Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Golden Tiger-Hawk
Golden Tiger-Hawk - 2 timmar sedan
Another Deadpool rap would be awesome!!
Colton Kimmes
Colton Kimmes - 2 timmar sedan
We need onw with kfc
ben sanders
ben sanders - 2 timmar sedan
Burger King won
Thomas Gorsuch
Thomas Gorsuch - 2 timmar sedan
J and K (Men In Black) vs Rick and Morty
Elif Yumusakhuylu
Elif Yumusakhuylu - 2 timmar sedan
Wendy's won

DragonTrader - 2 timmar sedan
Marche AE
Marche AE - 2 timmar sedan
Keanu Reeves vs Bob Ross, but they are complimenting each other
Ray Hanz
Ray Hanz - 2 timmar sedan
"You're a bin full of lettuce facing da feet"
Anyone gets the reference? 😂😂
Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens - 2 timmar sedan
Wendy killed it. Came in and owned that shit. 💯
Undermilk Asriella CREAMURE
Undermilk Asriella CREAMURE - 2 timmar sedan
eminem vs snoop dogg
TheGreatGeekDetective - 2 timmar sedan
Wendy’ coming out of nowhere lol
Evan Minner
Evan Minner - 2 timmar sedan
Taco Bell vs pizza hut
Abdulmalek Mohamed
Abdulmalek Mohamed - 2 timmar sedan
Wendy won af
Broly - 2 timmar sedan
Burger king: almost won
Ronald: Same
Wendy's: who in the hell are you
Pizza hut: wins everyday
Leelz247 - 2 timmar sedan
Love the reference to Burger King "foot lettuce" LOL.
Julian Haas
Julian Haas - 2 timmar sedan
Yoda vs. Gollum
Randall Williams
Randall Williams - 2 timmar sedan
Frater D The Wholy MGTOW
Frater D The Wholy MGTOW - 3 timmar sedan
yep never fails Two men are duke-ing it out and in comes a female to shove her loud ass face in the middle of it. Ironic how this basically makes more of a statement about females than anything. Here comes Wendy a snarky redhead who had EVERYTHING handed to her by big daddy Dave. shoves her fat hamburger shilling face right into the middle of everything once again invading mens space like all women do. And acts like shes the shit because of it. typical female. GETYOASSOUTTAHERE.
Adrian Pihl
Adrian Pihl - 3 timmar sedan
Thanos vs The Emperor of Mankind (warhammer 40k)
Dillon Casey
Dillon Casey - 3 timmar sedan
Wendy’s is better
i Botics
i Botics - 3 timmar sedan
Ronald took it
userdetails1 - 3 timmar sedan
I had diarrhoea after eating at Wendys once
Keegan Post
Keegan Post - 3 timmar sedan
Facing da feet perfect
Christopher Jenkins
Christopher Jenkins - 3 timmar sedan
Man MGK got slaughtered by a clown and Slim Shady...ouch man.
Yveleti - 3 timmar sedan
Colonel Sanders vs Jollibee
Brendan Geormer
Brendan Geormer - 3 timmar sedan
Holy fuck they actually did it
Michael Deschler
Michael Deschler - 3 timmar sedan
All hail the frosty queen who keeps her beef fresh and her (w)raps mean.
Clutch Harizon
Clutch Harizon - 3 timmar sedan
Ned Kelly Vs Dick Turpin (The Ultimate Bushranger Against the Ultimate Highway man)
Koko Grimes
Koko Grimes - 3 timmar sedan
Usain Bolt & Michael Phelps VS The Flash & Aquaman
nath et mémé
nath et mémé - 3 timmar sedan
συ ѕσит ℓєѕ fяαиçαιѕ ?
Chad Dickhaut
Chad Dickhaut - 3 timmar sedan
Who won? The viewing public.
_Cool Guy_
_Cool Guy_ - 3 timmar sedan
G. P.
G. P. - 3 timmar sedan
Wendy won; that was smooth and spunky.
