Joe Rogan Experience #1320 - Eric Weinstein

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Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital. His new podcast "The Portal" is available now on Apple Podcasts & Spotify.
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nin gate
nin gate - 8 timmar sedan
7:00 is he a zionist?
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes - 17 timmar sedan
2:46:00 One of the problems with the hydrogen bomb is that there's no real limit to how big you can make them. _Dr Strangelove_ was amazingly prescient. Bad enough to let the solar genie out of the bottle, but then it turns out to be a bottomless bottle.
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes - 17 timmar sedan
2:43:00 That was a pretty good summary from Erik of the twin directives.
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes - 18 timmar sedan
2:22:22 This is the first time I've seen Erik completely fail to connect the dots. Before coming here, I listened to his great conversation with Lex Fridman, wherein Erik points out just how much our pseudo-AI programs are already poised to gobble us up. These programs—such as GPT2—identify patterns in whatever you feed them and then they create reality (we are effectively already living inside those systems). If there is such as thing as g, and there is a racial component to the g-signal, these machines are going to find it and use it, unless we expressly design them not to. You can't expressly design a machine not to do something you're too squeamish to even discuss. You simply don't get to wish this away in a mixed human–machine environment.
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes - 18 timmar sedan
2:00:00 Erik is not doing enough here to justify his claim of oppression. Because what it really boils down to is inventing a form with three answers. How would you like to be treated?
[ ] male convention
[ ] female convention
[ ] bespoke convention
So what do you do with answer number three? Provide a long written-answer section? But if you were going to do that, you wouldn't be using forms in the first place.

In computer science we have localization (usually written l10n). This deals with clocks and currency, which vary a lot from one country to another. So the question is no longer "what are you?" but rather a long list of small localization tick boxes, if you choose neither omnibus gender category. Apart from bathrooms, much of this is law. "For the purpose of child custody disputes, do you consider yourself to be a man or a woman?" Because the law itself is historically rather binary. And then there's simply fitting yourself into an available category, so as to keep your differences private, should you choose to do so.
Allan Stokes
Allan Stokes - 18 timmar sedan
1:47:40 Caption text (almost) "Rogan: She's a mage field theorist?"
Alex Smirnov
Alex Smirnov - 20 timmar sedan
Joe. Russians listening to you) And love you work.
Kev D
Kev D - Dag sedan
Great show...if someone is on joes show then you get the chance to learn about topics cultures people that you would never of listened to in the past..and its funny as fuck it
jason miller
jason miller - 2 dagar sedan
Ever notice how Googles Deep Dream Trying to make sense of reality looks like a DMT Trip? Maybe this has been brought up... Also... why not go talk to Elon about this source code... seems like... both are trying to figure out a way to get off the planet... poor guy is using a rocket because he doesn’t know the Math...
Macronomicus - 2 dagar sedan
Fuck it, save the dolphins and whales and hunt the aggressive sharks to extinction.
Spoo - 2 dagar sedan
Ralph Falstin
Ralph Falstin - 2 dagar sedan
It’s not that there’s no progress, they are milking the system over generations
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena - 4 dagar sedan
Weird dancing cartoons on 11-Hydroxy-Metabolite in a flotation tank? That is the point where this conversation takes off in another direction. Everything shifts into aspects of our existence beyond the capacity of lazy minds who have been trained to sit on the comfortable cushion that Harold Pinter decried in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech.
Neill Von Tally
Neill Von Tally - 4 dagar sedan
Please please try to get Slavoj Žižek on here.
Neill Von Tally
Neill Von Tally - Dag sedan
@T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. so watch his videos at 1.5x speed then?
T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.
That guy takes so much time to make a single point.
Invictus Libertas
Invictus Libertas - 5 dagar sedan
Until Weinstein actually goes to meet Trump and talks with him, then he should keep his fears to himself.
kayhon R. R.
kayhon R. R. - 5 dagar sedan
What a monumental waste of time this was!!
Eric's a dismal storyteller. Trying too hard verbalising his thought and never a summation. It's like watching a drunk squirrel jumping over branches and systematically crashing into the ground.
Jac Crystal
Jac Crystal - 6 dagar sedan
The right to left of the logo must be positively retrograde; why do we need a future to get ahead.
Reuven Etzion
Reuven Etzion - 6 dagar sedan
Einstein’s speed limit has already been broken. Spooky action at a distance proves information can travel faster than light. 🥳
Peter Strøbech
Peter Strøbech - 6 dagar sedan
Reasons why I downvote:
Actions speak louder than words, if you have something, prove it!... Lot of talk, not much solid stuff.
Touches on a lot of interesting subjects but never really seems to get anywhere. He over complicates a lot of rather simple things. A ton of accusations, without any real evidence seems rather suspicious. He often contradicts himself, and I find many of his arguements rather weak. He moves on from subject to subject to quickly. He could do with a bit of humility, and it would serve him well to remove his ego from his arguements.
I mostly agree with him on what he says, I just believe that he needs to practice how to share his knowledge better, which he clearly has a lot of. I enjoyed the podcast, but I don't feel like I have much to take with me from the podcast.
