Joe Rogan Experience #1278 - Kevin Hart

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Dan - 4 timmar sedan
That SAT talk got me in my feelings.. damn another legendary podcast for the books thanks
Taylor Bennett
Taylor Bennett - 4 timmar sedan
If I could ever do yoga with Joe Rogan, I'd be complete.
Taylor Bennett
Taylor Bennett - 4 timmar sedan
I can listen to Kevin Hart speak all day.
Logan Williams
Logan Williams - 6 timmar sedan
This is one of the first podcasts I've heard where Joe Rogan is not the most talkative in the room.
Jim Spinner
Jim Spinner - 6 timmar sedan
You know what guys... I'm gonna take my time to leave a positive comment, for absolutley no reason in particular!
Keep up the awesome content Joe! As for anyone else who happens to read this comment, I hope you have a wonderful day! Let's do our best to love and build each other up in attempts to combat the toxicity in this world! ❤
seamac206 - 8 timmar sedan
1:27:55 out of character but honest
YooISMel - 8 timmar sedan
J Goth
J Goth - 10 timmar sedan
He used the fucking blood code for Mortal Combat on the genesis for his SAT answers lmao
Jay Smith
Jay Smith - 10 timmar sedan
Dude at when they started talking about learning and it being cool I went through high School barely skating by but now that coach youth martial arts and I have been for the past couple years I realize the lives that I can impact and now it forces me to learn and to educate to impact their lives and to relate to them I'm 22 years old and I coach class of 35 kids plus learning is cool and it baffles my mind they are talking about this I love it man keep it up love it Joe. Never thought learning is Kool until it impacts you.
Parhaimmisto - 10 timmar sedan
Huge respect to Kevin Hart for showing the real world to his kids. I am sure the kids will be thankful for that later on in their lives.
open last
open last - 11 timmar sedan
For some reason, never thought this would happen. Great stuff Joe
Aserium - 11 timmar sedan
Think those sleep experts are full of shit, it's not a special genetic variant. I function at the same capacity on 5hrs that I would on 8 (If i was ever able to get 8)
Lee - 11 timmar sedan
I love how legends still reference Patrice Oneal. Still one of my favorite comedians ever. Ran into him when I was like a teenager back in the day
Alex Ghost
Alex Ghost - 12 timmar sedan
His biggest mistake was getting a Twitter account
From what I hear it's where the crazy ppl are
LeShaun Jenkins
LeShaun Jenkins - 13 timmar sedan
Dwayne Johnson (THE ROCK) please! Joe!!
ImRyuGa - 13 timmar sedan
1:16:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
alon rimon
alon rimon - 13 timmar sedan
Joe : here’s a funny comedy joke .... if my daughter came back saying she’s dating a black guy I’d be like no you don’t , I’d hate to have a grandson that is black !!!
Haha soooo funny! Almost as funny as Hart’s faggot jokes!
Kevin wasn’t a homophobe ... see , saying you don’t want your son to be a fag is “comedy”... soooo funny !
Richard Smith
Richard Smith - 13 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart a very wise man great show Joe
Kevin Geraldez
Kevin Geraldez - 13 timmar sedan
That was good!
Jake Bittner
Jake Bittner - 14 timmar sedan
No one: ...
Kevin Hart: POP-PIES
Haku 808x
Haku 808x - 14 timmar sedan
I died when he held up the phone 😂 11:55
Jessica Salazar
Jessica Salazar - 16 timmar sedan
Joe “mmmm” Rogan
Georgie Buckley
Georgie Buckley - 16 timmar sedan
talking about financial awareness.....Brilliant :-)
Minutes Of Wisdom
Minutes Of Wisdom - 16 timmar sedan
Not just a funny guy..but a great entrepreneur and salesman!
Milena Glynn
Milena Glynn - 16 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart is THE BEST. He is a MASTER!
