson
Rob Nicholson - 2 månader sedan
Still wearing my original Pebble watch and it often vibrates *before* my phone. It's a real shame the company went under :-( The main problem I have these days is that I need glasses to read it...
Bryan Fast
Bryan Fast - 2 månader sedan
OMG that booger!!! 26:44
Kismet Games
Kismet Games - 2 månader sedan
good lord the number of people who don't know it's an Automated Banking Machine in chat replay...
naufalap - 2 månader sedan
maybe because it's called ATM in most parts of the world.
qermont - 2 månader sedan
Haha @ 33:55 when Alex starts to strip while Linus promotes their merch.
stealthwolf7771 - 2 månader sedan
Please don't be less critical.
Aron Stone
Aron Stone - 2 månader sedan
or do steal
firefox5926 - 2 månader sedan
27:12 well dear linus its called marketing ... and they're very good at it :)
firefox5926 - 2 månader sedan
2:23 have you tried winding it up ? or have you lost the key already ?
wondras - 2 månader sedan
If more than 30% think something is cool, it’s not cool anymore.
Matt Grimes
Matt Grimes - 2 månader sedan
Did Linus get a nose piercing or is that just a giant booger? 26:38
ARGM - 2 månader sedan
holy shit £270 for bluetooth earbuds?
Swiftiify - 2 månader sedan
Apple arcade is about games that are complete! And no pay to win models allowed. Which is why I am excited for it.
Jay LeRo
Jay LeRo - 2 månader sedan
Linus had a couple of drinks before this wan show.
Lothar Scholz
Lothar Scholz - 2 månader sedan
Apple canceled AirPower because they could not make it unrepairable for Louis.
Michael Cook
Michael Cook - 2 månader sedan
^ a video of what pretending to be an expert looks like, while talking to someone attempting to learn from someone, who pretends to be an expert, looks like
hiwire00 - 2 månader sedan
26:52 a booger falls out of Linus's nose
Ian Zainea
Ian Zainea - 2 månader sedan
Reminds me a lot of the Wove Band that never came to fruitiion
Alexis Boom
Alexis Boom - 2 månader sedan
Perhaps with it becoming slightly easier for consumers to see basic demonstrations of products and it becoming slightly easier for consumers to try and return products the role of the tech commentator should shift from product reviewer to industry commentator that sums up the health and progress of the industry taking into account it's outliers.
This way the overview is what's in focus all the time, especially in context of global tech development. Because the keyhole laser beam on products has been great, the various industry oligarchies need to be discussed.
George Lord
George Lord - 2 månader sedan
Online games want to move to mobile ie WoW/Runescape/LoL give them more scope for games
Lord Moriancumer
Lord Moriancumer - 2 månader sedan
29:00 I just turn off data when I play, that way no adds
Patrick Day
Patrick Day - 2 månader sedan
Is FloatPlane not a subscription service??
jon foreman
jon foreman - 2 månader sedan
It is, but its not required its really so you can support a creator.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 2 månader sedan
And At .21GigaWatts, If the Flux Generators, and Capacitors are at maximum and your are using it in a Vehicle, once that baby hits 88Mph,,,, "You're Going To See Some Serious SH!T"
Jonathan Jacobs
Jonathan Jacobs - 2 månader sedan
ерунда сэндвич
ерунда сэндвич - 2 månader sedan
Alex is much more attractive
Req - 2 månader sedan
20:45 " you are up against someone who really likes calculator watches who's telling you that your tech watch looks dumb!"
Love it! I love this guy!
Wayazaexa - 2 månader sedan
27:02 because sheeple get butthurt easily and have to defend apple at all cost so they don't look like idiots for buying bad overpriced products.
Nathan Gendotti
Nathan Gendotti - 2 månader sedan
that smart watch looks like an ankle monitor
Ryan Z
Ryan Z - 2 månader sedan
how much for the WASD picture in the back or where can I get one ?
freakfreak12345 - 2 månader sedan
Wanshow has been pretty choppy lately. There's a lot of glitches in the last several editions.
