Frozen 2 Official Trailer

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Cat .M
Cat .M - 17 minuter sedan
Getting be more dramatic and serious.🤔
Chloe Brandt
Chloe Brandt - 18 minuter sedan
There is a rumor that Elsa will be lesbian
Jack Howard
Jack Howard - 18 minuter sedan
Woot, Elsa is getting more OP!
Rafi Aulia
Rafi Aulia - 21 minut sedan
The song is make me scared
Xza Sounds
Xza Sounds - 22 minuter sedan
Does this movie support RTX ?
Collided Worlds
Collided Worlds - 22 minuter sedan
Elsa: okay we need to go into this forest that has a lot of dangerous stuff
Anna: who should we bring
Elsa: you, definitely krissoff, Sven, but most importantly OLAF
Anna: why Olaf
The writers of the film come into the conversation
Writer: comedy
Elsa: but he's most likely not gonna do anything
writer: comedy
Elsa: fine. You're the boss
Writer: no, we are writing every single word every single person is saying
XIUGirl - 23 minuter sedan
Can't imagine how the story will go.....
Looking forward!!
Raneem Mohamad
Raneem Mohamad - 23 minuter sedan
This is amazing😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮🤤🤤🤤
Aditi Upadhyay
Aditi Upadhyay - 23 minuter sedan
Effie Dem
Effie Dem - 23 minuter sedan
Matpat was right about the giants...
Jiyeen2 - 33 minuter sedan
Todoroki's mother in Frozen 2.
Like if you watch My Hero Academia
Wolfie Haniya
Wolfie Haniya - 35 minuter sedan
When is it coming??
Josh Leach
Josh Leach - 38 minuter sedan
I keep coming back for the trailer music 👌
CaptainsunDevil MC-2
CaptainsunDevil MC-2 - 41 minut sedan
No, just no, I'll go back to the gulag, anything but this!
aytaconli - 41 minut sedan
H S - 45 minuter sedan
I still don’t know whats it’s about
Gym Crafty
Gym Crafty - 45 minuter sedan
Haha theories! The diamonds were Elsa’s powers, not Anna! And if they knew Elsas powers were too strong for her, WHY TELL WHEN SHES LOSING CONTROL?! they were like you know will just keep it to ourselves until she loses control RIGHT?!
Elsa: Am i a joke to you?
Crocadilly - 54 minuter sedan
I guess I'll just let this one go..
Crocadilly - 55 minuter sedan
Time to let it go again
Swagata Kar
Swagata Kar - 55 minuter sedan
Ellie hh
Ellie hh - 56 minuter sedan
It’s about time y’all I’ve been waiting since 2015 for this ish😂
Riana Burce
Riana Burce - Timme sedan
my childhood is screaming
Riana Burce
Riana Burce - Timme sedan
i immediately hit like button
InkpenUmbreon - Timme sedan
*Ah s-it, here we go again*
Kenny Ackerman
Kenny Ackerman - Timme sedan
0:19 When you have Level 2 Frost Walker enchantment on your boots..
千チヒロ - Timme sedan
رز نجفی
رز نجفی - Timme sedan
Mush Kids
Mush Kids - Timme sedan
hope its as good as the first one
Karan Singh
Karan Singh - Timme sedan
It will be the best movie
If you agree plz like
FRISHR - Timme sedan
Is this Frozen or God of War?
Elle Shabo Chabog
Elle Shabo Chabog - Timme sedan
Any youtuber here? Lets Hug our channel each other, Or anyone who loves to watch Trans Pageantry? I have those video. just visit me
FRISHR - Timme sedan
Aw yeah here comes new Rule 34 Elsa
AgonyUncle -Westoaks
AgonyUncle -Westoaks - Timme sedan
Elle Shabo Chabog
Elle Shabo Chabog - Timme sedan
I want to be part of this Movie, Please Head Director.
家小柳 - Timme sedan
lalal llalla
lalal llalla - Timme sedan
Ayeshs Rizwan
Ayeshs Rizwan - Timme sedan
Eagerly waiting 🙈🙈❤
phoenixx - Timme sedan
Prepare for the memes on the subreddits, prepare for the memes.
Myu CR
Myu CR - Timme sedan
this became to fantasical...
Iron wolf 2005
Iron wolf 2005 - Timme sedan
Elsa: I have found the truth
Anna: what did it cost
Elsa: everything
Anjelica Marie
Anjelica Marie - Timme sedan
Actually nobody:
Not one single soul:
the living rock: eLsAs pOwErS ArE tOo mUcH fOr tHis WoRld
Je Tarigan
Je Tarigan - Timme sedan
Aku harus sabar
Via Mendes
Via Mendes - Timme sedan
Lemme guess, their parents are still alive and they reunite with them at the end.
Sachin Dagur
Sachin Dagur - Timme sedan
This Fall
Put on a happy face.
(if you know what I mean)
Navjeet Kaur
Navjeet Kaur - Timme sedan
Elsa is my favourite
ambreen ahmed
ambreen ahmed - Timme sedan
Hope this fall will be incredible
md anika anika
md anika anika - Timme sedan
oh sweet elsa
Marael8425 - Timme sedan
to sum up the comments below:
Mayomi_ Ganer
Mayomi_ Ganer - Timme sedan
drschplatt - Timme sedan
I had enough trouble giving a shit about any of the dull, underdeveloped, pointless characters from the first poorly written boring Frozen movie. I'm not sure why anyone would give a shit about it the second time.
SEDRA AL HASAN - Timme sedan
I LOVE ELSSA انا احب السا And I love English language and I learn English language
harshini sridhar
harshini sridhar - Timme sedan
Wow waiting 😍
Abhilasa Dutta
Abhilasa Dutta - Timme sedan
Jack is not there in the trailer where is he
Jahwemars - Timme sedan
never cried because of a trailer before
Rose Gold Meteor
Rose Gold Meteor - 2 timmar sedan
I like batman
Robloxplaper qreen ququq
Robloxplaper qreen ququq - 2 timmar sedan
I love this video is cool
ترافه عشك
ترافه عشك - 2 timmar sedan
اكو عرب بلطياره😂😂😂
Micah Jazelle
Micah Jazelle - 2 timmar sedan
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - 2 timmar sedan
Them:FrOzEn 2