Ryan Caddick
Ryan Caddick - 16 timmar sedan
He shouldn’t have apologized he should’ve bill burr’ed that shit
Timothy Chang
Timothy Chang - 17 timmar sedan
Such a normal person
Bryan Pridgen
Bryan Pridgen - 17 timmar sedan
Like how Joe says " the government could be listening to us right now". Yea all they would have to do is go on YouTube and listen to your live stream
Josh Gearhart
Josh Gearhart - 17 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart, surprisingly, appears to be very wise. Good cast.
Jared Pepper
Jared Pepper - 17 timmar sedan
Dude that segment Kevin did about his son not doing gay things when he was a three-year-old was super funny! People need to chill.
Keegan Wenberg
Keegan Wenberg - 17 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart for PRESIDENT!!!
Adam Wirdzek
Adam Wirdzek - 18 timmar sedan
1:18 that namaste
Matthew Boshaw
Matthew Boshaw - 18 timmar sedan
Most Inspiring podcast I have heard in a long time!!!!
Pavel Sokov
Pavel Sokov - 18 timmar sedan
Kevin, I haven't had a chance to listen to your stand up yet, but from this podcast I can clearly see you are a zen master in mindset and focus. Very impressive. Would love to have a similar chat with you over tea because you are a very astute guy, as comedians tend to be
Hipnotic - 18 timmar sedan
I’ve always loved Kevin but I wasn’t aware how his thought process was. He became a bigger role model to me
Marathon Banks
Marathon Banks - 18 timmar sedan
Damn I love and miss Patrice O’Neal
Varant - 18 timmar sedan
damn ...Kev got philosophical ... i like it
tomvld - 19 timmar sedan
this is the most positive podcast i have ever seen. Great job Joe and Kevin!
Jake Rutherford
Jake Rutherford - 19 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart, you’re a beautiful person. Thank you for your gift of encouragement. I’m punisher and a challenger and I’ve been working to be a kinder person and you’re an added inspiration. Thank you.
William Ruff
William Ruff - 19 timmar sedan
Jim Carrey next!
PrettyFlyForAWifi - 20 timmar sedan
NEVER apologize for a joke. Because its a JOKE
randomstuff2016 - 20 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart is a white supremacist. Change my mind.
Mairead Donaghy
Mairead Donaghy - 20 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart doesn't have a portable charger in his car 🤔🤔🤔
theoisme - 21 timme sedan
nothing more depressing than all this positivity haha
Edy Puentes
Edy Puentes - 21 timme sedan
*My favoritie nick names for Hollywood, are **#Pedowood**, **#Hollyweird**, and **#Hellywood*
Edy Puentes
Edy Puentes - 20 timmar sedan
*#Inbreeding** **#incest** **#information*
Edy Puentes
Edy Puentes - 21 timme sedan
*Isn't that cute how the left just embraces satan and pedophiles. and incest proof **#Kyrasedgwick** are cousins and they're liberals. 😍😍😍*
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell - 21 timme sedan
Hart's right. 8-9 hours of sleep? Damn life is too short for that shit.
Mark Adrian
Mark Adrian - 21 timme sedan
from *what's said* beginning to what's said the end.
Darrel Gordon
Darrel Gordon - 22 timmar sedan
Kevin Hart is a fantastic guy. He speaks clearly and comes across well to explain issues.
I love the idea to focus on the good.
Keanu is another king therefore he must be a guest soon. Talk about MC's and he'll open up.
Rohan Ahir
Rohan Ahir - 23 timmar sedan
The end really hit home with my GCSEs this year. Thx Kevin ur inspirational
Liza Soler
Liza Soler - 23 timmar sedan
This was a great interview!
Erich Laufer
Erich Laufer - Dag sedan
This was one of the most boring podcasts I've listed to... love both these guys but damn Kevin Heart... dude turned this whole thing into a PSA..😪😪😴😴
Miguel Pinto
Miguel Pinto - Dag sedan
Fcuk Social Media...left Social Media and got my life back...
