Joe Rogan Experience #1320 - Eric Weinstein

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pasha - 5 timmar sedan
How to transfer money to young girls? Stop restricting them to their age strata by locking them up within educational institutions. Boys and girls develop in a completely different pace. 20 year old girls hanging out with 20 year old boys is not natural, as girls are ready to be mothers at that age while boys have 10-20 crazy years until maturity (if it happens). Adult 40-year old man ready for kids will be able to provide for adult woman ready for kids in her 20-25 years of age. It's an invented problem. It's not good for 20 year-old boys to have children and it's not good for girls to wait till their forties till their husbands from school/university mature enough to consider parenting. Adding some kind of financial device on top of that to try to solve this socially ingeneered problem will most likely make it even worse.
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez - 6 timmar sedan
A lot of butt hurt cubicle workers commenting hahahaha
Alex Platte
Alex Platte - 6 timmar sedan
Pat McAfee needs to be a guest
mcnuggets ferg
mcnuggets ferg - 10 timmar sedan
At 1:17:00 when he's talking about portals and says "When I was on this podcast before I was thinking what can I push out to this world" it makes me think back to his shangri la story that Joe kept interrupting and makes me wonder if that too was a portal that he was trying to inform us on, wish I could hear the end to that story.
Erica Horak
Erica Horak - 11 timmar sedan
THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH!!!! Best book ever
Nathaniel Jacobs
Nathaniel Jacobs - 11 timmar sedan
Very little of The Bell Curve dealt with race. And being that it is a social science book, written by social scientists, it uses metrics from the social sciences. You can pull from Murray's work the argument of simplistic and deficient categories being oppressive, that Eric makes about male and female, but instead about race. And he has acknowledged the limitations of IQ testing, and of standardized testing in general, but they are used in society and are a metric within the social sciences; is he supposed to study and produce scholarship on American civic culture by discussing nematodes and working on string theory? Here's someone who has actually produced scholarly work and spent his career studying systemic and cultural oppression and he is to be both scolded by the woke and antiwoke alike.... who is stepping in whose lab and shitting everywhere?
An agenda... "interesting" point by Ezra eh? Murray was criticized one the hand for not providing enough answers and solutions in specifically the Bell Curve, and that's a sign of ill ulterior motive, but also that he works with thinks tanks and policy architects, and has done so a lot in the area of welfare - having spent years studying welfare- which is also a sign of his ulterior motives. The Ezra Klein's of the world are the ones keeping the dumb concept of race alive in society, and evil is the social scientist who studies it, tangentially and indirectly....because it's a category alive in society...
Yeah, here's an oppressive binary: Worthy of good faith, the smart people, and given unearned credibility vs Republican.
God's but for the wisdom.... keep progressing. Ted Kaczynski worked on that problem)
Prateek Keni
Prateek Keni - 11 timmar sedan
Jake - 12 timmar sedan
Last question: God
hadesofspades - 14 timmar sedan
I didn't want this to end
james swain
james swain - 15 timmar sedan
Normal was posting this info on Hemp in 1987 and it is amazing we are still talking about all its uses so many years later .
Dam Son
Dam Son - 16 timmar sedan
I think Eric is my favourite guest
The Yonko
The Yonko - 17 timmar sedan
Oh God these guys actually believe in Russian bots. It's obviously teenagers from Japanese basket weaving websites fucking with them. It's hilarious Goldstein actually thinks he's important enough, that mother Russia intelligence, is going after him
Catherine Duran
Catherine Duran - 18 timmar sedan
I dont need any drug to have those kind of hallucinations. I just go to sleep and I am in another planet. I have all kind of weird realistic nightmares, sleep paralysis. I have to tell my husband to hug me before I go to sleep because sometimes I feel like I am about to take off the bed and it is scary as hell.
caseyjoanz - 19 timmar sedan
No matter how closely you listen, I dare you to follow Weinstein’s narrative, just understanding what he’s attempting to explain, even if you aren’t as informed - as he is - on the subject. His explanation of his thesis sounds like a recorded lecture, I once heard, of Ted Kazinsky when he taught at Berkeley. There’s at least two points where he completely slips into madness, and if it’s sense, Jim, it’s not sense as we know it.
superball9000 - 19 timmar sedan
1:30:28 It's called a dendrogram you cucks
Leslie Littleton
Leslie Littleton - 21 timme sedan
I have no idea what he's talking about half the time but the half I do I really like the guy. On the other half I'll trust him on. Although one thing,: liberals never had the corner market on "intelligent people" over conservatives. It's just that they tend to be different personality types, bringing different ideas to the table. Great show!
Adam Wayne
Adam Wayne - Dag sedan
Weinstein had me at the Phantom Tollbooth reference...can't wait to check out the Portal!
Yitzak Lieberstein
Yitzak Lieberstein - Dag sedan
Another subversive jew , fuck off Joe.
Corpus Mentis
Corpus Mentis - Dag sedan
This dude loves the sound of his own voice, at least he admits to being petty and egotistical.
The fear mongering around Trump and nukes is absolute nonsense. Say he wanted to launch a nuclear strike...what do you suppose his chiefs would do? you think they wanna go down in history for something like that when they have the ready made excuse of 'stopping the buffoon' ?