Tell me what you think!, (Actual arguments please, no personal attacks)
kayhon R. R.
kayhon R. R. - 5 dagar sedan
I was worried that I may be the only one to have a negative impression from this podcast. I'm happy to have seen and read your comments.
Todd McNabney
Todd McNabney - 7 dagar sedan
Eric just needs a hug and a pat on the back.
Sterling - 9 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed this podcast and think Eric is an interesting fellow. I am a little disappointed in myself that I’m more prompted to comment on disagreements rather than agreements but I had almost nothing to argue with until his overgeneralized statements about who Republicans are as “people he does not get along with”.
I currently identify as an libertarian and I have flipped back-and-forth between center-right to right throughout my life. I acknowledge that there’s probably more to his disagreement but the two examples he brought up were those where Republicans want to build condos in Yosemite and laughed when baby seals were clubbed on the head.
Eric is clearly intelligent so why were his two best arguments ones that were so weak and overgeneralizing? (I assume his best because those are the ones he chose to use.)
If Republicans in general feel land is to be used while Democrats in general feel land should be preserved who is right? Isn’t there truly a middle ground? I love nature, I love trees and lakes and wildlife and I am truly saddened when nature is destroyed needlessly. But I’m also grateful when there’s a road and a place close to stay to gain easier access to nature.
The notion that Republicans in general laughed when baby seals were clubbed is just absurd.
As you [Joe] correctly described that antifa justifies violence based on the assumption of a generalized falsehood that anyone who disagrees with them is fascist and must be stopped at all cost. Similar only in thought process is to say “I don’t get along with Republicans because they laughed when baby seals are clubbed.”
I wish we were more in a place as a people to say, “While I disagree with your opinion we can be friends/neighbors because I know you’re not a bad person.” Reserve judgment for those on both sides who act with ill intent and seek the wisdom to recognize the difference.
I too loved his comment regarding nuclear power, “We now are God’s but for the wisdom.”
I would like to ask if Trump should be removed from office because you [Eric] can’t trust him with nuclear power. Seeing that he’s been in office for near three years now and has not abused that power. At what point would you have that fear removed or at least acknowledge that this fear is no longer viable?
charles deyo
charles deyo - 7 dagar sedan
The party system really has failed in a lot of ways. Im an anarchist but have noticed people will point out the most extreme liberal or conservative views and use that example when its really only a few people on each side and lump them all together. Like liberal states where companies have left the country to save money and abandoned the people (Detroit for example) and not point out the facts that theres more people than jobs. They'll point out how its a "welfare state" and blame Democrats when the free market has failed us. Its just an example but we really need to start being honest with ourselves. Meet in the middle and shed these titles that are tearing us apart. We need to vote people in who care about us not line their pockets ands run attack ads. Lastly treat each other the way you'd treat your neighbor, with respect.
Eric Parish
Eric Parish - 10 dagar sedan
Why should we care if ONE of Eric Weinstein's friends is oppressed? There are 7.5B of us. ONE person's ONE friend is upset? Get the fuck out of here with that.
Eric Parish
Eric Parish - 10 dagar sedan
And he's willing to cede this nonsense BECAUSE it's his friend - it's "close to his heart." That's fine, but it's a terrible way to heard billions of people.
Cameron Krause
Cameron Krause - 10 dagar sedan
thanks for the shout out to Canada Joe. we do make attempts at being progressive in the best ways.
Eric Parish
Eric Parish - 10 dagar sedan
La Sagrada Familia is a transcendental experience. There is no doubt. Most amazing construction I've ever seen in person.
Jon C
Jon C - 12 dagar sedan
Its a fucking tragedy to see someone as brilliant as Eric Weinstein being affected by the identity war politics. Is there no corner of society that is shielded from this backwards culture we live in?
Modestoney - 12 dagar sedan
this guy really wants to get off the planet
Marija Dergez
Marija Dergez - 14 dagar sedan
In Croatia (Europe) is another man who works Teslas too. Olso bought two of it and knows stuff...
the Art of Humanity
the Art of Humanity - 14 dagar sedan
For anyone that disagrees with the overall theme or any chunk of the core/central ideologies discussed in this podcast: Can you please link me (or point out for me) the opposing viewpoints. There’s an un-intuitively high ratio of dislike to like for this video and I would love some insight into the world views of those who find the conversation demeaning, un-instructive, belligerently pseudo-intellectual or anything of that matter. Please, I humbly ask for some perspective :)
CellarDoorAU - 16 dagar sedan
1:13:05 - 1:13:30 WRONG - No the First Technicolor/Colour film was 'Becky Sharp' in 1935!
thenudedragons - 17 dagar sedan
Kevin Fairweather
Kevin Fairweather - 18 dagar sedan
Go on Eric !
Red Chili
Red Chili - 20 dagar sedan
Eric Weinstein is a true inspiration. Thank you Joe Rogan for making his ideas more well known.