Pizzie Rizki
Pizzie Rizki - 3 timmar sedan
ya guys forgot KFC
_Cool Guy_
_Cool Guy_ - 3 timmar sedan
Do ted vs elmo
Case Breeze
Case Breeze - 4 timmar sedan
ItzDraco - 4 timmar sedan
Love the battle...but imagine Ronald McDonald from the RackaRacka acted in this video
Adam Stanley
Adam Stanley - 4 timmar sedan
Where is Jack in the Box? Probably didn't wanna open it like Pandora. I guess only the white trash fast food places get to battle.
Organiz3d Khaos
Organiz3d Khaos - 4 timmar sedan
Also can we get Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) vs Stevie Wonder (T-Pain)
lexi bagby
lexi bagby - 4 timmar sedan
Dwight Schrute vs. Jim Halpert!!!
Organiz3d Khaos
Organiz3d Khaos - 4 timmar sedan
"The undisputed GOAT of putting burgers in bellies, I'm the fast food Eminem, you're Machine Gun Kelly..." That shit had me dying 😄😄😄😄
claus lol
claus lol - 4 timmar sedan
Papa John's vs dominos
Ethan Campbell
Ethan Campbell - 4 timmar sedan
Bran Stark vs Steven Hawking
Final Verdict
Final Verdict - 4 timmar sedan
"I'm mac, you're android"
That has so much more context when you remember that NicePeter played Steve Jobs and EpicLloyd was Bill Gates
Bruce Alrighty
Bruce Alrighty - 4 timmar sedan
You're Mac and he's Android? So you're saying he's better?
Tye - 4 timmar sedan
Fat Albert vs Fat bastard or The band Queen vs The Beetles
PEWDIEPIE L PIE - 4 timmar sedan
kain of nosgoth
kain of nosgoth - 4 timmar sedan
Burger king king won
Corey Farmer
Corey Farmer - 4 timmar sedan
They should have down Jack in the box as well😂😂😂
Даниял Дандамаев
Nice Peter - worst raper in ERB, like McDonalds worst fastfood franchize
TheVirusSkits - 5 timmar sedan
Rick and Morty vs Doc Brown and Marty McFly
Hugo - 5 timmar sedan
Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher
yong gun choi
yong gun choi - 5 timmar sedan
Colonel Sanders, Jack, Chuck E' Cheese, or Little Caesar should've been there.
virgil tolosa
virgil tolosa - 5 timmar sedan
marvel vs dc bro
Mina Penna
Mina Penna - 5 timmar sedan
Please do Eleven from Stranger things VS Jean Grey from X-Men!
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog - 5 timmar sedan
I guest wendy won.
HMS Africa
HMS Africa - 5 timmar sedan
No colonel sanders?
Simon Proxy
Simon Proxy - 5 timmar sedan
Wendy always winning bro
cdeuce Riley
cdeuce Riley - 5 timmar sedan
They should have gotten justina Valentine for Wendy...
Joseph lamport
Joseph lamport - 5 timmar sedan
Wendy's won hands down
Sadistic Idiot
Sadistic Idiot - 5 timmar sedan
SHODAN vs. Max Headroom
Josh Fagan
Josh Fagan - 5 timmar sedan
Usain Bolt vs. The Flash
Raptor Lord
Raptor Lord - 5 timmar sedan
How about Chris Pratt vs Starlord?
Christian Niemczyk
Christian Niemczyk - 6 timmar sedan
The Eminem vs. mgk reference was funny af
Ronald Poppell
Ronald Poppell - 6 timmar sedan
Wendy that sassy ginger stole the battle!! She looks great coming and going 😉
Rob Gavagan
Rob Gavagan - 6 timmar sedan
Sauron vs The Night King
Dat1derp - 6 timmar sedan
Wendy's won lol
Recon Shadow
Recon Shadow - 6 timmar sedan
Wendy one
The Shrek
The Shrek - 6 timmar sedan
The simsons vs family guy
Jiamil - 6 timmar sedan
No Wendy in my country. Sadly the rap eludes me on that one. Otherwise pretty enjoyable.