Eric is also frightened of 'European sovereignty' and what it means for Jews. so he should be, we're sick and tired of being told to do whats good for the Jews whilst our own people are slaughtered and assaulted at random by the multicultural diversity imposed on Europeans via Jewrys organised campaigning over decades

he does this thing that I've noticed many Jews do, create some hysterical hypothetical problem then proffer their solution to it....what high verbal ability will do is make their bullshit sound plausible. Eric wants jewish exceptionalism to continue and for people not to pay attention to their leading role in destroying the intellectual sphere that he now laments. yeah, its tough and its unfair to lots of Jews who had nothing to do with it but its time to be honest
Amir Maleklou
Amir Maleklou - Dag sedan
boi got salty with the booster seat jokes lmao
Kurian Mathew
Kurian Mathew - Dag sedan
Can't believe anyone with names ending 'stein', 'sky', 'berg', 'mann' etc.
LegendaryCanary - Dag sedan
3:16:15 podcast was fucking awesome and I love him but he's too much of an alarmist. we've had way too many movies about wars, dystopian worlds, postapocalyptic worlds to actually create them. I dont think any people would attack other people with these weapons. It would be insane. They would get attacked by everyone else. He's a typical guy who's too intelligent for his own good and doesn't really know how to cross the street on his own.
I mean that's basically what Planet of the apes (1968) was about.
I'm not being a kid and saying it can't happen but we need a bit of trust. Countries can't be policing each other on every step. There's ALWAYS some dirt lying around, you can't remove all dirt without removing everything else in the room. I'm more worried about the commercialization and industry. These bastards don't want to relinquish their comfy seats and will go through any lengths to keep em.
Frenz7y - Dag sedan
podcast went to shit during the tranny conversation.
Gustave Viking
Gustave Viking - Dag sedan
Sry my dude, but we don't trust anyone with hair like that
David Robinson
David Robinson - Dag sedan
Utah completely shuts down on Sundays: ALL FUCKING DAY!
I sis
I sis - Dag sedan
A nice way to visualise portals: A bridge across forever" by Richard Bach
mark arney
mark arney - Dag sedan
normal life is unhealthy.
mark arney
mark arney - Dag sedan
coolie- unskilled laborer
Patrick McDonald
Patrick McDonald - Dag sedan
Eric : nobody thinks Elon can do it
Entire world : Elon could beat jesus in a fight hands down
Orb - Dag sedan
1320Video Anyone? Woop Woop!
Caffeine Stew
Caffeine Stew - Dag sedan
43:20 What you meant to say was "Nile Rogers": he's the musical genius involved with both Bowie and Madona
mgriz19 - Dag sedan
"What was your thesis?"
"It was on self dual equations not being as peculiar to dimension four, as claimed"
It's time we release these inter-sex self dual equations from the systemic oppression of the fourth dimension. And now.
SkornTheSnake - Dag sedan
This man changed my thought process about how I perceive myself just in the first 30 minutes of this podcast. Very eye opening talk
Ogami Itto
Ogami Itto - 2 dagar sedan
This was such a down grade from the last time he was on.
cael griffith
cael griffith - 2 dagar sedan
Joe rogan is too humble, if a shark rolled up on him i feel like he would just murder it after his family got away
Kazuma - 2 dagar sedan
Man this guy is fucking interesting
Ghetto Tarzan
Ghetto Tarzan - 2 dagar sedan
Weinstein is saying that Europeans are evil and dangerous and Europe should be destroyed, and you people are cheering. He all but called white Europeans Nazis. What is wrong with you people?
That Guy
That Guy - 2 dagar sedan
Why did he bring up Blazing Saddles when another Brooks film, Young Frankenstein, LITERALLY makes the name joke about stein names? Where did this mans get his degree? lol
Nameymcnameface - 2 dagar sedan
Europe is dangerous to jews? Fuck off shill.
andymccauley25 - 2 dagar sedan
Joe "11 hydroxy metabolite" Rogan
Jacqueline Wege
Jacqueline Wege - 2 dagar sedan
Yep!!! 12:56
dajoi - 2 dagar sedan
This is a awesome talk - thank you very much Joe! Great job, great guest.
J M - 2 dagar sedan
Eric you have to understand that the "Far right" hate Jews because Jewish influence in facilitating the ethnic replacement of Europeans in Europe is undeniable.
The "Far left" don't necessarily hate them. If any Antifa types do it's because of the whole Palestinian thing.

Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries.
Nazi Germany is just the most recent example of a nation retaliating against Jews. At some point you'd think maybe its the Jews and not just everyone being "anti=semetic."

If you (reading this) have an open mind watch this just 20 minute video:
steven Mccreanor
steven Mccreanor - 2 dagar sedan
Hidden Number Theory: Urban Dictionary (A portal)
Gutter Sails
Gutter Sails - 2 dagar sedan
Learn more about Dubin at Prager U.
Boosted Media
Boosted Media - 2 dagar sedan
Don't worry Joe. Most people want Jeremy Corbell to STFU. lol
Robert Keszeg
Robert Keszeg - 2 dagar sedan
One of the best Joe Rogan interviews ever!
Tina K.P.
Tina K.P. - 2 dagar sedan
But structural oppression and financial inequality are intertwined. Even if preferences for different career paths are based on interest (and let´s for the moment leave out how such interests can be encouraged or discouraged throughout a biography), then it is still the case that we live in a system that values careers based on the interest of women less monetarily than the interests of men. And that is not only the case where men are creating products that scale more easily, that is also the case when it comes to pure manual work with roughly equally leveled educational profile. A plumber earns more than an elderly care worker (both coming to the houses of clients, often performing hard manual, "dirty" work), an accountant earns more than a social worker et cetera. People like Jordan Peterson say that women often chose professions that are less profitable, but history or international comparisons also show that when and where men take over a profession that was before dominated by women, salaries increase, and when and where women push into professions that were dominated by males, salaries decrease, and also the social capital of these professions decreases. Why would that be the case if gender bias was a non issue? Also the very thought that women need more financial "help" with child rearing and elderly care, makes it appear as if the responsibility of these tasks was supposed to be on women. Men have children and aging parents too, and being less interested in them does not remove the responsibility, so the easiest solution to that problem would not be financial packages for women (that would make them more expensive to be employed than men), but a good level of state support for both childcare and elderly care, that would disconnect those costs from individual earnings.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith - 2 dagar sedan
Joe has to have the damn microphone so close it's annoying you can hear him smack his mouth, swallow and sniff. I thought I was going to stop listening because Joe uses fuck way to much but the noises he makes are definitely annoying...
Steven Ozuna
Steven Ozuna - 2 dagar sedan
I beleave the due do disability is ok to examine them because that gene is passed alone and changes then genetically and everything starts with the genetic aspect