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Dessert lover? Try these 5 macaron recipes!
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Kayla Krum
Kayla Krum - 2 dagar sedan
How come when I make mine theyre so strong in almond flour taste but any of the ones ive tried, you cant taste the almond flour. It ruins the taste for me. Ive tried multiple flavors :(
Candice Hong
Candice Hong - 4 dagar sedan
Any substitute for almond flour?
Edo Dwi
Edo Dwi - 13 dagar sedan
I like it😍
Isma Jiro
Isma Jiro - 21 dag sedan
What do you mean by 1/4 cup ?
Jojo's Healthy Cooking
Jojo's Healthy Cooking - 24 dagar sedan
Thought macarons would be way harder to make but this seems doable
Simply Slimez
Simply Slimez - 25 dagar sedan
Did you mean 1 hour rest not one minute
reman alamoudi
reman alamoudi - 29 dagar sedan
Can I replace something with the almond flour
Kutay Çınar
Kutay Çınar - 27 dagar sedan
Hazelnuts flour or just crush hazelnuts a lot till its powdery, will have a bit bitter taste and it will be the turkish version, try to check "acı badem kurabiyesi" its turkish version of maccarons and it is literally invented bc maccarons are expensive :P and tbh they taste better
Not David
Not David - 29 dagar sedan
Oh geez! I 💜 Macarons! Gr8 video?! Best wishes from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🤗
TheLegendaryKale - Månad sedan
How do y'all keep the air in the egg whites if u stir so much 😂😂😂
LittleLibraryKoala - Månad sedan
Is there a substitute for almond flour for those who are allergic?
Belle Smith 12
Belle Smith 12 - Månad sedan
4:22 French oreos lol
Nekomura Chanzu
Nekomura Chanzu - Månad sedan
Why would they make 9 halves?
Andy Schaefer
Andy Schaefer - Månad sedan
The music sounds like something out of schitts creek
Chop Happy
Chop Happy - Månad sedan
I love macarons! I've never made them on my channel... but maybe I should
Ikirya Lane
Ikirya Lane - Månad sedan
Can y’all do different flavors? I swear I keep seeing the same 10-12 flavors reposted over and over again.
brynn livingston
brynn livingston - Månad sedan
Me: *SoooOo... WE'rE piPiNg bAtTeR iNto A PLaStiC baG wHicH wE wiLL PIpe tHe baTtEr oUt oF. woW*
fog viper
fog viper - Månad sedan
What is this music, link plz
Dragon _Desendent
Dragon _Desendent - Månad sedan
Love the music!
Uros Stankovic
Uros Stankovic - Månad sedan
What can be used instead of almond flour?
VanillaBee - Månad sedan
I think Sunflower flour could work. I found it in this video -> sezone.info/view/SlRxRWt1TExySDA.html
anastasia kokkoni
anastasia kokkoni - Månad sedan
아빠 한접시
아빠 한접시 - Månad sedan
My daughter's favorite Macaron!
I'll have to try making it.
Eva Lu
Eva Lu - Månad sedan
For the last recipe it says rest for 1 minute instead of 30 minutes or 1 hour like the other ones. I’m wondering if that was a typo or you really should only rest them for 1 minute. Can someone help me?
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli - Månad sedan
Shade Bishi
Shade Bishi - Månad sedan
Rumaisa's Kitchen
Rumaisa's Kitchen - Månad sedan
Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️💝
Joeboc995 - Månad sedan
Kaya 123
Kaya 123 - Månad sedan
This channel has taught me so many things it is one of the best channels ever
delfina klein
delfina klein - Månad sedan
It really stresses me out they just add all the flour in one go instead of doing it gradually. I know its for time purposes but IT STRESSES ME O U T
Strawberry Munky
Strawberry Munky - Månad sedan
Why is my batter too thick to do the figure 8??
somebody stole my jams
somebody stole my jams - Månad sedan
but what do I do with the egg yolks?
Mewfhfyh Playz
Mewfhfyh Playz - Månad sedan
I’m starving now
bella0418 - Månad sedan
Have to try these!
Bert Byfield
Bert Byfield - Månad sedan
Are these anything like a macaroon cookie?