R - 21 dag sedan
eric "portal" Weinstein
Sam Egginton
Sam Egginton - 22 dagar sedan
Happyradish18 - 22 dagar sedan
This one absolutely blew me away. Definitely watching The Portal. You guys speaking with each other was so engaging. I wish multiple guests would work so we could see Bret and Eric on at the same time, but with these guys I think that would be a disservice to all of you.
Jacob P
Jacob P - 23 dagar sedan
Joe "I read my Russian comments while eating elk" Rogan
pudbass - 23 dagar sedan
We don't need titles that open a door to discrimination. I don't want to put anything on my application that someone will use against me. (or for me, for that matter). My gender is none of their business. As long as I am "top notch" to do the job, then I want a chance. I want to be hired on what I can offer, not put aside by what may sidetrack my career/dedication to/ (according to someone who is possibly predujiced). Joe,, they don't ask "for their statistics", they ask so they can ewed you out based on decrimination. (which they claim is based on statistics). A no win situation for REAL data and fair practices.
If I can't lift 300lbs and the job may need that, then don't hire me (someone who can't lift 300 lbs) just to appear fair. Qualifying should be done during the test/qualifying part of an interview, not in the application process. If I can lift 300 lbs and I can show you, I want that interview and I'm sorry but I don't trust that mrs. or miss or ms. ahead of my name isn't going to predudice the HR dept. or boss into not giving me a chance to prove it. I chose a name for my daughter that won't give away her gender and I shorten my name so people can't know if I'm male or female or tran so my application doesn't get tossed before the interview.
Anthony Pavlakovic
Anthony Pavlakovic - 23 dagar sedan
Joe is brilliant. He's a sponge that loves information and has questions, lots of questions. And we have those same questions. He's a nerd wrapped in a thick coating of street; that's his special.
Navmike - 24 dagar sedan
Episode 1320 expected the 1320video guy. Saaaad Mikey.
Rajma Chawal
Rajma Chawal - 24 dagar sedan
I did not know Eric Weinstein is this funny. He's funny so effortlessly.
Adam Sweeney
Adam Sweeney - 26 dagar sedan
Zebras in California
yarnho - 26 dagar sedan
How weird is this? The #1203 podcast was Eric W. & this one is #1320?
michael88863 - 26 dagar sedan
Well British humour is better than U.S. Where is the black Mozart? Where is the black Badminton champion. It's 99% environment. Why are Africans great distance runners?
Sulman Bhatti
Sulman Bhatti - 26 dagar sedan
This guy sounds like an asshole
M F - 27 dagar sedan
1:24:30 That was such a needlesly convoluted explanation of quaternions, I'm starting to believe that this guy cares more about sounding smart than actually explaining the subjects.
Overdream Studio
Overdream Studio - 27 dagar sedan
Einstein from Uman!! Wow, I’m from Odessa and live in Kyiv :)
NatsGhost - 27 dagar sedan
I definitely felt the change when my biological drive to reproduce diminished. It's fascinating contemplating the implications.
P Pounder
P Pounder - 27 dagar sedan
I was enjoying this conversation until the "we need to get rid of Trump before he nukes the world" bullshit.
Kratom The Cure
Kratom The Cure - 27 dagar sedan
Weinstein is a smart guy, but obnoxiously pretentious. One would think being a mathematician should be extremely humbling?
P Pounder
P Pounder - 27 dagar sedan
Rogan for President
ROCKIT STUDIO - 27 dagar sedan
I bet Eric could do a 50 minute podcast solid talking about the subject in depth of (breaking wind)
Claire Richmond
Claire Richmond - 28 dagar sedan
Maybe I have something maybe I don’t! Nobody believes anything is possible!
404 MO
404 MO - 28 dagar sedan
Millionaire with a $2 dollar haircut
Charles Frey
Charles Frey - 28 dagar sedan
Joe, love your show. You created your own competition with Eric Weinstein. This Cat is on it... I will watch you both. Great interview. Wow, what an intuitive man. Keep it up Stud.
Flores_Reign - 28 dagar sedan
Bring Sam Seder to your show
575forza - 28 dagar sedan
It’s Franken-shteen!!
salvador salas
salvador salas - 29 dagar sedan
5 minutes? I go in to work 30 minutes early 🤦‍♂️ i have to stop this lol
budistman12 - 29 dagar sedan
In the first part they talk about about mispronouncing his name and a Mel Brooks movie.....but it's not Young Frankenstein. Where that's the running joke of the movie.....disapointing
Matty Riddell
Matty Riddell - Månad sedan
Wow, this guy really needs to pull himself together! It is very sad to see this level of negativity. He only talks about the "woe is me" and only talks about the problems, and no real solutions.
He needs to move into alignment of who he IS; a human capable of joy and love.
Matty Riddell
Matty Riddell - Månad sedan
Here's an idea: why don't we look at people on their individual abilities. What SJWs don't get is that shutting down some kind of ideology or language is in and of itself an "oppression "
What this gentleman fails to realise is that the same people who allow gender identification also allow the stoning of women, beheading of people who wish to be themselves etc. These things are what we need to combat.
Ideologies come and go through each generation (energy) gap. As long as we look for the truth, that being everything is an illusion, these ideologies change.
Don't force change, allow change to happen 😁