Anthony Davis to the Clippers trade scenarios | Get Up!

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ZThe Real
ZThe Real - 3 månader sedan
If these topic is about the clippers trading for AD then why is Damon Jones bringing up the Lakers unless he is working for Lebron's agency
TH Gilly
TH Gilly - 3 månader sedan
How does everyone KNOW that Miami will be in the lottery in 2 years???? This league changes so much, there is no guarantee anywhere
Brendan E
Brendan E - 4 månader sedan
So dumb.
Roff 4546
Roff 4546 - 4 månader sedan
I love Sean Farnham so god damn much.
T1400 And 1
T1400 And 1 - 4 månader sedan
The Clippers don't need to trade for Anthony Davis, he's injury prone
cN Jumper
cN Jumper - 4 månader sedan
If im not mistaken, there was one single trade scenario with the clippers, then they talked about lebron and zion for the rest of the video..... change the title ffs
Brennon Touchet
Brennon Touchet - 4 månader sedan
I gave ESPN another chance. These dudes talk out of their heads! 🤦‍♂️
Joe B
Joe B - 4 månader sedan
This is crazy!! Everyone is either on the Knicks side or the Clippers side, what is this Twilight!!
Judz Tim C
Judz Tim C - 4 månader sedan
Oh hell no!
Karan Vinod
Karan Vinod - 4 månader sedan
If I were the pelicans I would want Lonzo, Kuz, Hart and the 4th round pick.
Imagine -
Will Kalas
Will Kalas - 4 månader sedan
This lakers offer is worse than the one they had in January lol. Boston or ny is MUCH better. Imagine Zion and RJ. With he other 2 picks and Robinson. It’s not close
Trell Hatch
Trell Hatch - 4 månader sedan
Central Gaming
Central Gaming - 4 månader sedan
The Fantabulous JalaPeña
The Fantabulous JalaPeña - 4 månader sedan
Jokic murray michael porter jr
Stoned Ape
Stoned Ape - 4 månader sedan
i cant believe i even watched this..... espn is just throwing shit against the wall.... wtf happened to reporting FACTUAL info thats actually relevant.... this is just ridiculous....
Miguel Sakho
Miguel Sakho - 4 månader sedan
When you turn off trade logic in 2k
Angry HD
Angry HD - 4 månader sedan
LoL and ain’t none of these stories going to happen
Petar Naumovski
Petar Naumovski - 4 månader sedan
Discount stephen A Max kellerman
MSC TheGamer
MSC TheGamer - 4 månader sedan
ESPN have become a joker organisation
Jake Howell
Jake Howell - 4 månader sedan
Imagine Zion, Lonzo, Kuz, Ingram, and Jrue....
ls4life DLS
ls4life DLS - 4 månader sedan
I hear people talking Zion should be on a big market not a small market. First of all if the idea is that only big market should have big profile players for the assume best of the NBA, why then the league added others team into the mix instead of just big market like LA, NY, Philly, etc... I thought the idea was to compete and at the same time help the economy. Also who knows how good Zion will become or if a low profile player will actually become a greater player. I think it is wrong for all this NBA analysts to be talking that way.
brendan harrell
brendan harrell - 4 månader sedan
They should trade Anthony Davis to the knicks for Kevin Knox, Dennis Smith Jr. and 3rd pick. draft RJ Barrett then Zion will be thrilled to play in New Orleans with his boy.
PharaohLawLess1 - 4 månader sedan
What general manager would make that trade. I'm trading AD for and oft injured Gallinari and Harrel???😳 and 2 draft picks that won't be lottery picks???😳
AJ SIMMONS - 4 månader sedan
That Clippers trade is the best I've heard.
Nobody wants those Lakers guys outside of Kuz. They're overhyped. Nobody wants the trash that the Knicks can offer.
Nicholas Gonzalez
Nicholas Gonzalez - 4 månader sedan
You guys have it backwards Zion's going to get traded for lebron ..... quote me
azalikmar2 - 4 månader sedan
Why would NOLA want what was basically the LA Lakers' starting 5?
JHorse508 - 4 månader sedan
I want the brows bbc in boston
Jonathan Nelson
Jonathan Nelson - 4 månader sedan
The government needs to shut down espn.
Trent Kearns
Trent Kearns - 4 månader sedan
that clippers trade is fucking stupid. white dude need to go apply for jobs at walmart cause this one aint it. but the brother has a interesting trade, Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram and the 4th pick for AD. which gives the Lakers a insane pairing of LeBron and AD while still having a max spot left for Kyrie or Kemba with alot of spare cash to get some really nice players. and the Pelicans get Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram and the pick which they could flip to New York along with Lonzo and/or Josh Hart to get the 3rd pick. which would give Jrue Holiday, RJ Barrett, Ingram, Kuzma, Julius Randle and still have an insane amount of cap space
Jay R
Jay R - 4 månader sedan
No you sign AD out right. You can't gut the whole roster like the Lakers were prepared to do
Kez - 4 månader sedan
A million scenarios, calm down, your not Sir Ronald Fisher
Jesse Alexander
Jesse Alexander - 4 månader sedan
Or trade Lebron to Pelicans for Julius Randle and Zion
Lakers : starting 5 zo (7mil), Zion(8 mil), Randle (10mil) kuzma (2 mil), Leonard (30 mil)
Bench: hart (1 mil), lance(8 mil), center,
Trade Ingram to bulls for 2 1st rd picks
Trade 4th pick to suns for 2 1st rd picks
And in the future leverage those 4 picks plus their 3.. so 7 picks in 3 years with their up and coming young stars.
Lebron gets to team up with Griffin and Ad
Kev Marray
Kev Marray - 4 månader sedan
That clippers trade is straight garbage.
Alex Vendette
Alex Vendette - 4 månader sedan
Extremely sad story:(
Tyler S
Tyler S - 4 månader sedan
The clippers trade scenario actually blows my mind. How the fuck does that dumbass have a job talking about sports when THAT is the best trade he can come up with for AD??? Did he not see the pelicans decline a trade for the entire lakers roster last year??
Toki Wartooth
Toki Wartooth - 4 månader sedan
The lakers offered a better package than that during the season wtf
GG Yunis
GG Yunis - 4 månader sedan
Sean just thinks he can use trade override 😂🤣
SanctumGaming Q
SanctumGaming Q - 4 månader sedan
knicks can offer dennis,knox,robinson and rj barret also a team in the east but youd rather get gallinari and harrel 😂
Pain Killer
Pain Killer - 4 månader sedan
ESPN, are you serious right now? LMAO.
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg - 4 månader sedan
Versatil Titan
Versatil Titan - 4 månader sedan
Ingram is not a trade asset...Davis to the clippers sounds great
LeGOAT James
LeGOAT James - 4 månader sedan
“U like that”