Julian Haw
Julian Haw - Månad sedan
99% of people are just watching this for fun and 1% of people is actually making this
Juanes Flores
Juanes Flores - Månad sedan
Avery Moses
Avery Moses - Månad sedan
Can we just say that this music be lit. 😂
Josh Cruz
Josh Cruz - Månad sedan
do you have to use almond flower? one of my family members is allergic
VanillaBee - Månad sedan
I found this recipe without almond flour and uses sunflower flour -> sezone.info/view/SlRxRWt1TExySDA.html
N0VAツ - Månad sedan
Who is here just to get hungry? me? okay.
T H A N K Y O U - Månad sedan
can someone try this and see which works the best HHAHA
Saira Riaz
Saira Riaz - Månad sedan
Can we use normal flour instead of almond flour in the batter ?
Isabelly Shelly
Isabelly Shelly - Månad sedan
I tried. They were flat and chewy, so no.
Irina Schustowa
Irina Schustowa - Månad sedan
Omg please change music at least 1 time in a video it’s so awful to hear a loop of 2 min music for the whole video
Carlos Geonzon
Carlos Geonzon - Månad sedan
More like 5 macaron recipes every youtuber already seen - recycle
Mr Sid
Mr Sid - Månad sedan
could you make a video about macrons that dont need almond flour? Im allergic and really want to try
VanillaBee - Månad sedan
Here’s a video I found that doesn’t use almond flour. sezone.info/view/SlRxRWt1TExySDA.html
VanillaBee - Månad sedan
I believe you can make it with regular flour. I can try to find a recipe without almond flour though.
Mayank Bansal
Mayank Bansal - Månad sedan
Hey!! It's great to see your video is working well.
Get it better by adding closed captions in English.
Contact me for the service via email on themayankbansal@gmail.com.
Thanks. ALL THE BEST. Keep Growing.
Zaniah Butler
Zaniah Butler - Månad sedan
I have no clue if it’s me or anybody else, but it’s always so hard not to fall a sleep while making these 😪. It’s just the satisfaction I can’t take this yummy ness! 😩🤤
Maryam Quazi
Maryam Quazi - Månad sedan
What the fudge are *macaroons?*

It's a macaron, doofus!
Kiwi Fries
Kiwi Fries - Månad sedan
It’s 1am and I have a very important call I need to make first thing in the morning
LIM SHU ZANNE - - Månad sedan
Watching them make it seems so easy. I feel like putting my arm through the computer screen I'm using right now and grab a macaroon from the plate for myself since I'm too lazy to make one 😂.
Poonam smart kitchen
Poonam smart kitchen - Månad sedan
Very yummy 😋
Shivani Chhaya
Shivani Chhaya - Månad sedan
Does anyone know any ingredients to substitute for the almond flour? I’m allergic 😐
Fresh Food
Fresh Food - Månad sedan
* I've cooked this, your recipe is amazing *
Macy Wu
Macy Wu - Månad sedan
the background music was uNbEaRaBly aNnOyIng
no one:
bgm:*trumpet* *BRRRR BRRRRRR*
Itz_mini mint cream
Itz_mini mint cream - Månad sedan
Umm hello can you please respond to this comment?

What can I substitute almond flour with?
VanillaBee - Månad sedan
You can substitute it with sunflower flour. sezone.info/view/SlRxRWt1TExySDA.html
Sarah Lovill
Sarah Lovill - Månad sedan
Yes I was wondering what it is/ what it's purpose.. I thought about trying to make them Please no hate, I already feel dumb for asking lol
Francie Leigh
Francie Leigh - Månad sedan
Hey um, I had a tasty ad right before watching a tasty video. Am I crazy, or is it a coincidence? Like if I'm crazy, comment if coincidence.
sofia albertz ramirez
sofia albertz ramirez - Månad sedan
Macarons only use almond flour
sofia albertz ramirez
sofia albertz ramirez - Månad sedan
@Sarah Lovill shit, wrong response. To answer your question is because macarons are a lil pain in the booty to make. Also it's the only way it works
Sarah Lovill
Sarah Lovill - Månad sedan
@sofia albertz ramirez What?
Sarah Lovill
Sarah Lovill - Månad sedan
Why is that? Im just wondering
Liam O'Connell
Liam O'Connell - Månad sedan
Who else watches these videos just for the music?
Sparky393 - Månad sedan
ItS PoKeMoN ReFrEnCe
saria ariana grande
saria ariana grande - Månad sedan
I already seen all of these before.....😩
Othello Dixon
Othello Dixon - Månad sedan
TheBlackCubeGaming - Månad sedan
Every attempt at making cookies I get like a doughy flour sugar flat bread 😭 What am I doing so wrong