I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong

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So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and here is the 5th installment - in which we went to a "fake" market in Hong Kong and bought head to toe fake designer outfits! The Ladies' Market in Hong Kong is famous for having a lot of counterfeit and knockoff clothing and accessories, from fashion "brands" like Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Off-White, Fendi, Supreme, Peppa Pig, and more! It was an ~interesting experience~, to say the least! What did you think of our fake market finds?
A huge thank you to Taylor for accompanying us to the market :)
You can check out the collab video we filmed for Taylor's channel here!
And you can check out Taylor's channel here!
You can check out Collin Abroadcast's channel for more Fake Market sprees! sezone.info/user/XsQlHGuoWqukC9vz-uonrg.html
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 2 månader sedan
HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong - what did you think of our final looks?? also, you can check out the video we filmed on taylor's channel here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHiQCctPOFA :) xoxo, saf
Henna swag
Henna swag - 3 dagar sedan
Where is this market in hongkong?? Plz tell me
Sofia The weird potato
Sofia The weird potato - 10 dagar sedan
ButterCup I’m 2 months late XD
Kate Thuya Draws
Kate Thuya Draws - 11 dagar sedan
I like star wart
Wajahat Shah
Wajahat Shah - 16 dagar sedan
Happy Sun Day
solar.eclipse - 19 dagar sedan
It's pretty, *fake*
Farzin Safavi
Farzin Safavi - 7 timmar sedan
You guys paid almost double for the stuff
PZ60 - 10 timmar sedan
Their is men slings..... WTF HONG KONG
May Balbalan Belisario
May Balbalan Belisario - 17 timmar sedan
gosh. thinking what is going on in hong kong..
Jio Rodriguez
Jio Rodriguez - Dag sedan
I don’t get how people can’t spend $100-200 for a Supreme shirt or Bape shirt 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m 18 working your average job and I can afford hype beast clothing 😂
Sophia Centeno
Sophia Centeno - Dag sedan
dang,, now i really want a bALeOHiAga
Halle Vickers
Halle Vickers - Dag sedan
Dang I would have gotten that birkin
Leah Nedercorn
Leah Nedercorn - Dag sedan
She showed SSSniperwolf!!
Aab7iy 5033
Aab7iy 5033 - Dag sedan
I gor Gucci backpack in Turkey for 20€
Realpandasarecute And precious
You did not get bras
Spill Tea
Spill Tea - 2 dagar sedan
Taylor:Whats a Murkin?

Her: A Pubic wig

Taylor: And I OoPppppppPpPppPp
its.cute.joana - 2 dagar sedan
u should go to the philippines ☺️
Riverdale HD
Riverdale HD - 2 dagar sedan
why do I feel like vsco girls go here for those bags
Nickyhasnolife - 2 dagar sedan
Where are the *fake balenciaga platform crocks* ?
TheGcicero - 2 dagar sedan
It would be awesome if you could do a Lee Reissue try on! Lee is making denim recreated from patterns from the 40s and 50s but only available online and it would be fun to see how they fit and what you think of them. Since when i think of recreating looks from different time periods, i immediately think of you. I would love to hear your thoughts on the denim and how they compare to modern cuts.
Nin Tanduke
Nin Tanduke - 2 dagar sedan
At first I thought you said ladies market at long cock. Sorry, God pls bless my mind.
Doraemon Universe
Doraemon Universe - 3 dagar sedan
What a cutee 😘 she is ❤️
Camille Marie Derla- Libre
Camille Marie Derla- Libre - 3 dagar sedan
I was 12 years old on my first time in Hongkong.. went to Mongkok and scored myself a "Michael Mouse" backpack. Took me a while to realize that. Imagine my shattered Disney dreams. 😣
Sage Lee
Sage Lee - 3 dagar sedan
taylor is so skinny legend & beautiful im so jealous
Emmylou Valenzuela
Emmylou Valenzuela - 3 dagar sedan
In the thumbnail she looks like LAURENSEASIDE
Gacha Chimmy
Gacha Chimmy - 3 dagar sedan
16:56 you should’ve bought one of the fake Fjällraven Kånken backpacks (I probably didn’t spell the name of right), and compare them to the real ones.
p a u l i n a m x g
p a u l i n a m x g - 3 dagar sedan
Why does she keep popping up on my recommendations
Ashton ggs
Ashton ggs - 3 dagar sedan
😂 love the way she says ( AlRiGht )
Daziez Night
Daziez Night - 3 dagar sedan
Safiya my name is Auroara but with a extra A and for a minute when you said Aurora I was like “WHATTTTT”
Laaibah Gilani
Laaibah Gilani - 3 dagar sedan
He ate kero from cardcaptor sakura
Albesa Maliqi
Albesa Maliqi - 4 dagar sedan
Jun Jun Henry Balisi
Jun Jun Henry Balisi - 4 dagar sedan
2:36 JOLLIBEE if your filipino you will UNDERSTAND
Lorna Levi shoeswomen
Lorna Levi shoeswomen - 4 dagar sedan
wats wrong
Ryle Mortland
Ryle Mortland - 4 dagar sedan
Kimmy Does YouTube
Kimmy Does YouTube - 4 dagar sedan
Tyler reminds me of Kristoff and idk why.
Sksks Peppa
Sksks Peppa - 4 dagar sedan
Lila T-Z
Lila T-Z - 4 dagar sedan
I hope to God they put their clothes in the wash first
maufie - 4 dagar sedan
I need that McShit shirt 6:10
Sunshinegames25 _
Sunshinegames25 _ - 5 dagar sedan
Boobie juice
Jaw Ji
Jaw Ji - 5 dagar sedan
Please please please please do not support these stores in Hong Kong, they are usually owned by gangs from China and the money is used to fund people trafficking, drug smuggling and other triad activities. If the people working at the stall cannot speak good English then this is a big major warning sign.
Also taking replica goods out of the country is illegal, if customs catch you then you could face a big fine.
TMY DN VRN - 5 dagar sedan
Crazy Club
Crazy Club - 5 dagar sedan
Anthony Balbuena
Anthony Balbuena - 5 dagar sedan
I got a Gucci ad while watching the video
Dark Wolf7568
Dark Wolf7568 - 5 dagar sedan
*sWeAt AsIdE*
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga - 5 dagar sedan
Girls did you just put them on WITHOUT WASHING them before ?????? Do you know how many products are on clothes, and I don't even mention fake clothes that pass through laws ? You could have get your skin burned...