Varant - Dag sedan
for the life of one of those people that if i dont get 8-9 hours sleep it'll ruin my nose wont stop running....i cant focus...i tried...not working less sleep
Richard Geyer
Richard Geyer - Dag sedan
50cent on podcast, Joe!
Joel Vetsch
Joel Vetsch - Dag sedan
Phenomenal interview
he shoots save
he shoots save - Dag sedan
DangerousDan - Dag sedan
Such a nice guy, I've taken the same stance with my phone. I've begun to hate it, too invasive and detracts from reality
Henry Fjord
Henry Fjord - Dag sedan
Mars Lovejoy
Mars Lovejoy - Dag sedan
Thing is, celebrities used to be better than the average person. Now there are so many people who are considered celebrities that it has changed the respect level them. But a guy like Joe really should never be dissing the internet because he's only as big as he is because of it. I mean, he's a decent comedian but he has the representation online of someone who is truly great at it which he really isn't.
These celebrities are always bitching about the life they chose. All the idiots that run up on you are also the same ppl buying tickets and making it possible for you not to have to work the same shit jobs they do. Then they talk about you like dirt 😂. Man I just all these celebrities like prostitutes. Make me laugh or entertain me or I'm not with it. Just listening to JRE playing 2k like a real one. But had to say this because there are alot of real people with real problems that suck that shit up and don't bitch but these fucking celebrities are always bitching and crying. Geez. NYC.
Justin Eats
Justin Eats - Dag sedan
Man, Kevin Hart is so dope!
TWI5T3D_AG - Dag sedan
i love Kevin Hart my guys head looks small as hell in those headsets lol
giantfan Jack
giantfan Jack - Dag sedan
I got that gene too. I never need more than 4 or 5 hours sleep.
Mark Haskins
Mark Haskins - Dag sedan
for such a positive guy, kevin hart spent a lot of time complaining about people not being positive
_Hillbilly_ Hillbilly_
Damn Kevin is on another level. Nothin but positivity. The shit he did for his dad. Nothing but respect man!!!
TUFprofan - Dag sedan
amazing, wise and, uplifting words from Kevin Hart! WOW! great podcast
farrar101 - Dag sedan
I had a friend who would constantly do the do it again so he could Snapchat it and iam like bro it's gone the moments gone that's life
farrar101 - Dag sedan
+RJ Rambles he would ask me to re do something funny so he could Snapchat it
RJ Rambles
RJ Rambles - Dag sedan
farrar101 I reread this comment a dozen times and I still have no idea what your trying to say.
sajen23 - Dag sedan
Kevin shouldn't feel like that, I feel like that every day. I don't eat until im ready, etc … beauty of me is eat when your hungry, try not to eat shit, and keep somewhat of a routine for exercise, im not a body builder but im ok :)
Taskin - Dag sedan
Kevin "Neggetivitteyy" Hart.
Brandon diesel
Brandon diesel - Dag sedan
Mike Vallely please get him on!
FAT MONKAY - Dag sedan
Kevin is the shiiiet!! super funny dude
RudeBOY - Dag sedan
Key at 50:35 “I’m glad I didn’t have to go down that route” ... Nah Kev, there would be no route for you in the fight game
Kevin Hibbard
Kevin Hibbard - Dag sedan
All that positivity around the 37 min mark is good stuff.
Khum Dhan
Khum Dhan - Dag sedan
Why is it always rich people who say "all you gotta do is be positive"
Being positive aint paying my bills, or helping me get a better job.
sonicspeed18 - Dag sedan
Kevin: “I dont joke about politics, it’s divisive”
Joe: “Good for you” *dies a lil
Paul Merktinez
Paul Merktinez - Dag sedan
He can't do math.. "I don't need 8/9 hours, I just need 5" ... "sleep by 9:30/10, wake up at 5:30"
charlesadlam - 12 timmar sedan
He said he does 6-7 h, but can do fine with only 5.