Me: ah shit here we go again
Ciara S
Ciara S - 2 timmar sedan
Is she gay tho
luca chann
luca chann - 2 timmar sedan
Why is Elsa and Anna so FREAKING GORGEOUS😍😍😍😍😍
_Akira_ - 2 timmar sedan
The animation is fantastic
Jaffar Zaidi Zaidi
Jaffar Zaidi Zaidi - 2 timmar sedan
Wuhu finally frozen 2 is coming can't wait😆🙋
Orly Villanueva
Orly Villanueva - 2 timmar sedan
Frozen 2 trailer looks a bit heavy for kids audience as compared to frozen original which is lighter, emotional but fun, and a lot of lessons to be learned. And where are the catchy songs the movie is known for?
Idha Lydiawaty
Idha Lydiawaty - 2 timmar sedan
Indo mana? Wk
lysterhine - 2 timmar sedan
Okay, I just love what they did. Elsa is now a superhero and everything is just epic. I can't wait!!
qwe qwe
qwe qwe - 2 timmar sedan
Elsa vs Moana now?
Shawn Stuart
Shawn Stuart - 2 timmar sedan
Architect Melchor Oderon
Architect Melchor Oderon - 2 timmar sedan
Hey, elsa u know if u dont want it at disney u are needed in avengers help them defaet thanos
Peerapong pratas ball 2019
Peerapong pratas ball 2019 - 2 timmar sedan
Sai Sumana Duttaluri
Sai Sumana Duttaluri - 2 timmar sedan
I am hardly waiting for this movie from when the trailer released
I wish that movie release soon....🤞🏻
Hit like if you're waiting too...
Pooja Shaw
Pooja Shaw - 2 timmar sedan
1:29 the place where the whisps lead merida in frozen
Brog Girl's channel
Brog Girl's channel - 2 timmar sedan
From Indonesian😍
Pooja Shaw
Pooja Shaw - 2 timmar sedan
elsa its getting too hot in India
BritneyPlayzzz YT
BritneyPlayzzz YT - 2 timmar sedan
Did you really think I was gonna waste my time here?
Nairy Baroutji
Nairy Baroutji - 2 timmar sedan
omg so excited😍😍😍
Ervis Boci
Ervis Boci - 2 timmar sedan
Those magic horse remind me villan horses in Jack Frost.🐴🐴🐴
Amjad - 2 timmar sedan
girl gamer/女の子ゲーマー 1477
I can't wait😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Zakiyah Official
Zakiyah Official - 2 timmar sedan
Seru ada yang bilang film frozen bakaln muncul di bioskop
A Jamal Butt
A Jamal Butt - 3 timmar sedan
Waiting for
Juno Bricks
Juno Bricks - 3 timmar sedan
Yes : Yes
Me : _NO!_
Brandon Karaka
Brandon Karaka - 3 timmar sedan
Spoiler alert her parents are alive( is the water horse)
sexy girls live
sexy girls live - 3 timmar sedan
I love elsa 😘😘😘😘
Hilda Makori
Hilda Makori - 3 timmar sedan
This just gave me chills and a tear drop
Rico Ferdinand
Rico Ferdinand - 3 timmar sedan
this is so anime
Feras TV
Feras TV - 3 timmar sedan
Wanwisa Paijit
Wanwisa Paijit - 3 timmar sedan
oh!! Love 😅
ptriefza been
ptriefza been - 3 timmar sedan
I can't wait to watch
Onion Lover
Onion Lover - 3 timmar sedan
And the great Indian censor board is gearing up to censor few words and scenes in this movie.
After all they're the one who cares for our fragile mental balance and super fragile culture. Take a bow\
Little Sis Team
Little Sis Team - 3 timmar sedan
Great here we go, the preppies will be singing this for a year
Little Sis Team
Little Sis Team - 3 timmar sedan
Great here we go, the preppies will be singing this for a year
Iana Edrianne Awayan
Iana Edrianne Awayan - 3 timmar sedan
Okay but I still have no idea what the sequel's about.🤔
Richard Van
Richard Van - 3 timmar sedan
Anna: "I won't let anything happen to her"
Nature: Uh ha ha
Tabbu 123
Tabbu 123 - 3 timmar sedan
I can't wait
inass bendriss
inass bendriss - 3 timmar sedan
I will waiting for this movie soo looooooooooooong
Yvonne poh
Yvonne poh - 3 timmar sedan
Elsa : *goes in water with makeup*
Makeup : *stays*

Me: wut....
10,000 subscribers challenge without content
Elsa vs Kong ?
Maya Lopez
Maya Lopez - 3 timmar sedan
Soooooooo..... Anna doesn’t have fire powers?
Zaiton Jaafar
Zaiton Jaafar - 3 timmar sedan
Thanos comes back.. captain marvel gets old.. who saves the world?