Ef Martin
Ef Martin - 2 månader sedan
we want to know about Ivan
WLQMPEK1 - 2 månader sedan
26:53 Watch Linus nose. - 2 månader sedan
Many hate apple because of their policies and incompatibility in general. - 2 månader sedan
Your info bar is overlapping with your hands, not ideal.
Joey Jiffy
Joey Jiffy - 2 månader sedan
No one tell skinny Luke that YouTube comments have dislike buttons
Fedor Forafonov
Fedor Forafonov - 2 månader sedan
Smart watches are stupid (they might be useful still but only for kids or elderly). Nothing come close to nice mechanical Swiss watch...
Fedor Forafonov
Fedor Forafonov - 2 månader sedan
Actually a disagree on your stance against cases reviews. I would like to see few from LTT. Primarily because Ithink that you would not praise all the "belongs" aka RGB lightning, TG panels, etc), but rather make a critical function al reviews (airflow, filters etc). Unfortunately most of case review sites are willingly or unwillingly but driving manufacturers to those "blings" mostly, which is really sad.
Actually could you do modern build in old aluminum Mac Pro tower case? That would be really cool (I still think it's one of the best cases (no air filtration) though...
Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones - 2 månader sedan
more size selection please!!! I am a big guy. x on all products please l. lije Dont be like Walmart!!x like 3X and 4X
Tom Lont
Tom Lont - 2 månader sedan
Linus, please terminate Floatplane. It wil fail.
vazzed - 2 månader sedan
I can't stand to watch Linus eps of the WAN...
Jacob Benden
Jacob Benden - 2 månader sedan
In what world is an 87% an A? That's a B, good sir.
Leggir - 2 månader sedan
How about a pipboy sized smart watch. Always on display with 6-month battery life.
Landon King
Landon King - 2 månader sedan
aw I like my Galaxy Watch
cXn John
cXn John - 2 månader sedan
stream is all over the stop today, dropped frames, seconds at a time some times, i think they need to work on their streaming machines or their network, i know they have been doing a lot of stuff recently with networking, maybe something isn't quite right. Its a little jarring knowing you have missed the point of an argument that was being made.
Tim Jennings
Tim Jennings - 2 månader sedan
bring back vote for turnip
Leon Kowarschick
Leon Kowarschick - 2 månader sedan
My ticwatch is actually faster than my phone with vibrations, it's nearly as fast as WhatsApp web. which is f**ing annoying.
First you get a *pleng* from WhatsApp web, then a *bzzb bzzb* from your watch ( you should really be able to make that a lot shorter) and then, a few seconds later, a loud noise from the phone.
Lawrence whittemore
Lawrence whittemore - 2 månader sedan
Displate is really cool. I have a couple. I have a Voltron one and Legend of Zelda one.
spyder racer
spyder racer - 2 månader sedan
I stopped the vijeo at 48:35 to make this comment about tech Reviewers - For me, Tech Reviews were in magazines and the arcticle would go into huge depth about the product. With the internet now, where everything is so much faster than 20 years ago. who reads magazines? Now the so called Tech Review is a little 10 paragraph arcticle by what used to be magazine (P?Magazine or similiar). Some new sites were born - such as Tom's Hardware, which use to give in depth tech reviews, but I think they are now owned by some conglomerate, that it seems like they do not go into depth as before - anyway, I find that I don't read them anymore - it seems like they are constantly pushing something on their site, like a sister site. I find that now I am spending my time watching stuff on YOUTUBE - such as LTT. Steve, and Jay, which seem to fulfill my PC desires. (However - has anyone done a vijeo about why different speeds and brands of memory make any difference?)
Janglenutter - 2 månader sedan
Good, fuck Apple.
Christian Kansichi
Christian Kansichi - 2 månader sedan
When you watching a soap and they change the actor who plays the character and try to wave it off like it's the same person.