Robin Coleman
Robin Coleman - Dag sedan
The huge money laundering operation know as Media Matters has now set the sights on Joes show saying he doesn’t have enough woman on . The left wants control to hell with the constitution tell hell with the fact that it’s his show he built it and he runs they don’t give a shit . Please don’t give into that nazi collaborator Soros and his leftist band of tyrants
Gamekingz0r1 - Dag sedan
Only knew him from hes comedies but damn this guy is a fucking legend!! Very knowledgeable 👌😀
darius belk
darius belk - Dag sedan
I'm here for Joe Budden
Inacio Fernandes
Inacio Fernandes - Dag sedan
Mark Preston
Mark Preston - Dag sedan
One of the best podcasts I've heard. Kevin is an amazing man and such an inspiration.
Dad Man
Dad Man - Dag sedan
Who/Whom should Joe have in to discuss the black hole photograph!?!?!?
J.Inks TV
J.Inks TV - Dag sedan
Yo my legs are strong because I was obese in middle school lol.
SavingGraceTV - Dag sedan
Kevin Hart speaking some truth, Infamy is the new currency of social media!
Chandin Himes
Chandin Himes - Dag sedan
I wanna see a longer podcast with Kevin Hart next time!
LinkinLooper - Dag sedan
It's called bait and switch Kevin, all our intelligence relied on a phone, then when it's stripped away...
Vbastard - Dag sedan
Hang on a min Kev... "you only wanna give that knowledge to black kids" .. You don't think there are poor white, hispanic, asian kids in the world.. I do notice this about u.. I like u, I really do, I watch all your movies, I wasn't fond of the last one with Nicole Kidman tho..anyway you're hilarious - but u say u don't make jokes or discriminate against ethnic groups.. are yoh aware white poeple are also an ethnic group? but u make alot of jokes taking the piss out of white people, and using the term white as if we're a lower class or not as cool... You've done it on your carpool, on what the fit, on this podcast and on stage... I guess you can't be racist or insulting to a white person in your head ?
Max Holt
Max Holt - Dag sedan
Kevin is such a fraud, can’t take him serious.
Repti_Gamer - Dag sedan
I have to say this podcast was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve never even watched any Kevin heart stand up. Never followed anything about him. But after this video I am truly a fan of him very real person. Awesome video
Tyson Kent
Tyson Kent - Dag sedan
I love how many views this podcast had and will be growing more but it seems to number up with how many followers Joe has on the pod💪🏻💪🏻 5.1mil
Tyson Kent
Tyson Kent - Dag sedan
TheBreakMonster - Dag sedan
AMAZING Podcast. Kevin and Joe are a gift to humanity.
o6uoq - Dag sedan
What a positive, inspiring man. I hope he continues the good fight. What a legend.
Witch King
Witch King - Dag sedan
Seems like a really nice and driven guy, and I like him as a character actor. But he’s like the bullshido of stand-up.
Shaun Victory
Shaun Victory - Dag sedan
I want to se 50 on here
Will B
Will B - Dag sedan
Kevin Hart:
Joe Rogan: mmmmmmm
Joseph Grant
Joseph Grant - Dag sedan
fuckin inspirational as shit
Teame love
Teame love - Dag sedan
I find Kevin Heart Annoying AF!!
Ljudmil Pashayanov
Ljudmil Pashayanov - Dag sedan
Amazing talk! Just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Lots of love to both of you
Kyle Starchild
Kyle Starchild - Dag sedan
Kevin hart is a great business man and actor somewhat but he hides behind being super positive so people won't and cant critique these horrible standups (In my opinion) he constantly puts out cause you'll literally get bashed and labeled a hater because how can you hate on Kevin "he's such a nice guy" like I need at least one interviewer to be honest about that at some point because they are mediocre at best it's just kiss his ass every interview can we get somebody to at least challenge him on some of this material he puts out 🤦🏿‍♂️
Jeffery Geller
Jeffery Geller - Dag sedan
Very inspiration and really made me think about myself. Thank you Joe and Kevin
theBarzeen - Dag sedan
I never would have expected such a great conversation from Kevin Hart since I've only known of him from his comedy. This was really fantastic.