Boom baby 1010
Boom baby 1010 - 6 timmar sedan
Sole survivor from Fallout 4 vs Artyom from Metro
Harrison Bust
Harrison Bust - 6 timmar sedan
Ned Kelly vs Billy the Kid
MrGolden Gold
MrGolden Gold - 6 timmar sedan
Did anyone notice that Ronald McDonald had An E on his shirt?
Television Box
Television Box - 6 timmar sedan
Captain Marvel (Shazam) vs Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)
Sara Connor(Terminator) vs Ellen Ripley(Alien)
Guillermo del Toro vs Tim Burton
psychedelic ghost
psychedelic ghost - 6 timmar sedan
John Geoffrey Narvaez
John Geoffrey Narvaez - 6 timmar sedan
I guest wendy won.
C B - 6 timmar sedan
Terror Billy v duke nukem
Gustavo Gonzales
Gustavo Gonzales - 6 timmar sedan
Please make a ERB of Tony Stark(Iron Man) VS Bruce Wayne(Batman)
Gustavo Gonzales
Gustavo Gonzales - 6 timmar sedan
C B - 6 timmar sedan
Thor v captain america
Twines - 6 timmar sedan
Whataburger: I got fresh patties mothaf—
Ronald: Yo wtf?
The Burger King: Ew gtfo man.
Wendy: Lmao you thought.
Terminator Jack Knife
Terminator Jack Knife - 6 timmar sedan
I'm sure there's someone out there who still wants PewdiePie vs Tobuscus… but I want Pewdiepie vs. T-Series and then MrBeast comes outta nowhere and beats the shit out of both of them
Terminator Jack Knife
Terminator Jack Knife - 7 timmar sedan
Wendy's wins. No debate.

They won when they added Baconator fries to their menu
Alejandro Griffin
Alejandro Griffin - 7 timmar sedan
I’m gonna pick the superior restaurant here and go Burger King
Michelle Schrock
Michelle Schrock - 7 timmar sedan
I would love to see Jack Black vs. Jack White!
Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher - 7 timmar sedan
Wendy thicc as fuck tho
SebastianHD - 7 timmar sedan
"I'm serving billions and I can't be beat! Your a bin full of lettuce, facing da feet!" Ouch!
Tardis Troll
Tardis Troll - 7 timmar sedan
Isn’t burger king about to go out of business
Cyclone - 7 timmar sedan
Ricardo vs dark martin
Sheena Senarlo
Sheena Senarlo - 7 timmar sedan
Jollibee is watching. Hahahaha
LudwigRULEZ 1602
LudwigRULEZ 1602 - 7 timmar sedan
Tbh Wendy's has better food than both of these restaurants. Am I wrong?
ChampionElCid - 7 timmar sedan
We still haven't gotten
Alexander Hamilton VS. Aaron Burr.
I'd be great if you guys could get Lin Manuel Miranda for obvoius reason, but I'd still like to see it regardless.