Fran - 4 månader sedan
Dream on, man this Sean guy is such a troll. NO would hang up straight away and laugh and block this sucker's number.
Jimmy Vu
Jimmy Vu - 4 månader sedan
lol ESPN is so bad they have to make shit up to hate on the Lakers. somehow NOLA would accept that garbage package, but won’t take the Lakers all in package? idiots.
D.A.M. Mo
D.A.M. Mo - 4 månader sedan
Kuzma to Detroit. for 15 and a player. Ball to Chicago for pick 7and a player, Ingram with picks 4, 7, 15, and first row in 2021. or knicks give 3 and Knox, Smith, & Dotson, to put Zion and Barrett together again with those folks give a good bump up.
Geok S.
Geok S. - 4 månader sedan
Err obviously they arent watching the lakers game when they weren't doing well because d angelo Russell was already making many 3s even clutch ones already..
juan perez
juan perez - 4 månader sedan
we dont want AD
D Mac
D Mac - 4 månader sedan
so a constantly hurt lonzo ball, brandon ingram who may not be able to continue because of that blood clot and the 4th pick. i hate laker homers who dont live in reality.
mm mm
mm mm - 4 månader sedan
why anyone wanna play on clippers or pelicans lol
Daniel Berri
Daniel Berri - 4 månader sedan
Lakers most appealing if they add Kuzma to it with 4th pick
Sharan Ramesh
Sharan Ramesh - 4 månader sedan
Raptors: Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday, Solomin Hill

Pelicans: Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, Pascal Siakam, OG Anonouby, 2020 1st round pick
Diosdado Ricafrente
Diosdado Ricafrente - 4 månader sedan
Trade to Clippers doesn't make sense. Stupid Dude.
Anthony Huynh
Anthony Huynh - 4 månader sedan
Why would they help out a competitor in their conference? Trade AD to the Knicks for RJ Barrett or whoever they pick, Kevin Knox, Noah Vonleh, and or picks
Me - 4 månader sedan
Plot twist they trade AD to Toronto for ibaka
Dan Painter
Dan Painter - 4 månader sedan
That's a garbage trade
Jonathon Odum
Jonathon Odum - 4 månader sedan
Ain’t gonna happen.
Mark Lim
Mark Lim - 4 månader sedan
Stop smoking that shit thinking that trade is even fair lol
GotAL2Say - 4 månader sedan
Randle is the only player the clippers will sign this offseason
Bagsicr15 - 4 månader sedan
Damon Jones only made this trade proposal because it helps his boi James lol . The lakers trade set is bad now. Lonzo is inured , Ingram don’t know if he can play due to health concerns
Edison Colon
Edison Colon - 4 månader sedan
Uuuhhhh… NO thanks!