Rosalina Medina
Rosalina Medina - 5 timmar sedan
FZ CBH - 7 timmar sedan
Atilla the Hun vs vlad the Impaler
Charlie Chaplin vs MR Bean
DR Phill vs Steve Harvey
Charles Dickens vs Mark Twain
Coen Brothers vs Farrelly brothers
H. G. Wells vs H. P. Lovecraft
André-Marie Ampère vs Georg Simon Ohm
Blaise Pascal vs Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
Bob Dylan vs Bob Marley
David Bowie vs Prince
James Watt vs Rudolf Diesel
Roald Dahl vs Shel Silverstein
Billy Joel vs Elton John
Jack Kirby, Will Eisner and Carl Barks(Famous Cartoonists) vs
, Akira Toriyama, Go Nagai, and Rumiko Takahashi(Famous Mangaka)
James Brown vs Ray Charles
George Carlin vs Lenny Bruce
Carl Sagan vs Galileo Galilei
Pazazu(The Exorcist) vs Paimon(Hereditary)
Jimi Hendrix vs Kurt Cobain vs Elliott Smith
Brian Jones vs Jim Morrison
M. C. Escher vs Salvador Dali vs René Magritte
Fidel Castro vs Mao Zedong
Ed Gein vs Tom Bundy
Buster Keaton vs Jackie Chan
Alessandro Volta vs Michael Faraday
El Chapo vs Pablo Escobar
Allen Ginsberg vs Frank Zappa
Marx Brothers vs Monty Pythons
Andy Warhol vs Yayoi Kusama
Jimmy Kimmel vs Jimmy Fallon
Mother Goose vs Scheherazade
Mowgli vs Tarzan
George Orwell vs Victor Hugo
Jane Austen vs Oscar Wilde
Jerry Lewis vs Jim Carry
Robin Hood vs Jesse James or Zorro
El Cid vs Saladin
Adam Smith vs Karl Marx
A. A Milne vs Beatrix Potter
Mary Poppins vs Nanny Mcphee
Bridget Riley vs James Rosenquist
Leslie Nielsen vs Liam Neeson
Frank and Ollie vs Hanna and Barbara
Homer(Iliad and the Odyssey) vs Scheherazade(Tales of One Thousand and One Nights/Tales of Arabian Nights)
Lemony Snicket(A Series of Unfortunate Events) vs The Crypt-Keeper(Tales from the Crypt) interrupt by Rod Serling(Twilight Zone)
Starsky & Hutch vs Sonny & Rico(Miami Vice)
Leopold Stokowski vs Pyotr Tchaikovsky
G.I.Joe Team vs Team Fortress
Rembrandt vs Vincent Van Gogh
Max Fleischer vs Osamu Tezuka
Talking Heads(Band) vs Radiohead(Band)
John Kramer "The Jigsaw Killer" vs Kevin McCallister
Eddie Brooke(Venom) vs Stanley Ippkiss(The Mask) (Two are loser who become another super crazy antihero personality after wearing something)
Eren Yeager vs Jack the Giants Killer
Movies Directors Rap Battle Part2(Fritz Lang vs David Lynch vs
John Carpenter vs Tim Burton vs Gilmore Del Toro) or (Orson Welles vs Martin Scorsese vs David Fincher vs Christopher Nolan vs James Cameron )
Part 4 (Frank Capra vs Billy Wilder vs Woody Allen vs Mel Brooks vs Judd Apatow.)
Seth Green vs Seth MacFarlane
Wes Craven vs Wes Anderson
Sir David Lean vs Sir Ridley Scott
John Ford vs Sergio Leone
Sidney Lumet vs Francis Ford Coppola
Oliver Stone vs Spike Lee
Alex Jones vs Michael Moore
John Wayne Gacy(Pogo the Clown) vs IT(Pennywise the Dancing Clown)
Chris Farley vs John Belushi
Abbot and Costello vs Laurel and Hardy
Hayao Miyazaki vs Shigeru Miyamoto
Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson
Sigmund Freud vs Carol Jung
Ace Ventura vs Steve Irwin
Mulder & Scully vs Agents K & J
John Cena vs El Santo
Brandon Misera
Brandon Misera - 7 timmar sedan
The Charlie Chaplin vs Mr. Bean battle could get interrupted by Robin Williams
So you know _
So you know _ - 7 timmar sedan
*this comment was posted by the Wendy’s gang*
adam christl
adam christl - 7 timmar sedan
Do escobar vs Colombian government
Manic Poet
Manic Poet - 7 timmar sedan
aka J P RODDY - 7 timmar sedan
🚨Rick Moranis vs Lou Diamond Phillips 🚨
ProDoucher - 7 timmar sedan
Wendy's is just great. I had it once like 10 years ago and can't forget
MR CPYCT - 7 timmar sedan
dwayne johnson vs vin diesel
Epicdbzfan 12
Epicdbzfan 12 - 7 timmar sedan
Indian Scammer Vs Nigerian Prince. Pls pls pls xD